A Shift and On We Go

Mount Shasta from the north.

Mount Shasta from the north.

It seems we have made a shift, a leap into a new dimensional space. The love light flows much more freely here. I am finding myself singing love songs, little rhyming ditties, that make me feel so glad. My heart feels expanded and gratitude is a constant refrain. There is this peace and sense of freedom permeating my days. The colors in nature appear so vibrant, and everything wants to play. I imagined eagles as I had not seen any for months. That day, I passed a radio tower. I looked up and saw a nest with two eagles sitting next to it on top. I next tried butterflies and had them flitting about me during my walk. Everything responds to our intention and attention!

In offering myself as a player in this shift, I often will sense the need to quickly get in bed or a safe resting spot during the day, as I am taken out of my body. Usually, I fall instantly asleep. Recently, I had the experience of staying conscious long enough to find myself taking my seat at a council table. It was set up in a circular manner with a space in the center. We each had monitors in front of us into which we inputted our reports. The data was collected, and a comprehensive report was then given. A major shift had taken place, there was a sense of gladness though muted by human emotional standards. The monitors then disappeared into the table top and a huge hologram of the earth floated up in the center space. It was breathtaking. We saw the results of the recent shift and began assessing the next issue to focus our attention upon. The curtain came down at that point and I was asleep for the next three hours.

After an afternoon at Stewart Mineral Springs, feeling rejuvenated from the hot baths, sauna and cold creek plunge, this snake crossed our path. A powerful sign of the transformation I felt.

After an afternoon at Stewart Mineral Springs, feeling rejuvenated from the hot baths, sauna and cold creek plunge, this snake crossed our path. A powerful sign of the transformation I felt.

This shift signaled completions on many levels. I have heard from many who are stepping away from old programming of caretaking of others before themselves, of following shoulds rather than their own joy, of letting go of relationships that drained rather than nourished. All steps that aid the shift into creating the world of our deepest desires. As we honor ourselves, we bring a balance to our lives and to those about us.

I am delighting in setting my intentions each day and then giving my attention to them. We can use all of our experiences as a blessing. As I eat, I intend for all to be nourished and experience radiant health. As I drink, I intend all our cells to be bathed in the lovelightAs I walk, I bless Mother Earth and offer each step to her to use as she sees fit, my love light pouring where she directs it. As I pee, I release all physical, mental and emotional suffering from all beings. As I breathe, I intend all beings to be blessed with knowing of their truth and the brightness of their beauty. As I speak, I intend for my voice to carry the frequency from Home of oneness and love. Everything can be used to create more love in this world. Everything is love seeking to be seen and recognized.

Loving the beauty about me.

Loving the beauty about me.

As we intend to see more magic, more beauty, more loving hearts and we look for it, we create it. A shift in our perspective, shifts the world we exist in. This shifting is fluid and constant. In each moment, we are offered the opportunity to let go of what we know and be present for what is. Our memories are dissolving to aid us in this. Short term memory is becoming a thing of the past as we gain skills at moving between dimensional spaces. I find myself “waking up” numerous times throughout the day, readjusting to whatever I am engaged in, returning from some other space. We are toddlers, learning to walk. More skills are coming online and out-dated ones disappearing. Assistance is available at all moments. We have to ask and trust that it will be given. I grant my team 24/7 freedom to assist me, aligning me with my divine plan and the divine plan for the earth. From my limited perspective, I do not have enough information to know what assistance I require that is for my highest good or that of another. Therefore, in stating for my highest good and the highest good of all, I allow myself the greatest assistance. In hearing of trouble spots on the earth, I flow my liquidlovelight into Mother Earth for her to use and direct as she knows best. We have these physical vessels to transmute, transmit, and anchor light. We can offer ourselves in service to the Creator and trust that we are used in the best way possible in each moment.

1:11 am and sleep is pulling me in. My heart is so full with the wonder of this planet and of the beings that reside here. We are an amazing lot! God bless us all.

Equinox With Its Gift of Balance

The crystal clear water of Lake Crescent that I bottled to add to waters along my journey. It felt so balanced on our skins, assisting in this process.

The crystal clear water of Lake Crescent that I bottled to add to waters along my journey. It felt so balanced on our skins, assisting in this process.

What amazing times we are in! There is change everywhere, inside and out. I am back from the Pacific Northwest loop where I found incredible beauty with water and mountains that fed my soul. I have to laugh at the way my mind works. I had thought to find a place that resonated and to call home. My personality self desired this greatly, after all, I had clearly stated to Sophia, my higher self, that I was available for the summer months but wanted a landing spot by October.

