Letting Go of Sugar and Transforming Man’s Inhumanity to Man, Breath by Breath

IMG_6766The past few days, I have been drifting.  A friend called yesterday and asked me where I was as I sounded so different. I have been in a bubble, long walks by the river, quiet home life with the family, acupuncture sessions and back exercises to renew the way I move. Today I am beginning a no sugar food plan with my daughter. I am fortunate to have her support and know-how about food to change up my eating habits. We are so blessed with vegies in the garden, farmer’s markets and two cooks who love to create delicious meals. I eat well but sugar has been an addiction I am ready to be without. Ha, just spoke with two friends while typing this who have also felt the calling to let go of sugar!  Here is a source that my daughter found for support: http://iquitsugar.com. I love how energy sweeps through the collective, transforming us again and again. Sugar consumption is up for the collective, allowing us access to more of our true selves. It is wonderful that the support is now there as the collective’s energy can be called on to strengthen our intentions.

A friend whose body called her to quiet sugar years ago said, “We do not need the white powder anymore, we can now live on our own sweetness.” Oh, that came in as a pillar of support in my body. Yes! I can tune in to my own sweetness and drink from that when my mind says it wants a sugar hit. We also spoke about being gentle with our bodies as they go through this amazing transformation. No hard and fast rules, a gentle leaning in of letting go of old impulses and patterns while staying tuned to what is calling in the moment. Allowing the deliciousness of life to fill us and sometimes that may be an ice cream cone. Allowing my taste buds to become more refined so that strawberries whipped in the vitamix, are as satisfying as ice cream. Summer with all of its delicious fruits offers an easier passage into this change.

The sweetness of this rose lifting me with her love.

The sweetness of this rose lifting me with her love.

I have been reading lots of fiction that I grab from the new book shelf at the library. It has taken me into the dark world of slavery, which I was not intentionally seeking. Evidently my higher self wished me to delve into these energies, to feel them, breathe them in and breathe them out in love. It has felt like walking in two worlds or more as I sense myself dwelling in so many times past. The books are: The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd and Island Beneath the Sea by Isabel Allende. There was also a Wally Lamb book about child sexual abuse and pedophiles which was so difficult for me to read, yet something in me felt the importance of doing so.  As well, we recently watched a movie, The Book Thief with Geoffery Rush that was about Nazi Germany.  So, I have been living in the shadow lands of humanity’s cruelty to itself. My heart has had quite a workout as it breathed it all in. I am knowing that this layer is up for release and many of us are asked to take it in with all of its pain and sorrows and horror, call in the violet transmuting flame and release it back to love.

I now understand that this is part and parcel of my “‘work”. We have spent so long clearing the land, our emotional bodies and the emotional body of earth. The clearing continues yet the lovelight is beginning to cast its bright light over all. I feel the softening, the melting and melding into love that is happening for us all. There is so much more kindness expressed in the day to day encounters in my world. I see folks reacting with a much softer tone to news of death, illness, disease, or problems. The underlying sense of “all is well” is seeping in everywhere. We are growing in our love to others and to ourselves. I am so grateful! What a blessed time to be on the planet, contributing our note to the song of songs. I love us all.

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