New Life Flowing In

 Just as the light is highlighting the beauty of these tulips this morning, it is highlighting our beauty, our wholeness. Allowing us to claim all parts of ourselves as we stand in this glowing, flowing liquidlovelight. I am so loving the sensation of aliveness that is moving through my cells. I have been exercising for the past week, something I have not done in years, after a lifetime of daily exercise being the norm. My body is gaining strength and vitality. It is as if I have awoken from a years long coma. To land in this space has taken all of me. There was very little left over to animate the physical body.

Now that we have established the new grid of love around our planet, we can be present to enjoy all that it has to offer. There is an aliveness sparking all my cells, I am enjoying the sensory delights anew. To smell roses, oh my! To feel the bare earth beneath my feet, pulsing her love note to me. To listen to beautiful music, the birds chirping and trilling. To feel the warmth of the sun on my skin, to float in the warmth of a hot tub, jump into the coolness of a salt water pool, to feel the  slyphs of the air, embracing my cheeks. To taste fresh basil exploding on my tongue, creamy, melting ice cream, crunchy salad greens, walnuts with their nutty goodness. Everything a celebration of being alive. I am here! We made it through the tough times. We did not give up, we did not depart. We are standing and reaping the harvest of light.

This gave me the feeling of old, our hearts protected by barbed wire, not wanting any pain to enter.

This gave me the feeling of old, our hearts protected by barbed wire, not wanting any pain to enter.

My gratitude flows in waves along with the incoming streams of love light. This is just the beginning! Can we stand in the joy? That may seem a strange question yet we have been so programmed by the fear and hardship vibration, that it takes some unwinding to allow in the joy. Many are finding tears flowing, not of sorrow, rather the release of its grip. Many old emotions are moving through never be seen or felt again. Hallelujah! All are lightening our beings and our Mother Earth, allowing the flow into the new. We no longer need any protection as this love that we are, is a force that can move mountains. Only we, can release ourselves from the prison we created.

IMG_2995Self love is the key to it all. Immersing ourselves in the golden love light that flows like a waterfall unending. I find myself singing love songs throughout the day, to myself. I feel like a child and am treating myself in every way. Roses by my bedside, yummy foods, a new pair of shoes that set my feet skipping and jumping. Hearts on my bed, crystals around me that vibrate with me, taking naps in the pool of light streaming through the skylight. Time with dear hearts that share in this quickening energy, whether in person or

IMG_2997by phone or computer. So many ways to connect our hearts! A daily chat with my grandson, babbling to one another in ancient languages of light. There is such wonder on this beautiful planet of ours. I have always had eyes to see yet now I am experiencing it deep within. My body is waking up with my divinity. All merging in the now. All wanting a taste of this physical existence, all intent on bringing and anchoring the vibration of heaven on earth.


Calla lilies symbolize the chalice to me as they offer themselves to hold the incoming love light.

There is such freedom in resisting nothing, being open to all that presents within each moment. Knowing all is love, every challenge holding a gift, each event in our world, self created. As we have surrendered our personality selves’ control and aligned with our divinity, we trust implicitly in all the ways we are  bringing ourselves to wholeness. Events can feel so random and strange yet trigger all that has to move out in order for make room for more love light to flow in. We are chalices for this divine light of love and there is nothing worth holding onto once we allow ourselves to feel the love that is offered. In every moment, it is there. It is ours to accept and allow. May you awaken to the wonder of a new day to play on our beautiful home. I am so grateful that we are all here!




Living Our Divinity

Ice skating rink lit up on a rainy night.

Ice skating rink lit up on a rainy night.

Awake at 4 a.m. with Christmas carols playing in my ear via headphones, lights of the city’s waterfront sparkling outside the wall of windows, chatting to friends on Facebook across the land, warm quilt covering me, baby’s muffled cries coming from his parents’ room…….I am blessed.

I have been here in Montreal for the past two weeks, tending to my daughter and her new little family. It is such an adjustment to motherhood and parenthood. It has been a privilege to play the role of elder, to ease the tension and witness the resiliency of a powerful young woman. We are such amazing beings!

My heart has been so full….music fills my heart to swelling heights. I love Christmas carols and the soaring voices. This city has a Catholic heritage with its devotion to Mother Mary. I am greeted with her image as I stroll the cobblestone streets, feel her heart in the smiles of the fur hooded folks bustling about, see her love in the eyes of my daughter gazing at her infant son. I feel her sorrow as I hear news of a friend’s reoccurring illness, another friend’s sadness at the urge to call a parent who no longer answers on this plane of being.

 I loved this altar in the oldest chapel here.

I loved this altar in the oldest chapel here.

I am so filled with the wonder and mystery of this life. My heart is singing hallelujah for it all. We have chosen to experience the depths and heights, our hearts miraculous instruments that can shatter and heal to shatter once again…..always growing, evolving in our capacity to feel the thrum of the Creator’s love through it all. We wanted to discover if we could experience a sense of separation from the Oneness that is truth. Could we believe ourselves separate, create darkness so deep we knew ourselves drowned and still find the light of love within?