What happened was that by about 4pm each day, I found myself so spent that there was not a vestige of energy left for house hunting. Hardly any for forming words. I felt as like a wind up toy that simply stopped and there was nothing to it but to rest and await the next infusion of energy. I would intend to check things out, yet it did not happen. Instead, I would be given the next step on a journey that was in motion….not settling in as I had thought. My sister and aunt popped in and the knowing came that traveling to visit them was next. My mind questioned, “How does this help me find a home?” The answer was, “Trust.” I squirmed a bit with that then happened upon a recent post from Karen Bishop who writes of as ascension changes. She stated that folks on the front edge of this movement were being kept from landing in anywhere. As she went on to explain the larger perspective, I felt relief and joy flood through me. Yes! She described all that I had intuitively felt was my truth. That experience reminded me why it is so important to share our journeys, as one line can confirm our knowing and strengthen our resolve.

The mists are clearing for us all.

The mists are clearing for us all.

My computer and my brain have been on the fritz so writing was more of a challenge than I  could muster. For the past few days, the earth has been pulsing energy up through my feet, my legs, my hips and onward. Interesting sensation. Last night as I was preparing for bed, energies were pulsing about my head in various spots, almost calling me to lie down. When I did, I was tucked in gently about my torso, the field vibrating with almost forms. I knew my beloved was present as were many of my guides and angels. With that, I drifted off to sleep.

This equinox feels tremendous to me as we are being gifted with so much newness. The past two days, the light has held a new quality to it. My senses are waking up in a new way. Right now, there is a dancing flame of energy on my crown chakra. I love feeling and sensing all this! The earth is releasing old memories of pain, emotional, physical and invites us to do the same. A friend and I walked by the river yesterday and realized in our talk that I have been working with the perpetrators of “evil”, holding them in a field of liquidlovelight as their shame and horror of their actions plays in front of them. I wake with images so intense in my heart and am asked to love it all. My friend has been feeling the sorrow of all the victims and working to releasing that. It is on such a massive scale now as the cosmos is poised to transmute it as our earth mother shakes it all off. She is stepping into her stardom and needs us to follow suit. We cannot move into the new trailing chains of pain or shame or sorrow. The doorway is narrow and requires one to drop everything, to surrender completely to the love of the Creator and of one’s own free will, step across.

The old is collapsing as we build the new under our feet with our love and trust.

The old is collapsing as we build the new under our feet with our love and trust.

My soul rejoices for us all! We have made it to here. There is now a firmament to catch our footfall. It may appear only after we have lifted our foot to step in complete trust, but it is appearing! Well done! Well done! Breathe deeply of this new air and allow it to rejuvenate yourself. I can feel my cells and body coming into radiant health. I feel my bones elongating as I will grow taller by a few inches. I have experienced the anxious mind chatter, quiet and a deep peace pervade my being. We have arrived. That is what is important. All the details  of where/how/when/ what will be sorted out. Take this moment to feel the balance and peace that this day offers. Pat yourself on the back that you lived to see and feel this day. Peace on earth is real. Claim it in your heart as I do in mine. I love us all so!

Mountains, Eagles, Dancing Flames Melting in Love

Crystal clear energy on the mountain.

Crystal clear energy on the mountain.

I see that it has been twenty-one days since I last wrote. Time is an illusion……flowing in wonderous ways these days. March has been a whirlwind of motion after months of stillness and rest. I traveled to Boulder, Colorado at the invitation of a friend. We shared some glorious days together, soaking in the beauty of the mountains. I had a day of snowshoeing with a beautiful new soul family member and my friend, a wonderful trinity of love. It fed my craving for snow, trees, sunlight and love. There were moments so full, we could do no more than look at one another, our heart light often bringing tears.  My friend and I lived in a state of love,  intoxicating and demanding in its force. So much energy in motion, knowing our fields were creating, drawn deep in the swirling spirals. Of late,  I am finding that after a brief conversation, I have to go and lie down, dropping in and away for five minutes or fifteen…..long enough for the fine tuning and recalibration to take place from all being created in the sharing.

Everyone we need to complete with is coming to us. Everything we need to clear within is flowing or screaming its way to the surface. It is so important to not attach to any of it yet feel it all fully. You can feel depressed, depraved even yet know that is not defining you. You can be angry and know it is not who you are. All is looking for release. By being a field of love, we invite the energies within us that are less than love to come out and be seen. It is crucial to not judge ourselves when this happens. We can imagine holding out our arms to these recalcitrant energies as we would to a wayward child, inviting it in to be held and comforted.

A snow heart left outside the backdoor,  a gift from the sun/snow/elementals reflecting the love I felt everywhere.

A snow heart left outside the backdoor, a gift from the sun/snow/elementals reflecting the love I felt everywhere.

A Native American man with eagle in his name showed up to complete work. Third powerful eagle energy in a Native being for me to work with. I sang to his heart which allowed our beings to spiral upward and down deep, bridging heaven to earth…..our contract and work.  I could feel his wings and talons wanting to consume in the old way, as his spirit recognized and felt the liquidlovelight of the feminine. The work was for him to feel it, and slow down enough to find it inside himself rather than grasping at me to provide it. My work was to be the field of love with presence, a soft carpet beneath his being, allowing him to feel supported while he accessed that love inside, without my being trampled upon. I had to trust myself to know when to gently remove my carpet, showing him that he was standing on his own foundation, as his feminine came into balance with his masculine within. Society teaches men to find it outside and contain it as theirs, an old paradigm that keeps both sexes entrapped.  A friend cautioned me in my contact with this powerful being yet I knew my feminine’s strength and power and that she was able for the task my soul called me to.

