Equinox Energies

fullsizeoutput_12cdAwake since 2 a.m….the way of it this week. Fatigue following my every footstep yet sleep is elusive. There is a level of anxiety, electricity running in me that does not turn off. I feel stretched, my skin seems porous, hardly able to contain the energy vibrating within. I am packing for the East coast with no knowing of what I am about, other than the first couple of weeks being with my kids and grandchild. Then?
I am desiring to “clear my wake” here at the family home. To box up and get rid of the stuff that accumulates. What to keep? Will any thing be needed? It all feels surreal to me. For so long I have known that we are creator beings, able to manifest all of our needs. I sense this becoming our reality and yet there is this now.
Deep breath. I am here. Inhale the scent of coffee, enjoy the comfort of a warm bowl of oatmeal. Relax into this known space of comfort. My heart thrums, all is well. And my being feels tremulous with the holding open of this equinox gateway. May all beings walk forth into this light and freedom. This one closes with a clang that is already echoing. There are always more opening as one closes, yet this one is significant in ways that are beyond my conscious knowing. My body feels the import and is fairly vibrating with the opportunity it offers for freedom. May all beings walk forth in truth and love. The beauty way is here.

Equinox With Its Gift of Balance

The crystal clear water of Lake Crescent that I bottled to add to waters along my journey. It felt so balanced on our skins, assisting in this process.

The crystal clear water of Lake Crescent that I bottled to add to waters along my journey. It felt so balanced on our skins, assisting in this process.

What amazing times we are in! There is change everywhere, inside and out. I am back from the Pacific Northwest loop where I found incredible beauty with water and mountains that fed my soul. I have to laugh at the way my mind works. I had thought to find a place that resonated and to call home. My personality self desired this greatly, after all, I had clearly stated to Sophia, my higher self, that I was available for the summer months but wanted a landing spot by October.

What happened was that by about 4pm each day, I found myself so spent that there was not a vestige of energy left for house hunting. Hardly any for forming words. I felt as like a wind up toy that simply stopped and there was nothing to it but to rest and await the next infusion of energy. I would intend to check things out, yet it did not happen. Instead, I would be given the next step on a journey that was in motion….not settling in as I had thought. My sister and aunt popped in and the knowing came that traveling to visit them was next. My mind questioned, “How does this help me find a home?” The answer was, “Trust.” I squirmed a bit with that then happened upon a recent post from Karen Bishop who writes of as ascension changes. She stated that folks on the front edge of this movement were being kept from landing in anywhere. As she went on to explain the larger perspective, I felt relief and joy flood through me. Yes! She described all that I had intuitively felt was my truth. That experience reminded me why it is so important to share our journeys, as one line can confirm our knowing and strengthen our resolve.

The mists are clearing for us all.

The mists are clearing for us all.

My computer and my brain have been on the fritz so writing was more of a challenge than I  could muster. For the past few days, the earth has been pulsing energy up through my feet, my legs, my hips and onward. Interesting sensation. Last night as I was preparing for bed, energies were pulsing about my head in various spots, almost calling me to lie down. When I did, I was tucked in gently about my torso, the field vibrating with almost forms. I knew my beloved was present as were many of my guides and angels. With that, I drifted off to sleep.

This equinox feels tremendous to me as we are being gifted with so much newness. The past two days, the light has held a new quality to it. My senses are waking up in a new way. Right now, there is a dancing flame of energy on my crown chakra. I love feeling and sensing all this! The earth is releasing old memories of pain, emotional, physical and invites us to do the same. A friend and I walked by the river yesterday and realized in our talk that I have been working with the perpetrators of “evil”, holding them in a field of liquidlovelight as their shame and horror of their actions plays in front of them. I wake with images so intense in my heart and am asked to love it all. My friend has been feeling the sorrow of all the victims and working to releasing that. It is on such a massive scale now as the cosmos is poised to transmute it as our earth mother shakes it all off. She is stepping into her stardom and needs us to follow suit. We cannot move into the new trailing chains of pain or shame or sorrow. The doorway is narrow and requires one to drop everything, to surrender completely to the love of the Creator and of one’s own free will, step across.

The old is collapsing as we build the new under our feet with our love and trust.

The old is collapsing as we build the new under our feet with our love and trust.

