Kali Breathes Her Fire

IMG_0717Ah, calm is returning to my soul. I have been in the grips of Kali’s fiery energy the past few days. Sleepless nights as I tossed and turned with my mind spinning in webs of confusion. One dear to my heart, has stepped out of the old victim, playing small energy that I had lived for many years of my life. Witnessing the unfolding brought echoes of the old pain to the surface. Seeing one holding the stance of power over, with all its many guises, brought that energy into sharp focus. The gaslighting, the manipulation, the shaming, the guilt, the lies…..all presented in technicolor for me to view.

It was exhausting to be in such energies without allowing Kali’s fire to burn it all down. I felt that I was a match ready to ignite all in a fiery conflagration. I felt the impact of the imprisonment that we have lived lifetimes under on this planet. I felt rage at the forces that feed off of humanity’s misery. My personal world was reflecting the macrocasm and my inner being was on fire as the microcosm. I am amazed that my physical form still stands!

The ocean crashes against the rocks, creating something new in its wake.

The ocean crashes against the rocks, creating something new in its wake.

At one point, a small voice said, ” You are not being spiritual.” Then a deep laugh followed by a roar from Kali. Ha! Spiritual! She quickly extinguished that voice and every cell in my being knew that this anger was truth. I had to forgo saying goodby to one who was here highlighting this energy for me, as I knew that I could burn him to cinders with a look. I sent regrets to a family gathering as the anger needed my full attention and it was not to be diluted with any niceties. Truly, it felt that I was breathing fire. One night, I ate two half pints of gelato in an attempt to cool my being down. I felt scorched from the inside out. The outside temperatures mirrored this as it seemed that all are in the fire as the intensity ramps up. It will not lessen soon but continue until there is no longer a need.

Stones balanced on a bit of sand as the tide flows out. We are called to our own balancing act as our former foundations crumble beneath us.

Stones balanced on a bit of sand as the tide flows out. We are called to our own balancing act as our former foundations crumble beneath us.

Being around the unconsciousness that is rampant on the planet, is so much more tiring than in days past. I am so grateful to have been gifted a sanctuary space to rest in. I sit here in this beautiful cottage, a tiny bird dipping its beak into a birdbath outside my window, my heart being fed by its presence. The trees all stand with me, offering their shade and strength . All of nature and the elements conspire to assist us in this evolutionary change. All is being changed. All are being given wake up calls. There is so much fear and anxiety running in the collective. Nature is a wonderful antidote. We think of her as being peace, offering peace. This is true and yet there is more.

I have known that I am a pillar of peace on this planet. Yet, here I have been, deeply engaged in anger on a personal and impersonal level. One does not negate the other. Kali has shown me the place of anger.  Peace is not without anger. Peace comes through being with all of it, without resistance. Feeling all of it. Riding the waves as they crest and smash against the rocks. Nature shows us eruptions, fires running out of control, lava spewing forth, waters rising, winds whirling. It is all part of the picture. All to bring that stability, that new firmament upon which we can begin to build the new.

Much of the new age thinking has touted a lie. Encouraging peace when fire was raging below the surface. Telling folks to think positive and all would be well. Shaming folks for their anger, their pain. A lie. Another way to harness folks’ energy while appearing in the guise of “spiritual”. It continued the work of organized religion with its oppression and guilt.

Today I feel depleted, emptied of the fire. The settling as my breath cools. I am so grateful to this body elemental that withstands such energies flowing. I am grateful to be a part of this dance.

We stand in our beauty and strength to bless all.

We stand in our beauty and strength to bless all.

I witnessed a squirrel sounding an alarm yesterday. A louder than car alarm noise, that came unbelievably from a squirrel. He stood stock still on a branch and rang his alarm for all that he was worth. No idea what it meant but it sounded like a wake up call to humanity. Wake up! Let go! Surrender and allow. It is time, past time to make a new choice. To let go of narcissism, let go of holding onto material forms of security, to ride the waves and flow with the energies which are landing in. He was brilliant at his work.

May we all live what is true and trust that it will all turn out in ways beyond our wildest dreams. This I know, all is well. It is done. We have anchored the light as we allow ourselves to be true to what is seeking expression. This is the path to peace. Hawaii is showing us this now as her eruptions destroy as well as create. New landmass is being born as what no longer serves is burnt away. Nature is a teacher if we choose to learn from her.

Singing Your Note

The glory of the sky!

The glory of the sky!

