The Divine Feminine Flows Powerfully This Mother’s Day

Look at these varieties of daffodils!

Look at these varieties of daffodils!

There is a lightening that is happening on this planet as the divine feminine flows in more freely. Yesterday, I had a wonderful Mother’s Day as for the first time in years, I was surrounded by my three adult children and two grandchildren. A blessing for sure. My daughter-in-love experienced her first Mother’s Day and it has been a joy to witness her blossoming into a magnificent mother.

Beyond the personal, for which I am so grateful, I could feel the planet being bathed in that mother ray…..aquamarine, pinks and golds. All flowing, all glowing. I felt the loosening in each heart of the old stories of pain and suffering. All is being released as we are able to allow it through our loving it, blessing it and feeling the truth behind the pain.

IMG_9087I did not see nor speak with my mother for decades before she passed. Her choice through disowning me and yet mine too, to set a boundary around my own family of children, to stop the cycle of abuse. My healing and freedom came on the inner planes in meditation many years ago. I was shown the love that she and my father held for me, that allowed me to incarnate. They agreed to play dark roles for all six children. Not all six, survived the experience. I did and grew into myself as I had to claim my truth over the version shown to me. I saw the 22 birthdate that I shared with both parents and the triangle of love it created. They gave of themselves so that I could be here to shine my lovelight in this transformational time. What a gift!

It is not necessary for the other person to be present, to do healing work. Whether incarnate or not, we can intend for a letting go of any blame, knowing that our soul has created every experience at our own direction, all for growth, all for love. The energies now, as the mother flame beams so bright, are  to assist us to give it all to that flame of love. Let it purify our memories, easing pain, burning away all the untruth we are taught to be victims. We never were, we are not victims. We co-create all of this play, to learn, to grow in lovelight. We ask our dearest ones to play the darker roles, for who else, would choose to honor us in every way that we need and desire.

Gorgeous color after the white palette of winter is so energizing.

Gorgeous color after the white palette of winter is so energizing.

May this Mother’s Day, ease old heartaches in all of us, men or women. We all carry the divine feminine and masculine flames and seek balance in all ways. Call to Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Isis, Mother Sekhmet, your angels or your own inner being to assist you when the letting go feels hard. There is the most wondrous freedom when we move from a world of blame and shame into the light of love. It takes courage, it takes honoring our own light and protecting it when need be. We stand in our truth and allow it to inform others of their truth. Whether they accept it or not, we do our part and know that it reverberates down the generations, freeing grandchildren and all life to come. May the blessings of this mother ray fill all of our hearts to overflowing so the earth is bathed heart to heart with liquidlovelight.

A Dream of Freedom

fullsizeoutput_17ecIn my dream, I was driving a flower delivery van. It was not mine but belonged to friends. I was sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. I felt pressure building inside of me, frustrated, tired. I have felt this exact energy in traffic at times, though I live my life so as to not be in commuting or heavy traffic for the most part. Yet even waiting for a red light to change on a hot day can put me in that space.

I had had enough. I turned off the engine, got out of the van and walked away. I left it sitting in traffic, not caring if it blocked others or what would become of it. I was done. So done.

Later I found myself with the friends whose van it was as well as the man who had been in the car behind me. He said that he maneuvered his car to the side of the road, then went back to the van and did the same with it. I asked why he did that and thanked him. He said no thanks were needed. He did what was in front of him, I owed him nothing.

My friends agreed. They said, ” We understand. You were done.”

fullsizeoutput_17eeThere was no blame or judgment of my action. All simply accepted that I was done and so accepted that I did what I did. I was so surprised. I had been feeling the shadow of the guilt and shame energies. I have noticed of late that these feelings can come over me but they hold no real energy…more a shadow energy of what they once were. They attempt to attach to my emotional body, but there is no longer a landing place, rather a fleeting touch down spot and then they move off.

We are becoming free! I felt such immense freedom to have no judgment placed on my actions. I saw that everyone did what they felt to do and it was all accepted. No victims, no blame. Rather each accepting what they created in their world. Amazing! I felt giddy from it all.

fullsizeoutput_17eaThis world of form is getting more interesting to be in. There are the ups and downs, the fatigue, the energy spikes and yet a calmness under it all. We are inhabiting more of our truth in each moment. Freedom….we have not breathed that air since we came to this planet. My being is hungry for it. May it expand as we let go of all that we have known and take deep breaths of this new frequency. May freedom for all manifest.


