Living in the New With the Little Ones

The incredible colors of the waters of Lake Tahoe. My grandson kept marveling at the beauty.

The incredible colors of the waters of Lake Tahoe. My grandson kept marveling at the beauty.

It seems that more and more of the time, I am floating. I drop into the bubble of love with my three year old grandson and time and all else disappears. I have the luxury of my alone space provided by a dear friend in the form of a cottage as well as the love pod space at my former home with my dear former hubby, my daughter and my grandson. There is such respect, harmony and peace amongst us, days flow by with barely a ripple. We all enter into the world of the little one whose imagination never stops. We enjoy the beauty of the garden, harvesting the last of the summer produce. We work on projects about the house, finishing up a kitchen remodel from months ago. The little one loves to put on his ear protectors and safety googles and help his grandpa in whatever he is about for the day. He is great at handing over tools, knowing the names and uses for each and delights in his time using the tools under watchful eyes. He is amazingly skillful. He reminds us that there is no need for “toy tools” as he can use many of the real ones safely.

These little ones are showing us a new world. He and his grandpa were working on a project of replacing the staves on a wheelbarrow. After working for an hour or so, he said, “Let’s sit and be still.” They took a break, sitting and listening to the wind rustle the leaves, the wind chimes tolling their notes, the birds singing along. Grandpa felt the grace of the moments. The pause that allows the heart to swell and fill.

My grandson likes to leave flowers for Kuan Yin and Buddha. This day he threaded a necklace of marigolds for his friend to wear.

My grandson likes to leave flowers for Kuan Yin and Buddha. This day he threaded a necklace of marigolds for his friend to wear.

This dear heart is so active, can keep an imaginary world going for hours as he races here and there. Yet, he can drop into stillness in a moment, nuzzle your face, breathe with you, forehead to forehead. He can give vent to a torrent of tears and then jump for joy. He acts out his feelings quickly and completely. Emptying fears and frustrations through his whole body, and returning to his balanced set point of curiosity and fun. Love is his signature.

Our generation came in to pave pathways through density, we intended to clear our lineages, to allow the family patterns and storylines to be rewritten. Our children lived through our unconsciousness but did not experience the heavy violence and darkness that formed our worlds. They were free to ask questions, to push back and chart a new course.  We came from a generation where children did not voice their opinion.

Now this generation of love beings has arrived. They have not come to experience trauma. They are not wired for confrontation or conflict. They came to embody and emanate love to raise the whole of this planet. It is such a blessing to be with them. Many of them recognize the sages of old, Buddha, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, Jesus. My grandson used to say, “Bubba, there is Bubba” before he could pronounce d’s. I see my little grand nephews doing the same.

Hearts showing the water droplets on the tile floor as I stepped out of the shower.

Hearts showing up…here the water droplets on the tile floor as I stepped out of the shower.

They are more sensitive, many requiring new ways of parenting. They demand more presence on the part of their caregivers. My daughter has found wonderful resources; Janet Lansbury with her practical suggestions on parenting, and Shefali Tsabary with her Conscious Parenting books and so many others. The internet is a wonderful tool that offers so much support to young parents. A different world from me at the local library looking up in the card catalog searching for anything on conscious parenting.

There are more angels coming in and they will need the support of all of us. I see many conscious grandmothers (and some grandfathers) assisting in anchoring and supporting the truth of love that these children bring. May we assist in co-creating a world of harmony, peace, abundance and joy with these dear hearts. I am so grateful that they have come!


Entering the Dreamtime

imageThe mountain informed me that I would need a week of rest in her to come back from the effort of the eclipse portal. Yesterday I did not stir far from my bed nor change out of my pajamas and robe. I dove deep in the waves moving in dreamtime. Today, I watched the overcast sky open up to allow the clouds to dance freely. I showered and dressed, then needed a rest. I made myself some food, eggs and greens, fast and easy. I got out everything to make a juice but the thought of cleaning up afterwards was too daunting to face. Lemon water will do just fine!

Back to bed to watch the birds soar outside the window. I wanted clean sheets for my now clean body…a load of laundry begun. Sat in the living room with the fire and saw the mountain come out from the curtain of clouds to bask in the glow of the setting sun. She is so beautiful. I curl up in her embrace.

imageA friend spoke of how this time is full of new ideas and how she is taking action steps into new projects. I was so glad for her, for the excitement and joy. For me, there is no arising passion other than to see each one of us embrace our own beauty and feel the winds of freedom lifting us higher. Nothing concrete in the outer world, no form. Yet I know that this dreamtime, where I exist in the shimmering lands of mist and magic, is a place of immense power. I am dreaming the new into being. I ride the feelings of peace and joy and harmony without form. I sense the joy, the laughter and play. I am not living it in the outer, but in this inner dreamtime, I am carried by it and dance to its tune.