My elder son just called from Brooklyn, where he is at present in his travels. He had just come from a performance of Handel’s Messiah and was feeling the fullness of the music and the power of the lyrics. My aunt was one of the singers, a tradition that she has been a part of for over thirty years. I am listening to a recording now as I type. The Prince of Peace! Emmanuel! We have waited for this Prince and this remembrance that God is with us (the meaning of Emmanuel).  We are the prince, we are the peace. This holy season offers us a further opening to receive our Christ self into our hearts. “Unto us a son is given”…it is up to each of us to make room in our hearts for this babe, this Christ child.

I was speaking with a friend the other day about the notes heard about the world. There had been another shooting and she was speaking of that note. We saw the whole world as part of the Creator’s orchestra, She/He as the conductor. We knew our notes and when to play them as we had honed our instruments over lifetimes. Others are just picking up their instrument, getting to know it. Still others are tuning their instruments and some are feeling a stirring to play an instrument. It is inevitable that all will play their instrument, all will contribute their note to the whole. Some come in early, and others later in the piece.

Big, little, dark, light....all part of the autumn delight.

Big, little, dark, light….all part of the autumn delight.

I observed how differently I now respond to outer events. My soul has played the full spectrum of notes….played villain and victim, deceiver and saint. I can witness the discordant notes as well as the harmonious ones and know them all within my being. I can  embrace them in love and know them all as love. There is no need to judge them as wrong or right…..I can feel them as part of the whole. Perhaps that is what we do, in experiencing lifetime after lifetime, we are playing each note until we come to know all notes as One.

We can let go of blame, shame, separation, divisiveness with all others and most importantly, with ourselves. We can trust the symphony to carry us on its currents of love. We can play our note with our whole soul and not shrink from the crescendos. Do you feel the part we are in? The stirring, the fever pitch, the wave about to break upon your breast?  I do! Somewhere within my being, I have heard this music before and know that it ends with a blast of such joy and Hallejuah! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoqxYqTNKmU

My bit of fun on a walk today, creating beauty and sending it out with joy.

My bit of fun on a walk today, creating beauty and sending it out with joy.

We are here to enact this pageantry. All that is asked of each one of us, is that we play our note with all of our heart and soul. That we are true to our note, that we drop all comparisons, all beliefs about what constitutes a “proper” note. That we allow our note to swim in our blood, surge through our hearts, expand in our lungs and dance in our cells. The conductor has raised His/Her baton towards me and I know it is my time to shine. There is no holding back. In order for all the clashing and clanging and trumpets to be brought to a triumphant finish, I must hold my note, I must play for all that I am worth. I am a note of peace and love light. As are so many of you. We knew, that this lifetime, we would be called to play this final note in the great symphony of earth’s ascension. We would bask in the beauty that will be created as peace descends upon the earth. Oh, the glory of this now. My heart is overflowing with the pure note that my son transmitted to me this night. May your note be heard and stir others to sing our theirs. I love us so.

Trusting the Waves to Flow Through

I breathed in the stillness and grace of this pair.

I breathed in the stillness and grace of this pair.

Melancholy and sadness filled my field for a time the past couple of days. A couple of folks called to check in, was I feeling it too? Nice to know we are not alone, that others are experiencing the waves with us. That it is not personal, rather an expression of the collective consciousness. Our earth is going through more changes, earthquakes and volcanoes erupting in Chile, New Zealand, Nepal and elsewhere. A friend in Idaho called and said that there were a couple of small ones in her area.  We feel more of the collective energy as it moves up and out for release. There is no hurrying it along. It flows in, seeking the love light, it opens my heart so the love light streams forth, I walk with it, listen to its story, feel its energy, allow it space….and it departs into the field of love that is.

Found heart rocks are now placed in trees so that they can shine their love light to all whom pass by.

Found heart rocks are now placed in trees so that they can shine their love light to all whom pass by.

Just realized that the word, holy is within melancholy. As we discover more and more, there is holiness and wholeness in what we are taught are negative states. Clues embedded for us to discover and bring into the light of our consciousness. We have been so programmed to shed the shadow, to keep running as if to outrun its reach. It is a relief when we finally stop and face it. To witness the fluid nature of feelings when we allow them entrance into our heart’s home. I recall the shock when I finally opened the door to the pain of my divorce and invited it in. I had thought that I would die on some level. Indeed, something did die. A dream, a vision, a creation. Yet, I did not die. As I became more comfortable with this guest, as its character became more known to me, as I began to love it, peace flowed in. It departed then, coming back for short visits when I required it. A messenger baring gifts of wisdom and strength.

Mount Shasta teaches me as I watch her appear and disappear in the mists. She is there, allowing the sun and shadows to flow over her.

