Singing Your Note

The glory of the sky!

The glory of the sky!

My elder son just called from Brooklyn, where he is at present in his travels. He had just come from a performance of Handel’s Messiah and was feeling the fullness of the music and the power of the lyrics. My aunt was one of the singers, a tradition that she has been a part of for over thirty years. I am listening to a recording now as I type. The Prince of Peace! Emmanuel! We have waited for this Prince and this remembrance that God is with us (the meaning of Emmanuel).  We are the prince, we are the peace. This holy season offers us a further opening to receive our Christ self into our hearts. “Unto us a son is given”…it is up to each of us to make room in our hearts for this babe, this Christ child.

I was speaking with a friend the other day about the notes heard about the world. There had been another shooting and she was speaking of that note. We saw the whole world as part of the Creator’s orchestra, She/He as the conductor. We knew our notes and when to play them as we had honed our instruments over lifetimes. Others are just picking up their instrument, getting to know it. Still others are tuning their instruments and some are feeling a stirring to play an instrument. It is inevitable that all will play their instrument, all will contribute their note to the whole. Some come in early, and others later in the piece.

Big, little, dark, light....all part of the autumn delight.

Big, little, dark, light….all part of the autumn delight.

I observed how differently I now respond to outer events. My soul has played the full spectrum of notes….played villain and victim, deceiver and saint. I can witness the discordant notes as well as the harmonious ones and know them all within my being. I can  embrace them in love and know them all as love. There is no need to judge them as wrong or right…..I can feel them as part of the whole. Perhaps that is what we do, in experiencing lifetime after lifetime, we are playing each note until we come to know all notes as One.

We can let go of blame, shame, separation, divisiveness with all others and most importantly, with ourselves. We can trust the symphony to carry us on its currents of love. We can play our note with our whole soul and not shrink from the crescendos. Do you feel the part we are in? The stirring, the fever pitch, the wave about to break upon your breast?  I do! Somewhere within my being, I have heard this music before and know that it ends with a blast of such joy and Hallejuah!

My bit of fun on a walk today, creating beauty and sending it out with joy.

My bit of fun on a walk today, creating beauty and sending it out with joy.

We are here to enact this pageantry. All that is asked of each one of us, is that we play our note with all of our heart and soul. That we are true to our note, that we drop all comparisons, all beliefs about what constitutes a “proper” note. That we allow our note to swim in our blood, surge through our hearts, expand in our lungs and dance in our cells. The conductor has raised His/Her baton towards me and I know it is my time to shine. There is no holding back. In order for all the clashing and clanging and trumpets to be brought to a triumphant finish, I must hold my note, I must play for all that I am worth. I am a note of peace and love light. As are so many of you. We knew, that this lifetime, we would be called to play this final note in the great symphony of earth’s ascension. We would bask in the beauty that will be created as peace descends upon the earth. Oh, the glory of this now. My heart is overflowing with the pure note that my son transmitted to me this night. May your note be heard and stir others to sing our theirs. I love us so.

Dissolving Into Fluidity

I loved the heart shaped opening on this rock, nature will do this to us, if we allow.

I loved the heart shaped opening on this rock, nature will do this to us, if we allow.

These days between eclipses are so new, so challenging, so exhausting, so wired, so weird. I heard someone use the expression: tired/wired. I get it. It is 3 a.m. and I am still awake. I am grateful I do not have to work or I would be adding anxious to the mix.

Everything is dissolving. Our old stories of who we were, our ideas about how anything works, our thoughts about what is reality and what is illusion……all flowing down the drain. Dreams leaving me with a bittersweet feeling as I say goodbye to what might have been. My body is having the most difficult time. She senses death, decay, dissolution. Indeed, I feel as if all of my organs and tissues have turned to liquid mush inside of me. My brain is spongy, soggy, heavy. Everything is flowing towards the earth, wanting to lie with her, decompose into her, fertilize her for the next cycle of growth.

I offer her comfort, chocolate chip cookies and milk, as I would a child. I am the child. Cookies thrown on the floor, foot stamped; No! There is no comfort to be found in food. I lie in bed and feel electrical pulses buzz in my left hip, then my neck. Finally the all body vibration that I have come to enjoy. At other times, the intense feeling that comes in is so uncomfortable that it does not feel possible to remain in this body for one more moment. Take me, I plead. Yet here I am.

