The Divine Feminine Drops the Robes of Cronehood to Become a Playful Girl

The feminine is beginning to stretch into her fullness!

The feminine is beginning to stretch into her fullness!

April is proving itself to be action packed, as so many of us, felt it would be. I love when it is better than I imagined! Each day is so full of movement and change that I wake up wondering what magic it will bring.

My elder son and I spent the day together as I had to drop my car at the garage for repairs and he was running me to and fro. While we waited, we went to visit my friend with the crystal skulls. She had a book called, Grail, that she felt I needed to look at before my trip. Indeed there were images in it that spoke to my heart. One in particular of the chalice with a sun rising out of it, felt like part of a coding that I carry. I am going to Scotland to unlock this coding into the earth. The templates of ancient times are to be released through our bodies and anchored on this earth plane once again. So many of us are in movement to be in place to drop these templates at the appointed time. I see so many women, heavy with extra weight (how the coding often stores itself), awaiting the appointed hour. I see the weight melting off as we “hit our marks” on the earth plane and lift our voices in songs of rejoicing. This is a time for women to truly open their mouths! Time to speak truth and bring through the ancient wisdom of the feminine. Always it is the feminine that births and we are about to see an explosion of new birth on this planet.

Ixcel, looks abit scary if you are not used to skulls, but her energy is so compassionate. She is opening me to feel new forms, attending to the energy they emit rather than the form housing them. Our earth will soon house myriad new forms.

Ixcel, looks abit scary if you are not used to skulls, but her energy is so compassionate. She is opening me to feel new forms, attending to the energy they emit rather than the form housing them. Our earth will soon house myriad new forms.

I communed with the Mayan skull named Ixcel. She and I have a deep connection that is beyond words. She asked me to place my third eye on the top of her head while she uploaded me with information. It felt like files were being placed in my brain. I had no thought, only could sense the fullness increasing in my head. It expanded me beyond my body and took some time to come back into the room. I understood that the information would be unlocked as I connected to the land in Scotland. I would be called to enact an “ancient ritual and role” once again. The civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria will arise again as we bring heaven to earth through our body vessels. There is pagentry afoot and it excites my mythic blood that sees life in terms of archetypes and fairy tales come to life. Joseph Campbell was a hero of mine as I felt called to the Hero’s Journey in my life. I always had the sense that I was living a life rich in meaning despite society’s constraints to keep it reined into the realm of the mundane.

It is time to uncross our arms that held our wounds so tightly within.

It is time to uncross our arms that held our wounds so tightly within.

My elder son was cradling the skull, Marie, in his lap. He was softly toning with her. He then spoke saying, “The feminine has become the crone in our society. She can now become the playful girl as she has a strong and supportive father behind her.” Marie was in an ecstasy of delight to be held by a balanced masculine presence. They had vibrated their energy together and Marie experienced great changes. I began to sob as I felt the power of this move out from Marie and my son into the grids of the earth. Liberation is at hand! I have become the crone, weary and worn from the travails of holding the feminine light aloft in the patriarchal world we were born into. We can shed our robes of cronehood, that have become such a familiar weight upon our shoulders that we forgot that we could move in any other way. The robes had become heavy and stiff with suffering and abuse and the time has come to let it all go. We can let go of our old stories of the pain filled journey and begin to dance once more with our Mother Earth. The aches and pains of our bodies can melt in the sunlight of the Father’s love. Mother Earth is shedding her robes of old and putting on her play clothes. She will no longer accept abuse from her children. She is honoring herself once more and calling the feminine to that honoring.

It is a time of re-birth for the earth and all upon her. This knowing went deep into my bones and brought flashes of images that I have seen of myself in Scotland, light and faery like, dancing across the hills.  My heart is full to bursting with this knowing that we can truly become as little children once again. I am reminded of a quote by Jesus:  “Truly I say to you, Except you be converted, and become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” 

I believe this is what we are called to as we co-create this new earth. We are given the opportunity to become the open, curious, loving, sovereign beings that is our truth. We invite everyone to play, we honor ourselves and extend that honoring to all sentient beings on this planet. The elements are remembered as a part of us. We dance once more with the wind, allow the fire of passion to flame within, draw nourishment from the earth herself, float in the waters as fluidness becomes our truth. Oh, how we have longed for this reconnection!! Our hearts and bodies have been in lock-down mode for so long. We have become numb and dumb…..moving through the days with a sense of duty, enslaved by a system meant to crush our spirits and keep us plodding like oxen.