I observe many being pulled into the quiet inner world, desiring solitude, open spaces that allow the dream. I have had a vision of us all entering the new land through the dream. What if everyone were to sleep and awaken, to find a new reality awaiting them? Hearts could burst wide open, no painful memories of what was or confusion as to what is real…rather the joy and ease of their lovepod embracing them. Ah…I have a dream…as Martin Luther King so eloquently expressed his. We  each contribute to the dream with the fire of our hearts.

Evening, still not able to venture out. Clean sheets awaited, it felt like a huge accomplishment to actually make the bed. Bags unpacked, room straightened. Sometimes the density of this reality takes a Herculean effort to move through. I am immensely grateful that I created this opening in my life, to live the dreamtime. I am connected to Australian Aboriginal lifetimes where I knew the dreamtime intimately. Those lives have circled closer this past week, bringing memories, opening doorways.

One of my son, Gabriel's latest paintings. The blossoms seem to waft their fragrance into my world.

One of my son’s latest paintings. The blossoms seem to waft their fragrance into my world.

We are remembering so much. Specifics hold little interest for me, rather the feelings and gifts are what I seek. To feel part of it all, the Oneness that underlies this surface life. To know myself in the flame, the scent of the flower, the cloud drifting by, in the eyes of a child, the touch of a hand, the rainbow thrown by a crystal, the smile of a stranger. We were taught separation and distance and lack. How powerful we are that we made it all believeable! Oh, the joy to have come out on the other side, to know once again the truth of how we are loved! To feel the unity and sink into its warmth. I know that the world does not reflect the fullness of this truth as yet. It moves closer as we each surrender to the dream of our hearts.

We have weeded out the dross, planted our desires, fertilized with our love. It is the time of blossoming. We have only to hold the vision of the rose, knowing and trusting that it will bud and unfurl its beautiful bloom. This earth is our home, a jewel in the Creator’s crown. We are each a facet of that shine. Turn on your heartlights so as to dazzle all creation. Know the truth of your hearts which sing a song of love. Let all else melt away. Love, beauty, truth and the dream. Always, the dream.

I’m Bored and Lessons from my Back

IMG_6698May, the month of magic and miracles I so wanted. Instead it has been a time of immobility as my back seized up for no apparent reason. My higher self told me that I was “bringing in a new frequency” and the stillness was required. I surrendered to that, there is no fighting the body. I have not been inspired to write or do anything as sitting has been out of bounds for the past 10 days. This morning, a wave of wellness moved through me and though one hip is still riding higher than the other and movement is not yet without discomfort, a window flew open and a fresh breeze has wafted in. Hallejujah!

The blessings have been manifold. My former hubby insisted that I call his brother who is an acupuncturist to get an appointment. The relationship with his brother and sister-in-law has recently been mended after years of no contact after the divorce. They had cared for our family with herbs and acupuncture throughout the years of raising our children. As I lie on the table, awaiting the needles, I sobbed as I felt the energy of this family’s care and love for me. It was so healing to be cared for by them once again. I received it on a deep level and thanked my back for facilitating this healing.

The magenta flame of the Magdalene

The magenta flame of the Magdalene

A friend called to share a dream that I inhabited with her. It spoke truth to me as I found myself sobbing as she described the scene. We were in a space deep in the ground, down a flight of stone stairs. She recognized as a place where Mary Magdalene was purported to have lived for years. We were a part of a circle of women, kneeling together. Mary Magdalene was going around the circle to anoint each one’s feet and kiss each one on their crown chakra. My friend saw her clearly and felt the touch of her hair as she leaned in to perform her rite. She said that we were bringing in a new frequency, a wonderful confirmation for me in what I had heard. My daughter was amongst the women, another confirmation for me as I had been reading a book about Mary Magdalene and the description of her infectious, playful, grounded, sensual nature so matched the energy of my daughter that I knew she also carried the Magdalene codes here on earth. Mary Magdalene instructed us all to “swoon in her beloved, Jeshua’s love”. My body responded with a yes as my lying down took on a new energy. Swooning……yes I was swooning in that Christ light and love!

Days passed and my night times felt like wrestling matches as my body felt so confining and limiting. There were moments that felt unbearable. I wanted to crawl out of my skin, the snake came to me with his image of shedding the old. I felt I would combust. Irritation with life, boredom with all that it had to offer was off the charts. No excitement bubbling up for anything. Gratitude, always there whether for a breeze on my cheek,  the light illuminating a flower petal, or my daughter walking me through restorative stretches……gratitude is second nature to me. Yet this dirth of desire for anything in this world. Flatness. Boredom. Wanting a frequency which has not landed. Knowing came that this was the intense confining energy which preceded expansion. Taking a deep breath of solace from that. Yes, I am about to expand as I let go of the old limitations.