IMG_2234What a game we agreed to! I am reveling in all of this humanness. I am eating my fill of warm croissants in this French city, drinking hot chocolate made with spices from far away lands, kissing and breathing in my grandson’s presence and delighting in bringing forth smiles by making silly sounds and faces. We hold conversations using light language, remembering who we are to one another. The lights on the tiny Christmas tree seem to waft the fresh pine scent about the condo, diapers fresh from the laundry folded in neat piles fill me with satisfaction as does the smile on my daughter’s face as she nurses her babe to sleep. The French language flowing about me like music at the nearby produce market tucked into the old building next door, the courteous family who runs it, assisting me by going out back to bring me a bunch of kale “fresh from the shower” as I requested something more lively than the limp bunch on display.

A few locks shorn

A few locks shorn

I followed my daughter’s suggestion to go to her hairdresser, something I do not have a habit of, instead trimming my bangs when they cover my eyes or having a friend give me an occasional trim of my long locks. This small French woman had 40 years at her trade and wasted no words nor movements with her scissors. She told me she could trim my waist length hair but it would do nothing for me. I asked her what her vision was, she told me that she would liberate my hair by chopping most of it off. But she said, as she directed me to the cloak room for a gown to wear, you are not ready. “You have to be ready for change” , she tossed out as she went back to her other customer. As I changed, I asked my body, ” Shall we do this? Do you want your hair cut?” I received a “Yes!” Ok then. The mistress of hair was pleased with my answer, feeling it her due as the master in this situation. I sat and watched as one snip took years of growth off my head. And away we went from there. She spoke of blowdrying and mousse and that you must put in effort if you want to achieve beauty. All foreign ideas, for the most part to my simple routines. We reached a compromise, I walked out with my new swinging hair, old energy left lying on the floor but no coloring of my silver strands as she desired. Blonde, she insisted would create the sex appeal….oh, the fun worlds we each create! I realized that there was a slight attachment to  the idea of myself as having long hair and it felt freeing to let that go. How easily we attach to things, people, places, routines. How freeing it is to step out of those confines.

Finding my city legs and loving it! Even the black ensemble...

Finding my city legs and loving it! Even the black ensemble…

I followed this, days later,  by an afternoon of window shopping by myself as the family enjoyed some together time. I went into a tiny shop with natural fiber clothing sustainably produced here in Quebec. The owner and I had a great time, finding me a few new flowing outfits to match my flowing locks. I love the feel of loose soft clothing. Shopping in regular stores is not my thing, but this experience was fun and full of ease. She made a comment that struck me as we were talking about the mild winter that the East coast is experiencing. She asserted that she loved the lack of snow and warmer temperatures after last year’s brutal winter but felt concerned as she knew it wasn’t good for the planet. I found that so interesting, to enjoy something but pair it with a lashing that this can’t be good. Why not savor the warmth? Feel and express gratitude for the sun this day or whatever is appearing, trusting that the planet knows what she is about. Yes, there is climate change, yes, there are man made practices that have harmed our beautiful planet. Feeling bad does not help, rather it hinders a positive outcome. Focus on that which you desire. Do we know what is right for this earth? Perhaps the whole earth will become temperate and we will be able to eat from the bounty of the warmed earth. I do not know and so I live in appreciation of what is present and allow my love to warm my mother earth as she warms me…or cools me, or rains upon me. All a blessing.

Fun grafetti

Fun grafetti

We have been trained to feel bad about something, anything. It has been hammered into us, day and night, guilt, shame, the old bogey men out to get us. Where is the training in appreciation, in wonder, in delight? It is flooding this planet at present if we open to it. We are divine beings granted the privilege of walking a planet back to the Creator’s heart of love. How can the wonder of that be lost? Love flooding each cell of my being and all of life. I loved witnessing my daughter talking to their tiny Christmas tree as she gently released its branches, strung it with lights, placed the wooden star she made with her dad last year, on top and gave it a drink of lukewarm water. She honored its essence and it returned the favor by honoring this home with its radiance.

Notre Dame angels lighting it up.

Notre Dame angels lighting it up.

All day, in everything, we are given the opportunity to know grace, to feel wonder tingle through our body, to sigh with delight. In the midst of the darkest space, there is an opening to our own light. Our divinity sits in attendance, awaiting our glance. All of life does the same. Love it all! Enliven ourselves, enliven our neighbor, our food, our trees, our skyscrapers, our littered streets, our starry skies, our hungry hearts. Feed it all our love and  witness transformation all around. Love, can we sing it, feel it, express it with our bodies, dance it with our toes? I AM divine, as are you. Christ is not a person to follow, it is a presence to embody. Our Christ consciousness awaits, will you open to it this day? It is the lightest of garments to wear……goes with the new hair!


A Shift and On We Go

Mount Shasta from the north.

Mount Shasta from the north.

It seems we have made a shift, a leap into a new dimensional space. The love light flows much more freely here. I am finding myself singing love songs, little rhyming ditties, that make me feel so glad. My heart feels expanded and gratitude is a constant refrain. There is this peace and sense of freedom permeating my days. The colors in nature appear so vibrant, and everything wants to play. I imagined eagles as I had not seen any for months. That day, I passed a radio tower. I looked up and saw a nest with two eagles sitting next to it on top. I next tried butterflies and had them flitting about me during my walk. Everything responds to our intention and attention!