Krishna playing his flute on the mountain.

Krishna playing his flute on the mountain.

We shared an evening of kirtan at the Star House, in the mountains outside Boulder. A beautiful building, surrounded by a circle of standing stones where the music lifted us into the planes of ecstasy. The first song was to Ganesha, my dear elephant friend, who has been working with me for the past month or so. He had come to me on the mountain at 9000 feet where I had co-created a crystal grid that lay in the snowy sunlight. He had shown me that the love pouring into the planet was melting people’s hearts as surely as the  sunlight was melting the snow about each crystal, so gently and softly does it touch our hearts. I knew that Ganesha was there as my protector and that I was to allow myself to be carried by the intensity of the drums and voices and the Eagle being beside me. I surrendered to the energy and chants and was rewarded with a dance with Shiva. He came to me as a flame in the sky, fiery and bright. We danced in patterns of  golden light that sent a shower of liquidlovelight streaming earthward. I laughed and marveled that I was dancing with him (I had recently read a story of a flaming man, dreamt of flames and felt myself consumed) and he told me that we had danced together many times and this was our joy. Then Krishna was there playing his magic flute which seemed to dance me into a frenzy of love. I saw myself sitting on the floor, in the circle of folks and yet knew our spiraling energies weaving patterns in the sky. At one point, my Eagle friend went from swaying movement to deep stillness. I knew he had accessed that stream and later he related that he knew himself being the bridge between heaven and earth as he felt the power of the connection in his being.  It is his role and mine, he the pillars of support, me the flowing stream that wayshows the path he upheld. We played our roles large as the music wove its patterns of love.

A snow being who greeted us on our hike.

A snow being who greeted us on our hike.

Later, the asking for more and my knowing the completion of our work. Each must integrate and discover the empowerment in self. We can assist one another but we cannot walk the path for another. We can only shine a light on the power and gifts that reside within so that the other can see them for themselves if they choose to look. This wonderful brother of my heart, asked some questions that brought me to another level of healing of a heart wound I was unaware was yet bleeding. I am so grateful for him showing up to do the  work that was ours to do. He played his part well.

I was grateful to my feminine that set the boundary and declared my time of healing wounded warriors to be over. Knowing all must heal their own wounds, sit in the flame of their own fire and bring it all back to the love that is. We are the fierce mother flame that kicks the fledging out of the nest when it is its time to use its wings, holding the image of his soaring like a bright coal in our heart. As well as the lovers and friends who see the beauty of the other and act as a mirror to shine it back at them.

IMG_6226 My friend illustrated this powerfully by holding her hands up, palms facing one another. Sovereignty facing sovereignty. The old energy, one leaning into another or leaning away. Both disempowering stances of victim/persecutor or aloofness masking fear.  We can stand face to face, heart to heart and allow the love to flow freely, fearlessly when we have discovered our masculine’s strength balanced by the feminine’s flow. We are able vessels for this lovelight as it is what we are. Breathing in and sighing deep with the love that I am. Breathing in and savoring the love that you are. Tears of wonder at the love that is. A deep bow to us all.

Triggered by An Emotional Storm

My son painted this as a gift for me. Embedded within is my path home. We assist one another in ways seen and unseen.

I have to laugh at the way tests come when we proclaim ourselves at peace. “Really?” asks our higher self, let’s try this out. Last night, our family went through an emotional storm. I was the target and I was triggered. I felt the flash of anger, the heartache of the mother, the heat of uncomfortableness of not knowing how to move, the sitting with the pain. In the aftermath, I allowed myself space to state my need to go to my room and have a good cry. What a release tears are. I was grateful for those of us who trusted our love enough, to stay present, to cook and eat a meal together in the aftermath of the storm. I honored another’s need to leave, to regroup in order to come to balance.

Whew. I am feeling a bit fragile and tender this morning. “An emotional hangover”, as my former partner stated. Knowing all is well, that at times there has to be the separation or break for a new way of coming together to be found. Honoring each of us for speaking our truth and listening to one another’s hearts. Gratitude for the way we are walking each other home.

Uncovering my flowers to see how they fared in the freezing temperatures, just as we are taking stock this morning of our hearts. How did they fare the storm of last night?

Uncovering my flowers to see how they fared in the freezing temperatures, just as we are taking stock this morning of our hearts. How did they fare after the storm of last night?