Mount Shasta teaches me as I watch her appear and disappear in the mists. She is there, allowing the sun and shadows to flow over her.

Amazing how many states of feeling I can experience in a day. I honor each as an invited guest and in doing so, discover that none overstay their welcome. In previous times, I so desperately wanted a feeling to depart, that invariably, they stayed and stayed! No hints or encouragement saw them head to the door, rather they simply settled in more comfortably, tucking the pillows just so behind their backs. Now, I offer to rearrange the pillows, bring the refreshing liquidlovelight, offer my attention.

The sunny colors amidst the grey greens.

The sunny colors amidst the grey greens.

Before the glass is drained, they are usually up and out the door. Just as with our children, if I ignored the one hanging on my leg and kept with my task, the cries and attachment grew. If I bent down, offering my full attention, the hold loosened, the cries ceased and I could return to my task at hand.

The liquidlovelight is penetrating deep, the debris is floating upward to be cleansed. We are transmuters, alchemists of old, turning the dross to the golden love light. It was never about the golden coins, the true riches have always been the spirals of love light found in our hearts. We are blessed. We are.

I AM Enough


This piece of driftwood knew it was more than waterlogged wood, it is a bird about to take flight! Nature shows us the way to be who we are.

I wonder at the results we would see if we did an experiment today, whereby we answered all of the conditioning that our western society sends us with the words: I AM enough.

We are conditioned to believe that it is the outer appearance that is of utmost importance. Our teeth need to be whiter and straighter, our hair thicker and shinier, our faces unwrinkled, our bodies stronger and thinner.

Let us sit in our bodies, take a deep breath and respond from every cell: I AM enough. 

We are conditioned to believe that success is measured by the size of our bank account, the number of investments in our portfolio, the letters signifying degrees earned after our name.

Let us sit in our bodies, breathing deeply and respond: I AM enough. 

We have been taught that religious organizations have the direct route to God and we had better get on board.

Let us sit in our bodies, inhaling the gift of air and respond: I AM enough. 

We have been conditioned to hand our power over to politicians, the state, doctors and the medical system, educators and experts of every kind.

Let us sit in our beautiful bodies, let out a deep sigh and respond: I AM enough. 

Our families, ancestors and cultures have conditioned us to believe that we are flawed and wounded. We lack some fundamental ingredient for wholeness.

Let us sit in our bodies, wiggle our toes and respond: I AM enough. 

The world has taught us that men are superior to women, that light skin rules over dark, that separation is necessary.

Let us sit in our bodies, smile in our liver and respond: I AM enough. 

We have been conditioned to believe that war is the answer to problems and to not look for the ones stirring up the problems and profiting from our children’s deaths.

Let us sit in our bodies, fill every cell with love and respond: I AM enough. 

We have been conditioned to believe that allegiance to our nation, our culture, our race, our family is honorable and takes precedence over our humanity to one another.

Let us sit in our bodies, breathe in particles of starlight and respond: I AM enough. 

We have been conditioned to believe that we are the only intelligent beings in the universe and that anything that is not seen in the material realm is an illusion.

Let us sit in our bodies, invite in the presence of our angelic and star families and respond: I AM enough. 

We have been conditioned to believe that the next book, diet, program, philosophy, movement has the answer that will make us whole.

Let us sit in our bodies, allowing our cells to dance in the light of love and respond: I AM enough. 

We have been taught that we have very little power as an individual, that we cannot create change in our world with our thoughts and intentions.

Let us sit in our bodies, drawing in draughts of peace and exhaling the same out to the world and respond: I AM enough. 

If I AM enough, I no longer need much at all. Life becomes very simple. Food, shelter, clothing for the elements, the love of one another.  When we fill ourselves with the knowing that I AM enough, we discover space around us, stillness where all the noise was, opportunities to move in a new way.

I AM enough allows us to walk with our heads high, our eyes bright and our hearts wide open. We sit and allow our own being to fill us. We allow the liquidlovelight to pour in and saturate every cell in our body. Try it! What you will soon discover is that the lovelight overflows, it cannot be contained within our bodies. It flows out in our smiles, our radiance, our joy. We discover that I AM enough becomes WE ARE ENOUGH! 

In that moment, the world changes.

We came here to do just that.

I AM enough, YOU ARE enough, WE ARE ENOUGH! 

Equinox With Its Gift of Balance

The crystal clear water of Lake Crescent that I bottled to add to waters along my journey. It felt so balanced on our skins, assisting in this process.

The crystal clear water of Lake Crescent that I bottled to add to waters along my journey. It felt so balanced on our skins, assisting in this process.