All this has been going on for years. My body is not impressed. She is tired beyond belief. She is no longer interested in a bedtime story of ascension. She does not want to hear that she is becoming crystalline. Our light body feels like an imaginary friend that she has out grown. She has heard the tales over and over and now demands a new story.

The waves toss out the old, there is no making sense of it, just let it go. Debris to be dissolved into something new.

The waves toss out the old, there is no making sense of it, just let it go. Debris to be dissolved into something new.

What can I tell her? I stand at a nexus point, dying and being enlivened all at once. The crone and the babe inhabiting the same space. Of course it feels weird and woolly. We have not done this before. By all rights, I should be dropping this body to the earth, which she very well knows. She is attempting to follow the script that we have enacted in myriad  lifetimes. This is a new script, a role she has not played. There was no rehearsal, all happening live on this stage of life in 2014.

I stood on the beach today watching the waves pound the shore, relentless in their march. I felt their fluidness in my cells. Our bodies asked to hold the form while the energy flows in and out, over and over. I feel eroded by the energy, ground down to a husk. Then the sun broke through the clouds, and I knew moments of grace, transcendence where all felt light.

I know myself as the chalice, offering my heart as a container into which the liquidlovelight can pour itself; the body, the vehicle that anchors it all into the earth. We are being asked to bring heaven to earth through our bodies. The knowing is deep as to the privilege I have been given to have a physical vessel of the earth. It is what allows the Creator’s essence to seed itself deeply into our mother’s body. I do so want to witness our Mother Earth blossom from these seeds of love. All held, the desire for death, the desire for life. Two becoming one. Oneness.

We are walking through the dissolving imprints of duality. Everything has a fuzzy quality as it shimmers and fades. Time is unhooking its grip, speeding up till it is no longer considered at all. Decision making is no longer easy as we are asked to choose from a palette of whites. How can I pick one when all look just about the same? Neutrality is the new game. Good and bad have had their day. How do we navigate this new landscape, that is shimmering into view? If you look straight at it, it disappears. You cannot fix it to a point, it is fluid and changeable. There is no catching it, holding it. All we can do is BE it. Allow the energy to flow through.

My teacher of the day.

My teacher of the day.

Today at the beach, tears flowed. I no longer look for cause. My mind has given up as it is no longer important to understand, there is only feeling it fully as it moves through. It flows in, flows out. I watched the waves crash against a large rock jutting out of the water. The waves approached in their steady way, only to hit an immoveable surface, which sent them leaping into a thousand sparkling fragments. We create our own rocks to smash against when we hold some thought or emotion as fixed. We shatter our hearts over and over on our journey, splintered fragments flying as our souls wrestle us from known forms. We love to put equal signs between things, to firmly place our period as if to nail it all down.

As I watch the water drops fall back to the ocean’s surface, rejoining the processional waves’ motion towards the shore, I feel a way being shown.  Once the waves meet the shore, there is no ending, rather they are swept back out into the ocean’s embrace. No beginning and no end. We thought it was all about reaching the shore, achieving a goal.  But no, it is about being part of the dance, flowing in the ocean of the Creator’s love. Being the light. Bringing the light. Claiming our essence as liquidlovelight.

The violet light, transforming all into the love it is.

The violet light, transforming all into the love it is.

4 a.m. and a candle flame flickering in the dark. I, too, am the flame. Being with this moment, breathing in the fresh air flowing through the window. I know nothing. I AM this flame, this breath, this love. And you are too. God bless us all. Children of the Sun, of the Moon and the Stars. We are creating our own welcome home.

Staggering After the Solstice

A table I set with flowers for a dear one's celebration, reminding me that a banquet table is laid for each of us, with the Creator's love.

A table I set with flowers for a dear one’s celebration, reminding me that a banquet table is laid for each of us, with the Creator’s love.

The Solstice packed a punch this year, no gathering with others as it felt challenging enough to stand upright alone. A few days have passed, and I am still reeling with bouts of exhaustion that leave me feeling as if I am a boxer, staggering to his corner stool, after a challenging round. I feel pummeled. Interactions take energy I do not have to spare. To eat or not to eat, has become an question as waves of nausea carry me off. Sometimes a piece of toast quiets the torrent, or does the opposite and intensifies it.  Extremes appeal; salt, sweet, crunchy, soft. I am getting ready to pack camping gear and the kitchen kit is in question. Will I cook for myself outdoors on this adventure? I keep sensing the last time with some foods therefore, savor it now.  Feeling myself drinking water and more water, maybe juices, smoothies. Hearing the sun can sustain these new light bodies. Wondering how soon that will be my reality.