My soul rejoices for us all! We have made it to here. There is now a firmament to catch our footfall. It may appear only after we have lifted our foot to step in complete trust, but it is appearing! Well done! Well done! Breathe deeply of this new air and allow it to rejuvenate yourself. I can feel my cells and body coming into radiant health. I feel my bones elongating as I will grow taller by a few inches. I have experienced the anxious mind chatter, quiet and a deep peace pervade my being. We have arrived. That is what is important. All the details  of where/how/when/ what will be sorted out. Take this moment to feel the balance and peace that this day offers. Pat yourself on the back that you lived to see and feel this day. Peace on earth is real. Claim it in your heart as I do in mine. I love us all so!

Equinox Offers a New Operating System Based on Love

The equinox offers us a bridge between the old ways and the new. Let's cross over together!

The equinox offers us a bridge between the old ways and the new. Let’s cross over together!

I awoke at 5:55 a.m. Numbers are such a fun way to connect. I smiled as I looked up its meaning: Buckle your seatbelt, a major life change is upon youBe in a place of allowing and receive what is on the way to you. This is an exciting time. You have already done much of the inner work and have drawn this to you. You are ready and now the fruits of your labor will manifest in your physical world.

The rain dancing on the pool water entranced and refreshed me. Ha, we can refresh our own page and allow our lens to be cleared!

The rain dancing on the pool water entranced and refreshed me. Ha, we can refresh our own page and allow our lens to be cleared!


I am ready!! I have been awakening to that message for the past couple of months. As a collective, I feel we are ready for peace, for harmony, for joy to manifest for all. I am feeling into the possibilities that this day of balance brings to us. We had a beautiful rain here yesterday in my part of California, first of the season. It felt like a cleansing, a purifying in preparation for today’s energy to stream in. I reveled in the feeling of pulling on the warmth of a sweater and the way my feet felt in slippers on the wood floor. I baked cookies as the oven heat now made sense and stirred soup on the stove. There is a deliciousness to the change of season that excites me on so many levels. I felt energized and enlivened, ready to greet the new.

One aspect of this newness is how words are shrinking in importance and the energy of the heart is growing. I open an email and am flooded with a wave of the feeling behind the words. I write a blog and feel a wave of all who read it. Someone offers a judgment of me and I feel how they are judging themselves and asking for a flood of love in response. Our truth is flowing out in streams of radiant light. I was laughing to myself that soon we will greet each other with an upraised palm and beam messages to one another’s heart. As I felt this, I laughed as all the messages were variations on the theme: “I LOVE YOU”. What if all of our words truly can be reduced to this one sentiment? I love you! I love you! I love you! Offered to everyone and most of all offered to ourselves. I LOVE ME! We are all love, here to remind one another of our truth. We seek to be seen, to be acknowledged, to be heard, to be loved! In loving another, we see them, we witness their beauty and reflect it back to them.

A friend told me of witnessing two folks she knew to be rather dour and silent acting in a new way when with one another. One was an elderly woman and the other a middle aged man. Somehow, they were able to drop their masks before the other and reveal themselves. The elderly woman beamed her affection and the man became the gallant knight, assisting the lady in any way he could. Each was beaming a pure space of love to the other that allowed them to  transform into playful, happy, loving beings.  What if this was possible for all of us? We become habitual in our relationships, seeing one another through a lens that has become clouded over the years by unkindness, criticism, pain and judgment. We become merged with our roles, afraid to change costumes and walk away from roles that no longer fit. What if we were to drop that lens and choose a new crystal clear one? Not only with those close to us but with all people we encounter. How would it feel to view others without the fog of judgment? Can we view without the need to compare ourselves to what we see? Can we reject the “I am better or I am less than” view of one another? Dare we see and feel for the lovelight that we know to be present in all? Can we look with an ear to hearing the music of the other’s soul playing its love song to us? Are we courageous enough to view suffering and feel the other’s heart? Can we witness dark deeds and offer a prayer for the confusion present and love for the heart crying out to be cradled?

I believe we are ready for this! Our hearts were made for this. We know how to beam lovelight, it is what our hearts were created to do! Today, on this day of newness, as we are born into this new earth by virtue of our nine months gestation period from December 21, 2012, let us determine to use our senses as they were meant to be used. Let us opt for the new operating system that renders obsolete judgment, comparisons, duality in any form, self loathing, self deprecation.

