Mount Shasta Drive By

Mount Shasta blanketed by clouds.

Mount Shasta blanketed by clouds.

March began with movement for me, after weeks of stillness. A friend from my past came to visit from his home in China. I met him in Western Australia when I was 18, he was 16. We have only seen one another a handful of times in all those years, given the distance, life’s obligations, resources, etc. Yet our friendship has held, despite all of that. Once I knew that he would be coming for a couple of days (thank goodness we can expand time), many things began to align. A friend asked if I was ready to clear all “contracts, curses and vows” with him. Wow, never thought of it in those terms. I agreed, we called in his higher self who came with alacrity, eager to participate. She had me repeat a statement of clearing three times. Images of a medieval lifetime, a knowing of all the relationships we have played with one another, partners, parent/child. sibling, master/slave……on and on. All this in a nanosecond. By the third voicing of the statement, I was sobbing. Deep emotion, allowed it all to flow through. Knew it was preparing a clean slate in which to meet upon. Through her questioning, it came to light that this man was indeed an aspect of me, as he had always told me. He was my third split from Source, so our connection went far back. Amazing, all the layers of lifetimes and roles.

My friend was going to be leaving the USA out of San Francisco and wanted to meet there. That did not resonate with me as I am not much of a city gal these days so I suggested Mount Shasta. Later, Adama came in and told me it was he who put the idea of Shasta in my mind as he wished me to bring my friend there. Various pieces of information came in from friends. I do so love the co-creative way we work these days!  We were all working to create a pyramid that would be lowered over Mount Shasta. My friend and I would be holding the divine feminine and divine masculine aspects in the center. We would all connect the core of the Earth with the Galactic Center. As above, so below. The Telosians under Mount Shasta would be partners in all of  this.

Traveling from Idaho, my friend was scheduled to fly into Medford, Oregon. A storm was predicted so there was concern about crossing the mountain passes. I debated whether to take my son’s car with four wheel drive rather than my faithful Maxie, who had laid down tracks of liquidlovelight all across the country over the past few years. In the end, she insisted that she was to accompany me on this journey as it was a last hurrah in some way. Seems we are both about to get an upgrade in form! I love that idea.

IMG_6122As I drove out of Sacramento, I was greeted with a huge rainbow arching over the highway. I started to laugh as I knew that it was a sign given to me that all was well and my anxiety melted away. Wipers on high most of the way, I arrived just outside Shasta to stop and do some sword work with a friend. There was an energetic exchange as well as being fed a delicious lunch which fueled me for the rest of my trip. I drove into the town of Mount Shasta, the mountain invisible in the rain. I got out to walk along the main street to stretch my legs. I went into a clothing store and emerged with a new, rather expensive flowy outfit, not my intention at all. I heard, “This is in celebration for what is taking place.” Observing myself with bemusement, I decided to head straight up to Medford in order to get over the pass before the weather got worse. Once in the winding mountain pass, the sky cleared and the sun laid a dry, clear road ahead. In Medford, I checked into the first cheap motel that I found. As I went to register in the lobby, I realized that I had been here years before with my daughter. I recalled that I had picked her up in Oregon and was taking her home as she was having a tough time. I felt all the worry and concern flood through me as I stood at the desk. Amazingly, the young woman at the desk was the same person who had been there before. I felt like I was crossing timelines in some way.

