Body Laughs at Any Edict of My Mind’s Creation

Expansive sky, echoing how I am feeling.

Expansive sky, echoing how I am feeling.

I am sitting here giggling as I eat the last of the ice cream in the carton. Second day of my “no sugar” edict and it dissolves. Just as all else that has form is dissolving. All that we thought of as our identity is dissolving. The old “structure” that we housed ourselves in is melting away. This can be frightening. If there is no form, who are we? We float in the void of the formless. I am laughing as I have known for some time to allow all, have stepped from schedules and plans and moved in the now (easier to do in a semi-hermit life like mine!) and floated free. When I have an fixed event, I feel the compression on my system. I enjoy the freedom of expansion with open space to move in, all about me. My way has been to give tasks to my higher self to bring to my awareness at the perfect time so that the action aligns with the energy of movement and is taken with ease and grace.

Yet, I stated publicly this no sugar edict. This no sugar thing came up as a means of supporting a dear one in her desire as well as a knowing in myself that I would benefit from it. Clearly, supporting another if it is not your truth, your joypath, is no longer supported by the energies. Hurrah! An old pattern in me, of being the cheerleader, is ready to depart. We are moving into a time of allowing one another to find our paths. I hear evidence of this as folks are feeling more detached, less of a desire to be “helpful” or jump in with advice. There is an honoring happening as we honor our joy path and allow others theirs. We are letting go of judging whether someone’s path is right or wrong. Things are beginning to be what they are, without a need to label them as good or bad. They simply are.

As I experience my body chuckling at me, as I savor this creamy texture on my tongue, I know she will guide me to the best choices in each moment. That may or may not align with what we have been taught is of the highest nutritional content. We have all lived through the swings of what is healthy and what is not. So much of it has been a corporate game played at our expense. Thank goodness, folks are choosing to empower themselves in this area and are tuning into what their bodies have to say rather than the outer world.

This rattlesnake who surprised me on my walk, reminded me that shedding our skin is a natural part of growth.

This rattlesnake who surprised me on my walk, reminded me that shedding our skin is a natural part of growth.

All this aligns with this new state of formlessness where we allow the energy to flow. We are conduits for energy. No longer storehouses with cubicles for placement of this and that. “No sugar” is a label that dissolved as it went through me. I can have an intention to give my body what she needs but any labeling as to how that looks in a given moment, will not hold as there is no thing to affix to. I may find myself eating sugar or not, I can observe this but not dictate it.  I can set an intention and trust myself to care for my body with all the tenderness I hold, in each moment. To be true to the now moment.

I love this!! To be so fluid and free, I have awaited this feeling. I love that what I thought yesterday about myself has already dissolved. I love that what I thought this morning is no longer true. I love this shift! It is in dissolving the form of “Linda” completely that I allow the fuller, more expanded energy of my I AM presence, to pour in.  There is no longer a need of a mental construct for the energy to flow into. We have our bodies which are being transformed into vehicles that can be a conduit for greater and greater amounts of our light from Home. By dropping form, we free ourselves to be who we are more fully. This is like a new game and the child in me is so enjoying playing!

In this moment, I can be an egret, stately in stance, fluid in flight.

In this moment, I can be an egret, stately in stance, fluid in flight.

In a dream last night, I felt so burdened, trying to clear up a mess made by others. They were long gone and all their stuff was left and had to be removed. After some struggle and trying to figure out how to move it, I realized that I could leave it. I could walk away. I could drop the struggle. It is that simple when we allow it. I am ready to play in a new playing field of joy and laughter and love. Will you join me there?

10 thoughts on “Body Laughs at Any Edict of My Mind’s Creation

  1. Hello Dear siSTAR/Friend…Linda Marie…

    Aaaaahhhhh…..listening to our Inner Knowing as each moment unfolds is such a Gift….Thank-you for sharing your Letting go and Letting Flow….Being in the Know of which way NOW to go…

    I love you…

    Bonnie Lou

    • Dear Bonnie Lou,

      sounding the ahhhhhhh with you, si-star!
      I love that it is getting lighter and more playful. I use our day at the creek as a meditation spot.

      I love you

  2. I smile with the gentle reminding we get from sweet messages. Yours is the message the movie Redwood Hwy left me with. Always gentle reminding us of who and what we are with no restrainces. We are A new species with all opportunity to create exactly the beautiful life we have long for for thousands of years. Wait, no a species that has never been before. Wide open for us to follow our hearts and live our dreams.
    Now is the time. May Love, Peace and Harmony filled with ever lasting Joy, fill our hearts. As we feel this and bring it forward I can count on you being at my side. We are Warriors from the very beginning of time. This time we carry only Love in our hearts. Love is the Answer!
    I so appreciate you in the form of Linda Marie. Long big hug of Love to you!

    • Dear Bev,

      Now is the time! I am at your side carrying our lovelight and roses. I appreciate you and rest easier knowing you are here with me.
      I am loving you,

  3. I so love this post! Thank you Sweet Linda! Time to let go of labels, structures and rigidity…let’s enjoy life to the fullest! Why limit ourselves with games created by the (wonderful) mind? I’m so enjoying my own sweet, fresh-baked banana bread with a cup of the most aromatic tea this lovely morning :))) There is so much sweetness in the air! Quoting Bonnie Lou, Aaaaahhhhh…….

    • Dear Nici,

      You are so welcome, thank you for taking the time to write. Mmmmm, banana bread and tea……yum. It is the simple pleasures that make this life so rich. Ahhhhhh, we are all sitting at the table sipping our tea and nibbling our cake.
      Let joy reign.
      Much love,

  4. Dear One: As I read Your post today, it’s as if I wrote it MySelf. I’m experiencing each awareness and awakening You are describing so eloquently. No more rules. No more labels. No more always or never(s). No more jumping up to assist. No more judging – even my self (small s). Breaking up my freedom by needing to be somewhere or with someone causes exactly the “compression” on me. The weight & restriction caused by “stuff” is nearly unbearable these days. I have quite a story to tell of that right now. I love reading Your posts because they resonate so deeply with my experience of the changing me. Thank You for being a friend and sister in The Light. LOVE TO YOU!!!

    • Dear Karena,

      Thank you for your lovely words. It is amazing how we are all traversing this passage. I am so grateful that we can reach out and touch one another for support as there are wobbly days amongst them all. I so feel that weight of stuff as I witness more and more folks clearing and lightening. I love the idea of creating whatever we need in the moment and it uncreating when we no longer need it. No longer holding, storing stuff, inside or out. We were never meant to be storage containers and think of all the storage units in the world, holding stuff for future times. Yikes! Always felt so heavy to me.
      I am grateful to feel your flow and joy in this changing world. Thank you for all that you do!
      With lovelight flowing freely from my heart to yours,

  5. Cosmic Ditto, Linda. The more I read, the more I grin. We are writing the same things in the now and I’m loving the synchronicity ~

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