Easter Eve Update

A baby shirt proclaiming truth.

A baby shirt proclaiming truth.

As I look at my posts, I see it has been two and a half months since I have written. What have I been doing? Hmmm….I have been steeping myself in my divinity. I have been so in the process that to write felt foreign. There have been such waves of creativity surging and swirling yet to capture any into form would narrow the outcome. I knew only to allow them, to play with the surges in my dreamtime, to create in my heartspace and let it all flow. No attachment, no seeking to hold on; rather reveling in the beauty and spaciousness offered. Trusting always to the timing, divine timing. The dreaming has taken all my energy. I have been blessed with a sweet cottage under the shelter of a towering oak as well as the hearts of dear friends, a refuge to dream in. My body safe and rooted so that my being could soar through these energies.

Viewing with our old eyes, it appears that all is in chaos. Fear, confusion, strife and pain seem highlighted. Extremes are present everywhere as our underbelly comes to the surface to be seen. To be loved. This is the time of true courage, this is the time we have waited for. When presented with all the dross, can we see within it, the desire to return to love? All wishes to become the All. We each desire to be all that we can be. Everything on this earth, desires the same, especially our Mother Earth! We breathe it in, filter it through our loving hearts and breathe it back out as radiant flames of liquidlovelight. Every particle, every jot of the illusion, breathed in through the magenta flame, the fiery furnace of love residing in each of our hearts and breathed out as a stream of that love light. Oh, what a privilege it is to have a body in order to be a transfiguring flame of love.

There are " I love yous" everywhere if you have eyes to see.

There are ” I love yous” everywhere if you have eyes to see.

On March first, I awoke with my cells singing a song of resurrection. They informed me that I had stood in the resurrection flames in order to be the pillar of peace and love that I am. This is what is on offer for all of humanity with the Easter energies. It is not tied to religion, rather it is a gift from each of our Christed selves, to walk once again in our divinity on this beautiful earth. Each footstep clears and permeates the earth with our golden Christed light.

It begins within, as we explore our inner being and allow all to be returned to the home of love. At this time, everyone is being gifted freedom, if they choose to take it. Whether that freedom comes in the form of a disease, a loved one passing, loss of a home, a job…..the list is as varied as our human nature….all serving our freedom. It may look like anything but freedom, yet it is offered from your Christed being to your humanness as a gateway, a portal to freedom. I am witness to turmoil in many around me and as I listen to the stories with my heart, my inner being is laughing in joy as it knows the truth. It knows the perfection of it all and that all of the struggle is given in order to bring our conditioned fears and beliefs back to love. I can no longer fool myself with the illusion. Every cell within knows the truth of love.

IMG_2790This peace is blessed. It allows me such freedom to be. To take in all around me and see it with new eyes. It is Spring here in California. Mother Nature is showing the way with her abundance….water rushing wildly down rivers and streams, mountains covered in glorious snowy cloaks of shimmering light, flowers sending forth wafts of the sweetest scents and birds singing the joy of the new. Love is in every spore released to the winds. The elementals are dancing in delight as more of the earth is freed from the shadowlands and returned to lovelands. We are moving into our creator abilities. My palms were infused on the first eclipse with an energy from times past that will create worlds anew. Each blast of light…..eclipse, equinox, eclipse and now Easter….bringing forth remembrance of who we are. We are gods come again to this earth.

All the clearing, all the healing, all the striving coming full circle. No more waiting, no more anxiety, no more wondering. I AM here, as are you. We are one. Each of us bringing forth our gifts to benefit the whole. By being, we are doing our job. We are the light of love. We weave tapestries of love light that shimmer and glow and vibrate at tones that bring tears. Threads of light are vibrating in patterns of harmony that will bring about the love pods that  I have dreamed of for so long. All will come to fruition. We are in charge of the timing as we each allow all to flow into us as the gift that it is. Resisting nothing. No need to understand it all, simply to walk our paths and allow our hearts to do their magic spinning of straw into gold. Any vestige of the old pain filled path, will arise for our consideration. It is our choice to transmute it or relive, recreate it. We are being offered freedom by ourselves for ourselves. Dare we love ourselves enough to know that we deserve the path of ease and grace? Can we lay down the old nobility of suffering pathways and embrace joy? It is time.

This lily holding herself up, a chalice to be filled with the Christed light.