Drying my wings, readying for flight.

Drying my wings, readying for flight.

Another dear friend reminded me that the only place to go exploring was inside. Ah, yes. There was spaciousness, newness, openness and freedom. Deep breaths possible. Staying in the present moment, inside and out. Being ok with the now, accepting where I am, trusting it is all perfectly created by myself for myself. I feel the completion in my present situation, my mind rushing ahead to scan the future for a foothold to latch onto. I find myself looking up small towns across the country as possible landing spots. Yet, the knowing is that it is not a mind game, rather my heart must lead. I am alert for signs and have an open ear to guidance. I calm my mind, telling her the heart has this in hand and I will be safe. She flows between understanding and wanting to work it out. I drop deeper, below her radar and flow in the river of love that is ever there for me, if I allow.

IMG_6690Next month, I will need to find a new space as this cycle completes itself. I am grateful for what has been and curious as to what will be. It is a big letting go as I see myself stepping more fully into my wholeness, letting go of the family that has been my work for the past thirty years. Our love and care has been firmly reestablished and is a light burning within with its strength.  Now the level of involvement will shift as I try my wings as a sovereign being, ready to sound a new note. I am ready. There remains much of May and I intend to experience some of her miracles. Oh, wait, I already have, just not the way my mind thought it would look! Expect the unexpected, of course. Better yet, drop the expectations and show up for each moment. I AM, with love.


Fire and Sun Blazing

Tossing a crystal into the ocean with love.

Tossing a crystal into the ocean with love.

Today I awoke with the note of stillness ringing in my ear. A day to savor all about me. First though, I had to go out to drop my car at the garage with my dear mechanic who decides what should or should not be done for my almost 20 year old car. He has his own measure of whether or not a repair is worth it considering her age and miles. I have little say in it. My rear passenger window stopped working. I took it in for repair. It came back not working. Jesse said, “You don’t carry passengers in the backseat, what is the point of spending money to fix that?” He was correct, I rarely carry more than one passenger but was willing to pay to have the window fixed. Jesse vetoed that. He changed the oil and did what he deemed necessary for my safety. He is relieved that I no longer take off for long journeys across the country.  He tracks Maxie’s needs on his computer but amazingly with hundreds upon hundreds of cars coming and going, can recall much of the details with a glance at her.  I accept Jesse’s quirks as he charges fair prices and will always try to lower the cost in any way he can. It is who he is. His garage teems with life as his honesty has earned him a steady clientele. He is always busy.

For the remainder of this day, I have been sitting by the fire, enjoying its warmth while I read a book. As the afternoon came, the sun’s heat drew me outside to sit in her warmth. Its rays are so intense these days that I can only take so much before I must move indoors. Feeling decadent, I sit by the fire with the door and windows open to let the warmth and sunlight in more fully. The house can be chilly despite the warmth found at the doorway. Brilliant blue sky, showcasing the early buds on the trees. The world feels caught in a dream state as the moments float by. An occasional breeze lifts my pink prayer flags and they flutter like a bunch of adolescent girls at a dance. I sink deeply into a space of rest within myself.

Boats in the harbor offering my heart wings, feeling February movement to come.

Boats in the harbor offering my heart wings, feeling February movement to come.

A friend called who said, “We are singing the same song.” A surge of recognition through me, oh my, we share the same soul group or family. No wonder we delight so in one another’s note! She and a few others will gather for some ceremony tomorrow, and today’s stillness is in preparation. We are trained in our society to focus on the action part of a happening and give little thought to the “being” part that proceeds it and lays the groundwork or structure for its unfoldment. My spirit is busy in its prep work and most times before movement, I am pulled into a deep pool of stillness. I honor this part that is mine to do for a group event, the seemingly passive part that underpins the outward expression.

I love lighthouses, teaching me I can emanate my light from a fixed position these days.

I love lighthouses, teaching me I can emanate my light from a fixed position these days.

All feels so close, almost visible as it shimmers at the corner of my sight. The hard work is done, the deep sigh arises. I am aware of savoring these moments as we witness the shift of this age. The age of Aquarius that has been spoken of for decades, is finally upon us in the physical world. I bank the fires of my heart in preparation for the wild passion and movement that is afoot. Horse year indeed! We are about to go from a tentative walk and clumsy trot to a full out gallop. Hang on!

November Enters So Peacefully

Liquidlovelight showering through the leaves on my walk yesterday afternoon.