A Leaf’s Lesson

fullsizeoutput_1374I lie on the sofa with some lovely English craft magazines to feed this burgeoning creativity that is flowing through me. The soft, cool autumn air wafted over me as the brightly colored quilt warmed me. I watched a leaf twirl its way to the ground. The peace flowed over and into my heart and I thought…..this. Yes, this is everything.

My note, my song is for this peace to permeate every heart. For all to feel this ease and freedom. There are some so dear to my heart who are struggling mightily, as are so many in these times. My heart offers a space around them, a field of love light to be used as  needed. We cannot create this peace for another, we cannot change their path. We are called to trust them to their own I AM presence, to their own truth, to their own lessons, as difficult as they may appear. All are creating their own reality for their soul’s growth. We are called to honor the holiness and sanctity of each one’s path, as uncomfortable and difficult as that may seem when our hearts desire to dissolve their perceived pain.

fullsizeoutput_1377We can become the peace ourselves, as we face everything that comes into our worlds with an open heart. If I feel a contraction, a moving away from something, I can breathe into it and allow it space. If I find myself fearing anything coming towards me, I can sit with the fear and allow it room. The energies are so quick in these times, that feelings flow through, morph and dissolve in a blink.

We are becoming comfortable with others’ uncomfortableness. No need to fix, to prop up, to make right. We can sit with someone suffering and allow that suffering. We can share that space without suffering ourselves. We offer our heart light as a field of love that can hold all that is not love. We can sit shoulder to shoulder, and breathe with them. We can see their truth and let them know that we know that they will find their way through this trouble or situation. We do not know the hows, nor need to. We do not need to offer answers or solutions. We know only that all will be well. Opportunities will present themselves and change will come about if the person truly desires it.

fullsizeoutput_137eThe recognition that I have called forth everything in my life, for my benefit, my expansion as a being of light, sets me free. Changing the perceptual lens, changes how I engage with  life. I am amazed frequently with the intensity of the love that I have for myself. The way that the greater aspect of myself, gives me opportunity after opportunity to master a lesson, discover a knowing. I am in awe at all the beings and events that align to make this possible, time after time.

Once the need or desire for drama dies down, there is left this freedom, this simplicity. Life flows with ease and greater grace. Moments of intensity may still come yet we now face them with a calm heart. Fear is no longer a factor. This allows new levels of freedom. More and more, events are conspiring to assist humanity to let go of a belief in external things as a source of security. More and more, folks are realizing that security comes from Source, that inner light within the chambers of our hearts. The old scare tactics of old age, ill health, poverty, and dying are losing their power. We are coming to the knowing that we are never alone, that we are always supported as we act out our lives on this stage.

fullsizeoutput_1375A simple life full of daily pleasures is my desire. I allow myself to become the leaf that lets go of the branch to delight in the descent to the ground. Will I fear the fall or will I create a beautiful dance with the breeze, enjoying the movement in each moment? The choice is ours. I choose to surrender and let go and see where this wind will take me. Perhaps I will descend and land, only to be crushed under the tire of a truck driving down the road, perhaps I will be raked into a pile and find myself thrown back in the air by a child’s body landing nearby in play or perhaps I will softly drift into a pool of water and float on the surface.  There are so many endings and within each, new beginnings.  I trust all of it. I know that I am cared for, as are you. All beings, known and loved by the One, by Source, the Creator. I am in love with having a part in this play. I am grateful to all you courageous hearts that came here to act out your parts too. May we all know ourselves blessed.

Eclipse Approaches, Clearing Continues

This wolf was in a zoo for injured animals that could no longer survive in the wild. I loved his majesty.

This wolf was in a zoo for injured animals that could no longer survive in the wild. I loved her majestic acceptance of her changed life.

After an eight hour drive, the night offers me no sleep. The pattern is continuing, one night of sleep, followed by one of none. My body feels good, just an adjustment to being awake all night. I have to make sure to have things at hand to while away the hours. The computer is necessary as It seems my spirit wants me to write during these nights.

I was lying here watching scenes with one dear to me, yet most of this life, far from me, play before me. My understanding of who we are to one another expanded and I saw the moments when we could have made the choice to bring that knowing to full consciousness. I was left  with a bit of a heartache along with an acceptance that we are each free to unmask ourselves or not. My desire cannot make another make the choice I want. Honoring the holiness of each one’s path… a mantra that has helped me release control or attachment to a certain outcome. I am left with gratitude for all the moments our paths did cross in this life.

