All Foundations Being Shaken

One of my son, Gabriel's paintings. It captures my sense of excitement. The structures are being raised, in preparation for our arrival. There is so much anticipation in the air of a good time to come.

One of my son, Gabriel’s paintings. It captures my sense of excitement. The structures are being raised, in preparation for our arrival. There is so much anticipation in the air of a good time to come.

I titled this a couple of weeks ago. Time is surely shifting and disappearing on us. As we knew it would. Two weeks ago, I felt weighed down with intense emotions, each day amped up another notch. It did feel as if I was hanging upside down and being shaken from my very root. I cannot recall any specifics now, only a general feeling. That is the way of it. We no longer need to hold on to anything. The waves flow through and we allow them free movement. At times, that can feel joy filled, at other times, it is almost unbearable.

What I know to be true, is that everything happening now is purposeful. That it is all returning us to unity. That love is flowing like never before and all is well. That knowing does not desert me, even in times of pain. I am grateful for having surrendered control of my being over to Sophia, my higher, no, my true self….there is no longer a need for the old way of ordering it. Nor is there a need for different names yet Sophia flows sweetly off my tongue.

One of my potato chips brought me the reminder that I am loved. I find hearts like this most days, in strange and wonderful ways.

One of my potato chips brought me the reminder that I am loved. I find hearts like this most days, in strange and wonderful ways.

I am in awe of how we are loved. I have recently been through three surgeries. I have spent 59 years without tapping into the medical system except for having my tonsils removed at the age of five. Now this year, I have had three surgeries to remove errant cells on my back, my nose, and my jawline. It was a process of following the yellow brick road. One thing led to the next and then the next. My conscious mind did not kick in till I was pretty much through the whole ordeal. It was like awakening from a dream as I wondered why I had chosen this road of having pieces of flesh cut away. As a child, I had thought it all barbaric and knew that one day, light and sound would be the tools used, not knives. Yet, that part of me was quiet as I knew only to follow the path ahead, step by step. My knowing said it was all purposeful in ways I would not yet understand. I offered it all up, trusting. Trust is the keynote of these times. Trusting ourselves in every way. Not looking to another or any outside source to tell us what is right or wrong.

All of this has kept me still. Kept me from my love of camping, of seeing new vistas, of being in majestic landscapes. It has been a hot summer of stillness. The heat, purposeful as we ignite into our true fiery natures. We are being purified in these flames of love, the elements assisting with the heat that threatens to combust this old reality. As the earth heats, so do our emotional bodies, which we see erupting around the globe. All has to come to the surface, all has to be seen, be felt, in order to transform into the love that is truth. We are being purified from the inside out. All the old stuff, rising into the flame to be consumed.

When one of us collapses in fatigue, another is nearby shining their love for us.

When one of us collapses in fatigue, another is nearby shining their love for us.

We hold the vision of the love pods, the communities of light forming. This fiery passage is taking us there. The refiner’s fire is rendering us impervious to all that is not love. As we move through this passage, which requires us to stand alone, we sense the excitement awaiting us on the other side. The reunions with our families of light, from the stars, from the inner earth, from the multiverse, await. When our steps falter, we reach out to one another. We offer that helping hand in the form of conversation, a hug, an email. We breathe in one another’s strength until we once again find our own. We have waited through eons of time, to be here now. This is the testing, the time to know ourselves as masters come again.

It is time to let go of fighting and pushing against. It is time for unity born of love. How can it make sense to unite in peace against someone or something? It is time to take the next step. To stand for love, for the truth of unity that no longer requires an enemy to move against. That is how all that is not love, is disarmed. We no longer feed it our energy. We witness it in love. We offer to bring it through our bodies. At times, I may sit with an energy that does not feel easy….for an hour or for days. I allow it space, I allow it the embrace of my love light. No resistance offered, only the love. Energy moves, it shifts. Some comfortable, some not. It is not important. What is important, is the love, only the love.

This tree did not resist the fence, it simply enveloped it.

This tree did not resist the fence, it simply enveloped it.

We have been trained to focus so much energy on what we eat, how we move, what we do, what we believe. All of that falls away as we come into the trust of ourselves. As we witness how we are so loved and cared for, we can let go. We can trust that our hearts are safe. It all begins with trusting ourselves to care for and love ourselves. As all others are part of the Oneness, there is only the one to love. It becomes so simple.

We have been children playing a game that we have now outgrown. It no longer interests us to live in separation and duality. Now we want to try a new game, one where laughter and joy abound. It begins with my heart. It begins with yours.

“The Mind Thinks It Knows and The Heart Believes It Can Be Hurt” Trinity Thomas

My latest beloved painting,  the marriage of the masculine and feminine in my being.

My latest beloved painting, the marriage of the masculine and feminine in all of us.