In offering myself as a player in this shift, I often will sense the need to quickly get in bed or a safe resting spot during the day, as I am taken out of my body. Usually, I fall instantly asleep. Recently, I had the experience of staying conscious long enough to find myself taking my seat at a council table. It was set up in a circular manner with a space in the center. We each had monitors in front of us into which we inputted our reports. The data was collected, and a comprehensive report was then given. A major shift had taken place, there was a sense of gladness though muted by human emotional standards. The monitors then disappeared into the table top and a huge hologram of the earth floated up in the center space. It was breathtaking. We saw the results of the recent shift and began assessing the next issue to focus our attention upon. The curtain came down at that point and I was asleep for the next three hours.

After an afternoon at Stewart Mineral Springs, feeling rejuvenated from the hot baths, sauna and cold creek plunge, this snake crossed our path. A powerful sign of the transformation I felt.

After an afternoon at Stewart Mineral Springs, feeling rejuvenated from the hot baths, sauna and cold creek plunge, this snake crossed our path. A powerful sign of the transformation I felt.

This shift signaled completions on many levels. I have heard from many who are stepping away from old programming of caretaking of others before themselves, of following shoulds rather than their own joy, of letting go of relationships that drained rather than nourished. All steps that aid the shift into creating the world of our deepest desires. As we honor ourselves, we bring a balance to our lives and to those about us.

I am delighting in setting my intentions each day and then giving my attention to them. We can use all of our experiences as a blessing. As I eat, I intend for all to be nourished and experience radiant health. As I drink, I intend all our cells to be bathed in the lovelightAs I walk, I bless Mother Earth and offer each step to her to use as she sees fit, my love light pouring where she directs it. As I pee, I release all physical, mental and emotional suffering from all beings. As I breathe, I intend all beings to be blessed with knowing of their truth and the brightness of their beauty. As I speak, I intend for my voice to carry the frequency from Home of oneness and love. Everything can be used to create more love in this world. Everything is love seeking to be seen and recognized.

Loving the beauty about me.

Loving the beauty about me.

As we intend to see more magic, more beauty, more loving hearts and we look for it, we create it. A shift in our perspective, shifts the world we exist in. This shifting is fluid and constant. In each moment, we are offered the opportunity to let go of what we know and be present for what is. Our memories are dissolving to aid us in this. Short term memory is becoming a thing of the past as we gain skills at moving between dimensional spaces. I find myself “waking up” numerous times throughout the day, readjusting to whatever I am engaged in, returning from some other space. We are toddlers, learning to walk. More skills are coming online and out-dated ones disappearing. Assistance is available at all moments. We have to ask and trust that it will be given. I grant my team 24/7 freedom to assist me, aligning me with my divine plan and the divine plan for the earth. From my limited perspective, I do not have enough information to know what assistance I require that is for my highest good or that of another. Therefore, in stating for my highest good and the highest good of all, I allow myself the greatest assistance. In hearing of trouble spots on the earth, I flow my liquidlovelight into Mother Earth for her to use and direct as she knows best. We have these physical vessels to transmute, transmit, and anchor light. We can offer ourselves in service to the Creator and trust that we are used in the best way possible in each moment.

1:11 am and sleep is pulling me in. My heart is so full with the wonder of this planet and of the beings that reside here. We are an amazing lot! God bless us all.


imageI have been floating in the sea of emptiness. A new space where I witness my mind searching for tethers, whether to others, to place, to memories. There are none. The thought arises but there is no sticking point, nothing to adhere to. It is as if there has been a complete disconnect from all that is or has been. I sense it is a necessary step before we are connected into the new grid of oneness. It is not unpleasant, no positive or negative charge. Being with what is, has become easier. Dropping into my heart, connecting to Source, is the only space left. I can be there yet I am not floating in waves of bliss or love. Rather, I am being with this emptiness and it is enough. I am not seeking more, not seeking to move from this space. I am here, in neutral. It is enough to be here.

Called to the ocean and the redwoods for my work, communing with their vastness and ancient wisdom.

Called to the ocean and the redwoods for my work, communing with their vastness and ancient wisdom.

In this space of emptiness, time is ephemeral. I have to concentrate to place myself in a month, a season. Again, attaching to anything no longer works. I receive imprints of energy that I translate into my work. I have been working on my latest assignment. A friend is here from Scotland and we have been working together as well as with others. I was a bit surprised to find myself on another “undercover” operation as I had thought that time was past. Yet there is so much taking place in this period between the solar and lunar eclipses and there are still errant energies swirling to deter and distract. The resurrection energies of Easter are so very present as the opportunity for embodying Christ consciousness is here. I know I am in my perfect place as I work to complete this week’s solo assignment. (there truly is no solo assignment as many in other realms assist me). A group was together to celebrate the birthday of one dear to me. As much as I would have liked to join in, I knew where I was called to be. I was shown there would be no difference between night and day, so I was prepared for the deep sleeps in the day and the awake states in the night. My body can feel drugged as I am laid flat in bed, suspended in that semi-conscious state where much can be accomplished. I am learning to feel into the energy of my body, to become the swirling particles that can flow and dance with form. This has been a high alert time, all hands on deck, for the highest outcome for the greatest good for all. We are all working to bring this about.

The sunlight, a spotlight for these fragile beauties rising from the dark forest floor.

The sunlight, a spotlight for these fragile beauties rising from the dark forest floor.