What amazing times we are in! There is change everywhere, inside and out. I am back from the Pacific Northwest loop where I found incredible beauty with water and mountains that fed my soul. I have to laugh at the way my mind works. I had thought to find a place that resonated and to call home. My personality self desired this greatly, after all, I had clearly stated to Sophia, my higher self, that I was available for the summer months but wanted a landing spot by October.

What happened was that by about 4pm each day, I found myself so spent that there was not a vestige of energy left for house hunting. Hardly any for forming words. I felt as like a wind up toy that simply stopped and there was nothing to it but to rest and await the next infusion of energy. I would intend to check things out, yet it did not happen. Instead, I would be given the next step on a journey that was in motion….not settling in as I had thought. My sister and aunt popped in and the knowing came that traveling to visit them was next. My mind questioned, “How does this help me find a home?” The answer was, “Trust.” I squirmed a bit with that then happened upon a recent post from Karen Bishop who writes of as ascension changes. She stated that folks on the front edge of this movement were being kept from landing in anywhere. As she went on to explain the larger perspective, I felt relief and joy flood through me. Yes! She described all that I had intuitively felt was my truth. That experience reminded me why it is so important to share our journeys, as one line can confirm our knowing and strengthen our resolve.

The mists are clearing for us all.

The mists are clearing for us all.

My computer and my brain have been on the fritz so writing was more of a challenge than I  could muster. For the past few days, the earth has been pulsing energy up through my feet, my legs, my hips and onward. Interesting sensation. Last night as I was preparing for bed, energies were pulsing about my head in various spots, almost calling me to lie down. When I did, I was tucked in gently about my torso, the field vibrating with almost forms. I knew my beloved was present as were many of my guides and angels. With that, I drifted off to sleep.

This equinox feels tremendous to me as we are being gifted with so much newness. The past two days, the light has held a new quality to it. My senses are waking up in a new way. Right now, there is a dancing flame of energy on my crown chakra. I love feeling and sensing all this! The earth is releasing old memories of pain, emotional, physical and invites us to do the same. A friend and I walked by the river yesterday and realized in our talk that I have been working with the perpetrators of “evil”, holding them in a field of liquidlovelight as their shame and horror of their actions plays in front of them. I wake with images so intense in my heart and am asked to love it all. My friend has been feeling the sorrow of all the victims and working to releasing that. It is on such a massive scale now as the cosmos is poised to transmute it as our earth mother shakes it all off. She is stepping into her stardom and needs us to follow suit. We cannot move into the new trailing chains of pain or shame or sorrow. The doorway is narrow and requires one to drop everything, to surrender completely to the love of the Creator and of one’s own free will, step across.

The old is collapsing as we build the new under our feet with our love and trust.

The old is collapsing as we build the new under our feet with our love and trust.

My soul rejoices for us all! We have made it to here. There is now a firmament to catch our footfall. It may appear only after we have lifted our foot to step in complete trust, but it is appearing! Well done! Well done! Breathe deeply of this new air and allow it to rejuvenate yourself. I can feel my cells and body coming into radiant health. I feel my bones elongating as I will grow taller by a few inches. I have experienced the anxious mind chatter, quiet and a deep peace pervade my being. We have arrived. That is what is important. All the details  of where/how/when/ what will be sorted out. Take this moment to feel the balance and peace that this day offers. Pat yourself on the back that you lived to see and feel this day. Peace on earth is real. Claim it in your heart as I do in mine. I love us all so!

Dreamt of The Moment of The Shift

Let your heart bloom with love.

Let your heart bloom with love.

Just awoke from a dream feeling very nauseous. We were doing a test run for “the shift”. It seems I was on a spaceship with many others. There were a couple of ways things could work but we were all desirous of the most optimum one manifesting. Reports were coming in from all parts of the earth as we sought the exact moment to “shift”. It was a huge effort involving incredible coordination on multiple levels. There was something about our eyes and frequency. I held my gaze with many, knowingly accessing deep peace inside. All had to be attuned, creating a hum, a vibration that would break through the veils and create the necessary movement. There was tremendous excitement as well as the knowing that we had trained for this moment for eons. No one knew the exact timing as it would happen when everything aligned. We held our stations, an all hands on deck situation, knowing, this was it. Alarm bells went off in one sector, our focus trained there to move it to the necessary frequency. Over and over we attended to the various disruptions or hot spots.

