It Is All New

IMG_5221Have you felt these new frequencies rolling in? They are calling us to be present in every moment. Your mind can have an idea of what you are going to do and it can be tumbled about in the wave crashing in. There is no solid ground, we are the ground! A new firmament is being created as we stream our lovelight from Home into this earth. Exciting, exhausting, relentless.

I had been given a vision and a date for my first step into my new expanded role. Dates shifted and the new moon called me and a friend to Mount Shasta days earlier than expected. It all happened as if in a dream,  a few hour drive up to the spot that called to us on the mountain and then back again. No walk in town, nothing but hit our mark and depart. Floating the whole way in a rich soup of energies. The aftermath, days of stillness. Packing awaits, departure looms and yet I can do nothing but lie here and dream.  We are dreaming the new into being. This is powerful work and the time is now. I heard the deep voice booming, “It begins,” and I knew its truth as my vision unfurled the shock waves of love spreading across the land.

Birds flying in sync in moving waves across the sky. We can let go and trust the patterns of love.

Birds flying in sync in moving waves across the sky. We can let go and trust the patterns of love.

As these waves of love pour in, they loosen the debris from each of our hearts. All the sediment that has weighed us down is being lifted, we have only to observe its departure. Like a layer of fog covering the earth, it can appear thick and impenetrable when you find yourself in the midst of it. Yet, as you stand and breathe it in, whether it be joy or sorrow, it can melt like the mist it is. This fog layer asks to be loved fully so that we can claim clear skies for all of humanity. It matters not whether it is my shadow or yours, I breathe it in and breathe it out in liquidlovelight. Alchemists of old, our time is now to show our mastery. All that has been hidden in the shadowlands, comes forth to be spun into the golden lovelight. You can do this, I can do this. It is not difficult as we have learned that all the stories have but one theme, and that is love. All that has come into our world has been to open us to receive or give the love that we are. It was never personal, but rather gifts of growth and expansion. Freedom lovers, one and all, we desire to love our hearts, and all hearts, free.

Oh, to be wild in love! To fall in love throughout the day. To love everything and everybody. I recall a younger sister sharing this sentiment thirty years ago and my response of, “You are crazy, you cannot love everyone. ” She took her life not long after as she could not find a way to remain in the dense energies of the time with her loving heart. It has been a grueling journey for sensitive souls. That time is coming to an end as we have decided, as a collective, that we desire everyone to live a life of freedom, of abundance, of  peace and harmony.

We are just getting our land legs in these new energies, see yourself as tender as this fawn, newly born.

We are just getting our land legs in these new energies, see yourself as tender as this fawn, newly born.

Gentleness is called for as we acclimate to these new frequencies. Our wonderful bodies are working overtime to adapt and transform. We honor them by resting, drinking lots of water, allowing them what they call for. When we completely surrender to the process, we find that whirlwinds of energy suddenly appear to complete a required task. My packing will get done with ease, this I know. I cannot decide it with my mind, only allow the movement, riding the waves. To be in tune with these waves is the essential task. Life will continue despite a to-do list that remains unchecked. We are moving into the NOW moment, the zero point field where past and future are merely words that no longer make sense.

Surrender, allow, be. Letting go of the shoulds, letting go of other’s desires, dropping into what is and finding peace. My heart is on fire with this love. It is spread heart to heart, a conflagration of lovelight exploding around the earth. We will never be the same. It will never be as hard again. Hold to nothing, allow all to move through you and you will shiver with the delight that freedom brings. To be here now, all the lifetimes of sorrow dissolved in the joy of this love. Breathe it in for now, the play begins! The new firmament is moving into place and we are the ones to create the world we desire. Expand your hearts and you will know the gift that you bring to the drawing board. Know your worth and hold your head high as you begin to give it. All on this planet, have a contribution to make. Look to your own heart, feel what lights you up and be it with all that you are. You are divinity in form, a creator god ready to play with other gods. We can create a world beyond our imagining!

12 thoughts on “It Is All New

  1. I love this! And I adore the synchronicity of this post. This is the third confirmation/synchronicity today of what I wrote in my blog post today. So beautiful! I love you dear sister and honor your beautiful journey.


    • i love you and love our synchronicity. We are becoming one…….beautiful.
      Sky was the most amazing blues and golds and pinks tonight, it felt like the new entering in.
      Love and blessings of joy,

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  3. beautifully beautifully said and expressed the words roll around inside me..I feel them I taste them I savor them it is so it true the wait is over the difficult times are over we hang in there (difficult to see sensitive soul that leaves…) we stay together

    • Dear Irene,

      Thank you for reading and savoring! We are doing this together and I am so grateful.
      Blessings of JOY!

    • Dear Brenda,
      You are so welcome and thank you for reading! I so enjoyed your last one.
      Blessings of liquidlovelight flowing,

  4. Thank you
    I am basking in the bliss we share. I tried to describe it in the poem below

    Merging with higher self

    Tapping into the ever present river of bliss,
    The underlying truth,
    The all within.
    So close by, yet somehow elusive.

    The smile spreads across my face,
    while reading light filled passages,
    or gazing at a bright blue sky,
    relaxing in the bath.

    Many facets to this jewel,
    Both peace and childlike joy,
    Intense emotion,
    Bringing tears to the eyes.

    A clarity of mind and clear expression,
    Expanded understanding of our world.
    I laugh at the absurdity of conflict,
    Like fingers from the same hand waging war.

    A tendency for mischief,
    Like a cat seeking play.
    A lightness of heart,
    Life’s just a game.

    Powerful passion,
    Electricity and silk.
    Within the loving arms
    of my partner.

    An enhanced version of self,
    Feeling vibrant,
    and inspired.
    A strong desire for artistic expression.

    Increasing frequency of occurrence,
    In between time,
    Contrast clear.
    I’m somewhat dulled until the connection returns.

    But the imprint is strong now,
    The memory is sure.
    I expect the silly smiler
    to return.

    Hope you enjoyed it, loving the connection i feel.

    love to you


    • Dear Michelle,

      Thank you for sharing your lovely poem. It speaks of these times.
      Blessings of love to you,

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