This statement is from an upcoming book: The Heart of the Oracle by Trinity Thomas at inneroracle.comIt turns out that both of these statements are illusions. A friend shared these words with me recently.  I sat and allowed them to flow in and land where they chose. They settled as truth in my body.

The first, dealing with the mind has been easy for me to see. I know that my heart and body hold my wisdom and my mind is a tool at my disposal. I am grateful to her for all the processing she has done on my behalf. We have upgraded from the old operating system and she is now working in harmony with my heart, who is the director. My mind is appreciative of taking off the lead harness and working with the heart. She enjoys using her skills as she was meant to, no longer carrying the weight of running this show. This feels so aligned with how my will has dropped away as I surrendered to the will of my higher self, Sophia. She uses her expanded knowing to direct this vehicle. I felt such a sense of expansion and release as I allowed this change. Why be limited by the small light of my personality self when I could be walking in the searchlight of my I AM presence? Once this step is taken. there is no question of going back.

Ah, the heart believes that it can be hurt. That statement blazed a trail of truth right through my being! How many tears have I shed, how much misery have I created when I believed that I could be hurt? Oh, we are wonderous beings! Our hearts are instruments of the divine. The All, the One. Our hearts are love and only love. Hurt is an illusion. We have been conditioned to believe that others can hurt us but there is only one as we are one another. Someone can speak words to us and we can choose to believe that they are arrows dipped in poison or not. It is our choice. But when we drop below the surface, all is revealed. We see the beauty of our dance, of the way we trigger one another in service to the One. We all participate in the grand scheme to bring everything back to love. All that is not love within my being, must come to the surface to be embraced and reminded that it is love too. I am in awe of how loved I am that every trigger point, every sore spot in my heart, brings forth another to poke it until it releases back to the love it is. How loved we are! Once you begin to observe this, it becomes almost comical how situations will arise that hit a resounding note of pain within, to offer an opportunity for it to clear. It will happen over and over until the densest layers have been excavated and brought to the surface to be loved and cherished. Become a witness to this, see your pain and ask for its resolution. It is beyond our comprehension how it comes as everything conspires to bring the love. The wonder of this fills me. You will find that another that you felt harmed you, has been a force of love to bring you to greater truth of the love you are. You will suddenly find yourself filled with gratitude for this other, knowing deeply that they are you, and you, them. It is magic of the highest order.

Going beyond the human form, we are lightbodies dancing together in oneness.

Going beyond the human form, we are lightbodies dancing together in oneness.

Yesterday this came home to me as it felt to be an emotional day. I could sense heightened emotions swirling in the collective field. I called in the violet flame to assist me to transmute all that came my way, back into the frequency of love that it is. I was having a discussion with one dear to me. He displayed some hesitancy to speak to me about a desire of his that he felt was in conflict with a desire of mine. I laughed and said. “Oh, I already shifted that as I realized how it was right for you and not for me.” We spoke of how by always speaking our truth, things become softer, flow more easily, hesitation can drop away as the emotions are not so charged. As we spoke further, I felt an undercurrent of unrest and sadness. I sat with it all for a time allowing it full play in my heart. It was so interesting to feel a perceived “hurt” try to find an anchor in my heart. It circled around, trying to find a landing place but none were available. Hallelujah!

I laughed out loud at the beauty of this, the wonder that my heart no longer offered a landing place for hurt! It knows the truth of oneness and love. It can no longer be fooled into believing that anyone or thing wishes me harm. It knows all to be love. All that appears or presents differently, is a guise, a ruse, asking to be seen through. All is asking to be acknowledged as love at its core. Everything, everyone desires to live in the flame of love. It is the fabric of our being, of all creation.

A heart that is free shines its light!

A heart that is free shines its light!

How beautifully we play this game. How great is our love to continually present as criticism,  judgment, dishonoring, deceit, and the list goes on, until we see the truth. We play this out for one another until we have our aha moment and laughter bubbles up as the only response. It is so beautiful! Our hearts cannot be hurt, we allow the perception of hurt to anchor in, at times we allowed it to burrow deep……until we don’t. Once we know that we are love, that we are sparks of the Divine, that  we are one with all life, the game is over. We are free.

Our hearts can then live as they are meant to, as a sending and receiving station for love. No longer sites for burying pain, no more toxic emotions stored underground, no more poisonous air to breathe. Our hearts become clear vessels where love flows freely with each breath. Oh my! Think of this replicated in our Mother Earth! She is clearing herself of the old toxic waste sites, the deep rivers of pain and underground mines of disruption. We assist her by lightening our load. If my heart is clear, I not only free me, I free her as well. What I do, I do for the all. Your clearing of your heart, frees mine. Each of us an intricate part of the whole that affects every other part. Oh, the beauty of this!

May you feel these truths shake and quake in your world and may you join me in laughter and delight. We are one people and our tone is love. Always has been, always will be. In fully loving me, I more fully love thee. A deep sigh of this flows through my body. This love, this love…….