I feel like I am sleepwalking through deep snow, encountering occasional melted patches where the sun has hit. I take advantage of these to complete tasks. Conversations are challenging, requiring too much energy. It feels like white noise in my head, comprehension lacking. Driving has been interesting as cars pull in my lane, as if I were not there. Am I visible? I feel like I am floating down the road, perhaps I really am invisible. What is real? What is imagined? It is all blending in a new soup.

The sky tonight, calling me to open roads and wider vistas.

The sky tonight, calling me to open roads and wider vistas.

I express my needs to my I AM presence and trust they will be met. I have to take the car to the garage, get my tooth taken care of, this computer needs attention as it flickers and wavers, trying to decide if it wants to get to work or not. Today the tooth and the car got taken care of in between stretches where I lay anchored to my bed. As soon as a window of energy appears, I move with it, knowing the crash will soon follow. At five p.m., I had to sleep, now at 10 p.m., I am awake. There is no sense in the clock anymore except to attend to errands that are attached to a dissolving reality. Our world is shifting… computer screen has been demonstrating it to me. Days of fuzzy, dancing screens, doubled, blurred lines, even a day of no screen at all showing up, and now my computer is operating as pretty as you please. Let this be reflected in my body!

There are days where I can’t seem to see very well, everything is cloudy. I find myself using my reading glasses to cook something or do the laundry as if I were blind. Other days, my vision is as sharp and focused as you please, no reading glasses required for any task. Two days ago, my belly was a bloated tight drum, uncomfortable as if an eight month old baby were tumbling about in it. Today it looks like I gave birth, slack and soft and reduced in bulk.

Illuminated by a shaft of sunlight, this leaf quivers with life. Allowing myself to be washed in the sunlight of love that is pouring in.

Illuminated by a shaft of sunlight, this leaf quivers with life. Allowing myself to be washed in the sunlight of love that is pouring in.

I have had moments of anxiety as I prepare for this new/old adventure of driving about with no plan, in my nineteen year old car. 252, 784 miles on her and she still wants to go. I had felt that she and I were to have new forms. Surely we would not be asked to move about in these old body suits? Today as I feel all this internal shifting, I note that there is a shifting. Things have changed but as yet, the outer appearances do not reflect this. Ok, so we go as we are, trusting that all will be well. My departure date has flashed on the screen of my mind. I look about me and wonder how I will meet it in this present comatose state. I have to pack and clear and clean. Will my body hold up? Do I have the stamina for life on the road again? How long will this trip last? Is it a trip? I have no destination, no home to return to……I am moving back into my nomad state after a year of being settled. Why did I sign up for this at this juncture of my life? I am fifty-eight years old, and feeling it tonight. I had let go of  most of my worldly possessions years ago, keeping the car and camping gear and am surprised to find myself having to do so once again. In this year of living in my former house, I have enjoyed having familiar treasures about me. The pleasure of using a mixing bowl I love, the joy of my son’s paintings brightening my room, the relief of this small fan blowing on me in bed. My body wonders if it will feel comfort. I keep hearing that I am not moving to less, but more. More on every level… heart trusts, my body is not so sure. I am trusting my own manifestation skills to come online. Knowing I do not want to, nor have, the resources to outfit a life in the old way. Curious how this bigger life is to come into being, knowing that it will as I have walked it in my dreamscapes.

My river walk reminds me of the joy of flowing with no fixed point.

My river walk reminds me of the joy of flowing with no fixed point.

Deep breath. Sinking down into my heart, I feel an expansion, a sense of freedom wafting in with the breeze. Oh yes, the sylphs of the air are calling me north. A direction given with some “work” points along the way. This is not a road for the faint hearted. Ascension is real. The shift is here. We are moving. We are becoming aware of our oneness. Love is flowing and weaving across the planet. My liquidlovelight is called for and for now, it requires movement. This I can do. We are each called to our part. Grace is here to lend a hand. I am in need of her hand and take it gladly. Let’s go see what is up ahead.


