imageI have been floating in the sea of emptiness. A new space where I witness my mind searching for tethers, whether to others, to place, to memories. There are none. The thought arises but there is no sticking point, nothing to adhere to. It is as if there has been a complete disconnect from all that is or has been. I sense it is a necessary step before we are connected into the new grid of oneness. It is not unpleasant, no positive or negative charge. Being with what is, has become easier. Dropping into my heart, connecting to Source, is the only space left. I can be there yet I am not floating in waves of bliss or love. Rather, I am being with this emptiness and it is enough. I am not seeking more, not seeking to move from this space. I am here, in neutral. It is enough to be here.

Called to the ocean and the redwoods for my work, communing with their vastness and ancient wisdom.

Called to the ocean and the redwoods for my work, communing with their vastness and ancient wisdom.

In this space of emptiness, time is ephemeral. I have to concentrate to place myself in a month, a season. Again, attaching to anything no longer works. I receive imprints of energy that I translate into my work. I have been working on my latest assignment. A friend is here from Scotland and we have been working together as well as with others. I was a bit surprised to find myself on another “undercover” operation as I had thought that time was past. Yet there is so much taking place in this period between the solar and lunar eclipses and there are still errant energies swirling to deter and distract. The resurrection energies of Easter are so very present as the opportunity for embodying Christ consciousness is here. I know I am in my perfect place as I work to complete this week’s solo assignment. (there truly is no solo assignment as many in other realms assist me). A group was together to celebrate the birthday of one dear to me. As much as I would have liked to join in, I knew where I was called to be. I was shown there would be no difference between night and day, so I was prepared for the deep sleeps in the day and the awake states in the night. My body can feel drugged as I am laid flat in bed, suspended in that semi-conscious state where much can be accomplished. I am learning to feel into the energy of my body, to become the swirling particles that can flow and dance with form. This has been a high alert time, all hands on deck, for the highest outcome for the greatest good for all. We are all working to bring this about.

The sunlight, a spotlight for these fragile beauties rising from the dark forest floor.

The sunlight, a spotlight for these fragile beauties rising from the dark forest floor.

I feel the privilege of being embodied now and offering myself in service to our Mother Earth and the Creator. I am aware that I embodied so as to be present in this now and to do what I am doing. Everything else falls away as I devote myself to this task in gratitude. It takes all that I have. I saw myself as a pile of dust at the end date I was given. I feel ok with that. It seems we came to use our bodies up, to utilize every ounce of our being in this now. There is nothing to hold back for, this is the moment. I will have no regrets that I stepped back, kept something in reserve for the future. There truly is only now. To show up with all of ourselves in every moment, to have our hearts wide open, to feel everything that flows through, to respond to our internal waves of knowing…. this is the path I choose.

These truly are holy days. That life so many of us walked with our brother and our sister, Jesus and Mary Magdalene, over two thousand years ago, is present. We are asked to walk it now, owning our mastery. Bringing forth the teachings of love anew, facing the crucifixion and living the resurrection flame. Our wisdom of myriad lifetimes flows forth to assist us as do the masters of the ages. ETs, Galactics, Agarthans, Devas, elementals, ascended masters, angels, the earth herself, all are here offering their all in service to the Creator. We are a part of a pageant of epic proportions and we are the stars of the show. Amazing. Kind of takes your breath away when you feel it.

imageA candle flame keeps me company through the night. Soon dawn will splash her pink hues across the mountain face. Spring is showering me in her petals of light, allowing me to drink deep of her scents and be nourished by her warming beauty. My heart bows down in gratitude.

Entering The Holy of Holies

The sun broke through on a walk, lighting my heart's flame.

The sun broke through on a walk, lighting my heart’s flame.

The weather has been mirroring my mood of late. A blanket of clouds, like a gentle weight has covered my world, muffling sensations. I have been called to stillness in my body as my being traveled and worked beyond the deep white layer. There, all is in motion as so much must be aligned for the upcoming equinox/eclipse cycle. There are certain people whom I must be with physically to swirl our codes, it can be a matter of moments, yet crucial they are. New soul family members have appeared and a high heart portal was opened. My job was to tend it with my heart, feeding it as one would a fire. When I went out for a walk to the lake, I was shown the grid to set that would allow the energies to continue to circulate. After a 24 hour period, it was anchored.