Dropping into the River of Love

One of Gabriel's recent paintings. Look at all the individual parts creating the whole tapestry.

One of Gabriel’s recent paintings. Look at all the individual parts creating the whole tapestry.

It has been an interesting few days, moving more deeply into that river of love that exists just below the surface world. I spoke with many of my “tribe” in the past few days, sharing our feelings of something massive on the horizon. There is such a sense of excitement and joy welling up, the knowing deepening that all is well. The collective pulse of the planet seems to be one of weariness with life, as it currently presents itself. People are wanting freedom, connection, meaning, peace. Hearts are crying out for this and our Creator is responding. I can feel the waves of joy and love flowing below the surface, awaiting the moment when they shall flood our beings with liquidlovelight.

I have been invited deeper into the river of love, my I Am presence beckoning. I am singing with her in the waters…..last night as I skinny dipped in the pool under the moonlight, I found myself singing a love song to myself and the all that is. The oneness is palpable, the love a cloak I wear.  It is time, letting go on every level, every tethering tie cut, free to float and dream ourselves into the new earth. I am no longer anchoring to the earth, as I best flow the energies as I move in my bubble of lovelight. I experience this as a floating sensation. I was shown that I am to unhook from all that is known, so as to more deeply anchor in the new earth. All we have known here is form and we are moving into the formless.

Oh, the beauty of our diversity!

Oh, the beauty of our diversity!

There is no one practice that will take us there other than our desire and complete surrender to the love. We have created so many systems and rules to follow as we handed over our power to others. We construct these pathways to enlightenment as if any of us can determine another’s road. It reminds me of my past as an educator when we would be given training in new methods that were “the key” for student learning. Each one touted as the holy grail of learning, none stating the obvious, that there was no one method that worked with all children. It is the same in the spiritual communities, with all its hype and constructs. Diet is big, if you eat meat, you cannot ascend, if you have oral sex, no ascension (that was one of the “rules” from a new age group we were part of for years, supposedly channeled by El Morya, my love.), chanting is way to bliss, crystals will take you there, rock music will not, sacrifice is noble, caring for self, is not, meditation is crucial, daydreaming not, liberals are good, conservatives are not. On and on it goes. I embraced many of these rules, being a “good girl” for so long. The interesting thing about all these rules or practices, is that they all bring separation and judgment. Vegans judging meat eaters, meditators judging non- meditators, enlightened judging the masses and so it goes. All labels separate. Why do we feel a need for a label? Why do we want to proclaim ourselves as this or that? Why do we need a system someone else created to follow instead of listening to our hearts? We have trained to trust others, not ourselves. All, a false security blanket. Whether it is labeling ourselves by our profession, our diet, our religious beliefs, our weight, our ethnicity, our gender……..all of it is separation. All of it implies good or better, right or wrong. All of it implies judgment taking us out of the oneness. All takes us from unity consciousness. When we stand naked in front of our Creator, it is the light that we are that is read. All the rest is illusion, a mere costume put on to more fully play our role. Dark cape, white cape……all just a role. The light of the soul is what is everlasting and true.

Saw this on a tombstone, what an epitaph for a life!

Saw this on a tombstone, what an epitaph for a life!

We are being asked to let go. To honor the holiness of each one’s path. To walk my path does not mean that I must judge another’s wrong so as to feel more secure in the rightness of mine. I choose to follow where my heart leads, trusting it explicitly to guide my steps. In that trusting, I also trust your heart to lead you to your truth. I cannot know what that is. I do not need to know the whys of your path, nor even mine. I can surrender and allow, you to your path and me to mine.

This has allowed me to come to a place of freedom and expansion. No rules to follow, only joy to allow. I live the joy path. It is about your vibration that fuels the action, not the action. If eating a piece of meat feels like joy, I do it, blessing the animal for their gift as I bless the air I breath and the water washing my back. It is vibration, what are you feeling as you eat this, perform an action, speak words? It is all so simple that I find myself laughing much of the time. I love the contradictions as they express through me, I am this and that! I love breaking out of the boxes labels create. There is only love. The love leads me ever closer to more of me. My heart has been patiently waiting for me to stop the outer search and practices to drop down into her womb of love. She embraces me with the tenderest of care and effortlessly leads me on. The holy grail that I have sought, found. The wonder, the recognition of how I am loved, the awe of love’s power, all have flooded me. My cells are singing a love song to me and of me. I celebrate my radiance, I rejoice in this resurrection. I claim my light and allow it to live me fully. No more backing away from the magnificence that I AM. I am ready to allow it to live me.

A close up of the above painting, it looks to me like a girl with a ponytail sitting next to a boy, both with caps on. They have brought their part to the whole, just as we are
asked to. Can you find it in the painting? Just to right of center. Life is this way, we each see a different view yet together we create the whole.