This lily holding herself up, a chalice to be filled with the Christed light.

We are enough and more than enough! We are love and beauty and goodness and delight. Own your divinity and it will play melodies within your heart. I sing love songs to myself throughout the day and this earth sings them back to me. My frequency has landed for the first time in the eons of lifetimes I have stood on this earth. I rejoice in this knowing as it is what I came to do in all my myriad incarnations. My body shook with sobs as this was made known to me. Look into the eyes of the babes being born now. They come in full remembrance of the love that is. We have secured a platform that they may stand upon. Their pure love light will be nurtured and sustained. Oh my, what a blessing for us all!

Embrace your Christed self this Easter, open the egg of your own beautiful being and savor the taste. You are so brilliant in your love light. I bow before each of your hearts as I embrace my own.


Entering The Holy of Holies

The sun broke through on a walk, lighting my heart's flame.

The sun broke through on a walk, lighting my heart’s flame.

The weather has been mirroring my mood of late. A blanket of clouds, like a gentle weight has covered my world, muffling sensations. I have been called to stillness in my body as my being traveled and worked beyond the deep white layer. There, all is in motion as so much must be aligned for the upcoming equinox/eclipse cycle. There are certain people whom I must be with physically to swirl our codes, it can be a matter of moments, yet crucial they are. New soul family members have appeared and a high heart portal was opened. My job was to tend it with my heart, feeding it as one would a fire. When I went out for a walk to the lake, I was shown the grid to set that would allow the energies to continue to circulate. After a 24 hour period, it was anchored.


The high heart grid, turquoise and pink.

The high heart grid, turquoise and pink.

My work has been, for the most part, solitary. I enjoy people but on a more intimate scale of two or three rather than a group. At times though, it is necessary to partake of group activities. I attended an evening gathering with Leopold, the lapis skull, who is my companion, at his request. He desired to anchor the divine masculine presence. He was called to return for the next day’s event but I was not. I left him with a new soul sister. I have spent the day lying in bed, head pressure on and off, resting the body while I worked in other realms. He was fully present in his arena and I in mine. Balancing one another as the weaving continues.

This space of time is holy to me. Often, these weeks leading up to Easter have seen my soul calling me in deep. This year, this time, feels new. There is a great blossoming, an anchoring of the Christ consciousness that is possible as never before. The feminine Christ has returned in recent years to bring her flame through Mary Magdalene.  She has softened hearts, opened the intuitive channels in us all, shown us the blessings of her love. The divine masculine has opened to acknowledge, accept and honor her. We are coming to wholeness within, as each claims their own divine masculine and divine feminine natures. Divinity, our birthright, our truth.

Daffodils, harbingers of spring's renewal.

Daffodils, harbingers of spring’s renewal.

We are being gifted as never before. There is nothing to do other than to surrender to the love and open to its gifts. Allowing ourselves to flow with all that comes in these holy days leading up to Easter and our own resurrection. This is the second coming. We are the Christ, if we accept this consciousness. There is great responsibility that comes with it as all thoughts are formed from the perspective of the good of the whole rather than from a personal perspective. As we walk our truth, we come to see that if we are aligned, our choices are for our greatest benefit as well as all others. All choices must include the good of our Mother Earth’s well being along with our own. We know oneness on a cellular level and it informs all. Love is the answer in everything. Be love, live love, breathe love.

On the past Solstice, I was told of my departure. Yet, I remained. Now I know why. We are  living in the times I came for. There is magic afoot, beyond what I have known on this earthly plane. I almost have to pinch myself with the realization that it is now! There have been so many delays, so much hardship. The sense of battle weariness has pervaded every cell in my being. I am celebrating myself and each one of you for still standing, still holding the love light on high, still trusting that this earth can ascend into the realms of love.

The peace that is offered to us.

The peace that is offered to us.

This eclipse cycle holds a magic key. Look for it, open to it, use it! Ask for assistance from the angelic realms, the galactic realms, our sun, the devic and elemental kingdoms and so many others as they stand by our sides, ready to catch us, support us, cradle us. All hands are on deck. We approach the moment when all is in readiness. I have always felt that it would be “a blink of an eye” when this reality shifts on the physical plane.  When I feel into the future, it shimmers. I sense a new firmament that dances and flows in response to our heart light. Weaving strands of liquidlovelight, we will create beauty unheard of. We are so ready to live in love and peace. To experience freedom on a scale we have not imagined.