I am grateful for not collapsing in the old way, of not accepting another’s interpretation or judgment of my path over my own knowing, of feeling my truth and allowing it to come out raw and unfiltered. This is growth, to accept my truth while honoring another’s and allowing the distance between. To allow anger without feeling shame for expressing it, (Oh, that is a big one.) To witness the old momentary desire to run and choose to stay.  I realize that it has been a long time since I have been in such a storm. It was an opportunity to practice opening to embrace the experience with love rather than closing off and burying any part of it in my heart. I watched the child in me desire to lash out and knew the grace of taking her hand in support. There was a new dynamic as my former partner stood in support of me. That felt good and true. A sturdy bridge we have built between us in this space together.

I sit here looking at my mother’s heart that desires to see everyone “comfortable”, to place a soft blanket around each one. This has caused me trouble and heartache as I created dependencies that then have to be severed. I also see the mother flame that wields a sword of truth dispassionately, cleaving falseness aside, knowing the fallout will land about her. The mother bird who kicks the fledgling out of the nest, trusting it will spread its wings and fly…..holding her breath yet allowing the crash if it is to be. Always the love there, knowing it has many shades. Trusting myself to be the shade needed in the moment, regardless of the cost. Knowing full well, it can cost everything, yet to be out of integrity is too high a price. Peace at any cost is not peace. Love without truth, is but a shadow play.

New landscape to walk upon....Gabriel's art carrying the new codes and seeds of love.

New landscape to walk upon….Gabriel’s art carrying the new codes and seeds of love.

We are all coming into balance within our beings as our Mother Earth leads the way. The earthquakes and storms are as necessary as the gentle breezes and strong rays of sunlight. It is all good. There is an opening created by the upheaval that we can all move in. It is new ground, freshly excavated by exposing our hearts’ truths. It is fertile soil for new plantings of love’s blooms. New colors and scents to be had. I sit staring at the flames in the hearth on this frosty morning, knowing the power of love to melt all into truth and beauty. Trusting each of our souls to move onto this new ground in our own way and time. Trusting our I AM presences to light our paths. Honoring the holiness of each one.

Artwork for purchase at gaberobertsart.com/

Coming Into Balance With the Equinox Energies

Unity consciousness captured from my first attempt at using a huge Japanese brush with ink. I did this in Sante Fe a couple of years ago and just unearthed it and framed it. It makes my heart sing.

Unity consciousness captured from my first attempt at using a huge Japanese brush with ink. I did this in Sante Fe a couple of years ago and just unearthed it and framed it. It makes my heart sing.

I am savoring the energy moving through my body, allowing me to exercise and work in the yard. After weeks of exhaustion and stillness, it is so refreshing to move! I have learned to be more fully present to each moment, appreciating the gift that it brings. I have laughed at the balancing going on. I will feel a spurt of energy and move with it, then a wave of fatigue will come and it is all I can do to get myself to a reclining position. The days seem to be made up of a series of these waves, rolling in one upon another. I drink my green juices and then eat a whole pepperoni pizza with my son. Read a beautifully written novel and then watch a lighthearted movie. I find myself deep in a meditative space, accessing hearts around the globe and then coming out to clearing cupboards with my organizing brain in overdrive. I sliced through a fingernail on my right hand only to have a bee sting me on my left foot. All part of this balancing the equinox is bringing us. I love knowing that on this day, day and night is of equal length all across the world. That knowing sends shivers of excitement through me. We are remembering how to be fully on this earth, loving her and our physical expressions as well as expanding into the oneness fields that allow us to know home. We came to bring heaven to earth. I am beginning to feel the truth of that statement in my cells, in my bones.

I love how deeply that relaxes me. The striving, the impatience, the questioning, the despair, the disillusionment, the pain……all seems to have dropped away like an old cloak that no longer fits. I am ready for a new cloak that embraces all that I have been since I first left home. That was eons ago and there have been many cloaks worn, some dark, some light, some bright, some tattered, some splendid, some plain, some ornate. All have been chosen by my soul as I played various roles as I came to know this human experience. I love this now moment as I am free to chose the cloak that best represents the fullness of my mighty I AM presence. I am brilliant as the sun and there are jewels flashing their multifacted light. Yes, this cloak is one fit for a queen and I am claiming it as the balance point of all that I have been throughout time. I am claiming myself as lovelight, as a lighthouse shining forth. It is such a relief to know myself in this way, to have the mists and clouds of misperceptions, fall away. We are human angels who shine like the sun. Our eyes will have to adjust to the brilliance as we look at one another. Oh, happy days!

As we step boldly through our own dark night, we see the light waiting to engulf us all.

As we step boldly through our own dark night, we see the light waiting to engulf us all.

I stand at the threshold of this equinox, knowing myself as a gatekeeper, holding the doors open for all who would enter. As each approaches the threshold, I hold a field of love that allows them to release their burdens, to drop their cares and sense of responsibility for anyone else. To take off their masks and stand naked, allowing the lovelight to clothe them in its warmth. This is offered to us all. It has taken years for me to come to this naked place, now the path is open and much quicker to travel. It is such a privilege to be allowed this opportunity to be a chalice for the Creator’s light and to serve in this way. After eons of free will, it turns out that doing the Divine’s will is all that I desire. To serve one another, to serve the lovelight is the passion of my soul.