Out of the desert of our lives, we are no longer limited to being spiney dull beings. We can unfurl our rose petals in a riot of color and fragrance to uplift the world.

Out of the desert of our lives, we are no longer limited to being spiney dull beings. We can unfurl our rose petals in a riot of color and fragrance to uplift the world.

No more! Women, open your mouths! Speak your truth with a roar that kindles fire. Allow the belly laugh that reverberates in tsunamis of delight, stomp your feet in a dance that shakes the earth, flow your love like a flood that washes away the dams created in our hearts. We have this power. We are here to awaken with our mother. There is no more time to lament, no more energy to be wasted on anger at the masculine. Truly it is anger pointed at self for giving away our magical powers so long ago. All was part of the play. All is now finished and it is time for forgiveness. We must forgive ourselves as we forgive all others. The curtain is closing. Do not hesitate to participate in this last ritual of forgiveness. Your being depends upon it, your future unfolds at its feet. Forgive all! Hold to nothing, not stories of suffering nor memories of quiet joy. Let it all go.

We are about to open the curtain on a new play. This is the one that calls upon the skills we garnered from all the other plays we have participated in. This is the role we have waited our entire cycle here on this beautiful earth, to play. It is the role of lifetimes and there is a script with your name on it. To play it, you must drop all the old. You cannot hit the high notes if your your lungs are full of unshed grief. You cannot speak in a voice that carries to the back of the theatre if your throat is still congested with fear. You cannot move about the stage with lightness if you are saddled with heartbreak. Drop all into the fires of rejuvenation. Hold to nothing, clear your fields to let your light shine. This is the performance where you star. This is where you remember that you ARE A STAR! Let your light shine as if your life depended upon it, as in truth it does. We are the light that illumines the pathway to the new earth. Our lights guide others. Please do not leave your part of the path in darkness out of fear or a sense of smallness. We are glorious beings with the capacity to blind with our light revealed. Our hearts temper it, so that it illuminates in the most inviting way as we are mothers, after all. We know the art of gentleness and soft encouragement. We have forgotten this for ourselves as we have shown it to our men and children. Turn your light upon yourself. Embrace your beauty in a pink blanket of the softest wool. Love is who we are. It stands awaiting our embrace.

I choose love this day. I choose to speak my truth in every moment. A quote from a recent article entitled Why You’re Afraid to Claim Your Power, Brenda Hoffman speaks to this:

You no longer have to do what others tell you to do if it does not feel comfortable – that is victim hood. You no longer need to slow your progress to match someone else’s pace – that is care taking. And you no longer need to control anyone – including yourself – that is outer-directed power. So be it. Amen.                                                                          Copyright © 2009-2013, Brenda Hoffman. All rights reserved.

I loved this fiery flower arrangement in front of the charred wood. This is what we are called to, to be the flames of renewal upon the earth.

I loved this fiery flower arrangement in front of the charred wood. This is what we are called to, to be the flames of renewal upon the earth.

My heart is dancing in the fires of renewal. I look about and grasp your hand as we circle the flames in a dance of ecstasy. Our men are behind us (no, do not look!), their support assured as we stand in our knowing that allows them to take their rightful place once more. The babes are coming from heaven, into the waiting arms of the fathers, who beam with pride to offer shelter and protection. On their faces, such joy to see their women dancing free. All is right in the world, as the fire reveals the essence of love in each heart gathered. This is the new earth. This is our truth. This is why we are here. Dance it my friends, dance it.

10-21-12, The Opening to More Love

The energies have been intense today. I have been held in a space of stillness, of quiet, of solitude. This has been the predominant energy for the past few days and I have honored it with my presence. I feel that the whole planet is preparing to take a leap into greater love. My heart is one of the many, that are called to birth this love. I have carried it deep in the recesses of my heart, the sacred chamber that houses the flame of my Mother/Father’s love. It is the place where I know my beloved as myself.

I sense that the cap is about to be blown off of our heart’s chambers as the flame becomes a conflagration of love such as has never been seen on this earth plane. I am listening to Pachobel’s Canon as I write this and the notes carry me to that place where my heart leaps and explodes in shimmering displays of light. Diamond light fills my heart. My head has felt the energies dancing on my crown chakra for most of the day, my body has reclined to allow and witness the inner movement.

I am reminded of the ways in which I have been prepared for this time. I incarnated into density that forced me to look within for light.  I have birthed three children, held in the cradle of a deep soul mate love. I felt the protective energies about me as I held them in my womb. The moment of conception was known to me, as I sensed the joy of the soul entering, touching my own. I learned to attune to the inner movement as the first flutterings stirred within. I was guided in the ways of nurturing their spirits by enveloping myself in the soft energies of love.