My youngest son's lastest painting allows me to move into a new landscape and hear the trees speak their love for me/us.

My youngest son’s lastest painting allows me to move into a new landscape and hear the trees speak their love for me/us.

Let us fire up our hearts and step into a space of unity consciousness where LOVE and only love is what our heart hears and responds to. It is what we all seek and how wonderful that we are all equipped to give it lavishly to ourselves and one another. See through the eyes of love, hear the music of love, speak in tones of love, taste the fruit of love, feel and touch with hands of love. Let love guide you moment to moment. We can do this. We were created for this!  I love us so!



Coming Into Balance With the Equinox Energies

Unity consciousness captured from my first attempt at using a huge Japanese brush with ink. I did this in Sante Fe a couple of years ago and just unearthed it and framed it. It makes my heart sing.

Unity consciousness captured from my first attempt at using a huge Japanese brush with ink. I did this in Sante Fe a couple of years ago and just unearthed it and framed it. It makes my heart sing.

I am savoring the energy moving through my body, allowing me to exercise and work in the yard. After weeks of exhaustion and stillness, it is so refreshing to move! I have learned to be more fully present to each moment, appreciating the gift that it brings. I have laughed at the balancing going on. I will feel a spurt of energy and move with it, then a wave of fatigue will come and it is all I can do to get myself to a reclining position. The days seem to be made up of a series of these waves, rolling in one upon another. I drink my green juices and then eat a whole pepperoni pizza with my son. Read a beautifully written novel and then watch a lighthearted movie. I find myself deep in a meditative space, accessing hearts around the globe and then coming out to clearing cupboards with my organizing brain in overdrive. I sliced through a fingernail on my right hand only to have a bee sting me on my left foot. All part of this balancing the equinox is bringing us. I love knowing that on this day, day and night is of equal length all across the world. That knowing sends shivers of excitement through me. We are remembering how to be fully on this earth, loving her and our physical expressions as well as expanding into the oneness fields that allow us to know home. We came to bring heaven to earth. I am beginning to feel the truth of that statement in my cells, in my bones.

I love how deeply that relaxes me. The striving, the impatience, the questioning, the despair, the disillusionment, the pain……all seems to have dropped away like an old cloak that no longer fits. I am ready for a new cloak that embraces all that I have been since I first left home. That was eons ago and there have been many cloaks worn, some dark, some light, some bright, some tattered, some splendid, some plain, some ornate. All have been chosen by my soul as I played various roles as I came to know this human experience. I love this now moment as I am free to chose the cloak that best represents the fullness of my mighty I AM presence. I am brilliant as the sun and there are jewels flashing their multifacted light. Yes, this cloak is one fit for a queen and I am claiming it as the balance point of all that I have been throughout time. I am claiming myself as lovelight, as a lighthouse shining forth. It is such a relief to know myself in this way, to have the mists and clouds of misperceptions, fall away. We are human angels who shine like the sun. Our eyes will have to adjust to the brilliance as we look at one another. Oh, happy days!

As we step boldly through our own dark night, we see the light waiting to engulf us all.

As we step boldly through our own dark night, we see the light waiting to engulf us all.

I stand at the threshold of this equinox, knowing myself as a gatekeeper, holding the doors open for all who would enter. As each approaches the threshold, I hold a field of love that allows them to release their burdens, to drop their cares and sense of responsibility for anyone else. To take off their masks and stand naked, allowing the lovelight to clothe them in its warmth. This is offered to us all. It has taken years for me to come to this naked place, now the path is open and much quicker to travel. It is such a privilege to be allowed this opportunity to be a chalice for the Creator’s light and to serve in this way. After eons of free will, it turns out that doing the Divine’s will is all that I desire. To serve one another, to serve the lovelight is the passion of my soul.

We are bringing in this new age of love, heart by heart. We can add to it daily by speaking our truth, telling one another the words of love that our soul has longed to hear. What words do you wish your mother had said to you? Speak those to your daughter or son. What words do you wish your partner had spoken? Speak those to him/her now. At every turn, become courageous in speaking the language of love. We all desire it, yearn for it. It is now accessible to us, let go of embarrassment and allow the liquidlovelight to flow. “You are so beautiful! You have an immense heart! Your kindness is so appreciated. I love the way you pay attention to details. You create such beauty! I am so proud of you!”