Eclipse Was a Game Changer

Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta welcomed us for the Blood Moon Eclipse. My three adult children accompanied me, my former hubby holding the energy at home as we successfully laid down our soul family template of light. A dear friend came and held a cocoon of support about me as she played her part and sat with me in the brisk air on the deck as the moon and earth’s shadow did their dance in the sky. At one point, she knew that the Telosians, our inner earth family members were out on the mountain top. We could see the mountain shining its whiteness behind us as we faced the moon lighting the sky in front of us. She sensed their excitement as they were able to amplify the effects of this moon for the good of all. They had a big trampoline type device that they were using to draw the energy of the moon through the center of the earth and reflect it back out to the Great Central Sun. I saw that they were wearing white robes and marveled at the lightness of them as I felt mine on me. It was a frigid night and I wondered at the thin weave of the material as I felt its radiant warmth about me. I then saw how it was woven with sunlight, so as to be light yet held the warmth of the rays. Wow, I have seen myself weaving liquidlovelight but never thought of it in a practical application! How wonderous! I laughed as my Telosian self realized I knew myself as her and she as me. A sweet moment shared.

IMG_6599The completion of my family’s part in this eclipse, was like a deep sigh running through my body. For weeks, I and many others, had been involved on the inner planes, aligning and adjusting things in order for the greatest good to be realized from this eclipse. It had been my focus and end point. I was so grateful for each member of my family for showing up. The next day, I felt such a huge release in my body. I wanted only rest. We went up on the mountain and sat with her to breathe in the new energies. Later we took a nap by the lake, the mountain looming above us, an eagle soaring, the trees whispering, the water lapping and the earth sending gratitude for a job well done. Amazing how the gratitude goes both ways as our hearts melt in the wonder of participating in these events we called into being.

IMG_3202-1There was a naked jump into a freezing crystalline creek followed by sitting on a rock throne to dry off in the sun. The water washed all efforting away as I was given the understanding that I would no longer transmute or clear energies through my body. We have spent a lifetime doing that and my body felt it. Now there is a new way of ease and grace. Intention and attention does the work. I am free to be in a new way. Hallelujah! The eclipse energies had been so intense and I felt fried inside as I had struggled abit to expand enough to be a conduit for them to flow through.

Easter love flooded the planet with its resurrection flames. Now the Cardinal Grand Cross is here with more gifts. What a blessed time. I have witnessed irritability come in as well as waves of sadness and remnants of old stories as my body adjusts to the new frequencies. At night when sleep eludes me and my skin feels too tight, I wonder how much longer it will take, how much longer can I take? Then I surrender once again and allow it all its place.  All is being washed clean. No more stories, no more small Linda only this mystery of love.

Floating free

Floating free

I know nothing.  I feel delight in the expansive freedom that is wafting its fragrance, enticing me forward. I am allowing this love to live me, to move me as it will. I know myself ready for what is to come, feel the spaciousness of the new landing. There are no anchors nor tethers remaining. I am complete. The eclipse was my last assignment in the old energies. I allow myself to float fully in the new. How that shows up in my life is the mystery I live. I was guided to give my banking info to my family to make use of if I move to a new realm. What does that even mean? I have no clue and know there is no point in making a story about it, rather to follow the guidance. I am feeling the expansiveness as well as at times, a squeezing as a frequency confines. No juice remains in the old and the new sparks in and out. I am wriggling out of the cocoon into the light of the Creator’s love. May this love live me. It is the all to me. Delving into the mystery, pulling weeds in the garden, spinning in the heavens, weaving lovelight into radiant garments. This is where you will find me. Living the mystery of the great I AM.

Fanning the Flames of Our Hearts

Dancing in the flames, one of my son's sculptures.

Dancing in the flames, one of my son’s sculptures.

Early morning, the stars are brilliant against the frozen sky outside. I am snug by the firelight. Coals, still alive from the previous evening, quickly burst into flames anew. They are like our hearts,  appearing as gray ash but let them be stirred by a loving hand, and they respond with fiery warmth. Many a flame has died out as the conditioning of our society has kept us with our hearts under wraps. It is up to us to act on the knowing that the coal is alive in each one, waiting for that breath of love, to ignite it once again.