I feel the privilege of being embodied now and offering myself in service to our Mother Earth and the Creator. I am aware that I embodied so as to be present in this now and to do what I am doing. Everything else falls away as I devote myself to this task in gratitude. It takes all that I have. I saw myself as a pile of dust at the end date I was given. I feel ok with that. It seems we came to use our bodies up, to utilize every ounce of our being in this now. There is nothing to hold back for, this is the moment. I will have no regrets that I stepped back, kept something in reserve for the future. There truly is only now. To show up with all of ourselves in every moment, to have our hearts wide open, to feel everything that flows through, to respond to our internal waves of knowing…. this is the path I choose.

These truly are holy days. That life so many of us walked with our brother and our sister, Jesus and Mary Magdalene, over two thousand years ago, is present. We are asked to walk it now, owning our mastery. Bringing forth the teachings of love anew, facing the crucifixion and living the resurrection flame. Our wisdom of myriad lifetimes flows forth to assist us as do the masters of the ages. ETs, Galactics, Agarthans, Devas, elementals, ascended masters, angels, the earth herself, all are here offering their all in service to the Creator. We are a part of a pageant of epic proportions and we are the stars of the show. Amazing. Kind of takes your breath away when you feel it.

imageA candle flame keeps me company through the night. Soon dawn will splash her pink hues across the mountain face. Spring is showering me in her petals of light, allowing me to drink deep of her scents and be nourished by her warming beauty. My heart bows down in gratitude.

Entering The Holy of Holies

The sun broke through on a walk, lighting my heart's flame.

The sun broke through on a walk, lighting my heart’s flame.

The weather has been mirroring my mood of late. A blanket of clouds, like a gentle weight has covered my world, muffling sensations. I have been called to stillness in my body as my being traveled and worked beyond the deep white layer. There, all is in motion as so much must be aligned for the upcoming equinox/eclipse cycle. There are certain people whom I must be with physically to swirl our codes, it can be a matter of moments, yet crucial they are. New soul family members have appeared and a high heart portal was opened. My job was to tend it with my heart, feeding it as one would a fire. When I went out for a walk to the lake, I was shown the grid to set that would allow the energies to continue to circulate. After a 24 hour period, it was anchored.


The high heart grid, turquoise and pink.

The high heart grid, turquoise and pink.

My work has been, for the most part, solitary. I enjoy people but on a more intimate scale of two or three rather than a group. At times though, it is necessary to partake of group activities. I attended an evening gathering with Leopold, the lapis skull, who is my companion, at his request. He desired to anchor the divine masculine presence. He was called to return for the next day’s event but I was not. I left him with a new soul sister. I have spent the day lying in bed, head pressure on and off, resting the body while I worked in other realms. He was fully present in his arena and I in mine. Balancing one another as the weaving continues.

This space of time is holy to me. Often, these weeks leading up to Easter have seen my soul calling me in deep. This year, this time, feels new. There is a great blossoming, an anchoring of the Christ consciousness that is possible as never before. The feminine Christ has returned in recent years to bring her flame through Mary Magdalene.  She has softened hearts, opened the intuitive channels in us all, shown us the blessings of her love. The divine masculine has opened to acknowledge, accept and honor her. We are coming to wholeness within, as each claims their own divine masculine and divine feminine natures. Divinity, our birthright, our truth.

Daffodils, harbingers of spring's renewal.

Daffodils, harbingers of spring’s renewal.

We are being gifted as never before. There is nothing to do other than to surrender to the love and open to its gifts. Allowing ourselves to flow with all that comes in these holy days leading up to Easter and our own resurrection. This is the second coming. We are the Christ, if we accept this consciousness. There is great responsibility that comes with it as all thoughts are formed from the perspective of the good of the whole rather than from a personal perspective. As we walk our truth, we come to see that if we are aligned, our choices are for our greatest benefit as well as all others. All choices must include the good of our Mother Earth’s well being along with our own. We know oneness on a cellular level and it informs all. Love is the answer in everything. Be love, live love, breathe love.

On the past Solstice, I was told of my departure. Yet, I remained. Now I know why. We are  living in the times I came for. There is magic afoot, beyond what I have known on this earthly plane. I almost have to pinch myself with the realization that it is now! There have been so many delays, so much hardship. The sense of battle weariness has pervaded every cell in my being. I am celebrating myself and each one of you for still standing, still holding the love light on high, still trusting that this earth can ascend into the realms of love.

The peace that is offered to us.

The peace that is offered to us.

This eclipse cycle holds a magic key. Look for it, open to it, use it! Ask for assistance from the angelic realms, the galactic realms, our sun, the devic and elemental kingdoms and so many others as they stand by our sides, ready to catch us, support us, cradle us. All hands are on deck. We approach the moment when all is in readiness. I have always felt that it would be “a blink of an eye” when this reality shifts on the physical plane.  When I feel into the future, it shimmers. I sense a new firmament that dances and flows in response to our heart light. Weaving strands of liquidlovelight, we will create beauty unheard of. We are so ready to live in love and peace. To experience freedom on a scale we have not imagined.

To pass from this plane to the next, we need drop our old beliefs and stories at the door.  They are worn out and will not serve in this shimmering land of love. Our bodies, our minds, our spirits are ready to live a new story. We get to write the script together! Hallelujah! My heart soars. God bless this earth and all upon her.