The pink flame of love held by the trees in the southern spring.

I have met a twin flame and felt the wonder of that knowing of self inflame my heart. I have anchored the spirals of divine love through the core of the earth to the far reaches of the Great Central Sun through the vehicle of our entwining hearts. I have experienced the shattering of my heart as this twin chose to swim in the illusion of darkness that the love provoked. I have opened myself to stand once again with this soul, for the Venus lovestar to pour her love through our chalice as she transited our sun this past summer. I surrendered all desiring for a personal love, setting this one free, honoring him for playing his part. I offered the chalice of my heart to be used in service to the greater love of the collective. This expansion led to the sacred marriage within myself, balancing the divine masculine and divine feminine of my being, becoming my own beloved. I have undergone the initiations that allowed me entrance to the inner sanctum,  where I entered into the sacred marriage of my dreams with the other, the beloved.  I have become an adept, under his tutelage, in the ways of the chalice of our one heart. We have become adept at traveling between our realms and expanding the chalice of our hearts in service to the hearts of all.

My roaming of the past three years has honed my ability to tap into the energies, wherever I am as my heart has become my home. I have become used to dropping in to my heart and communing with the heart grid of the earth and all upon her. Place is not a factor as I carry the sacredness within. My heart is a sacred site, a portal for the divine energies of love to flow.

one of my beloved paintings

All of these skills and abilities have been honed by the grace of my Mother/FAther God, my brothers and sisters of the Christ light from Venus, and all the other starry homes that are held in my dna, from my brethren who live in the inner earth, from the angels and archangels that guide my way, the ascended masters that have lighted a path on this earth for my footsteps to follow, the elementals that gift me with information and direction on my path, the lightworkers that have left a trail for me to follow. All have worked to prepare me for this time that I may open to more love. I believe that we are being pulled by the powerful magnet of the Creator’s love, back to the embrace of Her/His heart.

First we must move through to the place of self love that opens into that marriage of the polarities within. From that state of wholeness, the union with the beloved is possible. It is a merging of wholeness with wholeness, creating the oneness. I believe that we are preparing for thousands upon thousands of twin flame reunions, of beloveds feeling once again the embrace that their hearts have yearned for since the original splitting took place. I believe that it will be the reality for all in the new earth, as we live in the golden age of peace. I know that it takes great strength and courage to open to such a love. It requires all of one, every cell and atom must open to hold that sacred lovelight. It is beyond our ideas of romantic love as we come together in service to the whole. I feel the time at hand, my beloved signals his agreement. I have moved through the layers of yearning for him to the place of knowing of him that has roots so deep. I have asked for all that stands in the way to our reunion on the physical plane to be dissolved and dedicated myself to that work within myself. I have surrendered to divine timing for its occurence. I have moved into the land of trust and live there with peace.

Prepare yourself for this coming. Open yourself to this love and dare to dream that it can be yours. Today is a global day of claiming and exercising our right as creator beings to create the world we wish to live in. Thousands are joining in group meditations and gatherings all about the planet on this portal day of 10-21-12. I will be singing this love song all day, for each of us to be held in the embrace of our beloved and for our Mother Earth to be lifted into the realms of love as we shower her with our gratitude and care. Live each moment of this day, as if all your dreams have come true.  There is peace on earth, all have food, shelter, and know the love of their fellows. All are free to sing their song, to contribute their gift to the whole. All are loved and have awakened to the beauty that they are. This is the world that I am singing into being with each of you. Let your voice be heard! In our unity, lies our new world. I love you all. Espavo.

Back Issues deepening the Divine Masculine/Feminine Balance

A view out over this beautiful small town.

April is proving to be a month of movement on one level or another. I awoke yesterday morning quite early but did not get up for hours as I was guided to lie still and allow what was taking place. It felt like a river of energy was running through me, it flowed from head to foot with an amping taking place at my heart. I heard, “Be still and allow. This is your work right now.” It had a different quality to it than most energy I run. It was deeper and lasted far longer. I finally had to get up and use the bathroom. I then went to take a shower and my lower back gave out. I had not had this happen in ages and was surprised at the severity of it. I thought, oh, so you wanted me to lie there longer! Movement in a different way…inner energy moving, outer body forced to lie still.

At one point in the day, the clouds lifted and this mountain came into view. This is just what is happening with us, the veils are lifting and we are beginning to see our own majesty! Aren't we awesome!