I awoke feeling ill yet knowing we are close. Closer than so many believe. It is but a blink of an eye. Prepare yourself emotionally to awake to a new world. Ha, how can we prepare for such a shift? By moving in every moment, into the love flame in our hearts and trusting that we are meant to live that love in all ways. By letting go of worry or concern about the future and living fully present in the now moment. By letting go of the past with its stories of wounding and suffering. Let it all go. Surrender in every way that you can and breathe in the peace. Feel every feeling that comes and let it play through you until it plays itself out. Hold nothing back. At the bottom of every feeling fully felt, peace awaits. Forgive everyone for everything ever done to you or by you. Forgive yourself most of all for all the ways that you have disappointed yourself or fallen short of an imaginary mark. Forgive God for all the wrongs you have heaped upon Her/Him. Turn to gratitude as an antidote to denser vibrations. Know yourself as lovable. Know that you are so loved. Know that you are love.

The animals are showing us how to hold the vibration of peace. Tune in to them.

The animals are showing us how to hold the vibration of peace. Tune in to them.

This shift is coming about internally, heart by heart. It then goes viral and shows up externally in our world. You hold a piece of this and it is being called for. Are you at peace? If so, sound your note, loud and clear with everything that you have. If not, do the work of clearing all that stands in your way. We cannot create peace on earth from outside ourselves. It comes as a result of each one being the peace. That means you cannot be violent to yourself in any way. If you want to live in a gentle world, then speak gently to yourself. Care for your body in gentle ways, thanking her/him for its service. Be the peaceful observer of your life, stepping back from drama or judgment of any experience or person. Open yourself to all that comes into your world, knowing that you have created it, in coordination with your higher self, for learning and growth. Trust this implicitly. Everything that enters your world is for your expansion. You are so loved that the universe conspires to bring what you need, to your doorstep. Listen to your intuition and show your respect by acting upon it. Hold a field of love for everything, knowing that everyone and everything wants only to know it is lovable. We are here to bring it all back to love.

What a privilege to be this love in expression. What miracles we are creating. I am ready. Believe yourself to be, and you are. We are not novices at this game. We are highly trained warriors of the heart, brought to this earth to free it from bondage. The sixties love revolution planted the seeds. We are ready to harvest those loveplants which have grown in our hearts. This world is crying out for peace. Align your peaceful heart with all the others and see it spreading like wildfire. A conflagration of peace lighting up Mother Earth. Any moment now……hold the vision with me and we will be there. I love us all and I so love this earth.


Triggered by An Emotional Storm

My son painted this as a gift for me. Embedded within is my path home. We assist one another in ways seen and unseen.

I have to laugh at the way tests come when we proclaim ourselves at peace. “Really?” asks our higher self, let’s try this out. Last night, our family went through an emotional storm. I was the target and I was triggered. I felt the flash of anger, the heartache of the mother, the heat of uncomfortableness of not knowing how to move, the sitting with the pain. In the aftermath, I allowed myself space to state my need to go to my room and have a good cry. What a release tears are. I was grateful for those of us who trusted our love enough, to stay present, to cook and eat a meal together in the aftermath of the storm. I honored another’s need to leave, to regroup in order to come to balance.

Whew. I am feeling a bit fragile and tender this morning. “An emotional hangover”, as my former partner stated. Knowing all is well, that at times there has to be the separation or break for a new way of coming together to be found. Honoring each of us for speaking our truth and listening to one another’s hearts. Gratitude for the way we are walking each other home.

Uncovering my flowers to see how they fared in the freezing temperatures, just as we are taking stock this morning of our hearts. How did they fare the storm of last night?

Uncovering my flowers to see how they fared in the freezing temperatures, just as we are taking stock this morning of our hearts. How did they fare after the storm of last night?

I am grateful for not collapsing in the old way, of not accepting another’s interpretation or judgment of my path over my own knowing, of feeling my truth and allowing it to come out raw and unfiltered. This is growth, to accept my truth while honoring another’s and allowing the distance between. To allow anger without feeling shame for expressing it, (Oh, that is a big one.) To witness the old momentary desire to run and choose to stay.  I realize that it has been a long time since I have been in such a storm. It was an opportunity to practice opening to embrace the experience with love rather than closing off and burying any part of it in my heart. I watched the child in me desire to lash out and knew the grace of taking her hand in support. There was a new dynamic as my former partner stood in support of me. That felt good and true. A sturdy bridge we have built between us in this space together.