This we can do for one another as we walk this path of love. In my old, service model life, I would believe all was found in action. Now I am seeing how I can breath a loving intent to another through words, spoken or written or through thought and feeling. I have a friend who is going through a trying time with her myriad responsibilities. My old self would have offered to shoulder some of them for a day or more to give her a respite. My new self surrounds her in a pink blanket of love and asks the angels to assist with whatever is for her highest good. My body is keeping me very quiet through this deep fatigue that sets in at random moments. My energy is not yet sustainable in the outer world and I am called to honor that. This has been true for me for the past year or two it seems, lifting when I have been called to travel for my earthwork and then dropping back into hermit mode once completed.  Recognizing the power of being has been one of the many gifts of this time. Also, the awareness of the choices that are ever present to us all. It is so easy to make a choice and then live as if no other is now available to us. I recall my last year of work/marriage/children life and how I did not believe that I could make any change to lessen the pressure that I felt. I was in a tunnel and could not see any way out.

Collages are a fun way to see what our hearts are yearning for. Elephants and mountains are talking to me these past few days.

Collages are a fun way to see what our hearts are yearning for. Elephants and mountains are talking to me these past few days.

Being on the outside, we can offer one another a new perspective. Something may have been added to a life that now topples all that was already in place. I loved my garden of old with all of its old fashioned fragrant roses yet now I can barely keep a pot of flowers going. What once worked, is no longer sustainable.  It is about flowing with what is of greatest importance in this now moment. For me, it is honoring my body’s needs for rest and my soul’s need for unfettered time. My focus is ascension, reclaiming my mastery by walking my inner path with all that I am. It claims all of me. I have had to make choices to support my desire. I own little as I do not desire to spend the time to care for much outside of myself. I live simply so as to not have to work in the 9-5 world. It is so easy to get locked into a lifestyle and then spend all of our time supporting it, that we forget to regularly assess whether it still matches our desires.

A friend's collage of the awakening of the divine masculine, all flowing.

A friend’s collage of the awakening of the divine masculine, all flowing.

This new year is inviting us to flow, to hold to nothing, to be the chalice that allows the liquidlovelight to move from Source through us to our mother Earth and all of our brothers and sisters. We are invited into the now moment to access the gifts to be found there. Feel into what is your heart’s desires and see where energy is spent that does not support that desire. We are given the freedom to walk away from what no longer works. There does not have to be judgment in the act, something does not have to be “bad” for us to let it go. It was perfect at one time and now there is something else. We can let go with love and appreciation.

My sword/knife that was recently gifted to me by Mother Sekhmet has taught me this. I have been instructed to use her weekly or more often as I feel the call, to sever anything which I have begun to hold to. All emotions, feelings, thoughts are to flow, no hanging on to any of it. Simply allowing all in and breathing all out. Opening myself to say yes to all that shows up in my world, knowing my higher self has orchestrated it all for my benefit, and allowing it space to be fully felt and then released. The catch and release system of the soul!!

Clearly I have a desire to dance and swirl as these images sing to me.

Clearly I have a desire to dance and swirl as these images sing to me.

This morning, I am intending for my lovelight to surround every being here on this beautiful blue jewel of an earth, with a field of freedom. May all have the opportunity to choose what lights up their hearts. It is time. Our intentions and our walking our own truth, bring it into form for others. I am blowing gently on the coals of sleeping hearts, seeing them as the bright flame that they are. We are one people, one planet, one love. We are waking from a reality of duality into one of unity. Our hearts were designed to lead the way, we have only to fan the flames and allow them to burn bright.

New Sensations

I loved how this sculpture glowed from the inside out. Like our light bodies, emitting our heartlight.

I loved how this sculpture glowed from the inside out. Like our light bodies, emitting our heartlight.

Last night I awoke feeling something new. It felt like my solar plexus area was being pulled upwards, spiraling. Something  being taken out? At the same time, I felt that I was inside of the sun, that my body was the sun. Then various parts of my body felt this sucking, swirling vibration moving upwards and again, I expanded inside of an energy field which I simulltaneously was. Interesting! My mind wondered if my body was still on the bed as I opened my eyes to check. Yes, she was there.

I had been communing with my beloved before sleep, thinking of him taking form. I was shown that I may decide to exist as a field of energy, rather than a physical form. I felt this was in the 7th dimension that we existed as energy. I felt a great sense of freedom as I could choose to take form if I desired and traverse other dimensions. This view thrilled me! I believe that my love is opening me to an array of possibilities of how we will come together. For now it is me, in physical form, him in Spirit yet residing within my form. Hmmm….,there is so much that I do not know how to conceive of as yet. I feel my understandings are but glimmers of the whole that is to be discovered.