The heavens are singing your praises!

The heavens are singing your praises!

On and on, let your imagination go wild and free your heart to speak what you want to hear. In the speaking, you will find your own heart being healed, being lifted, being gladdened. As we gift one another, we are gifted. This is the way of the universe. It is a win-win world and we are here to reinstate this universal law. Apply the golden rule of doing onto others as you would have done onto you. Do it with a flourish, dust off those compliments and be ready to shower the folks around you with their light! As well, open your heart to receive and own their power. This is part of the balancing….give and receive. You are so beautiful. I am putting on my sunglasses as I stand at the gate of this equinox and watch you walk through into your own light. My God, you are all so beautiful. My heart is spilling over in tears. A blessed crossing to us all.


Tipping Point Reached……Deep Sigh of Relief

Today is  a day to sprawl out under a beautiful tree and sigh deeply with our mother earth.

Today is a day to sprawl out under a beautiful tree and sigh deeply with our mother earth.

I find myself sighing with relief today as I sense that we have indeed passed the tipping point of light and love on this planet of ours. Yesterday the energy coming through had a newness, a freshness to it that I felt in my bones. Not to mention heat rising, a need for gallons of water as well as more rest as my body released years held tension. It was the plan all along that freedom would return but it has hung in the balance more times than I wish to recall.  I knew we had passed a marker and could hear the cheering from our galactic and inner earth families as we did so.

I am savoring this moment. Breathing into it and allowing the joy to wash through me. I can send ribbons of heartlight out to all of our human family through my intention. These ribbons carry the news, the hope, the rope that says,” Hang on! Love is here in force.” We are standing on a new foundation that we have helped create. From this foundation, we will be able to co-create the new earth that our hearts have dreamt of. Our mother earth is ready for us, she is shaking the last of the old from her back, lending her assistance and love to each of us for a new life.

September 11th is almost upon us. A day to honor those who gave their lives so we could awaken to the truth of unity and love. A day to say no more to being pawns for an overseers’ agenda of war. We will no longer be duped by propaganda that seeks to separate and divide. Let us remember that we are one people and fill our hearts with peace and goodwill towards all men.  Let us vow to make this world safe for all women and children on this planet.


Empty ourselves of the old so that we may be filled with the new.

The fires of purification stand at the ready to release any remaining structures, beliefs, relationships that no longer resonate with this new being that I am and you are.  We have a little less than two weeks until the doorway of the equinox opens. When we step through, we will enter a new land. You cannot enter with baggage, all must be dropped at the gate. These next days offer the opportunity to get ready for our departure. What I know in my cells, is that nothing of value will be lost. No  matter what you are called to surrender, your old griefs, old wounds, attachments, habits……drop them. Forgive everyone, forgive yourself and move on. Step to the doorway naked as you have ever been. Yes, there are some wonderful things we have experienced in this reality. We can be grateful and anticpate creating anew. I am trusting, that there are more wonders awaiting me. Evolution is a forward, expanding process and so what awaits is further expansion of our hearts. . More of our gifts returning, more magical abilities to play with and master.  A greater capacity to love and receive love. Oh, the freedom……I can hear its tones enticing me onward.

Take a deep breath, pat yourself on the back for adding your lovelight to this victory. We came to bring heaven to earth. We no longer have to seek upwards for higher consciousness, it is time for us to recognize that it has always been inside us and to begin to embody it and ground it here on our mother. I can hear the laughter already, egging me onward. There is no one’s hand to hold as all are held by their own I AM presence. I look to myself, call in the fires of purification to burn 24/7 any remaining dross in my being. I desire to be empty in body, mind and spirit so as to be infilled with this new liquidlovelight that is pouring in.  Oh the joy!

My Beloved Anchors Within My Body

At the Shakespeare Garden in Golden Gate Park, the cherry blossoms framed the men doing tai chi. I loved how the two were mirroring one another.....the balance being shown to me.

At the Shakespeare Garden in Golden Gate Park, the cherry blossoms framed the men doing tai chi. I loved how the two were mirroring one another…..the balance being shown to me.