Awake and in dreams, scenes of our lives are being played out, emotions released, freeing memories  to depart. All to bring us fully into the now moment. To see ourselves and one another anew, meeting as if for the first time. Who are you now? Rather than filtering our interactions through the lens of what was. Imagine the freedom! We are meant to be fluid and free beyond what we can imagine. I can feel it and know it is getting closer to being possible, each day.


The light breaks through just when we are at our breaking point, to uplift and support us.

On my drive today, I drove through sheets of rain, dense fog and brilliant sunshine. I felt such a love and reverence for our Mother Earth. She is so glorious! So multifaceted. I felt her exaltation as she breathes in the new light from our Creator. We are being so gifted with energy to uplift, shatter and reform us so that we can share in this exaltation of freedom. Imagine walking outside and sharing love with our Mother, with the trees, with the birds, the air, the grass. All singing a love song to you and to me and us finally knowing ourselves free to sing it back once again.

This eclipse portal has been intense and wild, pushing us to the brink. The pull to jump ship is strong. Yet, we stand. For we know, in the deepest recess of our hearts, that this is the lifetime that we have been waiting for since first agreeing to incarnate on this beautiful blue jewel. We said we would come and help her become the star that she is. We said we would do it together, as one people, united in love. We have tried so many times before to set this pattern of love and unity into the earth. We did not succeed and the memory of that  defeat echoes in our hearts. This time, we came in great numbers to anchor this lovelight and this time, we will be successful. My future self laughs in delight at the wonder of it all. I know that the story has a happy ever after ending. I have lived with that ending in my heart, despite the long treacherous path it has been. More difficult than predicted, we have had to guard that flame of faith with all of our might.


The ocean’s gift of so many different colors and shapes. I love rocks!

I welcome the gift of the sun and its partial eclipse. My cells are dancing in anticipation, awake and alert to accept the glowing flames on offer. Unzip your beings, dump out all that no longer serves, so as to make room for what our sun is delivering. I sense that this gateway is one that will allow us to truly fly. Oh, to be free! Free to float in our Mother/Father’s love and share it with all beings. No words needed. Our hearts streaming liquidlovelight set to our own magical tone. The harmony! The peace! The joy! I AM ready. Are you?

Dropping into the River of Love

One of Gabriel's recent paintings. Look at all the individual parts creating the whole tapestry.

One of Gabriel’s recent paintings. Look at all the individual parts creating the whole tapestry.

It has been an interesting few days, moving more deeply into that river of love that exists just below the surface world. I spoke with many of my “tribe” in the past few days, sharing our feelings of something massive on the horizon. There is such a sense of excitement and joy welling up, the knowing deepening that all is well. The collective pulse of the planet seems to be one of weariness with life, as it currently presents itself. People are wanting freedom, connection, meaning, peace. Hearts are crying out for this and our Creator is responding. I can feel the waves of joy and love flowing below the surface, awaiting the moment when they shall flood our beings with liquidlovelight.

I have been invited deeper into the river of love, my I Am presence beckoning. I am singing with her in the waters…..last night as I skinny dipped in the pool under the moonlight, I found myself singing a love song to myself and the all that is. The oneness is palpable, the love a cloak I wear.  It is time, letting go on every level, every tethering tie cut, free to float and dream ourselves into the new earth. I am no longer anchoring to the earth, as I best flow the energies as I move in my bubble of lovelight. I experience this as a floating sensation. I was shown that I am to unhook from all that is known, so as to more deeply anchor in the new earth. All we have known here is form and we are moving into the formless.

Oh, the beauty of our diversity!

Oh, the beauty of our diversity!

There is no one practice that will take us there other than our desire and complete surrender to the love. We have created so many systems and rules to follow as we handed over our power to others. We construct these pathways to enlightenment as if any of us can determine another’s road. It reminds me of my past as an educator when we would be given training in new methods that were “the key” for student learning. Each one touted as the holy grail of learning, none stating the obvious, that there was no one method that worked with all children. It is the same in the spiritual communities, with all its hype and constructs. Diet is big, if you eat meat, you cannot ascend, if you have oral sex, no ascension (that was one of the “rules” from a new age group we were part of for years, supposedly channeled by El Morya, my love.), chanting is way to bliss, crystals will take you there, rock music will not, sacrifice is noble, caring for self, is not, meditation is crucial, daydreaming not, liberals are good, conservatives are not. On and on it goes. I embraced many of these rules, being a “good girl” for so long. The interesting thing about all these rules or practices, is that they all bring separation and judgment. Vegans judging meat eaters, meditators judging non- meditators, enlightened judging the masses and so it goes. All labels separate. Why do we feel a need for a label? Why do we want to proclaim ourselves as this or that? Why do we need a system someone else created to follow instead of listening to our hearts? We have trained to trust others, not ourselves. All, a false security blanket. Whether it is labeling ourselves by our profession, our diet, our religious beliefs, our weight, our ethnicity, our gender……..all of it is separation. All of it implies good or better, right or wrong. All of it implies judgment taking us out of the oneness. All takes us from unity consciousness. When we stand naked in front of our Creator, it is the light that we are that is read. All the rest is illusion, a mere costume put on to more fully play our role. Dark cape, white cape……all just a role. The light of the soul is what is everlasting and true.