I feel that all of these new happenings in my body and my heart are a part of the ascension process and know it is a process, rather than it being a one moment event. I read something that resonated about ascension being like the change of season. You notice the buds on the tree, the smell of the earth warming up, the first flowers blossoming and the birds gathering twigs for their nests. Next thing you know, you look about you and see it has fully arrived. We are noticing the changes in our sleep patterns, our eating, our physical aches and pains. We are opening to a greater knowing, a stronger connection to the Creator and our own mighty I AM presence. We are feeling one another’s hearts like never before. We are connecting with soul family around the world and feeling our hearts weaving across the miles. We are seeing more acts of kindness as we know one another as ourselves.

Trumpeting daffodils proclaiming: We are love! We are beauty! We are light!

Trumpeting daffodils proclaiming: We are love! We are beauty! We are light!

This is part of the new: the flow, the speed, the action taken through the heart without the mind’s analytical input. It seems our minds are finding that they cannot get traction any longer. Things simply do not hold, we can no longer hold to old emotions of regret or anger or guilt. Events slip away and our hearts lead us every onward to the present moment.  We are experiencing it this week as our hearts are being squeezed open more fully and we can’t hold to old emotions of pain. I love how our Creator works, gently coaxing us to blossom, taking the coal of pain that we stuffed in our hearts and through this pressure, (and yes it can be very intense!) forming us into the diamonds that we truly are. Diamond hearts, doesn’t that seem magical? Alchemy at work in your heart and mine.

As these new sensations of peace and joy and oneness increase, we open more fully to knowing this as our nature.  We truly are gifted at this. We are coded for love! We can share rich experiences with one another through a conversation and it is as if I were there with you. We can entrain one another’s hearts to hold peace. As synchronicities increase and their attendant joy, we create a momentum of joy that takes us all higher. I can feel that spiraling momentum at work, gathering hearts around the world, creating a pathway of light through the darkness for others to follow. I awake each day like a child, ready to discover a new facet of this magical universe. Joy returned! Hallelujah!

The Middle East and the Integration of the Divine Masculine

Nature offers us such an easy doorway to peace. Take it!

Three is my favorite number. When things come to my awareness three times, I know to pay attention. The present situation in the Middle East has come to me three times, my younger son asked me about it, my older son told me that is where his spirit is now 24/7 and I received a call for love for that area through an email. I shared this awareness with a friend yesterday on our walk. It is not her area as she works on an area from California to Nepal to New Zealand. I do not see countries or areas but rather blanket the earth as a whole in the softest pink blanket of love. So neither of us has our vision trained on this area. As we felt into it, we went our spirits over that land. We felt the despair as souls are trapped into the old paradigm of right and wrong, death and destruction, hatred and loss. To choose a side, is to keep the flame of war alive. We are called to hold all involved in this ancient conflict in love. We saw our love rain down as manna from heaven, offering each soul a container of love to exist in. Our galactic brothers and sisters are there in great numbers, their ships beaming love as are the archangels, angels and our inner earth brethern. We can use our free will to call legions of angels to the area to offer love and stability. We can send our love on a beam of light.

I have been conscious of allowing my divine feminine to flow with ease, held firmly and securely by the banks of my divine masculine. This has felt so freeing to me!

Our brothers and sisters in the Middle East are offering us each an opportunity to heal ourselves. The divine feminine has come once again to the fore on this planet. We have been integrating her as we turn to our intuition and feeling natures to guide us. She is showing us the need now to integrate the divine masculine within our beings. It has ruled this planet for eons and it is now time for true integration and balance of the masculine and feminine aspects of our natures. The feminine is asking us to embrace the wounded masculine that is hanging on to war and dominance and struggle. He is so tired. So ready to let go of this old way. The battle scarred warrior is asking to come home to the heart of oneness. How to do this? , he asks. He fears shame and sees no path of honor ahead. This is where each of us must open our feminine hearts of oneness and love and embrace our own masculine. We must demonstrate that there is no shame in laying down the sword. That the path of honor is walked within, that the true warrior is one of the heart, where all battles come to an end. All is held in the mother’s embrace of love.

