Eccomi…..Here I AM

IMG_3612 (1)One day, we will look back at these times and marvel at the beings that we are. Another intense day; a trip out to get the post surgery sunscreen and silicone pads for my nose,  home to make food, followed by a deep three hour sleep. Whew. Not able to do anything for the remainder of the day except watch a BBC series and drink quarts of water. Tried to sleep, my body still feeling head pressure and weighted yet my mind active with buzzing energy. To say that I am done with this way of living….is an understatement. It is a half life, at best. Tonight I am at that edge point….let me shift out of body or allow me to have some sustainable energy that makes a life here possible.

I feel such tenderness for this body elemental that has withstood so much. I know how blessed I am by her. I am grateful for the relatively pain free existence that I have had in her. I know so many who have taken on physical dis ease and pain to transmute it back to love for us all. I am grateful for their service.

The green green algae, my green hat and nose bandage all enjoying the sun.

The green green algae, my green hat pulled low over my nose with its added protection of a bandage, all enjoying the sun.

I was reading a woman’s memoir about Italy where she described the unselfish care that her Italian mother-in-law bestowed upon her family. The word used was, eccomi…eh ko me. It means, here I amThe mother used this word in answer to questions, concerns, tears. Eccomi. That word hit me in my heart. It could describe so many  on this planet.  Here I AM. Offering all in service to this earth, to humanity, to the Creator. Eccomi. Here I AM.

I know that there has been a qualitative change that has taken us beyond the parameters of old. The shift is in progress, so many layers have lifted, entire dimensional spaces have been collapsed from the bottom up. The densest spaces having been cleared as we move up the scale of frequencies. I know that the horizon is bright with possibilities beyond my imagining.

We are in the embodiment phase. We are bringing the frequencies of heaven to earth through these dear body elementals.  I trust in the regeneration, youth ing, radiant health that is on tap. Yet tonight, all I can feel is that we are due for an R&R as the fatigue factor is mighty. Another word that I liked from the Italian memoir was carnale….of the flesh. She describes how our English word, carnal is derogatory and has sexual connotations. Whereas, the Italian word, carnage meant precious, sacred. Fully of the flesh. I want to be fully in my flesh, to feel so embodied in my divine feminine grace that every cell in my body dances in its truth.

At times, the energy flows to cooking. Today I was able to enjoy so many colors in one meal...yum!

At times, the energy flows to cooking. Today I was able to enjoy so many colors in one meal…yum!

I am ready to live my divinity fully. I dream of the day that we no longer talk about spiritual matters as we embody the light. We are the light. I am ready for a simple life of beauty and love and connection. My Italian memoir points out how the American author outgrew her binge eating due to the healthy fresh food eaten in community. The cooking and sharing of food giving it all those love nutrients that we have lost in our culture. I want to cook and eat with others, not in the singular way I did for decades as a housewife but in a way where more is shared as a community.  The growing, the harvesting, the cooking, the eating…all with others. I want to live in a love pod that hums with its harmonic overtone. Where every sentient being is singing their note and all are understood. The trees outside my door converse with me as easily as my soul sister, the breeze speaks in a language of light that flows through my mind like the sweetest music, the earth meets the soles of my feet with spirals of energy, pulsing up through my form. All is in harmony. All is at peace. All is love.

Dear body of mine, we will hold fast to this knowing. This month of August is about showing up each day as best we can, trusting to the quickening that September’s energies hold. Eccomi, here I AM.












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