Summer of Love

Not sure of artist but giving gratitude for use of this image

Not sure of artist but giving gratitude for use of this image

That phrase keeps playing in my head and heart. My knowing is that this is to be the Summer of Love, come again. I wondered where the term came from and what it represented. Forty-eight years ago, young people gathered in San Francisco to express the love flame that had been birthed in the Sixties. From Wikipedia:

The event was announced by the Haight-Ashbury’s psychedelic newspaper, the San Francisco Oracle:

A new concept of celebrations beneath the human underground must emerge, become conscious, and be shared, so a revolution can be formed with a renaissance of compassion, awareness, and love, and the revelation of unity for all mankind.

imageThat flame was snuffed out by the powers that be through the divisiveness of the Vietnam War. The war was exact in its intent to divide a generation, creating two camps, soldiers and hippies. It sought to destroy the love that was blossoming in hearts across the land. Many of that generation have survived, though many were lost through the scarring that resulted from the horrors of that time. Our streets are filled with the homeless, former soldiers among the ranks, unable to integrate back into a society that used them for their own agenda. A quote from Grateful Dead guitarist, Bob Weir, expresses that the Summer of Love was about more than free love and drugs:

Haight Ashbury was a ghetto of bohemians who wanted to do anything—and we did but I don’t think it has happened since. Yes there was LSD. But Haight Ashbury was not about drugs. It was about exploration, finding new ways of expression, being aware of one’s existence. (from wikipedia)

The idea was held aloft by the Sixties generation, that there was a better way. They did not know the hows but knew it was worth seeking. Now that love flame is coming full circle as we seek unity and oneness once again.  We have matured and our discernment has grown so that we are able to recognize the ploys to divide that are out pictured through the governments and corporations. We are no longer as gullible, as easily led. People are standing up for freedom, coming together to demand clean air and water, safe food and shelter, for all people. We are feeling the responsibility to work with the earth and be stewards of this land once again.

imageThis shows up in emotional waves for me. Part of my soul, so fatigued, so tired of chasing the carrot of a better day, is hard pressed to lift the lamp of love. Yet this hope burns bright in my chest and my arm follows suit to raise the torch of love.  The summer of love plays its notes through my being. It is time. Time to let go of separation, of judgment of one another and self, to open our hearts wide and expose this love seed we all carry.

The world desires peace, desires a radiant future for their children and grandchildren. The world shimmers and shakes and doorways can open in a moment if we are brave enough to walk through them. We are the creators, awakening to our powers. We are the ones who have held that seed in our hearts. We buried it deep with our fears as it was too painful to live in full awareness of the love that was barely tasted. We choked on failed dreams, yet our tears continued to water the seed of love, we thought long dead. The seed remained awaiting its time. Awaiting this Now.

It is growing and beginning to unfurl its beauty in our hearts. I am claiming this love flame, I am shining the light of my attention and intention on it. I am nourishing it with the good soil of loving thoughts, watering it with self love, allowing the sunshine of gratitude to do its work. This love blossom has the ability to change the world as it is seen and felt in more and more hearts. As each of us nourishes this flame, it spreads like wildfire throughout the land. A mighty conflagration that has the possibility of creating a new earth. A new world, the one we have dreamt of forever. We are ready for this. It is ours to claim. It starts heart by heart. As we fan one another’s flames through love, we increase our own blossoming. Soon, all will know their own beauty and we will delight in experiencing that of our brothers and sisters.

The Summer of Love. I see the love pods forming, finding our resonant tribe, working and playing together so that all beings know that they are cherished and valued for their gifts. We are so tired of going it alone. Time to make music together as our hearts sing their notes of love. Time to put flowers in my hair!

Eclipse Approaches, Clearing Continues

This wolf was in a zoo for injured animals that could no longer survive in the wild. I loved his majesty.

This wolf was in a zoo for injured animals that could no longer survive in the wild. I loved her majestic acceptance of her changed life.

After an eight hour drive, the night offers me no sleep. The pattern is continuing, one night of sleep, followed by one of none. My body feels good, just an adjustment to being awake all night. I have to make sure to have things at hand to while away the hours. The computer is necessary as It seems my spirit wants me to write during these nights.

I was lying here watching scenes with one dear to me, yet most of this life, far from me, play before me. My understanding of who we are to one another expanded and I saw the moments when we could have made the choice to bring that knowing to full consciousness. I was left  with a bit of a heartache along with an acceptance that we are each free to unmask ourselves or not. My desire cannot make another make the choice I want. Honoring the holiness of each one’s path… a mantra that has helped me release control or attachment to a certain outcome. I am left with gratitude for all the moments our paths did cross in this life.