We are bringing in this new age of love, heart by heart. We can add to it daily by speaking our truth, telling one another the words of love that our soul has longed to hear. What words do you wish your mother had said to you? Speak those to your daughter or son. What words do you wish your partner had spoken? Speak those to him/her now. At every turn, become courageous in speaking the language of love. We all desire it, yearn for it. It is now accessible to us, let go of embarrassment and allow the liquidlovelight to flow. “You are so beautiful! You have an immense heart! Your kindness is so appreciated. I love the way you pay attention to details. You create such beauty! I am so proud of you!”

The heavens are singing your praises!

The heavens are singing your praises!

On and on, let your imagination go wild and free your heart to speak what you want to hear. In the speaking, you will find your own heart being healed, being lifted, being gladdened. As we gift one another, we are gifted. This is the way of the universe. It is a win-win world and we are here to reinstate this universal law. Apply the golden rule of doing onto others as you would have done onto you. Do it with a flourish, dust off those compliments and be ready to shower the folks around you with their light! As well, open your heart to receive and own their power. This is part of the balancing….give and receive. You are so beautiful. I am putting on my sunglasses as I stand at the gate of this equinox and watch you walk through into your own light. My God, you are all so beautiful. My heart is spilling over in tears. A blessed crossing to us all.


My Beloved Anchors Within My Body

At the Shakespeare Garden in Golden Gate Park, the cherry blossoms framed the men doing tai chi. I loved how the two were mirroring one another.....the balance being shown to me.

At the Shakespeare Garden in Golden Gate Park, the cherry blossoms framed the men doing tai chi. I loved how the two were mirroring one another…..the balance being shown to me.

The day after our Equinox celebration, a friend and I drove to San Francisco for the yearly flower and art show. The city enlists florists to create their interpretation of a piece of art in the museum’s collection. It is a day of wonder for me, combining two of my passions, art and flowers. As we were driving down to the city, I began to sob. I felt my beloved enter into my body and anchor himself there. He said that it was time and that he wanted my cells to adjust to his energy before our meeting when he will take physical form. I have needed the past few days to integrate this experience. I am grateful for my friend’s presence as she felt his energy enter and witnessed my words. He assured me that was part of his planning so that I would have confirmation as to what had taken place. Oh, to be loved so!

IMG_3068 Since that moment, it has been an amazing feeling of balance within me. Today is the full moon in Libra, bringing its gift of balance. I feel a deepening of the truth of love being all that there is. I am floating in a new softness that came in with the winds of the Equinox, so gently leading us all more fully into our hearts. I am humbled and awed by the beauty of the plan for awakening. After miles of travail and hardship, I have landed on a soft carpet that floats on air. The magic carpet ride we have dreamed of for so long!

When I look into the mirror, I see his eyes looking back at me and it makes me laugh. Hello in there! He winks and if I continue to stare, I dissolve in tears as his love is reflected to me. I breathe deep to hold this love, to  offer my chalice with a steady hand that he might fill it to the brim. How wise is he, to offer me this gift of time to allow our energies to mingle and assimilate to one another. He is  the other and yet he is not. He is me, and I, him. We know oneness in this union. I have no yearning for the next step, as his presence fills me so fully in this now moment. I know that he will take physical form, that we will know the joys of playing in this new earth, together in form. I surrender to divine timing for the when, how, where questions, trusting in the wonder of it all.

IMG_3005A friend had a dream of bumping into her beloved a few times, not speaking but knowing he was important to her. She felt a sense of guilt about her husband, how would he be? But she was assured that all would be well, this is a win win world where all find their heart’s desire. She then wanted to meet her beloved and speak directly but was told that in truth we love surprises. She was to hold the knowing but surrender as to how or when it would happen.

I loved this as we have spent so much time trying to figure out how to take the next step on our path of awakening, and yet, it can only be known moment by moment in the heart. Our minds get a bit frantic as they felt charged with keeping us safe. Now we can let our minds know that all is well and that our mighty I AM presence is on the job, directing all aspects of our lives. Our hearts are our truth barometers and will not lead us astray.

The cheery blossoms with their pink and green hues.

The cheery blossoms with their pink and green hues.

I am so grateful to be in this soft world of brilliant colors, smells and feelings. I crawled inside a friend’s lilac bush the other day, recalling doing the same as a child in the lilac bushes on either side of the barn door at my grandparents’ home. I sucked the sweetness from the tiny trumpeting petals and felt drunk from its fragrance. We are in the new land where magic and miracles live. My beloved is a miracle to me, humming his tune as I dive inside to weave my heartsong with his. I am blessed. In our oneness, we fill our chalice to the brim with liquidlovelight and send it out in ribbons to the hearts of all to awaken to their own beauty. I drink to him, I drink to you. We are one heart, beating strong.

Back Issues deepening the Divine Masculine/Feminine Balance

A view out over this beautiful small town.