Saw this on a tombstone, what an epitaph for a life!

Saw this on a tombstone, what an epitaph for a life!

We are being asked to let go. To honor the holiness of each one’s path. To walk my path does not mean that I must judge another’s wrong so as to feel more secure in the rightness of mine. I choose to follow where my heart leads, trusting it explicitly to guide my steps. In that trusting, I also trust your heart to lead you to your truth. I cannot know what that is. I do not need to know the whys of your path, nor even mine. I can surrender and allow, you to your path and me to mine.

This has allowed me to come to a place of freedom and expansion. No rules to follow, only joy to allow. I live the joy path. It is about your vibration that fuels the action, not the action. If eating a piece of meat feels like joy, I do it, blessing the animal for their gift as I bless the air I breath and the water washing my back. It is vibration, what are you feeling as you eat this, perform an action, speak words? It is all so simple that I find myself laughing much of the time. I love the contradictions as they express through me, I am this and that! I love breaking out of the boxes labels create. There is only love. The love leads me ever closer to more of me. My heart has been patiently waiting for me to stop the outer search and practices to drop down into her womb of love. She embraces me with the tenderest of care and effortlessly leads me on. The holy grail that I have sought, found. The wonder, the recognition of how I am loved, the awe of love’s power, all have flooded me. My cells are singing a love song to me and of me. I celebrate my radiance, I rejoice in this resurrection. I claim my light and allow it to live me fully. No more backing away from the magnificence that I AM. I am ready to allow it to live me.

A close up of the above painting, it looks to me like a girl with a ponytail sitting next to a boy, both with caps on. They have brought their part to the whole, just as we are
asked to. Can you find it in the painting? Just to right of center. Life is this way, we each see a different view yet together we create the whole.

We are all ascending together, every one of us, asked to live their divinity on a greater level, everyone is birthing their gift that they have brought from Home. My only “job” is to be the fullest expression of myself that I can be. To be the greatest version of Linda Marie that I am capable of in each moment. There is no one way that looks, it can be anger in a moment, tears in another, laughter in the next. All my truth, all expressions of my heart dancing on this plane. She is my guiding light as she is Home, one with the Creator which means I AM also.

It is about joy! Joy is love expressed…….this is what creates. We are invited to open ourselves to joy, it is our birthright and it is time to claim it. Rejoice! I am drinking the elixir of  expansion. It is intoxicating! Your heart is waiting to serve you yours right now. Take the offered cup, drink deeply of the love. Allow it to work its magic. You will feel my heart as I feel yours. We are all connected in this river of love. I love you.

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Mother’s Day Beyond the Hallmark Moment

We can sit alone and be nourished by our Mother's love.

We can sit alone and be nourished by our Mother’s love.

Today my three adult children will spend the day with me, making me a brunch. Not so very different from our usual Sunday routines as we love to go to the farmer’s market and come home to whip up our goodies in delicious ways. We have not been a family who bought into the Hallmark corporate holidays, instead infusing the spirit of these designated days with our own sense of meaning. Mother’s Day has meant a homemade card from each with heartfelt sentiments, my true treasures gathered over the years.

My mom is still alive and I trust, folded in love by two of my siblings who, last I heard, were living with her. A triad of emotionally and mentally damaged individuals who have not been part of my life for over thirty years.  I wrap blankets of pink love about them all and bless them. I feel grateful for all the lessons my mom gave to me, most especially rejecting me so that I turned more fully into the arms of Mother Mary, who received me wholeheartedly. She gave me a gift by setting me on the journey of mothering myself.

If I could, I would gift every human on the planet, with a pink rose of the Mother's love.

If I could, I would gift every human on the planet, with a pink rose of the Mother’s love.