Awake and in dreams, scenes of our lives are being played out, emotions released, freeing memories  to depart. All to bring us fully into the now moment. To see ourselves and one another anew, meeting as if for the first time. Who are you now? Rather than filtering our interactions through the lens of what was. Imagine the freedom! We are meant to be fluid and free beyond what we can imagine. I can feel it and know it is getting closer to being possible, each day.


The light breaks through just when we are at our breaking point, to uplift and support us.

On my drive today, I drove through sheets of rain, dense fog and brilliant sunshine. I felt such a love and reverence for our Mother Earth. She is so glorious! So multifaceted. I felt her exaltation as she breathes in the new light from our Creator. We are being so gifted with energy to uplift, shatter and reform us so that we can share in this exaltation of freedom. Imagine walking outside and sharing love with our Mother, with the trees, with the birds, the air, the grass. All singing a love song to you and to me and us finally knowing ourselves free to sing it back once again.

This eclipse portal has been intense and wild, pushing us to the brink. The pull to jump ship is strong. Yet, we stand. For we know, in the deepest recess of our hearts, that this is the lifetime that we have been waiting for since first agreeing to incarnate on this beautiful blue jewel. We said we would come and help her become the star that she is. We said we would do it together, as one people, united in love. We have tried so many times before to set this pattern of love and unity into the earth. We did not succeed and the memory of that  defeat echoes in our hearts. This time, we came in great numbers to anchor this lovelight and this time, we will be successful. My future self laughs in delight at the wonder of it all. I know that the story has a happy ever after ending. I have lived with that ending in my heart, despite the long treacherous path it has been. More difficult than predicted, we have had to guard that flame of faith with all of our might.


The ocean’s gift of so many different colors and shapes. I love rocks!

I welcome the gift of the sun and its partial eclipse. My cells are dancing in anticipation, awake and alert to accept the glowing flames on offer. Unzip your beings, dump out all that no longer serves, so as to make room for what our sun is delivering. I sense that this gateway is one that will allow us to truly fly. Oh, to be free! Free to float in our Mother/Father’s love and share it with all beings. No words needed. Our hearts streaming liquidlovelight set to our own magical tone. The harmony! The peace! The joy! I AM ready. Are you?

It is Not Linear and It is Not a Mistake

IMGP5061I have been on a journey, from the heights to the depths and the spaces in between. Today is the first day that there arises the ability to put words to the experiences. The greatest ahas have been that our lives are not linear as we were taught and that I can trust life. We live in a circular space of the now. All is contained in the present moment.  A linear view of our life is limiting and damaging. It serves to keep us past, present, and future orientated rather than present in the now. I can trust that what shows up in each moment has been lovingly tailored for my growth by my own higher self. I have been shown that there are no mistakes, only misunderstandings caused by focusing through a limited view. This has taken some breathing in and out as I allow integration in my system. My head can understand a concept but for my heart to live it, to radiate it, it must become an organic part of my being. My cells have to feel it and embody it, every part of me humming with it. This shows up as the passage of days, weeks, as I tone and sing the song of my heart into my cells and the unity grid of the planet.

Playing with oil paints

Playing with oil paints

On Valentine’s Day, the day of love, I found myself down the rabbit hole once again, standing in a puddle of shame. This holiday, and indeed all holidays, have become fodder for the corporations to feed on the masses with the message to consume in order to prove that you are loved. There is such a narrow band width of love highlighted on this particular holiday, that of romantic love, as we have been programmed to understand it. This leaves most of the population out of the loop, creating separation where true love creates only unity and oneness. As the energies shift, we are becoming more sensitized to untruth. I found myself reacting in anger to the falseness of this energy brought through a dozen red roses, the symbol of this day. It played out with another, the anger pointing outwards triggering a resulting sense of shame to both for falling so far from the vibration of love. We had tapped into old energy patterns brought up through the vehicle of this love day, which allowed us to step beyond, into the truth of our relationship in the now.

Mount Shasta framed.

Mount Shasta framed.

As I pondered how I could have felt the truth of the Christ consciousness in my being only days before and then fallen into the depths of anger and victimhood, my higher self showed me the circular nature of our universe. We see things as steps, moving ever higher on the ladder which keeps us locked in a pattern of self judgment as we compare ourselves with others as well with an external ideal of what rung of the ladder we “should” be on. Beware of all shoulds! These ideals of growth and how it should look are programmed by our culture, religions, race, sex. A part of me interpreted the movement into shame and anger as a step that negated the Shasta experience of birthing Christ consciousness. One canceling out another. If I could experience the highs, how could I return to the lows? What had I done wrong? My soul viewed it in a different light. It is not one step forward and two back. All steps are movement towards the expansion of light. What may appear on the surface to be a step backwards, may be the necessary catalyst for a person’s soul to find its truth. We cannot judge these outer expressions in another as we have all experienced that “hitting bottom” is oft times the only pathway to rising up. So let us refrain from judging ourselves as taking missteps or making mistakes. Let’s allow ourselves to observe from a space of neutrality and always give ourselves the benefit of the doubt, trusting our hearts to be aimed to love, despite what our wounding may be presenting at the moment.  Let us trust that each step takes us closer to our truth.