Liquidlovelight showering through the leaves on my walk yesterday afternoon.

I am appreciating the stillness this first day of November is offering me. My housemates have gone and I breathe in the expansion as my energy fills the space. I assisted both mates with small tasks, ironing a jacket here, gathering overnight bags there, as they made their departure. In the beauty of our flow, I received a green smoothie from one and a bacon grease fried egg with sauteed kale from the other. He is having a love affair with bacon at present and I am enjoying its punch of flavor. For good measure, I threw in a mini packet of M&Ms, leftover from last night’s trick or treaters. Tummy full, I pulled out my sage,  cleared myself and the house, setting the tone for the new month’s energy to enter in.

My sage and sweetgrass, always willing to bless me with their sweet fragrance.

My sage and sweetgrass, always willing to bless me with their sweet fragrance.

Still in my robe, I took a wander around the yard, giving some water here, pulling a weed there, contemplating a number of tasks that I might do. It is a perfect autumn day, unbroken blue sky, soft air that offers a deep breath, not a leaf in motion. I could rake and level the new garden bed, pull the weeds and mulch to discourage others from popping up. I ask my body if that feels good. Perhaps, she says. I move back into the house, wash up the morning dishes, respond to texts from a couple of friends, download yesterday’s pictures to my computer. I feel into a couple of art projects that I would like to begin. Is that today, I ask my body? Perhaps, she answers. I think of doing a load of laundry, to take advantage of the warmth in the air but decline as I do not wish this stillness broken by the sound of the washing machine.

Bacon grease flavoring the eggs and kale, yum.

Bacon grease flavoring the eggs and kale, yum.

I see that the morning has passed and I am lying on the couch, marveling at the play of light upon the trees outside. Russet oak, red tinged golden-green maple, deep green oleanders sporting a remaining summer blossom or two. The quality of the sunlight speaks a nuanced language to my heart. A breeze washes through, sending a few leaves spinning to the ground. Squirrels are chattering as they busy themselves gathering the nuts dropping from the Papa tree in the yard. A jay screeches his news of the day and my body has come to its truth. It wants only to lie here, to feel this beauty, absorb it and broadcast it through my heartspace. Tasks and projects are for another day. I have been a busy beaver, clearing and cleaning and removing loads of stuff, externally and internally. Today is a day to savor, its wide expanse open to for me to take flight in.

This is my truth. In unity with my couch, and yes, a second packet of M&M’s unearthed, if the desire arises…..sweet bliss.  Drowsiness heralding a nap, here in my robe, on the couch. This is all that I need to know, opening to receive more of myself flowing in while I dream the day away. Happy November everyone. May you take time to savor the gift that you are, feeling your own beauty soaring.

The Equinox Brings A Moment of Stillness

This was at the entrance to an old theatre in town that I was at. Use it for this Equinox

This was at the entrance to an old theatre in town that I was at. Use it for this Equinox

As I was walking in the nature center with a friend, we were stopped by a palpable field of stillness. It was quiet and profound. The path had a large oak tree arching over from  either side. My friend acted as a conduit, holding a branch from each tree in her outstretched arms, as I spoke the information given. The trees were anchoring into the earth’s grids, a field of stillness for all to access. My friend and I were being used as conduits of this stillness due to our work in the prior week. During the Equinox, the earth comes to a point of stillness, her day and night being equal in length. All of humanity will be gifted with a sense of this, offered by Mother Earth and Father Sun in love. I was shown that some might ignore the gift, but all will feel its presence. We are wise to open ourselves to this gift when it arrives. By sinking into this silent space, which you will feel as a blessing, you open yourself to receive the seeding of the Christ Consciousness codes of light. Oh, this is magnificent!

Our path will now be strewn with petals of joy and love!

Our path will now be strewn with petals of joy and love!

These are holy days as we prepare for the Equinox and the resurrection that Easter symbolizes. We are about to be reborn into the truth of who we are. This is a Spring like no other (I see it as Spring even in the southern hemisphere, symbolically) and to think that we are truly here takes my breath away. I have been communing more and more with my expanded self, knowing myself as a cosmic being of great light. As I play with my blossoming image from my last blog post, I see the Creator as a big bumble bee, seeking my nectar, deep inside my flowering petals. I laugh as She/He flies off, covered in my pollen, off to mingle it with your pollen and so many others. Oh, we are being cross pollinated into unity consciousness! I drink deeply of the Creator as She/He drinks deeply of me. What a dance!