Today I am celebrating all men and women who have learned to mother themselves. Who have grown past laying blame at their mothers’ feet for their emotional issues. Who have evolved into gratitude for the love that was present on a soul level to play that dissonant note, allowing each of us, to seek the harmony within. I played out my mother wounds with my children, praying for guidance as to how to move to wholeness within myself so as to be present for them. I failed short a thousand and one ways, day in and out, striving to overcome my own pain body and its limitations that came out in moments of anger and upset. I also had a thousand and one moments were I was the mother’s love and flowed it truly through me to their beautiful hearts, which taught me the power of love. I have forgiven myself for all of this and been graced by forgiveness from each of my children, where I was not able to be what they needed and deserved. I have honored myself for what I was able to be and give. We understand that we have each created the life that our soul knew would lead to our greatest growth.

I honor each one who has found a way to feel safe inside, who has been the soother of their own tears, who has learned to sit with their fears and sorrows and bring it all back to peace. In healing the great mother wound, we have opened the way for our children and grandchildren to lead a life of greater peace, joy and love.

Mother Nature's love is always in action around us.

Mother Nature’s love is always in action around us.

Today I honor Mother Earth for her love that has sustained me, nourished and cradled me. She is the great mother, truly giving of her life’s blood so as to allow us all time and space to grow into the light that we are. Her gift is one beyond my comprehension, I feel awe when I contemplate it. I flow my love and gratitude to her as I bathe in her generous ocean of nurturance and support. To hold 7 billion souls in a continuous stream of opportunities and love…..there are no words.

Today I honor Mother God, the Divine Mother in all her forms. I honor this life that has been given to me to weave a tapestry of love. I am called to honor and love myself as an expression of the Mother’s love. We were raised to give love to get love. Conditions abounded. The most freeing love is that of the Mother, she gives love because she is love. It is pure and whole, knowing love is the fabric from which we stitch hearts only to watch them grow and expand. Love begets love.

So whether you are a mother to your pet, your child, your niece or nephew, your garden or your gifts…..I honor you this day for flowing the Mother’s love through your heart, allowing its note to be sung as part of the great symphony of love that creates and sustains universes. We are one being and the mother’s heart, beats within us all.



I’m Bored and Lessons from my Back

IMG_6698May, the month of magic and miracles I so wanted. Instead it has been a time of immobility as my back seized up for no apparent reason. My higher self told me that I was “bringing in a new frequency” and the stillness was required. I surrendered to that, there is no fighting the body. I have not been inspired to write or do anything as sitting has been out of bounds for the past 10 days. This morning, a wave of wellness moved through me and though one hip is still riding higher than the other and movement is not yet without discomfort, a window flew open and a fresh breeze has wafted in. Hallejujah!

The blessings have been manifold. My former hubby insisted that I call his brother who is an acupuncturist to get an appointment. The relationship with his brother and sister-in-law has recently been mended after years of no contact after the divorce. They had cared for our family with herbs and acupuncture throughout the years of raising our children. As I lie on the table, awaiting the needles, I sobbed as I felt the energy of this family’s care and love for me. It was so healing to be cared for by them once again. I received it on a deep level and thanked my back for facilitating this healing.

The magenta flame of the Magdalene

The magenta flame of the Magdalene

A friend called to share a dream that I inhabited with her. It spoke truth to me as I found myself sobbing as she described the scene. We were in a space deep in the ground, down a flight of stone stairs. She recognized as a place where Mary Magdalene was purported to have lived for years. We were a part of a circle of women, kneeling together. Mary Magdalene was going around the circle to anoint each one’s feet and kiss each one on their crown chakra. My friend saw her clearly and felt the touch of her hair as she leaned in to perform her rite. She said that we were bringing in a new frequency, a wonderful confirmation for me in what I had heard. My daughter was amongst the women, another confirmation for me as I had been reading a book about Mary Magdalene and the description of her infectious, playful, grounded, sensual nature so matched the energy of my daughter that I knew she also carried the Magdalene codes here on earth. Mary Magdalene instructed us all to “swoon in her beloved, Jeshua’s love”. My body responded with a yes as my lying down took on a new energy. Swooning……yes I was swooning in that Christ light and love!