Beyond Faith, Beyond Form

IMG_7687In a conversation with a friend, it came to light that faith is a belief and form is a structure. We are being invited to go beyond the confines of both. The freedom that is on offer is expansive and unknown. We are being asked to leap into a way of living that is freshly minted from the celestial realms. For all the techie souls, who love to be up with the latest product, this is it! Computers and the internet have assisted us to make great leaps in communication and connection around the world. We have moved towards a global society. This new liquidlovelight is moving us further on that path towards unity and harmony with all life. Telepathy, teleportation, communing with nature spirits, animals, galactic and inner earth beings, angels and devas will become the norm. The fairy tales of our childhood will come alive in brilliant color as we develop our senses, beyond the five we have been limited to. Oh, happy day!

I am rereading The Twelfth Insight by James Redfield, the author of The Celestine Prophecy fame. It is nourishing to read and imprint my psyche with the steps of alignment. To awake with the intention to be alert to synchronicities, to call forth all the assistance that is available to align me with my divine plan and that of our Mother Earth. To open to the flow of life, allowing my inner guidance to steer me effortlessly through my days.

The different frequencies presenting themselves.

The different frequencies presenting themselves.

I am also so grateful for the support of friends, for the sharing that brings new insights as we blend our hearts’ light. I sense that is how the new is coming into form, through the co-creation of many hearts with our Mother Earth’ heart as well as the cooperation of her kingdoms. Think of building a home…….no longer simply deciding to place it somewhere from a mental idea but rather walking the land, allowing it to speak, to guide as how it wants to participate in the building. Inviting in the elementals and the forces of nature to assist you rather than imposing our will on them. The feeling once built, would be nurturing, allowing all beings to flow and grow. We are being invited to enter this flow with all of life. No more separation, no more divisions and boundaries. Our hearts flying free in the lovelight.

With this comes the end of using our will, our efforting, our trying to make things happen. Our beingness is what lights up our world. We know ourselves as the light of the world. We enter into the Christ consciousness and the idea of moving mountains no longer seems out of reach. We do not have to look for sacred sites, we become the sacred site. Within, without… division. Inner and outer life coming into alignment. Oh, that sends a deep sigh through my being!

Just off the phone where I was spinning with a friend in Scotland. We are locked in an extractor that uses centrifugal force to spin our beings. All the old is being released from our cells, just as every drop of honey is extracted from the honeycomb when placed in this machine. We received that our cells are being truly emptied so as to receive every drop of the liquidlovelight that the eclipse is offering to us. We are being made anew.


I loved this heart rock, bruised, scarred, dulled yet holding its form.

I loved this heart rock, bruised, scarred, dulled yet  intact. 

I have not felt such a splitting as I do this day. The tears have flowed as I have felt the door to all that has been closing as I walk down this passage way. Ahead, to be opened tomorrow with the eclipse energy being the key, is a huge double door. I sense that beyond it lies the life of my dreams. The frequencies of home come to earth. The magic and miracles of my dreams, the happy ending of my visions, the dancing light of my heart. The tears are for those who have chosen not to fly but rather walk. Some have refused to do that, instead lying down on the earth to rest. On a soul level there are no tears as I know that each is following their own plan as they know it. Some are here to walk between the worlds, bridging the energies. Some have decided to depart, to take up a life once again, further down the road when they can come in as a babe, fresh to this life. Some walk in neutrality, holding that space on this plane.

I am a pioneer, one who is here to bring through new frequencies, one who is meant to take wing and fly. When I was a child and studying the pioneer movement in grade school, I knew I had lived that life of Western expansion here in the USA and was here living it once again. Expanding into the frontier of inner consciousness, no less a tiring and treacherous path, blazing a trail through the wilderness that will soon become a superhighway for more souls to follow. I am so grateful to have traversed this landscape, for all the support and love shown to me that allowed me to come to this point. My body elemental has been amazing, so strong and enduring a partner on this journey. I bow to her grace and love. I thank the elementals of earth, fire, water, air and ether for their support which provided direction and navigational skills. I thank the nature kingdoms, the trees and mountains and streams that have fed my soul when I was parched with thirst and weary to the bone. I bow to those pioneers who walked before me, hacking away at the density to forge a trail of light that I could follow. I have walked in your footsteps with a grateful heart.  I am grateful to all who have entered my sphere through friendship, whether for a day or a year or many, to keep me company on my path. I bow to the light that you are. I am grateful for those who are choosing to fly with me as we bring through our gifts with a soaring hearts. I am grateful to Linda Marie, my personality self, for her focus and dedication to her/our inner knowing. I am grateful to Mother Mary for my name which she told me, means “beautiful Mary”. She claimed me as one of her own as her devotees in that lifetime were called the “Marys”. To be given that name was the result of initiations into a path of love.  She has overlighted my path and guided me unerringly to my truth. I am grateful to Sophia, my higher self, my I AM presence, whose love and support has allowed me to come ever closer to communion with her essence. I am grateful to El Morya, the master of God’s will, who has walked by my side, steering me and teaching me to walk that path in my life. I am grateful to the angels and archangels, especially Archangel Michael who has been my shield and buckler throughout this lifetime and all others. He is my brother in every sense of the word. Gratitude for all the masters who have gifted me, Kuthumi, Lord Lanto, Kuan Yin, Buddha, Jesus and Mary Magdalene. There are no words, only heartlight to express my love and appreciation. I am grateful for the teachers among my fellows, who offered a light to guide me. I am grateful for every heart on this planet, for offering me an opportunity to know myself anew and to recognize God in each one.