April is proving to be a month of movement on one level or another. I awoke yesterday morning quite early but did not get up for hours as I was guided to lie still and allow what was taking place. It felt like a river of energy was running through me, it flowed from head to foot with an amping taking place at my heart. I heard, “Be still and allow. This is your work right now.” It had a different quality to it than most energy I run. It was deeper and lasted far longer. I finally had to get up and use the bathroom. I then went to take a shower and my lower back gave out. I had not had this happen in ages and was surprised at the severity of it. I thought, oh, so you wanted me to lie there longer! Movement in a different way…inner energy moving, outer body forced to lie still.

At one point in the day, the clouds lifted and this mountain came into view. This is just what is happening with us, the veils are lifting and we are beginning to see our own majesty! Aren't we awesome!

The pain and spasms in my back increased as the night wore on. I knew that there was more happening than simply the physical experience. A dear friend responded to my message for help. She did a distance healing on me. She saw that I needed to allow support from Mother Gaia to enter my root chakra and flow upward. I had been flowing all that energy down into her core that morning and it needed to be balanced. My friend saw Archangel Michael fill the center of my being and point his sword down through to the center of the earth. I began to sob at this as I could feel him in my body. Then she and I both laughed as she saw all the angels filling the space about me. They are so delightful! Another friend that called (I love my friends who have different gifts than I and so willingly share them with me) and saw Archangel Michael’s energy and sword as the divine masculine flowing through to meet the divine feminine of Mother Gaia. My body vibrated the truth of this as she felt that I had experienced much pain from the masculine in this lifetime and if I could bring it back into balance, I would open the pathway wider for those with similar pain. Through the lessons and experiences that we chose, we can work to bring balance once again. I must forgive myself and all others and release the energy back to love. It is the time of the balancing of the masculine and feminine energies on the planet.

The clouds teach me to flow with the streams of energy.

The other aspect of this back pain is clearing my cellular memories of all trauma from this and past lifetimes. The tooth issues that I had recently clears ancestral memories. The lower back is our feeling of being supported in this world. That has been a theme in this lifetime of not being supported and having to do it all myself. My body has to clear these  memories in order to fill with more light. The past two nights I have had vivid dreams of feeling victimized related to this life. I awoke shocked at the violence of my emotions. Rage on a scale that I have not felt in years and years. In my dreams, I am acting out that rage in a terrifying way. Yikes! I am grateful that these emotions are clearing in the dream space and that I can call in the violet flame to transmute them. But wow! No wonder folks are acting out their fears in forms of aggression. We have been subjected to such manipulation and lied to on so many levels. Now we must forgive ourselves for allowing all that has transpired and forgive all who brought these lessons to us. Our hearts know that love is the only answer to everything.

I am testifying that we are experiencing things for the collective. Our actions on the outer physical reality are only one layer of what is truly taking place. I offer myself each day as a vessel for the Creator to use for the highest good of all. (not my will but Thine be done). That includes my highest good as we can no longer create with only our own interests in mind. Unity consciousness demands oneness, win/win scenerios, for the good of all. Today I am better, walking upright, able to stand and lay down……sitting is still difficult. I spent the day quietly, lay in the sunshine streaming in the windows and watched the clouds drift by. I am embracing the notion of resisting nothing. Of accepting all with grace and gratitude. I want to move out of using my mind to express gratitude and into my heart space where I emanate gratitude. Gratitude for breathing this crystalline air, for being in a body (I do so love and honor this body for all the pain she has been through of late!) and mostly for being present for the grandest experiment of the ages, this shift into unity consciousness on planet earth. How blessed I am! I want to breathe that feeling of blessedness in and out day and night. To let go of good and bad and be present with a grateful heart for all. The back pain, the energy I am privileged to run, the beauty out the window, my friend who has cared so dearly for me, the receiving of that help.

April is the month where we are given more support to own more of our own power. Lena Stevens writes a lovely article about this at  http://www.thepowerpath.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=421:april-forecast-2012&catid=17:monthly-forecasts&Itemid=65

The sun piercing through the clouds as my own I AM presence is piercing through my ego self. Faint but glowing brighter every day!

My healer friend saw a flame of light surge out from my solar plexis and felt that this symbolized a new level of owning my power coming into play. (the solar plexus is our power center). I concurred as I am being shown more and more each day, who I truly am. It is a lot to take in and can feel overwhelming, hence my frequent bouts of tears as my personality self tries to absorb the fullness of my being that is entering in. We are alchemists, magicians, masters, goddesses, priestesses and so much more. It is time to celebrate these aspects of ourselves and open to our gifts. We each carry a piece of the puzzle from Home that will ensure that we create heaven on Earth. It is time to come together to lay our pieces on the board. So look inside your heart and see your gifts and get ready to give them to the world. Believe in the unique beauty of your gift and KNOW deep in your heart, that no one else carries your puzzle piece. And we all know how frustrating it is when the puzzle is almost complete but a piece or two is missing. All must bring their piece for the beauty to be revealed. Yes, this means you! You carry within you something so precious that none can duplicate. Isn’t that a wonder? I stand in awe of my gifts as I do yours. Let us share and create this beautiful world of peace, abundance, harmony and love for all.