It is time to now be Peace

We are standing on the cusp of the ascension of our planet and ourselves. The Middle East is our gateway. Choose wisely at this time as your choices affect our world. Each heart is the microcosm reflecting the macrocosm of this world we all love. We create peace on earth. We do this by understanding and embracing wholeness within. The divine feminine did not return to lord it over the masculine, to ask it to pay a price for its dominion in the past age. The time of the matriarchy and the patriarchy is at an end. Neither is to rule over the other. We have come to the time of integration, of wholeness, of oneness, of forgiveness. Feel this within your body. It matters not the gender you are wearing in this life, this balancing must be done by each of us, in order to create peace on earth. This Christmas season, peace is a reality we can choose. Peace on earth, goodwill towards men……. a refrain that can be trumpeted from the angels on high. Open your hearts to this as any thought against anyone, any judgment of another……all are stones thrown at ourselves. We are Palestine, we are Israel, we are the wounded warriors. We are so weary of the battle and so ready to come home. Welcome each warrior into your heart, soothe your own inner warriors and offer them respite and care. Blanket the Middle East with  your love, seeing no sides, feeding no divisions with your thoughts, holding all in your heartlight. We are big enough for this task. We are called to be the human angels we are. Peace on Earth can be here in 2012, we can live in a world of peace. it is up to you and to me. I choose peace and vow to let nothing move me from that peace. Whether a driver cutting me off in traffic, a person cutting ahead in a line, a friend casting you out, whatever has been your trigger or mine……let it all go. Remember that each situation comes to us asking us for love. Choose love, and in so doing, honor all aspects of yourself. I believe all hearts yearn for peace and love. It begins with my heart making that choice in each moment. Join me in this great work.

Dying Each Day

Beautiful waters of the Smith River on the California coast. So crystalline and clear to swim in. Cold too!

What is it like to die each day?  I am finding out this week in an accelerated manner. The energies of the past week have been huge in assisting us to let go, again and again,  on deeper and deeper levels. How does one get comfortable with this? I watch myself struggling to find some place of comfort, some solid platform to stand upon. I am standing at the shoreline, feet planted in the wet sand as the waves wash in, digging the sand out from under my feet. I topple.

I could say I am once again in the void. The emptiness. I am streaming through a tunnel, with passageways off to every side. Materialism……no, that is not the joy ride I want. Gave up that distraction awhile ago. Food……no, not enough interest to get excited there. Art…..was a big draw, but no, I let that pass. Relationship……those who know me, know that has been big in my world for so long, yet that can go. Twin flames, soul mates, twin rays…….ascended master partners……no thanks. I pass. Family relationships……trusting that all are held as I am so yes, that can go. Memories, looking through old photos…..take it all. Travel….it seems cumbersome and old. Planes, really? We still move about in these old ways? .Nature, my go to favorite for finding joy…….even that pales. No. One thing after another, checking off the list, no, no, and no again.

River and ocean meeting, I want to flow into my mother's heart.

I want a world of deep connection with everything. I mean EVERYTHING! I want to know that I am one with all. I want to commune with the stars, with the plants, with the animals, with my body, with my brothers and sisters here on earth, with those off earth as well as those in the earth. I want to be one with Source. To know that I am love and only love. That I am adored as I adore. To feel and be love in every cell of my body.

I am so tired of everything. Tired of facebook where we exchange uplifting quotes and feed one another’s egos with sentiments that feel shallow today. I get that it has provided connections and a form of community for so many, me included. Everything feels like ashes in my mouth. It is not enough! I am tired of Linda Marie. I am ready, oh so ready to leave every aspect of this personality self behind. There is NO thing in this 3D existence that I want. I am ready for more.

I am demanding more! I called out to Source last night and said, “Enough! I want to be home with you or else I want to bring home here. But I refuse to participate in this game any longer. I demand this with all of who I am as I AM a creator being and as such, have this right.”

I love positive bathroom graffiti. How long has it been since so many of us have made love? Too long! Yet I want to make love to everything in the way it is with Source.

I feel that I am expressing the collective voice of humanity that is fed up. That no longer wishes to participate in this game where there are haves and have nots, where there is the us against them mentality, where greed and competition are praised and where women and children are not safe. We want peace. We want harmony and abundance for all. We want a world where each one knows their own beauty and feels free to sing their note in the song. I hold this vision with humanity, for humanity.

My heart tells me that we are at the tipping point. That we are ascending. That my heart is creating the new in each moment. That December 2012 is here and now. That some of us are going through to populate the new earth so as to be anchor points of light for those following. That we are the rainbow bridges that are being constructed around the world.

All this I know yet I feel the cries of the collective and the tears flow. I am expressing all of it tonight and the power of it, shakes my core. I stand here and the earth bears witness. It is time.