The pain and spasms in my back increased as the night wore on. I knew that there was more happening than simply the physical experience. A dear friend responded to my message for help. She did a distance healing on me. She saw that I needed to allow support from Mother Gaia to enter my root chakra and flow upward. I had been flowing all that energy down into her core that morning and it needed to be balanced. My friend saw Archangel Michael fill the center of my being and point his sword down through to the center of the earth. I began to sob at this as I could feel him in my body. Then she and I both laughed as she saw all the angels filling the space about me. They are so delightful! Another friend that called (I love my friends who have different gifts than I and so willingly share them with me) and saw Archangel Michael’s energy and sword as the divine masculine flowing through to meet the divine feminine of Mother Gaia. My body vibrated the truth of this as she felt that I had experienced much pain from the masculine in this lifetime and if I could bring it back into balance, I would open the pathway wider for those with similar pain. Through the lessons and experiences that we chose, we can work to bring balance once again. I must forgive myself and all others and release the energy back to love. It is the time of the balancing of the masculine and feminine energies on the planet.

The clouds teach me to flow with the streams of energy.

The other aspect of this back pain is clearing my cellular memories of all trauma from this and past lifetimes. The tooth issues that I had recently clears ancestral memories. The lower back is our feeling of being supported in this world. That has been a theme in this lifetime of not being supported and having to do it all myself. My body has to clear these  memories in order to fill with more light. The past two nights I have had vivid dreams of feeling victimized related to this life. I awoke shocked at the violence of my emotions. Rage on a scale that I have not felt in years and years. In my dreams, I am acting out that rage in a terrifying way. Yikes! I am grateful that these emotions are clearing in the dream space and that I can call in the violet flame to transmute them. But wow! No wonder folks are acting out their fears in forms of aggression. We have been subjected to such manipulation and lied to on so many levels. Now we must forgive ourselves for allowing all that has transpired and forgive all who brought these lessons to us. Our hearts know that love is the only answer to everything.

I am testifying that we are experiencing things for the collective. Our actions on the outer physical reality are only one layer of what is truly taking place. I offer myself each day as a vessel for the Creator to use for the highest good of all. (not my will but Thine be done). That includes my highest good as we can no longer create with only our own interests in mind. Unity consciousness demands oneness, win/win scenerios, for the good of all. Today I am better, walking upright, able to stand and lay down……sitting is still difficult. I spent the day quietly, lay in the sunshine streaming in the windows and watched the clouds drift by. I am embracing the notion of resisting nothing. Of accepting all with grace and gratitude. I want to move out of using my mind to express gratitude and into my heart space where I emanate gratitude. Gratitude for breathing this crystalline air, for being in a body (I do so love and honor this body for all the pain she has been through of late!) and mostly for being present for the grandest experiment of the ages, this shift into unity consciousness on planet earth. How blessed I am! I want to breathe that feeling of blessedness in and out day and night. To let go of good and bad and be present with a grateful heart for all. The back pain, the energy I am privileged to run, the beauty out the window, my friend who has cared so dearly for me, the receiving of that help.

April is the month where we are given more support to own more of our own power. Lena Stevens writes a lovely article about this at

The sun piercing through the clouds as my own I AM presence is piercing through my ego self. Faint but glowing brighter every day!

My healer friend saw a flame of light surge out from my solar plexis and felt that this symbolized a new level of owning my power coming into play. (the solar plexus is our power center). I concurred as I am being shown more and more each day, who I truly am. It is a lot to take in and can feel overwhelming, hence my frequent bouts of tears as my personality self tries to absorb the fullness of my being that is entering in. We are alchemists, magicians, masters, goddesses, priestesses and so much more. It is time to celebrate these aspects of ourselves and open to our gifts. We each carry a piece of the puzzle from Home that will ensure that we create heaven on Earth. It is time to come together to lay our pieces on the board. So look inside your heart and see your gifts and get ready to give them to the world. Believe in the unique beauty of your gift and KNOW deep in your heart, that no one else carries your puzzle piece. And we all know how frustrating it is when the puzzle is almost complete but a piece or two is missing. All must bring their piece for the beauty to be revealed. Yes, this means you! You carry within you something so precious that none can duplicate. Isn’t that a wonder? I stand in awe of my gifts as I do yours. Let us share and create this beautiful world of peace, abundance, harmony and love for all.