As I awoke this morning, I poured myself back into this small vessel from the vastness of the cosmos. We are so beautiful! My son sent me a text last night that he was: “cleaning and anointing my expanded self, such a treat!” When this moment of stillness arrives for you, open yourself, surrendering all doubt as to your true starry nature. Listen to what emerges for you, feel your heart and rest therein. I will be holding an equinox gathering and as I anoint those souls gathered, I will be placing the drops of oil on your forehead too. I will be intoning the sacred tones, proclaiming you as holy. My eyes will reflect your dazzling beauty back to you, as I witness the Creator in you, looking out at me. Let us drink in that light and be made anew. In Lak’ech Ala K’in, (I am you, and you are me).

The Art of the Pause

A soul collage card I made that expresses the opening to this well of peace.

A soul collage card I made that expresses the opening to this well of peace. Do you see the face that is looking deep inside? It appeared when i flipped the image over.

I am learning the art of the pause. In the old energies of duality, we reacted with either/or to situations. We labeled things; good/bad, wonderful/awful, like/dislike. I am learning to pause, to allow a range of new possibilities to arise. I have discovered a deep well of peace that I can drink from in any moment. I can go to this well and pull up all manner of responses that are expansions of the original energy. I am finding this change in myself  liberating. Instead of my old habit of reaching out when I faced with discomfort, I go inside. I go quiet and still. I allow the energy space. This allows movement. As it comes from within, there is a strengthening of my core, of my knowing. Each experience, leaves me stronger in my trust of self, my trust in my own divinity to light the way forward. I spent years seeking others’ advice on the who or what of me. There was a certain thrill in hearing about myself.  That pales to the knowing that floods me as my own mastery arises to meet any situation.

 I am learning to allow others this pause. To not jump in with my powerful creative self that immediately seizes upon ten ideas to shift the situation. Rather to offer a field of possibilities that emanates as love, as I listen with a quiet heart, giving time for each to find their own answers. This new me, listens and reflects love. I find this applies to knowing when to answer a phone call or respond to a message. My heart is informing me when it is better to wait before responding, allowing the person to move through their own process and discover their own knowing unaided. I want to witness others discovering their own truth rather than keep them returning to me for support. As I step more fully into embodying peace, I am called more frequently into this heart listening with others. I am letting go of holding someone’s hand to being more of a field of reflection of their own truth. I have found myself moving away when someone wants continuous feeding as they chose to stay in a place of discontent and complaining energies. (I know this territory as I lived in it until I grew tired of my own story). My discernment is showing me when it is important to be present as the person is ripe for a shift and asks only to be witnessed in it. This is the gift we offer to one another when we arrive at shift points, the gift of presence.  I am shown as well, when my energy is better used in stillness as I connect to the collective field rather than an individual. I can feel more clearly where the greatest good for myself and all lies.

This maidenhair fern found a home in a favorite pot. It is part of my well, nourishing my soul.

This maidenhair fern found a home in a favorite pot. It is part of my well, nourishing my soul.

I am learning the importance of boundaries. I do not draw from the well for others when I am in the process of filling my own bucket. When I am full, the art of presence is available to others and flows from me with joy. When I am empty, giving comes with a cost that I no longer am willing to pay in any area of my life. I chose to sit in my messy bedroom until the energy flows with joy to do the cleaning. I rest when my body calls for sleep without regard to time of day. I am honoring the wisdom of my body, of my feelings, of my heart. We can each step into this by choosing to do only that which is necessary and supportive of our beings. The more I simplify my life, the easier it is. I live a very small life in many ways. This has been exactly what I have required in order to discover this well of peace. My days flow in solitude and stillness with occasional bursts of activity and communication. I move with the expansion/contraction waves in a fluid rhythm where once I pushed and pulled at life. I allow myself to experience the benefits of the current carrying me forward. I emanate a field of gratitude with each breath. I was born to this time and my heart sings its tune of joy. No more waiting, no more yearning, no more expectations. Meeting all that arises in my world, with a peaceful and open heart. Thus we create that world of peace and love. We are that powerful!




Seeing Beyond the Chaos

I pulled over on a narrow road, held an umbrella above my camera to get this shot. I love this message on the side of an old building. Keep on keeping on is the smaller message. Powerful!

Oh, the gifts of these present moments in time. We are being asked to let go of a world view of duality and lack, to embrace a world of oneness and abundance. It is as simple as stating our intentions and allowing the new view to come through. Here is a simple example: “I intend to see the world through the  eyes of love. I release all limiting programs of lack, pain, separation or suffering. I release the energy of any vows taken in other lifetimes that limit my ability to have abundance in every area of my life. I ask this in the name of my Creator and accept it as done. And so it is. ”

The soft colors of sea and sky on the California coast.