We are all ascending together, every one of us, asked to live their divinity on a greater level, everyone is birthing their gift that they have brought from Home. My only “job” is to be the fullest expression of myself that I can be. To be the greatest version of Linda Marie that I am capable of in each moment. There is no one way that looks, it can be anger in a moment, tears in another, laughter in the next. All my truth, all expressions of my heart dancing on this plane. She is my guiding light as she is Home, one with the Creator which means I AM also.

It is about joy! Joy is love expressed…….this is what creates. We are invited to open ourselves to joy, it is our birthright and it is time to claim it. Rejoice! I am drinking the elixir of  expansion. It is intoxicating! Your heart is waiting to serve you yours right now. Take the offered cup, drink deeply of the love. Allow it to work its magic. You will feel my heart as I feel yours. We are all connected in this river of love. I love you.

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Solar Flares Lighting Our Hearts Home, Eclipse Here We Come!

Our beautiful sun which loves us so. I am soaking up all Helios and Vesta are offering us.

Our beautiful sun which loves us so. I am soaking up all Helios and Vesta are offering us.

I have no idea who I am. The energy, from all the X class solar flares we are experiencing, is magnifying everything we no longer need. The dross of our lives is disappearing under the benevolent rays of our dear sun. It is as if the sun is holding up a huge magnifying glass over us to burn away all of our warts. The higher vibrating light pulls up the lower vibrations of trauma and pain that we stored in our being. It is all being cleared out, a bonfire of pain and suffering releasing. It is a blessing yet can feel like anything but. The body struggles to stay upright. Mind lapses, starting something only to find I have lost my thread. I sit there in confusion, what was I doing? How does any of this activity make sense? Waves of sadness, grief, despair, excitement, joy, roll in and then out. Heat overwhelms me in flashes and chills find me running for my shawl. Hot tea, cold water, nausea, head pressure, a level of fatigue that puts me back to newborn status so that caring for myself becomes a full time job. Jitters, a revving up inside while being in slow motion outside. There is no center point, no ground to stand upon. It feels like a free fall and there is no landing target to align to.  I know to surrender and allow myself to rest in solitude and quiet. To simplify my days down to the bare essentials and breathe. The energies demand this level of attention.

What is new for me in this now, is this intense yearning for more of myself. I am so wanting reunion with all aspects of me. This wanting and missing has me in tears. It is something I have not felt before and I am witnessing it with curiosity when I can move out of the clutches of the heartache to observe it. I did not know there was more to miss but my heart has come alive with this knowing of the all that is a part of me. We are at the end of separation. We have followed the outbreath of the Creator to its farthest shore and are now being called Home. My heart is responding to the beaconing light from home. All that matters is to follow that light back to its source… Source. I can feel the other aspects of myself, on other dimensional timelines and some here in this one, yearning to merge once again into the truth of our I AM presence. My heart knows that we are one. It is not clear to me who they are nor where these aspects reside. My heart feels their absence as surely as my mother’s heart can feel any of my children’s hearts. It is an ache like no other. It is for the beloved, the I AM, the wholeness, the Father and the Mother, all rolled into one.

Spiraling ever closer to myself in each moment. It does not allows feel that way as the orbit can send me far away yet swings back again to center.

Spiraling ever closer to myself in each moment. It does not allows feel that way as the orbit can send me far away yet swings back again to center.

This weekend’s solar eclipse feels like a trigger to launch me more fully into union with the All. I am opening myself to receive all the gifts that it brings. All the desirings of my heart boil down to one note……unity. Wholeness. Oneness. I desire to melt into my Mother’s/Father’s embrace of love. To experience the magnitude of the light that I AM. To swim in the sea of unity consciousness with my brothers and sisters. To know the truth of oneness with every cell of my being, rather than with my mind’s belief in it.

I AM ready! I AM ready for this union with myself and all of creation. My heart has become a lighthouse beaming a signal back to the Creator, yes, it shouts in a morse code of light, YES, I hear the call and I am coming. I am coming home. My heart is a tractor beam of love, locked on its course. I am going home. I am uniting with my I AM presence in this body. This body is a chalice through which all of heaven can touch this beautiful jewel of a planet that is our mother. I open to this. I am this. All walls have come down. There is only this pulse, this beat of my heart, this tone, this beam of light. I can hear it, feel it, sing it, dance it, writhe with it, cry with it, expand with it.

My eyes have had trouble focusing, as I adjust to seeing our own light radiating so bright.

My eyes have had trouble focusing, as I adjust to seeing our own light radiating so bright.

Who knew we were the stargates? The portals to the universe. The All contained within our heart space. I sit and watch the flames of my heart and am awed. We are here, at the edge of the frontier, reporting back our experiences. Our grandchildren will read these stories of what it was like to feel separate and alone and they will see us as heroes, courageous and wild. I sit (or rather lie) and hold vigil over this heart of mine. I watch the flames as they leap and spark as the old is burned away. I welcome the rawness as the husks fly like fireflies in the sky. To step into that flame and be shot into the sky like a rocket, exploding into the light that I truly am. Courage is called for to let go of all boundaries and allow ourselves to soar. I see the night sky streaming with our lights. What a lightshow we are creating!