IMG_7656May we all blossom into the beauty that we are. May we waft our fragrance in the air and breathe deep of the love flame. I stand at this eclipse portal with a heart aflame. Blessings upon us all this eve. May we walk with the Creator, knowing ourselves as a part of Her/His flame.


Dissolving Into Fluidity

I loved the heart shaped opening on this rock, nature will do this to us, if we allow.

I loved the heart shaped opening on this rock, nature will do this to us, if we allow.

These days between eclipses are so new, so challenging, so exhausting, so wired, so weird. I heard someone use the expression: tired/wired. I get it. It is 3 a.m. and I am still awake. I am grateful I do not have to work or I would be adding anxious to the mix.

Everything is dissolving. Our old stories of who we were, our ideas about how anything works, our thoughts about what is reality and what is illusion……all flowing down the drain. Dreams leaving me with a bittersweet feeling as I say goodbye to what might have been. My body is having the most difficult time. She senses death, decay, dissolution. Indeed, I feel as if all of my organs and tissues have turned to liquid mush inside of me. My brain is spongy, soggy, heavy. Everything is flowing towards the earth, wanting to lie with her, decompose into her, fertilize her for the next cycle of growth.

I offer her comfort, chocolate chip cookies and milk, as I would a child. I am the child. Cookies thrown on the floor, foot stamped; No! There is no comfort to be found in food. I lie in bed and feel electrical pulses buzz in my left hip, then my neck. Finally the all body vibration that I have come to enjoy. At other times, the intense feeling that comes in is so uncomfortable that it does not feel possible to remain in this body for one more moment. Take me, I plead. Yet here I am.

All this has been going on for years. My body is not impressed. She is tired beyond belief. She is no longer interested in a bedtime story of ascension. She does not want to hear that she is becoming crystalline. Our light body feels like an imaginary friend that she has out grown. She has heard the tales over and over and now demands a new story.

The waves toss out the old, there is no making sense of it, just let it go. Debris to be dissolved into something new.

The waves toss out the old, there is no making sense of it, just let it go. Debris to be dissolved into something new.

What can I tell her? I stand at a nexus point, dying and being enlivened all at once. The crone and the babe inhabiting the same space. Of course it feels weird and woolly. We have not done this before. By all rights, I should be dropping this body to the earth, which she very well knows. She is attempting to follow the script that we have enacted in myriad  lifetimes. This is a new script, a role she has not played. There was no rehearsal, all happening live on this stage of life in 2014.

I stood on the beach today watching the waves pound the shore, relentless in their march. I felt their fluidness in my cells. Our bodies asked to hold the form while the energy flows in and out, over and over. I feel eroded by the energy, ground down to a husk. Then the sun broke through the clouds, and I knew moments of grace, transcendence where all felt light.

I know myself as the chalice, offering my heart as a container into which the liquidlovelight can pour itself; the body, the vehicle that anchors it all into the earth. We are being asked to bring heaven to earth through our bodies. The knowing is deep as to the privilege I have been given to have a physical vessel of the earth. It is what allows the Creator’s essence to seed itself deeply into our mother’s body. I do so want to witness our Mother Earth blossom from these seeds of love. All held, the desire for death, the desire for life. Two becoming one. Oneness.

We are walking through the dissolving imprints of duality. Everything has a fuzzy quality as it shimmers and fades. Time is unhooking its grip, speeding up till it is no longer considered at all. Decision making is no longer easy as we are asked to choose from a palette of whites. How can I pick one when all look just about the same? Neutrality is the new game. Good and bad have had their day. How do we navigate this new landscape, that is shimmering into view? If you look straight at it, it disappears. You cannot fix it to a point, it is fluid and changeable. There is no catching it, holding it. All we can do is BE it. Allow the energy to flow through.

My teacher of the day.

My teacher of the day.

Today at the beach, tears flowed. I no longer look for cause. My mind has given up as it is no longer important to understand, there is only feeling it fully as it moves through. It flows in, flows out. I watched the waves crash against a large rock jutting out of the water. The waves approached in their steady way, only to hit an immoveable surface, which sent them leaping into a thousand sparkling fragments. We create our own rocks to smash against when we hold some thought or emotion as fixed. We shatter our hearts over and over on our journey, splintered fragments flying as our souls wrestle us from known forms. We love to put equal signs between things, to firmly place our period as if to nail it all down.

As I watch the water drops fall back to the ocean’s surface, rejoining the processional waves’ motion towards the shore, I feel a way being shown.  Once the waves meet the shore, there is no ending, rather they are swept back out into the ocean’s embrace. No beginning and no end. We thought it was all about reaching the shore, achieving a goal.  But no, it is about being part of the dance, flowing in the ocean of the Creator’s love. Being the light. Bringing the light. Claiming our essence as liquidlovelight.

The violet light, transforming all into the love it is.

The violet light, transforming all into the love it is.

4 a.m. and a candle flame flickering in the dark. I, too, am the flame. Being with this moment, breathing in the fresh air flowing through the window. I know nothing. I AM this flame, this breath, this love. And you are too. God bless us all. Children of the Sun, of the Moon and the Stars. We are creating our own welcome home.