To pass from this plane to the next, we need drop our old beliefs and stories at the door.  They are worn out and will not serve in this shimmering land of love. Our bodies, our minds, our spirits are ready to live a new story. We get to write the script together! Hallelujah! My heart soars. God bless this earth and all upon her.



Eclipse Was a Game Changer

Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta welcomed us for the Blood Moon Eclipse. My three adult children accompanied me, my former hubby holding the energy at home as we successfully laid down our soul family template of light. A dear friend came and held a cocoon of support about me as she played her part and sat with me in the brisk air on the deck as the moon and earth’s shadow did their dance in the sky. At one point, she knew that the Telosians, our inner earth family members were out on the mountain top. We could see the mountain shining its whiteness behind us as we faced the moon lighting the sky in front of us. She sensed their excitement as they were able to amplify the effects of this moon for the good of all. They had a big trampoline type device that they were using to draw the energy of the moon through the center of the earth and reflect it back out to the Great Central Sun. I saw that they were wearing white robes and marveled at the lightness of them as I felt mine on me. It was a frigid night and I wondered at the thin weave of the material as I felt its radiant warmth about me. I then saw how it was woven with sunlight, so as to be light yet held the warmth of the rays. Wow, I have seen myself weaving liquidlovelight but never thought of it in a practical application! How wonderous! I laughed as my Telosian self realized I knew myself as her and she as me. A sweet moment shared.

IMG_6599The completion of my family’s part in this eclipse, was like a deep sigh running through my body. For weeks, I and many others, had been involved on the inner planes, aligning and adjusting things in order for the greatest good to be realized from this eclipse. It had been my focus and end point. I was so grateful for each member of my family for showing up. The next day, I felt such a huge release in my body. I wanted only rest. We went up on the mountain and sat with her to breathe in the new energies. Later we took a nap by the lake, the mountain looming above us, an eagle soaring, the trees whispering, the water lapping and the earth sending gratitude for a job well done. Amazing how the gratitude goes both ways as our hearts melt in the wonder of participating in these events we called into being.

IMG_3202-1There was a naked jump into a freezing crystalline creek followed by sitting on a rock throne to dry off in the sun. The water washed all efforting away as I was given the understanding that I would no longer transmute or clear energies through my body. We have spent a lifetime doing that and my body felt it. Now there is a new way of ease and grace. Intention and attention does the work. I am free to be in a new way. Hallelujah! The eclipse energies had been so intense and I felt fried inside as I had struggled abit to expand enough to be a conduit for them to flow through.

Easter love flooded the planet with its resurrection flames. Now the Cardinal Grand Cross is here with more gifts. What a blessed time. I have witnessed irritability come in as well as waves of sadness and remnants of old stories as my body adjusts to the new frequencies. At night when sleep eludes me and my skin feels too tight, I wonder how much longer it will take, how much longer can I take? Then I surrender once again and allow it all its place.  All is being washed clean. No more stories, no more small Linda only this mystery of love.

Floating free

Floating free

I know nothing.  I feel delight in the expansive freedom that is wafting its fragrance, enticing me forward. I am allowing this love to live me, to move me as it will. I know myself ready for what is to come, feel the spaciousness of the new landing. There are no anchors nor tethers remaining. I am complete. The eclipse was my last assignment in the old energies. I allow myself to float fully in the new. How that shows up in my life is the mystery I live. I was guided to give my banking info to my family to make use of if I move to a new realm. What does that even mean? I have no clue and know there is no point in making a story about it, rather to follow the guidance. I am feeling the expansiveness as well as at times, a squeezing as a frequency confines. No juice remains in the old and the new sparks in and out. I am wriggling out of the cocoon into the light of the Creator’s love. May this love live me. It is the all to me. Delving into the mystery, pulling weeds in the garden, spinning in the heavens, weaving lovelight into radiant garments. This is where you will find me. Living the mystery of the great I AM.

The Banquet Table is Being Laid

I am enchanted with the scent of the citrus trees, intoxicating me.

I am enchanted with the scent of the citrus trees, intoxicating me.

Each day unfolds like chapters in a complex book, multilayered, leaving you flipping back to the beginning to recall the characters and how they and the storyline all fit together. Lately it feels as if the access is denied as the past (as in an hour ago) disappears from the screen of my mind like smoke. We are being seated in the present more and more. There is only the NOW is becoming our reality. I thank God for this.