The Phoenix Arises from the Ashes

Through the tunnel

Through the tunnel

Hello everyone! I have been gone so long and yet it was a blink of an eye. I am now arising in my newness and feeling my way, flowing my divinity. I have lived more fully the death process, and despite the hollow sound of the husk of me rattling in the wind, I am so grateful for the space it opened.

On the morning that I awoke, knowing in all my cells that my work was done in Scotland and it was time to leave, a friend told me that I lived the phoenix experience. It was a part I chose to play here on earth. I laughed as I have done my share of dying and rebirthing but had not thought of it in that context. She said that I was on the cusp of yet another such experience.

Yosemite falls which called me to visit before I flew to Scotland. As I stood at its base with my sons, a tone was released and a mini snow storm ensued!

Yosemite falls which called me to visit before I flew to Scotland. As I stood at its base with my sons, a tone was released and a mini snow storm ensued!

Little did I know that the cusp meant that day! My guidance told me to move quickly, so I began my journey by train to my departure city,  flying out within 24 hours. During that period,  I went through the most intense death experience to date. Initiations do increase in intensity as does our ability to explore greater depths and heights of our beingness. I moved from train to hotel to bus to plane in a fog of tears as waves of emotions moved through me. I felt as if I were standing under the pressure of a huge waterfall that threatened to knock me over and drag me under. Every lifetime that I had experienced since the original agreement to explore separation, came roaring down. It cascaded over me in a torrent. Resistance was futile, this I knew. The seven weeks of work in that ancient land had left me spent. I had no resources to draw upon. There was only one path open. I opened my heart and let the water take me. I let go. I surrendered. Take me, I whispered in my heart. Take me home.

Once the waves subsided,  I found myself washed up upon an unknown shore.  I felt dried out. A husk of physicality, all juiciness sucked dry. The marrow of my bones remained. I heard the sound of my dryness, rattling in the wind. I knew nothing except that the “I ness” of me, remained. How does one move with no fluid in one’s veins? I observed as if from a great height, the being that lay taking in breaths of air through a chest filled with fluid. Water and its absence, both were present in me.

Hailstorm engulfing me, shattering the old shell of my beingness.

Hailstorm engulfing me, shattering the old shell of my beingness.

With wonder, I observed the space within. There was nothing left in me with which to resist this process. All had been washed away. I was clean and clear, no thing to move around, nothing to block my view. I floated in open space as what I knew not. There was no being to judge this experience, simply the witness, witnessing. I surrendered to the emptiness, as there was no me to forge a resistance. I and the space were one.

A soft landing awaited in California, sunshine and a soul so dear to my heart, my youngest son, my joy boy, now a man. He allowed space for my re-entry. Soft tendrils of creativity began to flow into the space of me, as I lay observing his art about me, lighting me up with its colors and form. More movement as I journeyed from San Francisco to Sacramento, once again landing in a space provided by my former husband, in my former home. I had not thought I would be here again in this way, yet here I was. Accepting the grace of it, trusting all as my I AM presence, dear Sophia, directed my movements.

My elder son greeting me, having the perfect “prescription” of music for my soul. I lie on the floor with him as he played music that brought great sobs of release. He knew my body still had releasing to do, trauma of lifetimes of hardship and heartache to move through. What a gift his perception was. All of me needing emptying. We have entered into the new lands where joy reigns supreme along with ease and grace. It is a work to let go of the struggle, the pain, the backpack full of bricks of calcified emotions of grief. The tears a healing balm despite the way they racked my form. I saw each cell open and upend its load, allowing the music to carry it away. Angelic beings surrounding me, transmuting it all into usable light once more. This is my offering. This is my skill, my talent as it were. To swim in the sea of unconsciousness, drink it in my cells, then purge it all in a great outflowing wave as it returns to its true essence of love.

How blessed I am by these two male souls who incarnated through me, with me, providing the scaffolding to stand upon as the new is in the process of construction. Wide shoulders, towering hearts. strong legs grounded in the earth…..I gifted myself with their presence for these times. My gratitude for me, for them, immense.


A giant sequoia showing me how to be a conduit for heaven and earth.

Each day, I awaken with the excitement of an explorer, open to what presents itself. My trust is complete in dear Sophia to allow my divinity expression through this vehicle of light. I recall a moment of feeling my beloved so powerfully in me, surrounding me. My heart bursting in the bloom of that love. I wondered how I could live in the knowing of his essence and his coming into physical form. How could I live with my heart like a live coal burning in my chest? Was it possible to breathe in this flame? Did I not have to shield myself in some way? No, the next breath informed me. This is the new way. Heart wide open beyond what I knew possible, each breath expanding it further. Vulnerable in every way. This is freedom. This is what I have sought. Always the desire to breathe deeper, go farther, live more fully this liquidlovelight that is my song.