The high heart grid, turquoise and pink.

The high heart grid, turquoise and pink.

My work has been, for the most part, solitary. I enjoy people but on a more intimate scale of two or three rather than a group. At times though, it is necessary to partake of group activities. I attended an evening gathering with Leopold, the lapis skull, who is my companion, at his request. He desired to anchor the divine masculine presence. He was called to return for the next day’s event but I was not. I left him with a new soul sister. I have spent the day lying in bed, head pressure on and off, resting the body while I worked in other realms. He was fully present in his arena and I in mine. Balancing one another as the weaving continues.

This space of time is holy to me. Often, these weeks leading up to Easter have seen my soul calling me in deep. This year, this time, feels new. There is a great blossoming, an anchoring of the Christ consciousness that is possible as never before. The feminine Christ has returned in recent years to bring her flame through Mary Magdalene.  She has softened hearts, opened the intuitive channels in us all, shown us the blessings of her love. The divine masculine has opened to acknowledge, accept and honor her. We are coming to wholeness within, as each claims their own divine masculine and divine feminine natures. Divinity, our birthright, our truth.

Daffodils, harbingers of spring's renewal.

Daffodils, harbingers of spring’s renewal.

We are being gifted as never before. There is nothing to do other than to surrender to the love and open to its gifts. Allowing ourselves to flow with all that comes in these holy days leading up to Easter and our own resurrection. This is the second coming. We are the Christ, if we accept this consciousness. There is great responsibility that comes with it as all thoughts are formed from the perspective of the good of the whole rather than from a personal perspective. As we walk our truth, we come to see that if we are aligned, our choices are for our greatest benefit as well as all others. All choices must include the good of our Mother Earth’s well being along with our own. We know oneness on a cellular level and it informs all. Love is the answer in everything. Be love, live love, breathe love.

On the past Solstice, I was told of my departure. Yet, I remained. Now I know why. We are  living in the times I came for. There is magic afoot, beyond what I have known on this earthly plane. I almost have to pinch myself with the realization that it is now! There have been so many delays, so much hardship. The sense of battle weariness has pervaded every cell in my being. I am celebrating myself and each one of you for still standing, still holding the love light on high, still trusting that this earth can ascend into the realms of love.

The peace that is offered to us.

The peace that is offered to us.

This eclipse cycle holds a magic key. Look for it, open to it, use it! Ask for assistance from the angelic realms, the galactic realms, our sun, the devic and elemental kingdoms and so many others as they stand by our sides, ready to catch us, support us, cradle us. All hands are on deck. We approach the moment when all is in readiness. I have always felt that it would be “a blink of an eye” when this reality shifts on the physical plane.  When I feel into the future, it shimmers. I sense a new firmament that dances and flows in response to our heart light. Weaving strands of liquidlovelight, we will create beauty unheard of. We are so ready to live in love and peace. To experience freedom on a scale we have not imagined.

To pass from this plane to the next, we need drop our old beliefs and stories at the door.  They are worn out and will not serve in this shimmering land of love. Our bodies, our minds, our spirits are ready to live a new story. We get to write the script together! Hallelujah! My heart soars. God bless this earth and all upon her.



Good Friday Leads Into an Easter Eve Vigil

A cross of flowers is more truth for me.

A cross of flowers is more truth for me.

Having been raised in the Catholic tradition, Easter holds many memories for me. Good Friday with its fish fry in the church basement, the men and women in the kitchen, sweating over the deep fat fryers, turning out the golden crunchy pieces of fish and french fries. Huge bowls of coleslaw at the ready to be plopped onto your plate with big spoon.  The older women in their aprons manning (now isn’t that a funny expression? manning??) the homemade pie tables that we kids were the most interested in. Berry pie, apple pie, rhubarb and sometimes a chocolate or banana cream pie.

We would have started our day with hot cross buns that came fresh from the oven as my mother loved to bake. In the early evening, we would have headed to church to walk the stations of the cross, reciting our prayers at each image placed on the side walls inside the church. The evening shadows would have added to the mystery of being in the church, reflecting the dark events depicted of Jesus carrying the cross. I always tested myself if I would have offered to help lift his burden, and my heart cried out a yes from my small frame. I did not understand it but wanted only for his suffering to end.