My vision of late grows more vivid and exciting despite feeling as if I am standing on quicksand that threatens to engulf me at times. There is no more firm footing as I have let go of attachment to the way this reality presents itself. I can be in waves of bliss and then pulled under, lying flat calling out to my angels for assistance. The physical fatigue, so dense it is numbing, seems to have been part of my experience for years. I am ready for it to be over, even as I surrender once again to its undertow. I know my body elemental is doing the very best that she can to assimilate the new frequencies and move within them. My mind can experience some frustration as I will feel a lifting, begin exercising again, feeling strength return for a series of days only to find myself flat again, unable to even contemplate the idea of movement. Embracing the buddha belly and flabby thighs, I sigh and know that the outer physical will be strong and rejuvenated in divine timing. There is only this NOW moment and it demands all of me. I am fortunate in that I do not have pain though I found myself crying out for assistance the other night and wondered at that. I was not in pain, why was I asking for help? I observed myself with interest. I saw that I was so deep, so far from the body that I was not sure I could come back nor did I desire the return. My emotional body is challenged by this coming and going and it takes its toll. These journeys take all of me as I offer myself as a conduit, a chalice for the liquidlovelight to flow through. My higher self, Sophia guided the return as it is our plan that I stay in this body for now.

Spring, everything is aired out, flying free in the fresh breeze.

Spring, everything is aired out, flying free in the fresh breeze.

I returned with a vision of such beauty and delight that I could float within to calm all of myself. I have long known that we are moving out of a world that uses money, that has wars and physical pain. Suffering and hardship are not in the future, they are a part of our soon to be past. All of the conversation and energy focused on prosperity programs have not held my note. I do not discount that there may be a transition phase where all are given dollars in their bank accounts to experience the feeling of unlimited financial freedom yet for me the focus has been freedom. I see us free and abundant in every way….that means an abundance of good health, joy, love and sense of belonging. The freedom to sing our song, to move freely in our days without clocks or bosses or any outer whip of authority moving us. I see our hearts guiding us with a gentle flow that feels so natural. Each attuned to their own note, free to express and create it in the world.

The vision: We are all invited to a large banquet, there are beautiful tablecloths and flowers and candles in abundance. Every type of food is presented to perfection. All are free to choose what to put on their plate, whom they would like to sit next to, what kind of seat they find the most comfortable, whether to sit in the shade or the sun, to have five courses or one…….all is choice. Some may choose to walk by the banquet all together, some may take a mere sampling and retreat, some may gorge themselves. All options are available. My heart is so alive with joy at the sight of the bounty, the beauty, the company, the elemental beings offering themselves in service to the One. All are in harmony. The tone is one of such sweetness, my tears flow and the ground drinks them in a circle of unity.

I love icons with gold leaf and symbols and I love my brother, whatever image we seek to capture him in.

I love icons with gold leaf and symbols and I love my brother, whatever image we seek to capture him in.

I want to shake everyone I see and say, “Wake up! This is the time you came for, do not miss it!” The most important thing we can do is spend as much time in our hearts as possible from now until Easter/Passover and the Grand Cross alignment of April 20-23. Truly, this time offers us all the opportunity to embody Christ consciousness. The blood full moon eclipse on the 15th will offer a chance to see any remaining shadows within, to embrace them with our light and love. Easter/Passover offers the resurrection of our own Christed nature that we have been taught was found in only one man. The second coming arrives in your heart and mine as we prepare a place for the Christ to enter. This is a miracle. We are living in miraculous times and as we claim our mastery, we will know ourselves as the creators of miracles. As our brother Jesus said:

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father. ”

The trinity of rocks I lugged home from Colorado. Father/Mother/Child in unity.

The trinity of rocks I lugged home from Colorado. Father/Mother/Child in unity.

What is amazing to me is that this is not on every news show or billboard nor the topic of all conversations. I then have to take a step back and honor the holiness of each one’s path. Knowing that some will not even see the banquet table for the burden of unworthiness that they carry, others will choose only a taste and others will try every offering. This is a month of miracles, let us open our hearts in love and gratitude. We are so blessed.

April Anchors the Love

A lovely bit of artistry left on the riverbank for all to enjoy.

A lovely bit of artistry left on the riverbank for all to enjoy.