“The Mind Thinks It Knows and The Heart Believes It Can Be Hurt” Trinity Thomas

My latest beloved painting,  the marriage of the masculine and feminine in my being.

My latest beloved painting, the marriage of the masculine and feminine in all of us.

This statement is from an upcoming book: The Heart of the Oracle by Trinity Thomas at inneroracle.comIt turns out that both of these statements are illusions. A friend shared these words with me recently.  I sat and allowed them to flow in and land where they chose. They settled as truth in my body.

The first, dealing with the mind has been easy for me to see. I know that my heart and body hold my wisdom and my mind is a tool at my disposal. I am grateful to her for all the processing she has done on my behalf. We have upgraded from the old operating system and she is now working in harmony with my heart, who is the director. My mind is appreciative of taking off the lead harness and working with the heart. She enjoys using her skills as she was meant to, no longer carrying the weight of running this show. This feels so aligned with how my will has dropped away as I surrendered to the will of my higher self, Sophia. She uses her expanded knowing to direct this vehicle. I felt such a sense of expansion and release as I allowed this change. Why be limited by the small light of my personality self when I could be walking in the searchlight of my I AM presence? Once this step is taken. there is no question of going back.

Ah, the heart believes that it can be hurt. That statement blazed a trail of truth right through my being! How many tears have I shed, how much misery have I created when I believed that I could be hurt? Oh, we are wonderous beings! Our hearts are instruments of the divine. The All, the One. Our hearts are love and only love. Hurt is an illusion. We have been conditioned to believe that others can hurt us but there is only one as we are one another. Someone can speak words to us and we can choose to believe that they are arrows dipped in poison or not. It is our choice. But when we drop below the surface, all is revealed. We see the beauty of our dance, of the way we trigger one another in service to the One. We all participate in the grand scheme to bring everything back to love. All that is not love within my being, must come to the surface to be embraced and reminded that it is love too. I am in awe of how loved I am that every trigger point, every sore spot in my heart, brings forth another to poke it until it releases back to the love it is. How loved we are! Once you begin to observe this, it becomes almost comical how situations will arise that hit a resounding note of pain within, to offer an opportunity for it to clear. It will happen over and over until the densest layers have been excavated and brought to the surface to be loved and cherished. Become a witness to this, see your pain and ask for its resolution. It is beyond our comprehension how it comes as everything conspires to bring the love. The wonder of this fills me. You will find that another that you felt harmed you, has been a force of love to bring you to greater truth of the love you are. You will suddenly find yourself filled with gratitude for this other, knowing deeply that they are you, and you, them. It is magic of the highest order.

Going beyond the human form, we are lightbodies dancing together in oneness.

Going beyond the human form, we are lightbodies dancing together in oneness.

Yesterday this came home to me as it felt to be an emotional day. I could sense heightened emotions swirling in the collective field. I called in the violet flame to assist me to transmute all that came my way, back into the frequency of love that it is. I was having a discussion with one dear to me. He displayed some hesitancy to speak to me about a desire of his that he felt was in conflict with a desire of mine. I laughed and said. “Oh, I already shifted that as I realized how it was right for you and not for me.” We spoke of how by always speaking our truth, things become softer, flow more easily, hesitation can drop away as the emotions are not so charged. As we spoke further, I felt an undercurrent of unrest and sadness. I sat with it all for a time allowing it full play in my heart. It was so interesting to feel a perceived “hurt” try to find an anchor in my heart. It circled around, trying to find a landing place but none were available. Hallelujah!

I laughed out loud at the beauty of this, the wonder that my heart no longer offered a landing place for hurt! It knows the truth of oneness and love. It can no longer be fooled into believing that anyone or thing wishes me harm. It knows all to be love. All that appears or presents differently, is a guise, a ruse, asking to be seen through. All is asking to be acknowledged as love at its core. Everything, everyone desires to live in the flame of love. It is the fabric of our being, of all creation.

A heart that is free shines its light!

A heart that is free shines its light!

How beautifully we play this game. How great is our love to continually present as criticism,  judgment, dishonoring, deceit, and the list goes on, until we see the truth. We play this out for one another until we have our aha moment and laughter bubbles up as the only response. It is so beautiful! Our hearts cannot be hurt, we allow the perception of hurt to anchor in, at times we allowed it to burrow deep……until we don’t. Once we know that we are love, that we are sparks of the Divine, that  we are one with all life, the game is over. We are free.

Our hearts can then live as they are meant to, as a sending and receiving station for love. No longer sites for burying pain, no more toxic emotions stored underground, no more poisonous air to breathe. Our hearts become clear vessels where love flows freely with each breath. Oh my! Think of this replicated in our Mother Earth! She is clearing herself of the old toxic waste sites, the deep rivers of pain and underground mines of disruption. We assist her by lightening our load. If my heart is clear, I not only free me, I free her as well. What I do, I do for the all. Your clearing of your heart, frees mine. Each of us an intricate part of the whole that affects every other part. Oh, the beauty of this!

May you feel these truths shake and quake in your world and may you join me in laughter and delight. We are one people and our tone is love. Always has been, always will be. In fully loving me, I more fully love thee. A deep sigh of this flows through my body. This love, this love…….


Mother’s Day Beyond the Hallmark Moment

We can sit alone and be nourished by our Mother's love.

We can sit alone and be nourished by our Mother’s love.