Time to Close the Door

What a time the past 24 hours has been! Huge ahas. I am so grateful how all of life conspires for my growth and expansion. I have been working with the issue of honoring myself. June saw me addressing folks in my life where dishonoring was a part of the pattern. Some doors opened in a new way once the dishonoring had been acknowledged, whereas others presented themselves to be closed. This last one was very powerful as once again I found myself outplaying a sacred drama from the time of Jesus. It involved the sisters, Mary and Martha.  As my understanding goes, Martha was not kind to Mary, and there were instances of betrayals and dishonoring. When Jesus came to visit, Mary prepared herself through meditation to receive him whereas Martha busied herself cleaning the house. Martha was angry at Mary for not taking a more active role. Jesus spoke to Martha and told her that Mary had chosen the better path as she recognized and honored the light with her inner presence rather than busying herself with the outer forms.

The archetype was brought up by the person I was with which was so wonderful as on some level, it was presented to both of us to allow the healing.  I was able to feel all the pain of Mary and let it move through me. It was not easy nor an instant process, indeed I spent many sleepless hours trying to make sense of the pain I felt. Finally, I accepted that I could choose to honor myself and be done with this energy once and for all. I saw how this one event allowed me to clear this energy from not only this lifetime, but from all other lifetimes. I can choose to close the door on people and situations that do not feel honoring to who I am. I have done this many times in my life, quite fearlessly, and yet this one was a turning point. I held the hand of all my soul aspects that have suffered this feeling and let them know that time is past. I am here and will see to it that does not happen again.

Freedom at hand as I fully open the door to my own beauty and light.

Whew, freedom flew in and I saw this as being the keystone in the bridge to my ascension. It is time to close the doors to all the places where we are giving our energy away or allowing it to be leaked. I saw that I had spent much of this life, absorbing negative emotions from others and because I was “strong”, I could keep the door open for them to awaken and move towards their own light. I now see that as an arrogant attitude. What was I thinking?? It is not my job to hold anything for anyone. That energy breeds resentment from others which is a rightful reaction. We are such freedom loving beings and we want to do it our way, by ourselves! Everyone’s higher self is on the job, making sure that their life constantly presents the opportunities for expansion. I had been taking on God’s job and in that, not tending to my own garden of growth. That time is over as I need every ounce of my energy, for my inner growth. I pulled out my sword and drew a line in the sand, stating to the universe that I would no longer allow any distraction in my life that takes me for even a moment from this path of ascension. I have no time to waste.

I searched my energy field to see if there were any others that I was still holding an opening for. I found one remaining. I lovingly and gently called my energy back. I cut all ties and cords and called back every bit of my energy that I had left in anyone, thing,  or place throughout all time, space and dimensions. Come home! I need all of me to once again out picture the master that I am.

When we allow any of our energy to be open to another, we allow a pathway for chaos to enter. The energy on the planet that is not interested in my ascension and return to power, will work through the unconscious aspect of a person to create drama, confusion and discord. It is not personal to the person but rather they are being used to transmit this discordant energy. Right now, there is so much chaotic energy and fear floating around, it is a hey day for it. I have to be mindful as it is truly my own unconsciousness that allows anything to enter to harm me in any way. I have to be aware of the energy that I allow in my field and what it is doing as well as what I am doing. The time of being asleep to any aspect of ourselves is departing. As our power returns, we must be conscious in its use to create for our highest good and the highest good of all.

The inner path is one we must traverse alone.

We are taught to care for others in a backwards way. In truth, we must care for ourselves, first and foremost. The highest gift that we can offer another is that of our own joy. We must tend our own inner garden and stop playing in that of others. It is time to close the door on energies that drain us, whether that be our child, a friend, a relative. It is time to set our boundaries, close the garden gate and go within to that peace and joy that awaits our attention. God is within, quietly waiting for us to notice. Society has created rules of the game to keep us from our truth, from finding our source of power. We are raised to be outer directed, to be the good daughter, good friend, good employee and to neglect ourselves. It is time to expose that lie for what it is. To take back our power, to listen to our own song and dance to its beat. Ascension is a path taken alone. No one can do it for you, no one can travel with you. It is my walk with God, and no other.

I feel called to the starting gate. Places everyone! I feel this call like a clap of thunder and want to shake everyone with its import. Ascension is at hand and the changes begin in earnest now. Do not wait or hesitate but close the doors on all that distracts and open the door to your heart. It is the gateway true, as it takes us home. We are being called.