Days passed and my night times felt like wrestling matches as my body felt so confining and limiting. There were moments that felt unbearable. I wanted to crawl out of my skin, the snake came to me with his image of shedding the old. I felt I would combust. Irritation with life, boredom with all that it had to offer was off the charts. No excitement bubbling up for anything. Gratitude, always there whether for a breeze on my cheek,  the light illuminating a flower petal, or my daughter walking me through restorative stretches……gratitude is second nature to me. Yet this dirth of desire for anything in this world. Flatness. Boredom. Wanting a frequency which has not landed. Knowing came that this was the intense confining energy which preceded expansion. Taking a deep breath of solace from that. Yes, I am about to expand as I let go of the old limitations.

Drying my wings, readying for flight.

Drying my wings, readying for flight.

Another dear friend reminded me that the only place to go exploring was inside. Ah, yes. There was spaciousness, newness, openness and freedom. Deep breaths possible. Staying in the present moment, inside and out. Being ok with the now, accepting where I am, trusting it is all perfectly created by myself for myself. I feel the completion in my present situation, my mind rushing ahead to scan the future for a foothold to latch onto. I find myself looking up small towns across the country as possible landing spots. Yet, the knowing is that it is not a mind game, rather my heart must lead. I am alert for signs and have an open ear to guidance. I calm my mind, telling her the heart has this in hand and I will be safe. She flows between understanding and wanting to work it out. I drop deeper, below her radar and flow in the river of love that is ever there for me, if I allow.

IMG_6690Next month, I will need to find a new space as this cycle completes itself. I am grateful for what has been and curious as to what will be. It is a big letting go as I see myself stepping more fully into my wholeness, letting go of the family that has been my work for the past thirty years. Our love and care has been firmly reestablished and is a light burning within with its strength.  Now the level of involvement will shift as I try my wings as a sovereign being, ready to sound a new note. I am ready. There remains much of May and I intend to experience some of her miracles. Oh, wait, I already have, just not the way my mind thought it would look! Expect the unexpected, of course. Better yet, drop the expectations and show up for each moment. I AM, with love.


Eclipse Was a Game Changer

Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta welcomed us for the Blood Moon Eclipse. My three adult children accompanied me, my former hubby holding the energy at home as we successfully laid down our soul family template of light. A dear friend came and held a cocoon of support about me as she played her part and sat with me in the brisk air on the deck as the moon and earth’s shadow did their dance in the sky. At one point, she knew that the Telosians, our inner earth family members were out on the mountain top. We could see the mountain shining its whiteness behind us as we faced the moon lighting the sky in front of us. She sensed their excitement as they were able to amplify the effects of this moon for the good of all. They had a big trampoline type device that they were using to draw the energy of the moon through the center of the earth and reflect it back out to the Great Central Sun. I saw that they were wearing white robes and marveled at the lightness of them as I felt mine on me. It was a frigid night and I wondered at the thin weave of the material as I felt its radiant warmth about me. I then saw how it was woven with sunlight, so as to be light yet held the warmth of the rays. Wow, I have seen myself weaving liquidlovelight but never thought of it in a practical application! How wonderous! I laughed as my Telosian self realized I knew myself as her and she as me. A sweet moment shared.

IMG_6599The completion of my family’s part in this eclipse, was like a deep sigh running through my body. For weeks, I and many others, had been involved on the inner planes, aligning and adjusting things in order for the greatest good to be realized from this eclipse. It had been my focus and end point. I was so grateful for each member of my family for showing up. The next day, I felt such a huge release in my body. I wanted only rest. We went up on the mountain and sat with her to breathe in the new energies. Later we took a nap by the lake, the mountain looming above us, an eagle soaring, the trees whispering, the water lapping and the earth sending gratitude for a job well done. Amazing how the gratitude goes both ways as our hearts melt in the wonder of participating in these events we called into being.

IMG_3202-1There was a naked jump into a freezing crystalline creek followed by sitting on a rock throne to dry off in the sun. The water washed all efforting away as I was given the understanding that I would no longer transmute or clear energies through my body. We have spent a lifetime doing that and my body felt it. Now there is a new way of ease and grace. Intention and attention does the work. I am free to be in a new way. Hallelujah! The eclipse energies had been so intense and I felt fried inside as I had struggled abit to expand enough to be a conduit for them to flow through.

Easter love flooded the planet with its resurrection flames. Now the Cardinal Grand Cross is here with more gifts. What a blessed time. I have witnessed irritability come in as well as waves of sadness and remnants of old stories as my body adjusts to the new frequencies. At night when sleep eludes me and my skin feels too tight, I wonder how much longer it will take, how much longer can I take? Then I surrender once again and allow it all its place.  All is being washed clean. No more stories, no more small Linda only this mystery of love.