Today my three adult children will spend the day with me, making me a brunch. Not so very different from our usual Sunday routines as we love to go to the farmer’s market and come home to whip up our goodies in delicious ways. We have not been a family who bought into the Hallmark corporate holidays, instead infusing the spirit of these designated days with our own sense of meaning. Mother’s Day has meant a homemade card from each with heartfelt sentiments, my true treasures gathered over the years.

My mom is still alive and I trust, folded in love by two of my siblings who, last I heard, were living with her. A triad of emotionally and mentally damaged individuals who have not been part of my life for over thirty years.  I wrap blankets of pink love about them all and bless them. I feel grateful for all the lessons my mom gave to me, most especially rejecting me so that I turned more fully into the arms of Mother Mary, who received me wholeheartedly. She gave me a gift by setting me on the journey of mothering myself.

If I could, I would gift every human on the planet, with a pink rose of the Mother's love.

If I could, I would gift every human on the planet, with a pink rose of the Mother’s love.

Today I am celebrating all men and women who have learned to mother themselves. Who have grown past laying blame at their mothers’ feet for their emotional issues. Who have evolved into gratitude for the love that was present on a soul level to play that dissonant note, allowing each of us, to seek the harmony within. I played out my mother wounds with my children, praying for guidance as to how to move to wholeness within myself so as to be present for them. I failed short a thousand and one ways, day in and out, striving to overcome my own pain body and its limitations that came out in moments of anger and upset. I also had a thousand and one moments were I was the mother’s love and flowed it truly through me to their beautiful hearts, which taught me the power of love. I have forgiven myself for all of this and been graced by forgiveness from each of my children, where I was not able to be what they needed and deserved. I have honored myself for what I was able to be and give. We understand that we have each created the life that our soul knew would lead to our greatest growth.

I honor each one who has found a way to feel safe inside, who has been the soother of their own tears, who has learned to sit with their fears and sorrows and bring it all back to peace. In healing the great mother wound, we have opened the way for our children and grandchildren to lead a life of greater peace, joy and love.

Mother Nature's love is always in action around us.

Mother Nature’s love is always in action around us.

Today I honor Mother Earth for her love that has sustained me, nourished and cradled me. She is the great mother, truly giving of her life’s blood so as to allow us all time and space to grow into the light that we are. Her gift is one beyond my comprehension, I feel awe when I contemplate it. I flow my love and gratitude to her as I bathe in her generous ocean of nurturance and support. To hold 7 billion souls in a continuous stream of opportunities and love…..there are no words.

Today I honor Mother God, the Divine Mother in all her forms. I honor this life that has been given to me to weave a tapestry of love. I am called to honor and love myself as an expression of the Mother’s love. We were raised to give love to get love. Conditions abounded. The most freeing love is that of the Mother, she gives love because she is love. It is pure and whole, knowing love is the fabric from which we stitch hearts only to watch them grow and expand. Love begets love.

So whether you are a mother to your pet, your child, your niece or nephew, your garden or your gifts…..I honor you this day for flowing the Mother’s love through your heart, allowing its note to be sung as part of the great symphony of love that creates and sustains universes. We are one being and the mother’s heart, beats within us all.




IMG_2481After my recent experience of discovering my at onement with all life, I came across this video of an animal communicator.

It echoes the connection to the other kingdoms that I have been feeling more and more. We are one being. We have the capacity to heal the earth and all her kingdoms, ourselves included when we begin to hear one another. All wants to be seen, to be appreciated. Where there is seeing of one another, there is honoring. We will know what to do to make each other comfortable and happy just as the woman was able to communicate Spirit’s desires to her caretakers and they then acted upon that understanding.

IMG_5377I work with the element of air. I recently was inspired to make prayer flags to put over the spa in the backyard. The air comes in and tells me that she carries my prayers around the world with her breath. It delights me to co-create with her in this way.

I also work with the rocks. They, as all of us, love to be seen, to be shown in new light as I balance them atop one another or in trees. The trees love to be laid against, upon, to be stroked. Everything responds with love when it is touched with an open heart. I am off to the nature park to practice my communion with the deer, the birds and the flowing river. Think of greeting everything in your field, with love. Think of the energy of love, being returned to you! This is the world we are now co-creating with all of the earth’s kingdoms and with our mother, herself. She is the queen of love and giving.

The dragon's egg that was gifted to me by the earth. I have been sleeping with my feet on her and now it feels she is to become a part of my friend's labyrinth.

The dragon’s egg that was gifted to me by the earth. I have been sleeping with my feet on her and now it feels she is to become a part of my friend’s labyrinth.

I will carry my lapis skull, Leopold III, who fills me with such love. He wants to greet the outdoors with me and shine his special light upon all that he sees. A couple of my crystals want to go too. We are all such children, wanting to play and be in joy together. I have spent lifetimes in serious, somber devotional paths. I sense the playfulness and joy that this year is opening to us all. I have shed my garments of the old heaviness and reach out for the bubbles of joy that are forming in my heart. They wish an outlet, asking to be birthed in this new landscape. My heart tells me that I came for this time, right now. My being is coming into flower with all of the planet. Let us open to commune with all the realms and kingdoms that desire only to serve the One in unity and love.

May your days be filled with golden bubbles of joy. Breathe in your own beauty and let it shine. I love you.