Oneness is offering itself in every moment. It is not behind any of the old doors. Within each heart stands the portal. Courage is needed to step over the threshold. The new land awaits. All of nature and life stands at the ready, to offer assistance. The trees, the breeze, the waters, the fire and the earth, herself, all line the pathway on the other side. It is one step that requires every cell in your being to desire. Oh, how I love our courageous hearts, our cells of light, our loving blood. All rushing to this threshold to be met with the embrace of oneness that takes our breath away. Inhale, exhale and I AM. In this is the story, in this is the ALL. I have heard my future self laughing for many months gone by and now I laugh with her as she and I are one. Oh, what a grand adventure we have been on! I have come home. My journey of wandering with no physical home for the past four years,  honed this truth in me. I knew it in my mind yet now I live it fully in my heart. I AM grateful to be free. I AM liquidlovelight falling through space and time, unceasing. No beginning and no end. I and my Mother/Father are ONE. Hallejuah!

March Magic


My favorite rock being at the temple.

March continues to unfold in new ways as I surrender to the currents that are flowing. I recently spent an afternoon with a few friends and the crystal skull, Marie. We had the sense that she wanted to be bathed in the river, a bit of an undertaking as she weighs almost 40 pounds and one must walk a ways on a gravel path to reach the river’s edge. All was accomplished and Marie seemed to luxuriate in the cold waters flowing over her. A laughing buddha carved from petrified wood accompanied her and sent his laughter spilling out in waves. We played the crystal bowls and drums we brought but mostly chatted and enjoyed the sounds about us. One of the group brought through her vision of beings of light, come to form a circle about Marie, in an act of honoring. Marie embued all with a new note which reverberated throughout space. Wave upon wave of sound was released. The waters carried the sound to all the waters of the earth, being such a potent conductor of energies. We each took turns pouring the water over Marie’s head as she sat in state. She is such a being of love. The divine feminine and Mary energies were very present.  As the sun began to descend, a chill came over me and I knew it was time to leave.  By the time I reached home, I felt like I was in shock, in need of wool sweaters, warm drink and food. It is amazing how powerful the energies can be though it seemed we were not “doing” much of anything. My body knew otherwise as I rested and recovered in the evening.

Marie and friends in the river.

Marie and friends in the river.

The next morning, I could sense an expansion in myself. I sat toning in the yard and felt that I would lie on the ground, and tone with another, “weaving lattices of light”. Those were the words that I heard. I texted my elder son, thinking it was with him as we had done just that the day before. It turned out to be with one of the women from the day before. The energies of Marie accompanied us as we took a walk in nature. There is a place where folks have stacked rocks called the temple, that she suggested we go. As we walked, we stopped to eat miner’s lettuce that was growing along the path. It is a spring green with a tiny white flower rising from its lilypad looking base. I knew that our bodies were being calibrated by ingesting this plant. I could feel an expansion and opening within me. We played in the temple area for a time, stacking rocks and enjoying sitting amongst them. I felt an urge to  move into the open field of sunlight beyond the temple area,  lie on the ground and tone. Indeed, my friend joined me and I knew she was the one I was to weave lattices of light with. She lay down with her head touching mine, in a straight line. We began to tone and felt others come to join us. My friend saw beings come out of the hillside to our left.

The buddha delighting in his bath. He sent such joy flowing!

The buddha delighting in his bath. He sent such joy flowing!

They laid down with their feet pointing towards us. I was guided to hold a rock in each hand. The rocks tied me to earth in a deep way, and I felt faeries tethering me with their gossamer threads. Two of the beings placed their feet in my friend’s hand as she giggled. We laughed, gasped, panted, cried, toned, as colors swirled and our bodies experienced movement, things being pulled out, added to, opened. I felt a stone being placed in my belly. It dropped down as if to the bottom of a lake and I felt the waters rippling out from it. My friend felt the ripples hit her. I was the lake and the stone….the earth I lie upon and the breeze that touched my brow. I was all things. Time did not exist as we were fully in the experience. Worlds opened and spun with us. To our right, there was a small hill with an enormous oak tree with spreading branches, touching the ground in many places. It is a tree that feels sacred. I sensed and my friend saw, faeries on every branch, joining in the energies at play. The beings who joined us were Agarthans, our brothers and sisters from the inner earth realms. They were toning and used our bodies to send their notes out into the world. I was told that this was a continuation of our Shasta Christ consciousness experience. Our bodies were a chalice that could now be used to seed the Christ energy into the earthplane. We felt the honor of being used thusly. At one point, I knew to reach up and hold my friend’s head as she reached for mine. She is a cranial sacral practioner and knew we were adjusting one another as guided. So much took place yet it felt like a dream. Marie, the skull, was present with us as well as many masters and angels. As it felt complete, we heard a round of clapping and we joined in. It felt so celebratory and I knew so much had happened that was beyond my scope of understanding. I felt immense gratitude.