I sit here looking at my mother’s heart that desires to see everyone “comfortable”, to place a soft blanket around each one. This has caused me trouble and heartache as I created dependencies that then have to be severed. I also see the mother flame that wields a sword of truth dispassionately, cleaving falseness aside, knowing the fallout will land about her. The mother bird who kicks the fledgling out of the nest, trusting it will spread its wings and fly…..holding her breath yet allowing the crash if it is to be. Always the love there, knowing it has many shades. Trusting myself to be the shade needed in the moment, regardless of the cost. Knowing full well, it can cost everything, yet to be out of integrity is too high a price. Peace at any cost is not peace. Love without truth, is but a shadow play.

New landscape to walk upon....Gabriel's art carrying the new codes and seeds of love.

New landscape to walk upon….Gabriel’s art carrying the new codes and seeds of love.

We are all coming into balance within our beings as our Mother Earth leads the way. The earthquakes and storms are as necessary as the gentle breezes and strong rays of sunlight. It is all good. There is an opening created by the upheaval that we can all move in. It is new ground, freshly excavated by exposing our hearts’ truths. It is fertile soil for new plantings of love’s blooms. New colors and scents to be had. I sit staring at the flames in the hearth on this frosty morning, knowing the power of love to melt all into truth and beauty. Trusting each of our souls to move onto this new ground in our own way and time. Trusting our I AM presences to light our paths. Honoring the holiness of each one.

Artwork for purchase at gaberobertsart.com/

Tipping Point Reached……Deep Sigh of Relief

Today is  a day to sprawl out under a beautiful tree and sigh deeply with our mother earth.

Today is a day to sprawl out under a beautiful tree and sigh deeply with our mother earth.

I find myself sighing with relief today as I sense that we have indeed passed the tipping point of light and love on this planet of ours. Yesterday the energy coming through had a newness, a freshness to it that I felt in my bones. Not to mention heat rising, a need for gallons of water as well as more rest as my body released years held tension. It was the plan all along that freedom would return but it has hung in the balance more times than I wish to recall.  I knew we had passed a marker and could hear the cheering from our galactic and inner earth families as we did so.

I am savoring this moment. Breathing into it and allowing the joy to wash through me. I can send ribbons of heartlight out to all of our human family through my intention. These ribbons carry the news, the hope, the rope that says,” Hang on! Love is here in force.” We are standing on a new foundation that we have helped create. From this foundation, we will be able to co-create the new earth that our hearts have dreamt of. Our mother earth is ready for us, she is shaking the last of the old from her back, lending her assistance and love to each of us for a new life.

September 11th is almost upon us. A day to honor those who gave their lives so we could awaken to the truth of unity and love. A day to say no more to being pawns for an overseers’ agenda of war. We will no longer be duped by propaganda that seeks to separate and divide. Let us remember that we are one people and fill our hearts with peace and goodwill towards all men.  Let us vow to make this world safe for all women and children on this planet.


Empty ourselves of the old so that we may be filled with the new.

The fires of purification stand at the ready to release any remaining structures, beliefs, relationships that no longer resonate with this new being that I am and you are.  We have a little less than two weeks until the doorway of the equinox opens. When we step through, we will enter a new land. You cannot enter with baggage, all must be dropped at the gate. These next days offer the opportunity to get ready for our departure. What I know in my cells, is that nothing of value will be lost. No  matter what you are called to surrender, your old griefs, old wounds, attachments, habits……drop them. Forgive everyone, forgive yourself and move on. Step to the doorway naked as you have ever been. Yes, there are some wonderful things we have experienced in this reality. We can be grateful and anticpate creating anew. I am trusting, that there are more wonders awaiting me. Evolution is a forward, expanding process and so what awaits is further expansion of our hearts. . More of our gifts returning, more magical abilities to play with and master.  A greater capacity to love and receive love. Oh, the freedom……I can hear its tones enticing me onward.

Take a deep breath, pat yourself on the back for adding your lovelight to this victory. We came to bring heaven to earth. We no longer have to seek upwards for higher consciousness, it is time for us to recognize that it has always been inside us and to begin to embody it and ground it here on our mother. I can hear the laughter already, egging me onward. There is no one’s hand to hold as all are held by their own I AM presence. I look to myself, call in the fires of purification to burn 24/7 any remaining dross in my being. I desire to be empty in body, mind and spirit so as to be infilled with this new liquidlovelight that is pouring in.  Oh the joy!

Embracing the Dark Side

My walk by the river, drinking in peace.

My walk by the river, drinking in peace.