The day after our Equinox celebration, a friend and I drove to San Francisco for the yearly flower and art show. The city enlists florists to create their interpretation of a piece of art in the museum’s collection. It is a day of wonder for me, combining two of my passions, art and flowers. As we were driving down to the city, I began to sob. I felt my beloved enter into my body and anchor himself there. He said that it was time and that he wanted my cells to adjust to his energy before our meeting when he will take physical form. I have needed the past few days to integrate this experience. I am grateful for my friend’s presence as she felt his energy enter and witnessed my words. He assured me that was part of his planning so that I would have confirmation as to what had taken place. Oh, to be loved so!

IMG_3068 Since that moment, it has been an amazing feeling of balance within me. Today is the full moon in Libra, bringing its gift of balance. I feel a deepening of the truth of love being all that there is. I am floating in a new softness that came in with the winds of the Equinox, so gently leading us all more fully into our hearts. I am humbled and awed by the beauty of the plan for awakening. After miles of travail and hardship, I have landed on a soft carpet that floats on air. The magic carpet ride we have dreamed of for so long!

When I look into the mirror, I see his eyes looking back at me and it makes me laugh. Hello in there! He winks and if I continue to stare, I dissolve in tears as his love is reflected to me. I breathe deep to hold this love, to  offer my chalice with a steady hand that he might fill it to the brim. How wise is he, to offer me this gift of time to allow our energies to mingle and assimilate to one another. He is  the other and yet he is not. He is me, and I, him. We know oneness in this union. I have no yearning for the next step, as his presence fills me so fully in this now moment. I know that he will take physical form, that we will know the joys of playing in this new earth, together in form. I surrender to divine timing for the when, how, where questions, trusting in the wonder of it all.

IMG_3005A friend had a dream of bumping into her beloved a few times, not speaking but knowing he was important to her. She felt a sense of guilt about her husband, how would he be? But she was assured that all would be well, this is a win win world where all find their heart’s desire. She then wanted to meet her beloved and speak directly but was told that in truth we love surprises. She was to hold the knowing but surrender as to how or when it would happen.

I loved this as we have spent so much time trying to figure out how to take the next step on our path of awakening, and yet, it can only be known moment by moment in the heart. Our minds get a bit frantic as they felt charged with keeping us safe. Now we can let our minds know that all is well and that our mighty I AM presence is on the job, directing all aspects of our lives. Our hearts are our truth barometers and will not lead us astray.

The cheery blossoms with their pink and green hues.

The cheery blossoms with their pink and green hues.

I am so grateful to be in this soft world of brilliant colors, smells and feelings. I crawled inside a friend’s lilac bush the other day, recalling doing the same as a child in the lilac bushes on either side of the barn door at my grandparents’ home. I sucked the sweetness from the tiny trumpeting petals and felt drunk from its fragrance. We are in the new land where magic and miracles live. My beloved is a miracle to me, humming his tune as I dive inside to weave my heartsong with his. I am blessed. In our oneness, we fill our chalice to the brim with liquidlovelight and send it out in ribbons to the hearts of all to awaken to their own beauty. I drink to him, I drink to you. We are one heart, beating strong.

The Equinox Brings A Moment of Stillness

This was at the entrance to an old theatre in town that I was at. Use it for this Equinox

This was at the entrance to an old theatre in town that I was at. Use it for this Equinox

As I was walking in the nature center with a friend, we were stopped by a palpable field of stillness. It was quiet and profound. The path had a large oak tree arching over from  either side. My friend acted as a conduit, holding a branch from each tree in her outstretched arms, as I spoke the information given. The trees were anchoring into the earth’s grids, a field of stillness for all to access. My friend and I were being used as conduits of this stillness due to our work in the prior week. During the Equinox, the earth comes to a point of stillness, her day and night being equal in length. All of humanity will be gifted with a sense of this, offered by Mother Earth and Father Sun in love. I was shown that some might ignore the gift, but all will feel its presence. We are wise to open ourselves to this gift when it arrives. By sinking into this silent space, which you will feel as a blessing, you open yourself to receive the seeding of the Christ Consciousness codes of light. Oh, this is magnificent!

Our path will now be strewn with petals of joy and love!