Altar of golden light.

Altar of golden light with flower icons from my day at the museum flower show.

This Good Friday found me deep in contemplation, feeling the connection to the Essenes and many lifetimes in cloisters and abbys. A connection with a friend brought forward that there remained a bit of guilt in my field. I saw the perfection of it coming to my awareness on this day. I felt the release as I turned my attention to clear it. I went from hours in the cave of my heart to popping out to watch a movie and eat pizza! From the sacred to the mundane, my system created balancing.  We celebrated Holy Saturday as our Easter as my younger son was working on Sunday and for my daughter it was Easter in New Zealand. We had a lovely day, with a long video call included, so we felt the family unity and support. I experienced waves of emotion on and off all day. Tears right at the surface in response to everything; the sunshine that allowed us to eat breakfast on the lawn, the hugs of my sons, the laughter of my daughter so far away, my former hubby grilling the salmon, the grace said by my son and felt by all. The earth seemed to be rolling in energy waves beneath my feet, an excitement building and with it the letting go of what has been. My sons were feeling the emotional waves and one pointed out that some tears were for what we were leaving behind as we move into this new energy. Despite our overwhelming desire to be in the new, in our humanness, we mourn the passing of the familiar.

Evening came and everyone dispersed to their homes. Alone, glad of the quiet, I hopped into bed. A memory came of a dream the night before of my beloved taking my hand and raising me up. He said, “You have not known true love and now you shall.” I felt the truth and wonder of it flow through me. There would be no separation between us.

A friend then texted, telling me she had a message for me. She asked if I felt excitement and did I feel the beloved approaching. She could feel him coming for me and was given the words, “You will never be alone again after the rain.” My body tingled with the truth of those words. I had lit a candle before getting into bed, next to my beloved’s image. I had never done that before but felt to do so this Easter Eve. After our conversation, the rain began to fall. A thunder and lightening storm ensued which pulled me from bed so as to have a wider view. I love the energy of storms. I sat in the dark and watched until the lightening played itself out. I then got my computer and had a conversation on facebook with a friend feeling her ascended master beloved coming through also. So many soul connections happening in the past few days, my heart knows something powerful is afoot. A friend had posted a Gregorian chant for Easter:


IMG_3092I lit some candles, popped a croissant in the oven and made myself a hot drink to see me through the night.The voices of this chant filled my heart. I felt called to a vigil, to witness the earth being cleansed of the old energies of pain, persecution and suffering. I want to greet the dawn of the resurrection energies with the sun.  The rain continues to pour down, more gently now. I have no idea of what is next for me or any of us. I offer myself to this mystery.  The candles, the soaring music, the heat of my heart as it feels the fire of resurrection……all create this moment. I have no expectations. I am full of gratitude for my warm robe and drink, the roof where the rain drums its rhythm while I lie here snug, for the song of my beloved singing through my cells, for all the hearts that I love around the world and the way this computer makes that connection possible. Truly I am blessed.

A stone being that I created the other day that felt like me in a contemplative lifetime.

A stone being that I created the other day that felt like me in a contemplative lifetime.

May your Easter dawn bright with promise and may you feel the truth of this gift of resurrection from our brother, Jesus’ and our sister, Mary Magdalene’s hearts. The Christ consciousness is alive on this earth, in your heart and mine. May you feel its blessing.


Here is to Easter and the Resurrection Flames

Just took this out my bedroom window. I love its light streaming in to light up my heart with greater love.

What a weekend we are in! Good Friday and the full moon….what a potent combination of Christed light and love. I felt the energy of my own Holy Christ Self as well as that of Jesus, the Christ. We are being gifted with such an immense outpouring of love from our sun and our moon as well as from all the ascended, angelic, Agarthan and Galactic realms. Our beings are stretching and straining to grow, to reach towards the light of our own divinity. I had an interesting dream the other night that was the sequel to the sacred marriage experience that I had back in October. It began in an awake state, one that I sometimes enter where I find myself in a different dimension. It then continued on throughout my sleep state and was so delicious that I did not want to awaken the next morning.