After nights of dreams where I was witnessing torture, feeling myself inside the torturer, the victim and the torturer’s leader, this morning’s dream recall was of the more magical variety. I am appreciative of the torture dreams as I have spent the past few weeks deep in the darker underbelly of this duality, seeking to understand it so that I can bring all of it back to love. I read Alice Walker’s latest book: The Cushion in the Road: Meditation and Wandering As the Whole World Awakens To Being In Harm’s Way. It is a series of excerpts of her writing of the past few years as she witnesses many of the horrors that we, as the human race, have inflicted upon one another. My heart opened anew as I sought to understand how the human psyche could devise and enact such treatment of one another. As I explored this gruesome territory, seeking understanding of the deep wounding and disconnection that would allow any of us to engage in such acts, I came to see the seeds present within myself.

It is easy to discount such behavior as it is so far on the desperate end of the spectrum that we allow ourselves to turn our heads. I know that has been my way. There were vibrations that I did not allow, violence of any kind, horror, suspense. I have never been a news watcher nor a fan of much but Pollyanna type movies. Images are hard for me to remove which is why books are my medium. I like to create my own softer imagery.

Yet of late, I have read a sci fi series by Dan Simmons: Hyperion that my elder son suggested whose covers have gruesome images which would have been enough to put me off in the past. I am so glad that I went beyond the exterior to glean the jewels of understanding its pages offer, of this matrix we have been living in. By exploring the depths of depravity that we are capable of, I more fully understood the power of love that we hold.  It has been an expansion that allows me fuller access to what it is to be human.

Duality on this planet is at its end. We are witnessing its collapse all about us. We came to be a part of this dismantling. We came to bring unity consciousness. We came to demonstrate the force that is love and how it can melt all back to its embrace. The question is how do we do this in our day to day lives?

We are as gentle as these fawns,  trusting in life.

We are as gentle as these fawns, trusting in life.

We have been conditioned to be cruel judges of ourselves, meting out harsh punishments and judgments to our bodies, our pysches. We are trained to judge everything and everyone as good or bad, to rail against and fight for. We have no training in peace. In acceptance of what is without a need to judge it or categorize it. No training in love of this body which has its own consciousness and is here to serve us. Do we take the time to ask it what it wants? What would it like to wear this day, what would it like to eat in this moment, how would it like to move? Instead we are like generals giving orders, I am vegan, I only eat this, I am overweight so I must whip myself all day, movement only counts if it is in the form of an exercise routine. Even the word, routine is a clue…… can we remain present in a habitual routine? It makes us into robots, not allowing ourselves the freedom to be made anew each day. We have given up our role as explorers, discovering new things about ourselves each day. Yes, it takes more conscious awareness to open to what is present rather than default to a routine. It is also where the juice is, the aliveness, the joy.

We are  moving from a black and white world to one of radiant color. To make this move, we have to begin within ourselves. All around are the clamors of war, pain, suffering, and calamity. Can we allow all that and go to a place where all is well? Trees are helpful for this, as is a flower, anything in nature can provide the path to peace. If we desire peace on earth, the end of strife, which I believe we all do, can we find that place inside of us? Try sitting and imagining that all is well. All your issues have been handled, your problems solved, your desires satisfied. You are free to feel joy. You know yourself as loved by all of creation. You know yourself as love. You are at peace. Breathe that in. Allow that feeling to wash over you like liquid lovelight. I bathe myself in it often as a reality check as the world impinges upon my being. This will do more for peace on earth than many outer activities. There is a place for action but what we were not told, was the power of our state of being. When our hearts are at peace, we discover the power that Gandhi harnessed by his nonviolence movement. That Martin Luther King spoke of in his I Have a Dream speech.

I feel that I have grown up in these past weeks as I allowed myself to stand in vibrations that formerly scared me. When I claim love as my truth, I know that all that is not that, melts in its path. By exploring the darker realms, I have welcomed back parts of myself that I sentenced to outer Siberia. My anger, my hardness, my desire to hurt in revenge…..I have thanked them for protecting me in the past. I have commuted their sentences and welcomed them back with a love bath. They are dissolving in that love and are so grateful to be called home.

Nature loves the pink lovelight like I do.

Nature loves the pink lovelight like I do.

It is time for us to be the peace. Shower yourself with this love and feel how it moves from you to all of our brothers and sisters in Syria and Egypt and Palestine and across the globe. We are one people. Every thought on my part, affects everyone. If I want to live in a peaceful world, I must come to know all is well in my world. So many of us are blessed with food and shelter, what we are told are our basic needs. Yet we often starve ourselves of love. Lovingkindness to oneself. Sit and allow that love to be present. When we know ourselves as love and our hearts as true, we can change this world. It is up to each of us to be that love and be that change that we so desire. Peace begins in your heart and mine. Be gentle and oh so tender with yourselves this day. I treat myself like a newborn, not minding the messy diapers and spit up and all the rest of being human…..it is a part of our glory. Embrace it all, embrace yourself. You are so beautiful and you are so loved. Let’s get on with creating this lovely world that we wish our children and grandchildren to live in. I begin today with my heart, with my gentle voice in my head, with allowing my body to choose her clothes and breakfast. I am radiating all is well. I am knowing myself as blessed. I am knowing myself as love incarnate. I am knowing your beauty. I am claiming mine.