Our path will now be strewn with petals of joy and love!

These are holy days as we prepare for the Equinox and the resurrection that Easter symbolizes. We are about to be reborn into the truth of who we are. This is a Spring like no other (I see it as Spring even in the southern hemisphere, symbolically) and to think that we are truly here takes my breath away. I have been communing more and more with my expanded self, knowing myself as a cosmic being of great light. As I play with my blossoming image from my last blog post, I see the Creator as a big bumble bee, seeking my nectar, deep inside my flowering petals. I laugh as She/He flies off, covered in my pollen, off to mingle it with your pollen and so many others. Oh, we are being cross pollinated into unity consciousness! I drink deeply of the Creator as She/He drinks deeply of me. What a dance!



As I awoke this morning, I poured myself back into this small vessel from the vastness of the cosmos. We are so beautiful! My son sent me a text last night that he was: “cleaning and anointing my expanded self, such a treat!” When this moment of stillness arrives for you, open yourself, surrendering all doubt as to your true starry nature. Listen to what emerges for you, feel your heart and rest therein. I will be holding an equinox gathering and as I anoint those souls gathered, I will be placing the drops of oil on your forehead too. I will be intoning the sacred tones, proclaiming you as holy. My eyes will reflect your dazzling beauty back to you, as I witness the Creator in you, looking out at me. Let us drink in that light and be made anew. In Lak’ech Ala K’in, (I am you, and you are me).

Happy Equinox!

Equinox is here……the balance of day and night. The inner balance of our various bodies: emotional as we let go of triggers and move into our heart to express only love; mental as we become the observer and watch our thoughts from a place of detachment; physical as we adjust our diets and movements to reflect our newness; spiritual as we move deeper into our being and claim more of ourselves as our own. There is so much going on! And yet it is happening for each one of us by ourselves, with ourselves. I love that we are moving out of religions, gurus, and prophets and into our own knowing. The new earth is an age of experience of the divine personally. Each of us is opening and flowing with our own light. We are becoming sovereign in our own containers. We are flowing like this stream of water that looked like liquid light to me today as I took my walk. I have been here on this beautiful island for a few days. There are lovely hikes and woods to explore and I was in joy to find that today my body had rested enough to desire to take a longer walk. My old way might have found me being hard on myself for not taking advantage earlier of these walks. The new me is so appreciative of the rest that I have had, of the lovely views from the windows of this house, of my dear friend who has allowed me this space in her home, of the nurturing that I have received from the trees outside my bedroom window.

Self love and appreciation are pathways to the ascension. We are the ones who have to let go of the inner critic. We can see it for what it is. I am such a freedom lover as an aquarian that as soon as I saw that I had been programmed to imprison myself with toxic thoughts, I began the work of finding an escape route. I started by talking to myself like one of my children. I called myself, “love”. “It is alright, love. You are doing so well. ” Over and over I turned to loving thoughts when the criticisms came in. I had to reset myself from the patterns of guilt, shame and self consciousness. None of it happened overnight but once you are conscious of a pattern, it begins to light up in your brain when it is activated. You then have the opportunity to examine it and decide if that is a thought that you want running in your head. I was listening to a utube video that equated thoughts to energy. How do we want to spend our energy? So many of our thoughts are toxic or reruns that give us no return. These thoughts make us feel bad or anxious or throw us back into a victim role. We can chose to let them go, float by us with no attachment. We can decide to turn our attention to thoughts that give us a return, that make us feel good. We all want to feel good. We are made for joy!

I love the mist on the pathway today. Aren’t you just drawn to peer around that bend and see what awaits you? I feel that is where we are. We are in the mists, we cannot see clearly yet but we see enough to entice us to keep going. We are seeing the hearts opening around us. We are experiencing people reaching out to one another in new ways. We are seeing companies that have mission statements of benefiting all. We are seeing folks begin to focus on and tell the uplifting stories. We are feeling our own inner joy gush up like a spring.