I have been amazed at the way the earth and elementals respond when I seek to see, feel, move, hear, only with the eyes of love. The clouds put on a pink show at sunset that affirms that the earth is being blanketed in the softest essence of love. Gentle deer appear on my path in the park to gaze at me with eyes of love. The air caresses my cheek with its soft whispers of love. Whatever we focus on, we magnify. We have a choice in every moment to create the world we wish to live in.

Hurricane Sandy has been such a choice. My heart flows compassion and love to all those affected. My heart also swells with rejoicing that so much stagnant energy of the old paradigm has been cleared, with a minimal loss of life. Our earth needs cleansing and the elementals assist as they can. We can assist by holding the intention that the storm work for the highest good of all. That the changes come with the most ease and grace possible. A friend told me that she watched an interview where someone stated, “We will never be able to rebuild it the way it was.” My friend felt such joy inside as she knew that we do not wish to rebuild any of our creations the way they were. That way has not worked. It is time for the new!

The mighty redwoods taught me of stillness as I drove.

These next few weeks will see plenty of magic afoot, as our mother prepares for her ascension, despite what the outer world reflects. It makes me think of the cleaning that I have been doing here at my former home. It has not been tended in this way since I left 6 years ago……and that last year or so, I was so busy and exhausted, it did not get much. But now I am creating dust storms and piles of mess as I transform it back to its beauty. You know how it looks when you take everything out of the cupboards to clean them……it appears that you are going backwards, creating more mess than you began with. Yet once you sort and clear and put the things you do use, back in the cupboards, there is a sense of order, cleanliness, space and peace.

That is what our mother is doing…..a bit of deep housekeeping. Watch out while she is in the midst of it, she may sweep you up! But trust that all her activity has a purpose and hold the vision of the newly cleaned space within. Soon you will be sitting in it, looking about with joy and greater peace.

This rock showed me two in profile, in the act of kissing, becoming the one.

I participated with a small group yesterday in Tom Kenyon’s worldwide meditation. It is in effect for 24 hours so continues today. This is his intention: “The goal of the World Meditation is to add a vibrational quality to the emotional atmosphere of your planet. You have an inherent right to do so because you are embodied in time and space, and because you are living temporarily upon this Earth. As a resident of this planet, you have a right to encourage benevolent outcomes. The specific purpose of this World Meditation is to accelerate the collective human recognition of interconnectedness and a passage from the miasmas and delusions of humanity’s collective history into a new constellation of cultural beliefs that will serve to unfold humanity’s higher destiny. This will be done through the agency of your imagination—the power of your will and intention—joined with the creative potentials that reside in non-dual states of consciousness.”

We each had different experiences but all felt the wave of love that it generated around the world. We are such powerful creators. It came home to me how we are quickly unlocking the last codes we put away for safekeeping until this moment in time. As I sat with two others, Mary Magdalene came in to show me the triple crowns above our heads and the river of information that now flowed freely as our trinity sat with joined hands and hearts. A Lemurian master and an inner earth member came to speak to me through one of the women. I was thanked for my work traveling about on the grid lines, moving energy here and there. I was told that it was now time for stillness. (As I was driving on a windy road in the rain last week to unlock codes with two others, I soothed my body by stating that when we returned, we would have a month of stillness).  It would be the way for me to find my home. Not through my mind, rather through a deep connection with my heart. They guided me to visualize myself by a stream, rocks and a tree. All appeared and my breathing slowed as they took me deeper into my heartspace. I was shocked to find myself sitting in the middle of the earth. Oh my, I have a home there! I have a love for our inner earth brethren, the Agarthans but had not realized how closely aligned I was with them. They monitored my feeling state and once I was there, they asked me to remember that feeling so as to be able to return to it at will. I will go there each day and be bathed by the sun of the inner world and know the heart of my mother.

A window display that reminds me that my home is being prepared.

Savor these days as our world prepares for her changes. Release anything that keeps you tethered to this 3D world and allow yourself to flow with our mother. That means doing a thorough housecleaning of your heart space. This month, all that is hidden in those old cupboards, is showing up. Be grateful to all those who make you aware of these things by triggering an emotional reaction in you. Pay attention to everything in your life as anything can be used to wake us up to what is coming to be loved. Feel all your feelings completely and deeply. Do not judge them as good or bad, they are simply feelings needing expression. Yes, a part of you may berate you for feeling something: “You shouldn’t be feeling abandoned, look at all the friends you have.” or whatever line it comes up with but you are feeling abandoned. You need to allow it wash over you and bring that little one in and love him/her. One of the most powerful things that I ever did was make a vow to never abandon myself again……not for anything or anyone. No one was as important as me to me. I needed to stand by myself with a fierce love that brooked no interference. We are each our own beloved. Treat yourself with the tenderest of care today. Send out streams of love for all those on the planet that are suffering, wrapping that pink blanket of peace and love about them. Of course, you do this while wrapped up in your own pink blanket of the deepest love. When you come across something that jars you out of the love, remember the mantra that my mother tells me, All is well. I know this to be the truth. We are so loved. We are cherished. I cherish you this day.