IMG_6145I awoke at 5 a.m. to a text from my friend stating that his flight had been canceled. His option was to take a flight to Sacramento that would get him there about noon. Yielding to what was, I packed up and headed back down the highway. The timing would work perfectly for me to arrive at the Sacramento airport to pick him up. Mount Shasta remained veiled as I stopped at the headwaters to fill my water jugs. There was no time to drive up the mountain, I sent her my love and drove on. I tuned in to Adama, the Telosian to see if he had any messages about this change. Nothing.  Five hours later, my friend and I were together and it turned out that my former hubby was unexpectedly, still at the house. Ah, this is what was meant to happen! Here was the meat of it. My friend from Aussie was the person whose name had been linked with my decision to divorce. He held the trigger of pain for my former hubby. I had gone to Aussie after 28 years away, at this man’s invitation and once there, decided that I would divorce. He was married and was not the reason for the divorce but we had had an emotional “affair” through letters that came to light. I had felt “seen” by him and that had rocked my world. Now the three of us were face to face. Energy was running through me, making me aware of the import of this meeting. Grace prevailed and my former hubby opened his home and his heart to my friend. It was a thing of beauty to witness. I knew the healing that took place was not just from this lifetime, but from many. Later,we met up with  a friend who had memories of a love triangle, with she and I being male and my Aussie friend being female, in ancient days on Hawaii. We met and played crystal bowls and knew once again that healing took place for all. Arranged in ways that I could not have orchestrated.

Dramatic clouds on my drive.

Dramatic clouds on my drive.

I came away once again knowing to expect the unexpected, to trust and flow with my intuition. I may never know all the reasons for my drive up to Medford and back or why my friend did not end up seeing Shasta, but I trust that all was in order. I am so grateful for the gifts of healing and resolution. There were many memories that came up in conversation from those shared days of long ago, I could feel the release as they moved through me. This parting did not involve my usual sobs but rather a quiet hollowness. I allowed it space, feeling the emptiness at the loss of the presence of that aspect of myself. After a day or so, I came back to peace and a sense of fullness from the time we shared. We are tying up loose ends, bringing all to a tone of harmony and love. I am so grateful.

Adama is chuckling, so much more took place than I imagined, just been given a glimpse of it. Had I known all, it might have altered things.  I love how it all works!

8 thoughts on “Mount Shasta Drive By

  1. I love that you end with Adama chuckling : )))

    Exactly what I pictured as well,

    “Like flower peddles and fresh seeds flying by in a breeze…”

    mmmmmm, feels lovely to love LOVE, past present and future!!!

    <3 <3 <3

    • Dear Steven,

      Smiling with you, he loves to chuckle! We are funny children, seeing only what is in front of us when so much is going on. Trusting it all. Trusting me, trusting you.
      Loving love…….loving us all.
      Blessings of joy,

  2. How wonderful Dear Linda Marie…

    I love hearing your story of Divine Synchronicity…It delights my soul…it is amazing how the Universe/Source works in ways we never even considered…I love Carolyn Myss’s quote: “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.”…and love hearing how so many are Waking Up to new ways of Being: Living in Integrity…Open-heartedness…Inner Knowingness…and Trust that Life is Truly unfolding perfectly…

    Thank-you so much from your Magical Sword and Light Language Work…You are such a Gift and so Pure of Heart and so Glowing with Divine Flow….What a Blessing you are…I AM honored that I was part of your reason for coming to Magic Mt. Shasta…my body was sore from the Powerful Energy Work…just like I had had a long physical work out or very deep massage…I know ALL is in Divine Order and it was some last residue of some density that was being released…aaaaahhhhh…more Lightness of Being…Thanks for Being Thee/Dear Light Sistar…

    I love you… <3

    Bonnie Lou

    • Dear Bonnie Lou,

      You are so welcome. Thank you for taking the time to write. This month has taken me so deep that writing has not been possible. My daughter has arrived and we are awash in lovelight.
      I am so tired I can hardly move! Waves of light flowing.
      Lovelight streaming to you in pearlescent strands.

  3. Your returning to those times heal my own path trodden then too ~ thank you for your beautiful liquid light always, in all ways ~ as above so below ~

    • Dear Beautiful Cloud Woman,
      You are welcome, it is a pleasure to share. We are healing ourselves with the help of one another. What times! This month has taken me so deep, I have not come up for air to reflect through writing.
      As above so below…….we are bringing heaven to earth
      Blessings of joy,

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