Floating free

Floating free

I know nothing.  I feel delight in the expansive freedom that is wafting its fragrance, enticing me forward. I am allowing this love to live me, to move me as it will. I know myself ready for what is to come, feel the spaciousness of the new landing. There are no anchors nor tethers remaining. I am complete. The eclipse was my last assignment in the old energies. I allow myself to float fully in the new. How that shows up in my life is the mystery I live. I was guided to give my banking info to my family to make use of if I move to a new realm. What does that even mean? I have no clue and know there is no point in making a story about it, rather to follow the guidance. I am feeling the expansiveness as well as at times, a squeezing as a frequency confines. No juice remains in the old and the new sparks in and out. I am wriggling out of the cocoon into the light of the Creator’s love. May this love live me. It is the all to me. Delving into the mystery, pulling weeds in the garden, spinning in the heavens, weaving lovelight into radiant garments. This is where you will find me. Living the mystery of the great I AM.

The Banquet Table is Being Laid

I am enchanted with the scent of the citrus trees, intoxicating me.

I am enchanted with the scent of the citrus trees, intoxicating me.

Each day unfolds like chapters in a complex book, multilayered, leaving you flipping back to the beginning to recall the characters and how they and the storyline all fit together. Lately it feels as if the access is denied as the past (as in an hour ago) disappears from the screen of my mind like smoke. We are being seated in the present more and more. There is only the NOW is becoming our reality. I thank God for this.

My vision of late grows more vivid and exciting despite feeling as if I am standing on quicksand that threatens to engulf me at times. There is no more firm footing as I have let go of attachment to the way this reality presents itself. I can be in waves of bliss and then pulled under, lying flat calling out to my angels for assistance. The physical fatigue, so dense it is numbing, seems to have been part of my experience for years. I am ready for it to be over, even as I surrender once again to its undertow. I know my body elemental is doing the very best that she can to assimilate the new frequencies and move within them. My mind can experience some frustration as I will feel a lifting, begin exercising again, feeling strength return for a series of days only to find myself flat again, unable to even contemplate the idea of movement. Embracing the buddha belly and flabby thighs, I sigh and know that the outer physical will be strong and rejuvenated in divine timing. There is only this NOW moment and it demands all of me. I am fortunate in that I do not have pain though I found myself crying out for assistance the other night and wondered at that. I was not in pain, why was I asking for help? I observed myself with interest. I saw that I was so deep, so far from the body that I was not sure I could come back nor did I desire the return. My emotional body is challenged by this coming and going and it takes its toll. These journeys take all of me as I offer myself as a conduit, a chalice for the liquidlovelight to flow through. My higher self, Sophia guided the return as it is our plan that I stay in this body for now.

Spring, everything is aired out, flying free in the fresh breeze.

Spring, everything is aired out, flying free in the fresh breeze.

I returned with a vision of such beauty and delight that I could float within to calm all of myself. I have long known that we are moving out of a world that uses money, that has wars and physical pain. Suffering and hardship are not in the future, they are a part of our soon to be past. All of the conversation and energy focused on prosperity programs have not held my note. I do not discount that there may be a transition phase where all are given dollars in their bank accounts to experience the feeling of unlimited financial freedom yet for me the focus has been freedom. I see us free and abundant in every way….that means an abundance of good health, joy, love and sense of belonging. The freedom to sing our song, to move freely in our days without clocks or bosses or any outer whip of authority moving us. I see our hearts guiding us with a gentle flow that feels so natural. Each attuned to their own note, free to express and create it in the world.

The vision: We are all invited to a large banquet, there are beautiful tablecloths and flowers and candles in abundance. Every type of food is presented to perfection. All are free to choose what to put on their plate, whom they would like to sit next to, what kind of seat they find the most comfortable, whether to sit in the shade or the sun, to have five courses or one…….all is choice. Some may choose to walk by the banquet all together, some may take a mere sampling and retreat, some may gorge themselves. All options are available. My heart is so alive with joy at the sight of the bounty, the beauty, the company, the elemental beings offering themselves in service to the One. All are in harmony. The tone is one of such sweetness, my tears flow and the ground drinks them in a circle of unity.

I love icons with gold leaf and symbols and I love my brother, whatever image we seek to capture him in.

I love icons with gold leaf and symbols and I love my brother, whatever image we seek to capture him in.