Moving out of Stillness

Today my idyllic time alone in this stillness ends. My elder son and a friend come for the weekend event with Tom Kenyon. So we will be going into a different kind of interior space. I know that there are gifts for me there also. I am sitting here in the dark of the morning and feeling such deep appreciation for this house, this time alone, this spot in nature. It has been a blessed time for me. I have found a wellspring of joy in my heart that I did not know existed. The wonder of it is that I know that it shall not leave me. It is there with a breath. I can return at any moment as it has become a familiar landscape. My gratitude for this knows no bounds.

I recognize that everything is moving towards my expansion in each moment. So today, I leave my island and take the ferry to the mainland to make the drive to the airport. What delight that I get to pick up my elder son and my dear friend. He is the one who calls me “baby girl” and feeds that father flame in my heart. It will be wonderful to share this transformational weekend experience with two such dear souls. And I get two ferry rides in

one day! I could look at that as a negative: Five hours of traveling to and fro, leaving my dear island sanctuary. I could have had them take buses, planes, etc (it is not easy to get to the island without a car) but it saves them both some $ and time for me to do this and my heart wants to greet them. It is all a choice given to us in each moment. How do I choose to experience this? I love ferry rides, I enjoy time in my car… is meditation and communion time for Maxie and I. The weekend experience for all of us begins together as we take the hour and half ferry ride back to the island. My friend was up at 4am to begin his flight so I love that I can give him a soft landing. I am choosing the joy of it all.

Yesterday I spoke with two dear friends who are on this path with me. It is so important to share our experiences as it anchors the vibration more fully into the planet. As the new energies stream in, we are called to anchor them in any way that feels good to us. Draw them, sing them, dance them, speak them, write them. It all anchors it into the physical plane. We

are bringing in higher dimensional energies and we are the physical vehicle through which they are given expression. Such joy to share the bliss and feelings of oneness with others. I did have a hour or so of melancholy feelings wash over me yesterday afternoon. I sat with it and watched it move through me and release. There is a sadness that comes up in the collective consciousness as we leave the old. It is being expressed to make room for the new. I know that there is no need for sadness as what is in front of us is more beautiful than anything that we have experienced thus far. There is magic at hand! My face is firmly set towards that future and I am poised at the brink. I leap each day with joy into the unknown, dropping all that is past. I have no need of it. The present is so full of gifts for me. This is a sculpture that I passed on the drive into town. One day I would like to make an appointment to visit this studio. I love the spinning wheels and the glistening spheres within. It feels like our world, each of us one of the sparkling spheres, spinning with our mother earth. Together we make a thing of such beauty. I see your beauty today. Look in the mirror this morning and say hello to your beautiful self. I am so grateful that you are here! Shine your heart light today and others will shine theirs back!

Cloud Watching

There is always a bit of a tug for me when I leave Canada. The vibration is lighter there and easier to move through. This is the Peace Arch at the border crossing near Vancouver, BC. I love this saying: “Children of a common mother.” It is great when we get it right……we are all children of our Mother Earth. We are all children of our Father Sky as we come from the stars. Our dear earth is ascending out of duality and into unity consciousness and we are going with her. As we move into unity within our own beings, we make the transition easier for her. For we are her and she is us. How beautiful it is to begin to recognize the connection to everything around us. Today is a new moon, falling right after the autumn equinox. There has been a palpable shift in energy these past few days. Have you felt the fatigue that often accompanies a download of new energy? I did and have felt overwhelmed with the vibration of love that is permeating the air. We are witnessing the shifting of an age. It is amazing. I feel reverent, grateful, exhausted, emotional. unsettled, expansive, excited, quiet……so many different feelings. I watch all move through me as the knowledge that we are NOT our experiences takes hold on deeper and deeper levels. We are great beings of light having experiences. We watch them come and we watch them go and feel such compassion and awe for our dear brave selves that waited in line to get a spot at this grand event.