Connecting to a New Landscape…Happy April!

St. Mary's Lake in its winter splendor

Happy April! I know that time is an illusion yet while we still play in its fields on some levels, I find a new month offering new opportunities. March was an exhausting month as the energies pretty much flattened us. We were integrating like mad all the new codes that came streaming in from our dear sun and releasing and clearing all that was stagnant and stuck in our inner beings. April rushes in like a breath of spring, ready to move us into a new inner landscape of freedom and love. I am delighted to find myself in a new outer landscape of snow and mist and rain. My Avalon self is happy! The freshness of the air coming off the mountains is so intoxicating. It is my form of getting high, no side effects other than getting a little giddy! I am sitting here looking out at a clear sky this morning which allows the mountains to come into view for the first time since I arrived. Oh, my heart is being fed!

Straw bale building to house the generator. It will be plastered in adobe when weather permits.

Last night I went to a potluck gathering with my friend. We went out to St. Mary’s lake where a community of folks are building their dream. My friend will begin building on her parcel of land this summer. It was great to see the mix of ages, young and old, all so full of an adventurous spirit, so appreciative of the beauty that they have chosen to live in. It is a slice of heaven. As I sat and watched a woodpecker visit the pine cone stuffed with peanut butter on the deck, the shifting clouds filling and then emptying the valley laid out in front of me, the dear hearts sharing food around the table, little ones making their way through the maze of adult legs with their trucks and toys, tears coursed down my cheeks. My heart’s desire so beautifully expressed. I drank it all in, feeding that place that is so ready to be in community with my pod of peeps.

Can you see the solar panel positioned against the rocks to catch the sun which is abundant here?

Trusting in divine timing, in the ability of my heart to create form from the formless. Knowing that this is coming for me and to me. Appreciating the joy of these folks as they are in the thick of it. Living in basements as they build the ground floor of their homes, one couple with a circular house with views all about, beautiful functional woodwork and design in the home we were at…..sensing the hard work and determination of each family to create with the land. There were solar panels and straw bale buildings in evidence, the valley has an east west lie which allows a longer growing season explained one man who told me he was still eating potatoes that they had grown last season. The land and the people radiated such joy!

Mist drifting across the lake

I had a conversation with the founder of this whole enterprise, a German who had traveled here with his wife to discover his own Shangra-li. He said he could see that I had wisdom to share and wondered how I was doing that in the world. I told him that I wrote a blog. His comment alerted me that the time is coming to move out into the world more to share my heartlight. He commented on my balance and strength but then said, “You are too soft, too open. You need protection.” A lovely sentiment from the masculine whose role is to protect and defend. I told him that I had plenty of practice in swinging my sword but that now my heart’s softness and light is all the protection that is needed in these new energies. Indeed, a facebook friend of mine, Nicky Hamid, expressed it so beautifully this morning: “We no longer need to protect our heart and so it is the dissolving of shields and the embracing of all that we are. Moving from isolation to integration.”

Another view from the deck.

My heart is flying free this morning in the clearness of the light and views. The fresh air is gently wafting in from the open window into my room, hot cup of tea at hand. Time to make breakfast and watch the day unfurl. A person last night commented, “Who needs a tv out here, we have an ever changing view of sky and mountains and water.” I concurred. I could feel the bliss of lying by the huge windows and gazing out at the majesty of the scene with such appreciation and gratitude. As we feel that, wherever we happen to find ourselves, we do indeed create heaven on earth. I know that I can hold that vibration of appreciation anywhere but here it is effortless as the beauty spills out before me. I am soaking it in for all of you and streaming it out through my heart ribbons. Can you feel it? I love you all with each breath.

Happy Equinox!

Equinox is here……the balance of day and night. The inner balance of our various bodies: emotional as we let go of triggers and move into our heart to express only love; mental as we become the observer and watch our thoughts from a place of detachment; physical as we adjust our diets and movements to reflect our newness; spiritual as we move deeper into our being and claim more of ourselves as our own. There is so much going on! And yet it is happening for each one of us by ourselves, with ourselves. I love that we are moving out of religions, gurus, and prophets and into our own knowing. The new earth is an age of experience of the divine personally. Each of us is opening and flowing with our own light. We are becoming sovereign in our own containers. We are flowing like this stream of water that looked like liquid light to me today as I took my walk. I have been here on this beautiful island for a few days. There are lovely hikes and woods to explore and I was in joy to find that today my body had rested enough to desire to take a longer walk. My old way might have found me being hard on myself for not taking advantage earlier of these walks. The new me is so appreciative of the rest that I have had, of the lovely views from the windows of this house, of my dear friend who has allowed me this space in her home, of the nurturing that I have received from the trees outside my bedroom window.