One of my successful balancing acts.

One of my successful balancing acts.

We took off our shoes for the walk back to our car, as I knew we needed grounding. Also, it anchored the energies more firmly in the earth with each step. We both received the idea of ice cream, as we were to celebrate what had taken place. We stopped and bought some and sat on the porch and savored each bite. I later spoke with the friend who had been with us in Shasta and whose presence I felt as we lie on the ground. She said we were doing a ceremony to complete the cycle of the last moon and welcome the new moon’s energies in. She also related a wonderful dreamscape that resonated with me as truth. She found herself on a ramp that was a treadmill. She was struggling to keep a forward momentum to move up the incline. She looked to her left and saw me gliding up an escalator with a big smile. As I drew near to her, I reached over and touched her across her shoulders and told her, “Simply stand still. ” As she did so, her treadmill became an escalator and she too, was effortlessly moved along. I smiled at her and we both knew this was the new way. The time of struggle and hardship has ended. Neither are the way to move forward. It is simply allowing ourselves to be carried by our higher selves into the light that we are. Surrender, opening, trust are all a part of it. This weekend’s experiences all built upon another, each piece following as I tuned in, listened and acted as guided. As we do this, we align with others and our energies co-create new fields of light. It is magic and marvelous, humbling and heart opening. We are becoming little children, playing in the fields of life. My gratitude abounds!

A branch of the oak tree that I walked out upon.

A branch of the oak tree that I walked out upon. She told me that I am supported always. All of nature wishes to play with us, for the good of all. Hallejuah!


The Wounded Hearts

Autumn and winter scapes overlapping with grace.

Yesterday, Nov. 19th, was the Pleiadian alignment, which brought a heart clearing on a new level to us all. You may have experienced grief and sadness flooding in and been surprised to see things you thought long resolved, coming once again for your attention. In the mysterious and amazing ways of spirit, I watched the movie, The Descendants, last night with my son. It is a story of a family in crisis. We observe the human story…… how often each family member is orbiting in their own world of pain and heartache. I saw how all of us have wounded hearts. Everyone on the planet, can point to some heartache, some mistreatment, some injustice. We are only beginning to enter a time of being truly seen as we are only beginning to be able to see ourselves. We are great beings of light, our souls shine so brightly that our human eyes would be blinded by the brilliance if we unzipped these body suits. Imagine our surprise to see that everyone is a being of light, all are love incarnate.

The inner path is always a solitary journey yet it opens into the field of oneness.

This film did a good job of showing a man whose whole world as he knew it, is turned upside down. He has to process the changes on his own as his wife is in a coma and cannot speak to her part in the drama of betrayal. This is so often the case as memories of abuse in childhood often come after a parent is deceased or the other party is not able to hear nor deal with the allegations as they arise. In the end, our hearts must come to their own resolution. We must take that pain and transform it through the power of our amazing hearts, into the truth of the love that it is. We are mighty transformers! This is the work before us now as we come to seeing all through the eyes of love rather than the lens of pain. When we can acknowledge the truth of love behind all actions, the woundedness of each one that continues the cycles of pain, we can truly take to heart our most important role, that of transformers. The cycle of pain and separation is at its end. We are witnessing this in our world. We have come for this very purpose, to bring all back to love.

Life offers us a view, which lens will we use? The lens of love or the lens of fear. Do we open our hearts or close them? That is the question in each moment.

When we view all others as ourselves, we are able to access our knowing of the tenderness of each one’s heart. Where we find the greatest anger acting out, we are able to see the deep wounding of that soul. Our hearts rush out in a mighty flood of love as we feel the resonance in ourselves of that same wounding. The stories may vary yet it is the one human story of suffering and separation. This is now ending as we birth a new planet, a new story surfaces of love and unity consciousness. Let us vow to see the wounded child in one another and to embrace that child in upmost tenderness and care. St Francis had it right with his prayer and it has never been more timely.

We are poised at the edge of our new world, the one that our hearts have known we came

In their dying, the leaves shine their brightest, giving a lesson to us all. We are dying to the illusions of separation and it is time to let our true colors shine forth!

to create. It is time to remove the shields we placed in front of our hearts, to take a deep breath and dare to shine our light out into each moment of our lives. To live large with love as our guiding light. To hold the banner high for the truth of love that we know as our birthright. To exercise our right to hold the horrors of humanity along with the light. To offer all of it a resting space within our hearts. To lead more than pedestrian lives of love flattened, boxed, contained and sold to us in the form of material goods or body image enhancers. We are here to experience ecstasy and bliss and peace and wonder. It is time to dream big, to feel into the recesses of our hearts, to live life loud, to dare to show our desire for deep connection with one another, to dare to expose our wounded hearts and in doing so, bring them to wholeness. My heart is bursting with love for each one of us. What beautiful hearts are gathered here to bring in a world of harmony, peace, abundance for all. laughter and joy. Feel this in your heart and let it shine. It is truly time to turn your heart light on!