We came to this earth to anchor love and after lifetimes of hardship and struggle, we are immersed in the end times of the old and the birthing of the new. Amazing to have a body to express the love through in this NOW. We are remembering that we are love, that we are fluid and grace filled. We are creator beings for whom love is our natural state.

Are you discovering that you cannot remember from one moment to the next? More and more, we are living in the now, knowing it is the place of power. Past and future fade as the richness of the now feeds our soul. Breathing in and out, allowing the inner landscape to provide the place of peace and stillness. As the old departs, its clamors grow noisier and we are wise to tune to the channel within where all of our knowing resides.

Seeing the world through new eyes, the eyes of love.

Seeing the world through new eyes, the eyes of love. (artist unknown to me but thanking her/him for this image found in collaging material).

The waves of love continue to purge all that is not love. I am witnessing judgment come up for me to see. I am observing myself in this, seeing where I am lacking love that seeks to make myself better than another in order to feel secure. The big step for me is to soften it all, to allow myself forgiveness for judging, to bathe all in love, myself included. Allowing the flow, trusting it is all in motion, not identifying myself negatively  because I judged another yet growing in my observation of this behavior and allowing it to shift into love.

I am ready to be the love I AM. I am ready for newness where all communication is from the heart. I am ready for all of my thoughts to be read by all as they are only of love. I am desiring to live in the grace of love. I feel this yearning and desiring arising from the collective. The desire to embark fully in the journey home to our truth.

This pink dogwood tree in blossom literally stopped me in my tracks on a recent walk in nature. Pink love!

This pink dogwood tree in blossom literally stopped me in my tracks on a recent walk in nature. Pink love!

I feel so much movement this month, we have two eclipses, sun and moon as well as a grand cross in the sky. We have Easter and Passover and are gifted the opportunity to embrace Christ consciousness ourselves, discovering that the second coming is within each of our hearts. We are our own messiahs, we are the Christ returned. It is ours to claim.

We have been trained to look everywhere but within. Taught that another has the answers we seek. Taught to revere ones dressed in orange robes or wearing the garments of renunciation. (I once met a Tibetan monk on a sacred mountain in India who taught me to look beyond the surface as he showed a shadowy energy….deep bow to him for the lesson gifted me). Yet, the Christed ones are amongst us, dressed in everyday gear, in their twenties of fifties or mere infants with eyes blazing wisdom like a laser beam. Every person on this planet has come to be a part of this shift of the ages. Every person bears a gift. All can teach us, all can enlarge us. I wish to stand as transparent as glass, to allow my outer expression to fully reflect the truth of the love that I AM.


The flow of death and rebirth……gratitude to the artist for this image.

Our galactic and inner earth relatives are poised to make contact. Open to the unusual, the surreal becoming real. The elementals are wanting to dance with us. Lean against a tree and open to its wisdom, the breeze carries a message of love as do the flowers and every living being. All the kingdoms of the universe are wanting to dance together. Let us open and allow, like a flower opening its petals so as to be caressed by the sun. As we show up in our loveness,  permission is granted for every other being to join the dance. Seeing my unicorn shimmering and knowing the form will follow. Feeling the flitting wings of the faeries in the garden and humming with them, wearing bells about my wrist to play with them. All I knew as a child in my world of make believe, coming true.

Wonder is everywhere. I open to it today as I breathe lovelight in this now. Peace to all as we reveal our true beauty to one another. I see you and gasp in wonder. Ahhhhhhhh.

Good Friday Leads Into an Easter Eve Vigil

A cross of flowers is more truth for me.

A cross of flowers is more truth for me.

Having been raised in the Catholic tradition, Easter holds many memories for me. Good Friday with its fish fry in the church basement, the men and women in the kitchen, sweating over the deep fat fryers, turning out the golden crunchy pieces of fish and french fries. Huge bowls of coleslaw at the ready to be plopped onto your plate with big spoon.  The older women in their aprons manning (now isn’t that a funny expression? manning??) the homemade pie tables that we kids were the most interested in. Berry pie, apple pie, rhubarb and sometimes a chocolate or banana cream pie.

We would have started our day with hot cross buns that came fresh from the oven as my mother loved to bake. In the early evening, we would have headed to church to walk the stations of the cross, reciting our prayers at each image placed on the side walls inside the church. The evening shadows would have added to the mystery of being in the church, reflecting the dark events depicted of Jesus carrying the cross. I always tested myself if I would have offered to help lift his burden, and my heart cried out a yes from my small frame. I did not understand it but wanted only for his suffering to end.