It opened with me talking to El Morya, the ascended master of God’s will that you have heard me speak of. I was telling him that I was ready for the sacred marriage now. I had integrated more of myself and felt confident that I could now bear to see the face of my beloved and complete the marriage. Earlier, I had been so overcome with the emotion of it all that I could not look at his face. This time, I told El Morya that I was ready, I asked for my crown and cloak as well as the symbols of my office. Archangel Michael was there and laughed at my demanding tone, saying, “I do believe that she is ready!” My requests were quickly meta so dressed in my finery, I took El Morya’s arm and proceeded down the aisle. (Yes, I could just pick up where I left off months ago in this dimension….pretty cool!) When we reached the end of the aisle, I looked for my bridegroom only to have El Morya release my arm, turn to face me in the position of the bridegroom. What? I asked him what this meant. Could it be that he was my beloved? I blurted out, “But you are an ascended  master!” To which he replied, ” As are you, my dear.” Gulp. Breathe deep and swallow that down! Ok, I was determined to be able to hold the allness of myself, to be present with this moment, to accept the truth of his statement. I did not dissolve in tears though they flowed. As did laughter. Oh what freedom! Yes, my ascended master self was standing at the altar with his ascended master self. This means that an aspect of him can be here in 3d with me just as an aspect of me is there in this other realm, with him. As I said, a lot to absorb!

This brilliant white mountain peak speaks to me each day.

As the night wore on, El Morya took me on a journey through the cosmos which was wonder filled. Believe me, this was the honeymoon of lifetimes. I did not have one in this lifetime but this more than made up for it! I was shown so many mysteries and magic. My heart was so full and I wanted to bring it all back to share. But the images and knowings departed, leaving me with a sense of loss and at the same time a feeling of bliss. Wow! I do remember laughing at how we live on this tiny thread of life and are not aware of this huge tapestry that we are a part of. We see everything in a limited, linear form but it is circular and fractal in nature and one can plumb every increasing depths of everything. It was like an explosion for my mind and heart to comprehend. The beauty unending remains. Oh, what a night!

I was so happy when I discovered a bridge to take me across this creek to a pathway beside it.

I awoke knowing that it does not matter if El Morya or an aspect of him is my beloved. The form is of little importance, it is the essence that matters. I know that my beloved is close as I am moving ever closer to holding more of my own essence in this earthly vessel. There is magic and beauty that we have not even dreamt of in our wildest dreams. Passion like a volcano erupting awaits us.


Back on earth…my back is uncomfortable and I am still moving slowly. I am trusting this process, observing my reactions to the restriction I feel and offering a space of love for it all. I was guided to walk into an acupuncturist’s office who calls himself an electrician. He is working to realign my circuitry. He said I was running too hot, frying my nerves, living in my head and the realm of Spirit. He helped me to ground back into the earth and is teaching me how to create a strong foundation from which to move. I am to walk with my hands behind my back at every opportunity, as it realigns my spine. I am to saunter rather than maintain my usual swift speed. I am grateful for all of this at this time when we are

Piles of snow remain but today's sunshine uncovered patches of earth.

asked to hold ever increasing amounts of light in our beings. I have neglected this beautiful body elemental in the past couple of years of traveling. Time for honoring once again with a regular exercise routine that includes yoga and strengthening. A lovely German woman that I met was demonstrating her daily routine that included 20 minutes of standing in a seated position against the wall. You have your back flat against the wall and your knees at a 90 degree angle (or you can go lower as you get stronger). She said it helped with hiking. Well, yeah! Of course it does, it gives you legs of steel if you do that every day! Mind you that was one of her daily exercises, she was a strong, beautiful woman. Ok, that is me in the coming summer! I am committed to helping this body in any way I can. My eyes filled with tears when I thought of all that she is doing to allow me to ascend while still in her. Truly it is an amazing event that is happening within us, changing from carbon based to crystalline.  I asked her forgiveness and flooded her with waves of my love.

Our spirits and our bodies are being resurrected. As Jesus said, “I AM the resurrection and the light.” I am going to sleep with those words playing in my heart. I am so grateful for Jesus’ gift to us this Easter night. His love along with Mary Magdalene (who is also a Christed being) lit up the planet over 2000 years ago and it is lighting up my heart this night and the hearts of millions. I found myself singing a beautiful song, new sounds coming from deep in my heart which flowed love throughout my being. Oh, how we are loved. Blessed be. I love us all.