I have walked with anger and rage as my companions of late as I felt the revolutionary energies violently flowing through me. Everything I touched set them off. For one who normally looks through rose colored glasses, I was seeing mud everywhere! I was feeling the energy of the controllers behind the scenes who have: poisoned our waters and food to keep us docile and dumb, exported terrorism all over the world in such a way to allow Americans to believe we are lily white while our money rapes and pillages country after country, set up tax laws and so much else to benefit those with the money, kept ordinary folks out of the loop by writing laws in obfuscating language, indoctrinated our children in our schools to be the square peg to fit in the cubicle hole of adult life.  The list goes on and on. I took all of it in, not having to know all the particulars, rather feeling the energy behind it all; the enslavement of humanity that is now coming to an end. I found myself reading tales of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, the oppression of women in Saudi Arabia…..not my usual light fare.  I had to feel it so fully, to be in the cries of the child, the despair of the mother, the soldier trained to numb his soul in order to be a killing machine.  All was in me. The desire to harm another, the power lust that takes hold, this too had to be felt. Man’s inhumanity to man. Owning this as a part of my being. Knowing all that is in expression on this earth, is a part of me. Finding, feeling, expressing all elements of darkness as this anger  surged and screamed through my cells until it reached a fever pitch. Just when my sword burned to be unsheathed and swung into action, to fight fire with fire, I chose to give it all up. To release it all to my Creator. To turn it over to love and breathe anew.

I then was shown how my experience on Shasta was what allowed this fuller expression of all that stood opposite to love to emerge. I could feel it and hold it in a fuller tone so that more could be released from our mother earth’s fields. There is no canceling out, no missteps. All is guided by our higher aspects to allow us movement and growth into the wholeness of our being. Once again, the importance of trust rings through me as I feel how lovingly I am guided by my own being. I take such good care of me! My higher self so loves me. I feel the Creator’s love and know it as my own.

Flowing with the currents.

Flowing with the currents.

This is my work, our work. To be agents of change, to transform our miscreations back to the light of love. To hold the oppressor and the oppressed in my heart, and to see the truth of both hearts yearning for the freedom of love. This is how we create heaven on earth, through my heart, your heart, our hearts. We must each walk through that valley of darkness, feeling lifetimes of pain and suffering that we inflicted as well as experienced. It is a tunnel of fire that will consume all that is not truth. We each must walk blindfolded into this new land, feeling our way by our internal guidance system, gifted to us in our hearts. The old structures and forms are collapsing, there is no one to lead. Uncertainty and change are the norm. Fluidity becomes the stable ground, we are trees rooted in our own beingness, swaying gracefully with the elements. We are being gifted with the opportunity to walk into a new creation of unity and oneness, where all are sovereign in their fields, yet the we consciousness has replaced the I. This is what we were excited about, this is why we volunteered to come! We knew that it was an opportunity to create in a new way, to bring a new version of heaven to earth through the many star nations presently incarnated here. How amazing to have the chance to each bring our flame from home, offering it to the mix, knowing a new song is to arise that will resound throughout the universes.

Begin your fire walk by feeling everything that comes to you, fully, in the moment it appears. Accept all as a gift from your higher self, allowing you movement. Trust that you are worthy of love and all in your world is there to assist you to feel that love. Allow your tone to be tempered in the flames of love and your throat to open to express that love with all that you are. I so love you! I am hearing the harmony of our hearts as we hold the tone of this new earth. My, we are magnificent!

Floating in the Mary Energies

This mural was in a bathroom in a local restaurant. So colorful and bright, I wanted to float with all the sea creatures.

Days fly by and I miss my writing. This is one of those immersion times where I am so “in” the journey that I barely crawl into bed (skipped brushing my teeth, that tired) and have no capacity to reflect on my life. It takes all of me to live it. Today is the first new moon of 2012 and sees us entering Aquarius. Freedom! My sign as yesterday was my 56th birthday and for this Aquarian gal, I am finally at home on this beautiful earth. The energies of freedom are anchoring in more fully which allows me deeper breaths. Ahhhh…..