Altar of golden light.

Altar of golden light with flower icons from my day at the museum flower show.

This Good Friday found me deep in contemplation, feeling the connection to the Essenes and many lifetimes in cloisters and abbys. A connection with a friend brought forward that there remained a bit of guilt in my field. I saw the perfection of it coming to my awareness on this day. I felt the release as I turned my attention to clear it. I went from hours in the cave of my heart to popping out to watch a movie and eat pizza! From the sacred to the mundane, my system created balancing.  We celebrated Holy Saturday as our Easter as my younger son was working on Sunday and for my daughter it was Easter in New Zealand. We had a lovely day, with a long video call included, so we felt the family unity and support. I experienced waves of emotion on and off all day. Tears right at the surface in response to everything; the sunshine that allowed us to eat breakfast on the lawn, the hugs of my sons, the laughter of my daughter so far away, my former hubby grilling the salmon, the grace said by my son and felt by all. The earth seemed to be rolling in energy waves beneath my feet, an excitement building and with it the letting go of what has been. My sons were feeling the emotional waves and one pointed out that some tears were for what we were leaving behind as we move into this new energy. Despite our overwhelming desire to be in the new, in our humanness, we mourn the passing of the familiar.

Evening came and everyone dispersed to their homes. Alone, glad of the quiet, I hopped into bed. A memory came of a dream the night before of my beloved taking my hand and raising me up. He said, “You have not known true love and now you shall.” I felt the truth and wonder of it flow through me. There would be no separation between us.

A friend then texted, telling me she had a message for me. She asked if I felt excitement and did I feel the beloved approaching. She could feel him coming for me and was given the words, “You will never be alone again after the rain.” My body tingled with the truth of those words. I had lit a candle before getting into bed, next to my beloved’s image. I had never done that before but felt to do so this Easter Eve. After our conversation, the rain began to fall. A thunder and lightening storm ensued which pulled me from bed so as to have a wider view. I love the energy of storms. I sat in the dark and watched until the lightening played itself out. I then got my computer and had a conversation on facebook with a friend feeling her ascended master beloved coming through also. So many soul connections happening in the past few days, my heart knows something powerful is afoot. A friend had posted a Gregorian chant for Easter:


IMG_3092I lit some candles, popped a croissant in the oven and made myself a hot drink to see me through the night.The voices of this chant filled my heart. I felt called to a vigil, to witness the earth being cleansed of the old energies of pain, persecution and suffering. I want to greet the dawn of the resurrection energies with the sun.  The rain continues to pour down, more gently now. I have no idea of what is next for me or any of us. I offer myself to this mystery.  The candles, the soaring music, the heat of my heart as it feels the fire of resurrection……all create this moment. I have no expectations. I am full of gratitude for my warm robe and drink, the roof where the rain drums its rhythm while I lie here snug, for the song of my beloved singing through my cells, for all the hearts that I love around the world and the way this computer makes that connection possible. Truly I am blessed.

A stone being that I created the other day that felt like me in a contemplative lifetime.

A stone being that I created the other day that felt like me in a contemplative lifetime.

May your Easter dawn bright with promise and may you feel the truth of this gift of resurrection from our brother, Jesus’ and our sister, Mary Magdalene’s hearts. The Christ consciousness is alive on this earth, in your heart and mine. May you feel its blessing.


Here is to Easter and the Resurrection Flames

Just took this out my bedroom window. I love its light streaming in to light up my heart with greater love.

What a weekend we are in! Good Friday and the full moon….what a potent combination of Christed light and love. I felt the energy of my own Holy Christ Self as well as that of Jesus, the Christ. We are being gifted with such an immense outpouring of love from our sun and our moon as well as from all the ascended, angelic, Agarthan and Galactic realms. Our beings are stretching and straining to grow, to reach towards the light of our own divinity. I had an interesting dream the other night that was the sequel to the sacred marriage experience that I had back in October. It began in an awake state, one that I sometimes enter where I find myself in a different dimension. It then continued on throughout my sleep state and was so delicious that I did not want to awaken the next morning.