Self love and appreciation are pathways to the ascension. We are the ones who have to let go of the inner critic. We can see it for what it is. I am such a freedom lover as an aquarian that as soon as I saw that I had been programmed to imprison myself with toxic thoughts, I began the work of finding an escape route. I started by talking to myself like one of my children. I called myself, “love”. “It is alright, love. You are doing so well. ” Over and over I turned to loving thoughts when the criticisms came in. I had to reset myself from the patterns of guilt, shame and self consciousness. None of it happened overnight but once you are conscious of a pattern, it begins to light up in your brain when it is activated. You then have the opportunity to examine it and decide if that is a thought that you want running in your head. I was listening to a utube video that equated thoughts to energy. How do we want to spend our energy? So many of our thoughts are toxic or reruns that give us no return. These thoughts make us feel bad or anxious or throw us back into a victim role. We can chose to let them go, float by us with no attachment. We can decide to turn our attention to thoughts that give us a return, that make us feel good. We all want to feel good. We are made for joy!

I love the mist on the pathway today. Aren’t you just drawn to peer around that bend and see what awaits you? I feel that is where we are. We are in the mists, we cannot see clearly yet but we see enough to entice us to keep going. We are seeing the hearts opening around us. We are experiencing people reaching out to one another in new ways. We are seeing companies that have mission statements of benefiting all. We are seeing folks begin to focus on and tell the uplifting stories. We are feeling our own inner joy gush up like a spring.

I burned my list of what I am ready to let go of once and for all this powerful day of fall equinox. I am ready to let go of all fear. I am interested how by setting that intention, my being responds with situations to trigger any fears that remain. I am so grateful for this as I witness them arise, give voice to them and let them go with love for how they protected me at some point on my journey. There is no longer any need for me to hold them and my body wants to be light! I do not want any pockets of dense stale energies as I am ready to fill all my being with light.
I let go of all heartache and betrayal. I open my heart fully to every experience. I let go of the need for anyone or anything to show up in a certain way. I embrace it all in love. I let go of the need to protect my heart in any way. That does not mean that I do not set boundaries, I do. As that is a way that I love myself. I no longer will put myself in situations where I am not honored and respected for who I am. I choose to be treated well as I deserve that as we all do. We can let go of people and situations that drain our energy. There are no gold stars handed

out for allowing yourself to be attacked or demeaned by others. (I used to think that I was amassing a collection this way!) We have a responsibility to show others how we are to be treated. We can walk away from toxic people, thoughts, situations. We can walk away from societal norms that say we must honor our mother when she is not honoring of us. We can hold her in love yet choose to limit or close contact that does not feel good. Feeling good is the simple guidance system that we have been gifted with. Your body can tell you whether something is good or bad for you. I have learned to listen to mine and respect her wisdom. We are programmed to believe that we have to push it to exercise, to eat right, to get up and do. The surprising thing is, our bodies know what they need. If we allow it free rein, instead of turning on us, it will care for us in remarkable ways.

I can hear you saying, ” I would eat a gallon of ice cream every day. I would become fat. I would be lazy.” Who is saying these thoughts? I have tried the experiment. I have laid on my couch until I felt the stirring to move. I have allowed myself to eat anything that I desire when I desire it. What I have found is that you cannot eat junk food for very long before you crave vegetables. My body takes the rest she needs and I do not judge her if it is longer than my mind had decided was long enough. Isn’t it strange that we are taught that we cannot trust our bodies? They are a source of great wisdom and yet we have been programmed to turn their care over to the medical profession (who is benefiting from this arrangement?? Not you. The pharmaceutical companies for sure.)We wait for some authority to tell us what is good to eat and what harms us. This changes frequently and folks feel weighted down by all the advice that they are given. How about listening to your body to see what feels good? We are all individuals, each of us has unique needs. No one is the authority of your body but you. No one understands how it feels but you. When your throat tightens when someone throws their anger your way, when your stomach clenches at the thought of going to work the next day, when your head begins to pound at the thought of holidays with the family, when you gag after taking vitamin pills…….these are messages. This is your body’s wisdom delivering a truth. Listen! It is all so simple.

We truly can become like little children once again. In fact, we must to enter in, to enter the kingdom as our brother, Jesus said. We need to express our emotions freely and completely, we need to move about as our bodies desire, we need to allow ourselves to become lost in what we are doing as we are having so much fun that time disappears. We need to let of any idea of knowing anything. We can show up each moment and play with our friends as co-creation is the name of the game!

Today begins a portal of transformation through 11-11-11. Take advantage of all the help that is offered by the universe to step into the new earth at this time. It is like the greatest coupon arriving in your mailbox. Special offer, from now until 11-11-11, divine love is flooding the planet. Beings from inner earth and from the universe and beyond are here to help you ascend all that you need do is open your heart and ask to receive. How easy is that! There is even a guarantee, if you intend that you will open to the light and become more light…you will!

I see my light and delight in it. I see yours and filled with such joy. Turn your heart lights on!