Where to begin telling you about the past few days? My friend and I knew that we were to take a journey together and that it had to do with the Mary energies. She carries the Mary Magdalene energies of the sexual priestess, and I carry more of the Mother Mary energies of the nurturing mother. A side note: Mary Magdalene was not a whore as the patriarchal fathers wanted us to believe. She did train in the temples of Isis to learn the art of sacred sexuality which she used to help Jesus fufill his mission. Sacred sexuality is a gift from the Creator that can be used consciously to aid in attaining enlightenment. (read Tom Kenyon’s The Magdelene Manuscript). She attained Christ hood with Jesus as they were twin flames working together for mankind. Back to my story….together, the Marys have asked my friend and I to weave a tapestry. (I am so ready to get cloth and threads and create some of what I have been experiencing in a physical way). We decided to go to



the view a few feet in front of our tent

a national park to camp for a few days. We packed our book that we felt directed to read, Anna Grandmother of Jesus by Claire Heartsong as well as some fruits and vegies. There was no running water which thins out the crowd and we elected to camp further from the parking lot camping area to have more privacy and more nature. I loved the way it was set up. There were these beautiful trees set in a mowed area of grass with a picnic table at hand. You followed the mowed pathways through the grasses from tree to tree and chose your spot. We spent one night totally sheltered under the canopy of a huge tree. The tree was so loving, embracing us in its shade. We could hear the crashing waves



Our tent set up under the beautiful tree with the mowed grass and picnic table.

on rocks below as we watched the stars come to life out our front door. The next night we moved our tent to a new site, shown here where we were further out on the point. We could take a few steps and watch the waves crashing below and lie naked for a morning sunbath in the dewy grass. Bliss! I watched the sunrise each morning and we watched whales come up to greet us as we sang and drummed for them. I am so thankful to them for all the record keeping that they have done forever to assist us to this point in time where we can once again anchor the energies of unity consciousness on the planet for ourselves.

our welcome sunrise!

We truly communed with the elements as on our last night the rain and wind storm flattened the tent almost on top of us! It was a wild night as we sat up, trying to hold the tent sides in place as the rain found its way inside. Wet and wild and pretty sleepless. We were glad to see the stars begin to finally reappear as the rain ceased and the wind spent its fury. Dawn was a welcome sight! Our days were spent swimming in the sacred pools that spill down with the waterfalls to the ocean below. It felt otherworldly as we swam under the spray and floated in the lovely rock lined pools. We took turns reading aloud to one another as we journeyed deep into the Mary stories. Anna, who was the mother of both Mother Mary and Joseph of Arimathea

The bridge over the first pool and the waterfalls leading down to the pools and ocean below.

(who fathered Mary Magdalene) was the narrator of the tale. I had not heard her story before and found it fascinating. It has been an incredible time for us as we drifted between dimensions. We were being activated as we read, deep cellular memories were triggered and we felt many of the scenes in our bodies. It has been surreal, looking out at the ocean, dropping into the scene in the Essene communities, feeling their initiations, coming up to breathe and eat an avocado, feeling overcome with waves of sleep as we traveled on the inner planes. I have been overcome with emotion, tears quietly running down my cheeks as we journeyed with the players who came with Jesus to assist him in his mission. We were assisted by the elements of nature, allowing us to simply be held in her arms as we could feel that the time is at hand where we are being called to birth the Christ within our hearts. We were players in that time 2000

The view from the top of the bridge, looking down on the pools.

years ago and we have returned to play the scene in a new way. Jesus and his companions anchored the Christ light in the earth and the crystalline grid that surrounds the planet. It was done for this time, when the earth’s energies were light enough to begin her ascension process as well as our own. We are ascending back to the Creator as our Father/Mother God wants us home.

I am feeling so blessed tonight as I know that I am being guided to the awakening of the Christ flame in my heart. I feel so at one with the beauty of mother nature as she shows me oneness as flocks of brilliant white birds fly by in their seamless formations. They do their dance of changing leaders, each one knowing how to align in fluid beauty, like bright ribbons across the sky. I want to see all people on this planet free, free to know their own beauty, free to move in harmony with their fellows, free to dance with the wind and sky.

I leave you with this graffiti message I found in the cement block bathroom at the park. I thought that it was beautiful! If you desire to birth the Christ flame in your heart, loving yourself is key. All that you have been taught about being harsh with yourself in any way, any shame or blame or judgement, can melt in the flame of your own loving heart. Bring in the wood and fan those flames high, toss in all the words that play the old critical tapes in your head that you inherited from family, society, and culture. Love and honor your own beauty and the Christ light will blaze its love for all to see. I so love you!