It opened with me talking to El Morya, the ascended master of God’s will that you have heard me speak of. I was telling him that I was ready for the sacred marriage now. I had integrated more of myself and felt confident that I could now bear to see the face of my beloved and complete the marriage. Earlier, I had been so overcome with the emotion of it all that I could not look at his face. This time, I told El Morya that I was ready, I asked for my crown and cloak as well as the symbols of my office. Archangel Michael was there and laughed at my demanding tone, saying, “I do believe that she is ready!” My requests were quickly meta so dressed in my finery, I took El Morya’s arm and proceeded down the aisle. (Yes, I could just pick up where I left off months ago in this dimension….pretty cool!) When we reached the end of the aisle, I looked for my bridegroom only to have El Morya release my arm, turn to face me in the position of the bridegroom. What? I asked him what this meant. Could it be that he was my beloved? I blurted out, “But you are an ascended  master!” To which he replied, ” As are you, my dear.” Gulp. Breathe deep and swallow that down! Ok, I was determined to be able to hold the allness of myself, to be present with this moment, to accept the truth of his statement. I did not dissolve in tears though they flowed. As did laughter. Oh what freedom! Yes, my ascended master self was standing at the altar with his ascended master self. This means that an aspect of him can be here in 3d with me just as an aspect of me is there in this other realm, with him. As I said, a lot to absorb!

This brilliant white mountain peak speaks to me each day.

As the night wore on, El Morya took me on a journey through the cosmos which was wonder filled. Believe me, this was the honeymoon of lifetimes. I did not have one in this lifetime but this more than made up for it! I was shown so many mysteries and magic. My heart was so full and I wanted to bring it all back to share. But the images and knowings departed, leaving me with a sense of loss and at the same time a feeling of bliss. Wow! I do remember laughing at how we live on this tiny thread of life and are not aware of this huge tapestry that we are a part of. We see everything in a limited, linear form but it is circular and fractal in nature and one can plumb every increasing depths of everything. It was like an explosion for my mind and heart to comprehend. The beauty unending remains. Oh, what a night!

I was so happy when I discovered a bridge to take me across this creek to a pathway beside it.

I awoke knowing that it does not matter if El Morya or an aspect of him is my beloved. The form is of little importance, it is the essence that matters. I know that my beloved is close as I am moving ever closer to holding more of my own essence in this earthly vessel. There is magic and beauty that we have not even dreamt of in our wildest dreams. Passion like a volcano erupting awaits us.


Back on earth…my back is uncomfortable and I am still moving slowly. I am trusting this process, observing my reactions to the restriction I feel and offering a space of love for it all. I was guided to walk into an acupuncturist’s office who calls himself an electrician. He is working to realign my circuitry. He said I was running too hot, frying my nerves, living in my head and the realm of Spirit. He helped me to ground back into the earth and is teaching me how to create a strong foundation from which to move. I am to walk with my hands behind my back at every opportunity, as it realigns my spine. I am to saunter rather than maintain my usual swift speed. I am grateful for all of this at this time when we are

Piles of snow remain but today's sunshine uncovered patches of earth.

asked to hold ever increasing amounts of light in our beings. I have neglected this beautiful body elemental in the past couple of years of traveling. Time for honoring once again with a regular exercise routine that includes yoga and strengthening. A lovely German woman that I met was demonstrating her daily routine that included 20 minutes of standing in a seated position against the wall. You have your back flat against the wall and your knees at a 90 degree angle (or you can go lower as you get stronger). She said it helped with hiking. Well, yeah! Of course it does, it gives you legs of steel if you do that every day! Mind you that was one of her daily exercises, she was a strong, beautiful woman. Ok, that is me in the coming summer! I am committed to helping this body in any way I can. My eyes filled with tears when I thought of all that she is doing to allow me to ascend while still in her. Truly it is an amazing event that is happening within us, changing from carbon based to crystalline.  I asked her forgiveness and flooded her with waves of my love.

Our spirits and our bodies are being resurrected. As Jesus said, “I AM the resurrection and the light.” I am going to sleep with those words playing in my heart. I am so grateful for Jesus’ gift to us this Easter night. His love along with Mary Magdalene (who is also a Christed being) lit up the planet over 2000 years ago and it is lighting up my heart this night and the hearts of millions. I found myself singing a beautiful song, new sounds coming from deep in my heart which flowed love throughout my being. Oh, how we are loved. Blessed be. I love us all.