Mary Essence Coming Through

Wow, where do I begin? Changing my name to Linda Marie (not legally as yet as that feels too dense for me to do, but on this blog, facebook and my email) has created a shift of immense proportions for me. Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary have taken the opening created by my calling myself, Linda Marie- my true first and middle names, which took me 54 years to realize meant, beautiful Mary to help me reclaim my past as a member of the order of Marys. I have been flooded with their energies flowing through me and filling me with their beautiful light. Mother light, lover light, liquid lovelight (my new website name that will house this blog very soon). This photo does not show it well but this is my Mother Mary medal that I have worn around my neck for years. I found it in a thrift shop years ago and felt it was indeed mine as Mary is held in a basket of flowers! Perfect for this flower lover.


As the Marys connected with my heart, many Marys have been connecting with me through facebook and phone calls. Today five women connected and I could feel the Mary energies weaving amongst us all. One offered her support in any way that I needed to bring this energy in to form. It is time for this energy to return to the planet. We truly are being gifted with more of ourselves as we fall more deeply in love with ourselves. I am wearing my turquoise blue silk scarf that my daughter gave me last Christmas when I was craving this color. It is Mother Mary’s color. Also the color of our new high heart chakra. A friend informed me today that Mary means star of the sea in Latin. We were seeing the turquoise color linking to the sea and the Aquafarian realms under the sea. Truly our earth is full of magic as we have the eyes to see. There is so much more going on than we ever imagined! Cities under the sea! Cities in the inner earth! Etheric cities of light floating above the earth! I am so grateful to be expanding my perceptions to include glimpses into these places of mystery and magic. We all travel to these places in our dream state, now it is easier to bring the memories back with us as we awaken. We truly are all great beings of light!

I am so full that it is hard to write but I do so want to capture some of this energy. I have written of visions of the divine feminine returning to the earth once again. Of how the feminine heals itself and the earth, we as women holding space for one another, healing one another and doing our earth work to heal the mother. I was shown how this allowed the men to heal instantly, they did not have to do the work as we did. At first, this made me angry, why should we do the work for them? Later I gleaned an understanding and today Mary Magdalene channeled through with more clarification. Here follows her words through me:

“I am Mary Magdalene and I am here with you. The liquid lovelight is a real essence that you can work (play) with! There is much coming through as you offer yourself as a vessel and container. Open with your pure heart and we can do much. The sisterhood of the Marys will become a space for women to gather and heal one another, themselves and Gaia. This is as the vision showed you, it is truth. The Mary essence is the mother ray and the lover ray. The mother births the child, the lover ignites the child into manhood. It is ever the women’s role to take the lead and move the men into their strength and power. The divine feminine is once again to rule on this planet with its softness and fluidity yet the masculine is not to be usurped, rather embraced for its gifts. The women hold the power to bring through the balanced gifts of the divine masculine. Men truly become the warriors of the heart as they use their strength to shield and support women and children. The world will become a place of safety as all women and children are honored and protected. The men accept their role with eagerness as it is time for them to know the gentleness of their power, to know the value of their gifts. They have been wandering, lost in the wilderness for so long, brandishing their swords and rattling their shields at an unknown enemy. They were told it was women and they feared the mystery that is held deep in a woman’s womb. They under- stood that the feminine had that connection to the earth and the cycles of the moon and stars. Deep in their being, they knew that here lie the true power as the feminine could access the innermost planes of not only their own beings, but that of the earth and cosmos as well. The feminine held the powers of creation! Men have felt bereft as they were not taught to connect to their own inner power so sought to gain it externally by dominating others. This time is at an end. You are being birthed as new humans, melding your starry nature with your human nature. You become reborn into the light of the All.”

I have been shown how joy filled it is when women and men are both in their power. The men are sooo happy to support their women and children. They understand how to worship the goddess and access her gifts of love. The sisterhood of the Marys was also called the Order of the Rose. It was one of many secret societies that held these ancient truths which are being brought forward once again. We no longer have to fear death for being a carrier of these codes. Roses in a modern context are a symbol of love. Men give roses to show their love to their women. This is based on this order, where the roses were the women who held this wisdom. The men vowed to protect the roses, hence to give a rose was a symbol of this protection offered. I so love how all the myths and legends are springing to life! We can out- picture our lifetimes of pageantry and gallantry once again. It will be in new settings but the sacredness and depth of life will be ours. We will know our interconnectiveness and our tribal natures once again. Our hearts have yearned for so long to open fully to one another. I know that I am ready to wear my ceremonial robes once again and feel my femininity flowing with the silks and gossamer fabrics! 2012 offers this portal to the heart, step through and be reborn!