Pink Blanket of Peace

My life lessons had stretched out in an endless series of arches to make my way  through.

My life lessons had stretched out in an endless series of arches to make my way through.

After a day of extreme restlessness and nausea, where I felt claustrophobic in my own skin, I have come out on the other side. It is interesting how our bodies are such wisdom keepers. I honor mine for all that she imparts to me. During the day of unease, I searched for a way to contract into some kind of comfort. I began to think, “Oh, it is time to rent a place of my own so that I can be alone during these times.”  I was feeling the challenge of birthing the new energies in the midst of sharing space with various frequencies about me. I recognized that as a contraction, a pulling in to a perceived place of safety. My higher wisdom advised me to breathe and allow the feelings to flow through me without attaching to a need to act about them. This is so counterintuitive to our conditioning. We have been trained that if we feel something, we must then do something. In truth, to express our feelings as they arise, is all that  is necessary. We do not have to act on them unless we are truly guided to. In these times of planetary clearing and cleansing, most feelings are arising to be fully felt. They are seeking some attention and are then happy to be lovingly released. We are being gifted with a thorough vacuuming of our inner space. All the rubbish that we stored in our hearts and souls, is now wanting to be cleared out. Our divinity awaits entrance, room must be made as we are these immense beings of light. Our human bodies are so small in comparison, it is an amazing feat that we are in the process of, flowing our divinity into our human forms. We are bringing heaven to earth through our beautiful bodies.

The river flowing with my heart.

The river flowing with my heart.

Yesterday, I awoke after the best night sleep I had had in years. I felt alive and healthy. I floated in the water, took a long walk by the river, went to the farmer’s market and was enlivened by all the fresh vegies and fruits calling to me, came back and napped deeply,  lay under a shade tree and played with the dancing shadows, back into the water, drank gallons of juice, beet, carrot, cilantro, strawberry and watermelon in many different combinations. My body felt so happy! It had loosened its edges, expanded to accommodate the increased light of my divine self. I felt wrapped in a pink blanket of love and peace. The earth herself seemed wrapped in this garment of peace. A hush resounded from her heart to mine.

This morning I am awash in this pink light of love. My guidance is to live this pink. To breathe pink peace, in and out. To dance it, to tone it, to exude it. I AM this pink lovelight. There is no trying, no more thought, no more seeking. The knowing arose that I am complete. There is nothing outside of myself that I need. All is contained within as I am the all.

IMG_3668I had felt the need to release more folks, as our frequencies no longer matched. There was some sadness in this despite having done it so many times before.  I recalled that this was the way when I initially took a leap forward, I would find myself by myself and with myself for a time as the energies integrated and anchored in my form. I knew it was all temporary, simply a fading from view for a time and then the reunion as we all find ourselves back in the arms of the One. Trusting the process and the wisdom of it all. Knowing I am flowing on a river of grace.

I was gifted with a vision of completion. The work in Scotland with the Rose line of love, was the last of my heavy lifting. The death process as I left that country, was the clearing that allowed this soft, expansive, divine aspect to enter in. I am made new in these energies of love. My body now needs only rest and space to renew itself. A new life is about to be born. I am standing on the cusp of it as the Solstice and full moon approach. The energies of both are pulling me forward, like a mother’s arms supporting me, as I begin those first attempts to relax, let go and float on my back in the waters of life.

The pink allows us to come down from the cross of separation. The rose and thistle reunited as we come to know all as love.

The pink allows us to come down from the cross of separation. The rose and thistle reunited as we come to know all as love.

My heart is wide open with the wonder of it all. Who knew it was possible to move in the world with a heart on fire? Waves of leaping flames consume me, followed by a gentle blaze that I rest in. In breath and out breath……fanning the flames or calming them. All in perfect order. I am in the earth, in her fiery core, breathing with her. I pull the pink blanket of love about us and we let the flames rock us to and fro. There is only this. I am this pinkness, I am this peace, I am this love. Every pain and sorrow lived since the initial separation from Source, has been worth it. For this now, this knowing, this completion. My tone rings out in gratitude. I feel your hearts, singing with mine. We are home, once more cradled in our Mother’s/Father’s love.