I burned my list of what I am ready to let go of once and for all this powerful day of fall equinox. I am ready to let go of all fear. I am interested how by setting that intention, my being responds with situations to trigger any fears that remain. I am so grateful for this as I witness them arise, give voice to them and let them go with love for how they protected me at some point on my journey. There is no longer any need for me to hold them and my body wants to be light! I do not want any pockets of dense stale energies as I am ready to fill all my being with light.
I let go of all heartache and betrayal. I open my heart fully to every experience. I let go of the need for anyone or anything to show up in a certain way. I embrace it all in love. I let go of the need to protect my heart in any way. That does not mean that I do not set boundaries, I do. As that is a way that I love myself. I no longer will put myself in situations where I am not honored and respected for who I am. I choose to be treated well as I deserve that as we all do. We can let go of people and situations that drain our energy. There are no gold stars handed

out for allowing yourself to be attacked or demeaned by others. (I used to think that I was amassing a collection this way!) We have a responsibility to show others how we are to be treated. We can walk away from toxic people, thoughts, situations. We can walk away from societal norms that say we must honor our mother when she is not honoring of us. We can hold her in love yet choose to limit or close contact that does not feel good. Feeling good is the simple guidance system that we have been gifted with. Your body can tell you whether something is good or bad for you. I have learned to listen to mine and respect her wisdom. We are programmed to believe that we have to push it to exercise, to eat right, to get up and do. The surprising thing is, our bodies know what they need. If we allow it free rein, instead of turning on us, it will care for us in remarkable ways.

I can hear you saying, ” I would eat a gallon of ice cream every day. I would become fat. I would be lazy.” Who is saying these thoughts? I have tried the experiment. I have laid on my couch until I felt the stirring to move. I have allowed myself to eat anything that I desire when I desire it. What I have found is that you cannot eat junk food for very long before you crave vegetables. My body takes the rest she needs and I do not judge her if it is longer than my mind had decided was long enough. Isn’t it strange that we are taught that we cannot trust our bodies? They are a source of great wisdom and yet we have been programmed to turn their care over to the medical profession (who is benefiting from this arrangement?? Not you. The pharmaceutical companies for sure.)We wait for some authority to tell us what is good to eat and what harms us. This changes frequently and folks feel weighted down by all the advice that they are given. How about listening to your body to see what feels good? We are all individuals, each of us has unique needs. No one is the authority of your body but you. No one understands how it feels but you. When your throat tightens when someone throws their anger your way, when your stomach clenches at the thought of going to work the next day, when your head begins to pound at the thought of holidays with the family, when you gag after taking vitamin pills…….these are messages. This is your body’s wisdom delivering a truth. Listen! It is all so simple.

We truly can become like little children once again. In fact, we must to enter in, to enter the kingdom as our brother, Jesus said. We need to express our emotions freely and completely, we need to move about as our bodies desire, we need to allow ourselves to become lost in what we are doing as we are having so much fun that time disappears. We need to let of any idea of knowing anything. We can show up each moment and play with our friends as co-creation is the name of the game!

Today begins a portal of transformation through 11-11-11. Take advantage of all the help that is offered by the universe to step into the new earth at this time. It is like the greatest coupon arriving in your mailbox. Special offer, from now until 11-11-11, divine love is flooding the planet. Beings from inner earth and from the universe and beyond are here to help you ascend all that you need do is open your heart and ask to receive. How easy is that! There is even a guarantee, if you intend that you will open to the light and become more light…you will!

I see my light and delight in it. I see yours and filled with such joy. Turn your heart lights on!

Full Moon Waves of Energy

My son and I went to do our laundry this morning. The treat for me was having time to linger at the flower shop next door.I love flowers! One of these beautiful bouquets came home with me today as well as one for our neighbors as a happy Spring wish. There is also a coffee shop and internet available in the front of the laundry mat so it is as pleasant an experience as one could want. We had driven to our favorite bakery for the almond croissants that melt in your mouth so were well armed with our coffee, croissants and internet to pass the time.

Almost time for bed, 11:11 as I begin this post. Numbers are speaking to me frequently this week. What a weekend! The energies continue to stream in in mighty waves. I feel
humbled, awed by what is transpiring within us and without. Today I have ridden waves of joy, waves of grief, waves of bliss, waves of intense electrical energy. The power just blinked out and back again. Thunder, lightening and rain pounding outside. No full moon viewing tonight. Glad to have my candles lit, glad for the fragrance of the flowers that I bought today, filling the room. Glad to have acted on my inner prompting of the past couple of days to get some supplies in