I arrived on Orcas Island yesterday. The ferry was late and it was a wind tossed ride as stormy weather moved it along. It was evening by the time I found my way to the place I had rented and then busied myself with unpacking and settling in. Felt a bit alone, strange place, dark, couldn’t find my flashlight to walk back out to my car to bring in my own down comforter that I travel with. (a girl has to have her own blankie!) Walked out blind as there was no moonlight with this new moon upon us. (found my head lamp in the, let there be light!) Listened to the wind in the trees. Felt my bravery in approaching new experiences and places. The night before I had been lying in bed in a motor home parked in a new friend’s driveway. I laughed at myself….all the different situations that I have been in. I have learned to not question much, to simply follow guidance but at times I get a kick out of where I end up! I have learned to be comfortable anywhere and breathe into the home in my heart. I have let go of the need to know much, I follow the whiffs of inspiration, show up with an open heart and watch what happens. I had spoken to my youngest son last night and he sensed my aloneness. I said, “I am fine. It just takes me sinking into it and then I am in peace.”

This is a tree from my last walk on Bowen Island. His coat of moss enticed me over and I found myself petting him. Ha, that was his plan all along! How clever of him to grow such a fine coat, so soft and luxurious. I love interacting with nature, talking to everything and listening to what they choose to share with me. I am so enjoying the feel of the woods here in the Northwest. Damp, deep and dark in a way. Fertile and feral also. Ferns and mosses in abundance. Deep shade and patches of sunlight. Bits of water splashing about. I can sense why my soul was craving this experience. So different than the bright rocks of the desert scape of Arizona and New Mexico or the hot inland valley of California with its dry scents of sage. These forests are speaking to what is fertile and wild in my heart. Someone wrote to me of my “fierce beauty” and I was struck by that phrase. Yes, I claim that fierce beauty around me. I claim it as part of me. The forests abound in this fierceness. A beauty that almost frightens as it portends a journey deep. The forests are allowing me access to new regions in myself. The shadows come alive and ask for appreciation and love. Isn’t this where we are with ourselves? We are embracing all parts of ourselves, we are going deep to find all the bits that we have shut away, thinking them too dark, too awful, too sad, too silly, too selfish, too nasty to be seen by the light of day and certainly, not by anyone else. The forests show me that it is time to pet the dear child who felt she had to control things in order to feel a sense of safety in the world. They are showing me to love my heart that loves forever where it has once loved. I am embracing all the places that I lied to myself in order to present an acceptable face to the world. I am embracing all of me that I abandoned in trying to fit into a marriage, an educational system, family and relation- ships that did not serve me. I am forgiving myself for all the times that I so harshly judged myself. The freedom that flows once you do this! The sense of compassion for yourself arises in all its beauty. It is the sweetest nectar to taste. All guilt and shame can be embraced and allowed to flow on through. Old energies that no longer need to be carried. Think of all the emotions that we have stuffed into our bodies over the years! Is it any wonder that our bodies get ill and out of sorts? We were never meant to hold onto emotions, they were meant to be experienced and let go of. It is time to clean out the cupboards, dump all the past due items on the emotional shelves. Give yourself a good housecleaning and you will feel so much lighter! It is joy, pure joy. And your delight in yourself and your body for all that you have put you through……amazing! I cherish myself so these days. I love my body and give her whatever she desires and tell her thank you, thank you, thank you, for all that I asked her to endure. She is so beautiful, so cute! I get such joy from her and in her. I dress her in cute things, cover her in scented lotions and soaps, give her rest and wholesome goodies that delight her. Our bodies want appreciation just like everything else in this world. A friend was telling me of someone who was losing weight for the first time in forever not by her usual dieting but rather by speaking lovingly to her body. Eradicating her negative self talk about weight and using her words and thoughts to love every aspect of her body. She was delighted to find that the pounds began to fall away as her body responded to her loving treatment. It makes sense to me. Harsh gym routines, diets, etc never made sense. Let’s stop the self punishment and begin the self celebration on every level.

Today I awoke to sunshine and stillness all
around. As the day unfolded, I realized that I did not desire to use the phone and after a bit on the computer this morning, it too was put away as I had no energy to answer emails or communicate with the outside world. This log bench out front called to me and it is where I spent much of the day. I had a blanket, a pillow and my wool wrap and I lay cloud watching. I was amazed at how quickly they shape shift. Small wisps would seem to be drawn to bigger masses, to join up. It felt like what is happening now as we are being drawn to our soul families, those whom are of like vibration. We are separating out from old duty relationships of family and friends that felt heavy, and flowing with the currents of energy to those with whom we have a high resonance. It was fun to watch it being played out and to feel a part of that play. I thought of the new educational systems that will arise. How cloud watching can be an activity that allows kids to expand their consciousness. Here I am at 55 years and I have never spent more than a little while watching clouds. Yet they have lessons for me. Every day, some part of nature is calling me to class, saying, “Look! This is important. This is what matters. Learn from us. Grow with us.” I am listening. This island is a place of deep stillness and it has lessons for me. I move into the quiet, knowing that a rebirth is at hand. I am so blessed to walk this path of mine.