Oneness Dreamscape

Doubtful Sound in the fjords of south New Zealand

Sept 7th I am at Fox Glacier. I arrived after a six hour drive from Queenstown. It was my first experience of renting a car and driving on the wrong side of the road. Twice after pulling out of places as twilight approached and it was pouring buckets, I found myself looking at an approaching vehicle in my lane. Oh, I mean their lane! Move over Linda! Yikes. Fatigue does funny things, my brain defaulted to the right side of the road in its weariness. Definitely a sign that it was time to find lodging. Stopped at a couple of places, one did not answer the bell, one was a full apartment which I did not need nor desire. And finally, one was just right! A cafe a half a block away, a kind innkeeper, warm duvet and an electric heater in the room. It continued to storm throughout the night and I was cozy in my wood paneled room listening to the rain on the roof.

On my drive I discovered that I feel uncomfortable when hemmed in on both sides by forest. My spirit collapses in on itself. I realized this when the land opened into pasture land with sheep and cows and a vista for my eyes to travel. Relief! Later there was the ocean for a brief bit so I got out to walk on the shore with the crashing waves. There were piles of white stones all about, used as tablets by passerbys to leave their messages. Some were in remembrance of loved ones passed on, others carried their names and home countries as a marker of their passing by. I found it moving. I found my rock and left my message of peace and love to this land of New Zealand from California. I do love this land. I flowed liquid  lovelight all along my route, feeling the mountains and rainforests in their pristine beauty. Waterfalls gushed down the rock faces and splashed onto the highway as I passed. I had to stop and wait for a rockslide area that was being cleared. The innkeeper told me that the day before the road had been closed due to the slide and had only opened that morning. There are dozens of one land bridges that you cross, signs tell you if you have the right of way or not though you have to slow down and look before preceding.

sunlight dancing on the water

I told my angels last night that I must be up for the driver of the year award. My, I have driven so many miles of highway in the past three years! Much of it, lonely highway where I do not see many other cars. I tone, I sing, I cry, I sigh. I flow my lovelight and ask the peace to settle deep into our Mother’s core. This morning I fell into a dreamscape. I do not do formal meditation but can access that space of otherness. I was floating on a body of water, arms and legs outstretched, feeling the joy of being held by the Mother and connected to her core as well as the power running through me from the Father, shining His/Her light down into me. From above and below, causing an explosion of light and love in my heart. I intended for that love, peace, abundance and harmony to flow outward. I asked the undines of the water and the sylphs of the air to carry my message on their currents all around the world. Instantly, it was done. I love the elementals! They are so eager to work with us to bring this planet to her divine perfection and to assist all souls to ascend with our Mother.

dolphin doing a spin at the bow of the boat

As I was floating in waves of deep peace, another came who is so dear to my heart. He took my hand and looked over at me as we both lie floating on our backs. He smiled and I smiled back as the oneness engulfed us. There was no need for words as all was known and all was love. Another then came and took my other hand, again I looked over and smiled as the oneness took us deeper. One by one, hand by hand, others joined until all the waters of the earth were covered with folks floating in the oneness and beaming the love flame to the earth. Joy is too small a word for what was experienced. The tipping point came as more people felt the desire to join. It was time to cover the land masses. We all tipped over as it were, now we were facing downward towards the earth as we float in the air just above her. Our hands and hearts were still joined as we beamed our love to the earth. People came out of their houses to see the sight of us. Funny, it was as if we were the UFO’s but we were not unidentified and we were indeed of starry origin. As we have all come from the stars! People could feel the love and their hearts opened to it. They began to reach up to us. When their hearts filled with the love and opened completely, they rose up and joined hands and became part of our circle about the globe. Oh, it was magical! Children were laughing, old folks were crying as all felt the love permeate this planet. All knew that this was a blessed event and the time to join was NOW!

I could hear a hum begin and grow louder as more people added their heart’s flame to the oneness. All began to vibrate in the unity consciousness. Tears fell as I recognized this sound, the sound of home. I had long known that there would come a point when we and the earth would harmonize with one another, with our galaxy,  with the universe and with the Creator. There are no words to describe the beauty of that sound. It contained every blessed thing of this earth and beyond. It sang of a love that I have never experienced in an earthly life. It was the note from Home. The caress of the lover, the comfort and love of being held and rocked in the arms of the Mother, the safety and protection of the Father as his eyes twinkle the message well done, my child, well done!

Later that day, I stopped at a hot pool to soak in the waters. At one point, I found myself floating on my back and the sensation of this dreamscape came rushing in. How beautiful! In that moment, all was right with my world.

sunrise over the Remarkables