I want to shake everyone I see and say, “Wake up! This is the time you came for, do not miss it!” The most important thing we can do is spend as much time in our hearts as possible from now until Easter/Passover and the Grand Cross alignment of April 20-23. Truly, this time offers us all the opportunity to embody Christ consciousness. The blood full moon eclipse on the 15th will offer a chance to see any remaining shadows within, to embrace them with our light and love. Easter/Passover offers the resurrection of our own Christed nature that we have been taught was found in only one man. The second coming arrives in your heart and mine as we prepare a place for the Christ to enter. This is a miracle. We are living in miraculous times and as we claim our mastery, we will know ourselves as the creators of miracles. As our brother Jesus said:

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father. ”

The trinity of rocks I lugged home from Colorado. Father/Mother/Child in unity.

The trinity of rocks I lugged home from Colorado. Father/Mother/Child in unity.

What is amazing to me is that this is not on every news show or billboard nor the topic of all conversations. I then have to take a step back and honor the holiness of each one’s path. Knowing that some will not even see the banquet table for the burden of unworthiness that they carry, others will choose only a taste and others will try every offering. This is a month of miracles, let us open our hearts in love and gratitude. We are so blessed.

Think Better of Yourself!

Rainbows and Christmas cookies.....

Rainbows and Christmas cookies…..

I was in a discussion with a friend when he responded to a comment that I made with the following: “I will have to think better of myself if I am to believe that.” YES!!! Think better of yourself in every moment! Let go of all internal criticism, know that it is your job to love yourself, no one else’s! We are equipped with loving hearts that desire nothing so much as to radiate that love to ourselves. Our hearts dance in glee to shine our light upon ourselves! How often do you allow your heart free rein? How often do you let your heart go on a rampage of self love? Try it, it is the most fun you can have. There is no thing external, no one who can light up your heart as powerfully as you can.

Please let that sink in deep. We are taught that it is all about the other, finding the right partner, being in right relationship….that is where the bliss resides. We spend time bemoaning the lack of the perfect partner or struggling to maintain the bliss if we have a partner. All due to the fact that it is not the partner that brings the bliss. It has always been an inside job. We were not taught this as self love leads to power and freedom. A free people cannot be enslaved. Do you understand that by allowing your critic free rein you are your own jailer? You are the one keeping yourself in a prison cell? This is why we can live in a country that proclaims itself the land of the free and yet be the amongst the most enslaved peoples. Only you can free yourself and the key is self love. Use your key and step out into the light of day.

My morning kiwi sharing her heart with me. All the universe reflects back our love when we know our own shine.

My morning kiwi sharing her heart with me. All the universe reflects back our love when we know our own shine.

I have been without a partner for years and have never experienced the love that I do now. My heart fills me to the brim and spills over in a never ending cascade to all those about me who are open to receive. It is a gift to receive from another’s loving heart. A gift to be treasured, to be sure. Yet the greatest gift is the one that only we can give ourselves. Open to the wonder of your own beauty. Honor yourself for the gift that you bring from Home. No other has your particular flame. No other can bring your piece into fruition. Cherish the dearness of yourself with all of your frailties and foibles. To be human is to be a wonderful mixture of the brilliance of the sun and the rawness of the earth. We are made of clay and yet shine with the light of a thousand suns. My!!! What a feat of engineering on our Creator’s part. She/He love us for all that we are. Not loving some parts, disliking others. No, we are loved in totality, in wholeness.

Who am I to contradict my Mother/Father God’s opinion of me? We are being asked, like never before, to breathe in our own magnificence. This is a greater task than to live with the conditioned images of ourselves as sinners. There is no sin. There is only experience. We came to play on this beautiful planet and we intended to roll around in the mud a bit to see what it felt like. We vowed that we would remember our light that shone through that mud. It is time to make good on our vow.

The community Christmas tree reflecting all of our lights.

The community Christmas tree reflecting all of our lights.

Let us claim our birthright this holy season. We are being offered assistance from all the kingdoms, all the realms, as well as from our own mighty I AM Presence. The second coming is here. We are being asked to allow the Christ light to descend into our hearts. It is up to us to open the door and invite Him/Her in. As we do this, we change the world. Isn’t that astounding?

These are holy days, let us use them to transform our world. Peace on Earth, goodwill towards men. This can be our reality this Christmas if we will it so. Love yourself as you are loved by the Creator. Let your light shine for all you are worth. Feel your heart light and turn on your high beams to see you through these dark nights of the season. We are creating miracles. We are the miracle. God bless us all.