Love Continues to Expand My Understanding

IMG_6036On Valentine’s Day, I was giddy with love. I wore a flower in my hair, drove to a small gathering singing my heart out, dressed in shades of pink, I toned and danced to waves of love. I spent the evening alone with the fire and my heart, and felt so loved and appreciated for who I am. I knew myself as love and the flame was blazing high.

Yesterday,  I awoke feeling head pressure and heaviness in my body. I laughed at myself,  I could be viewed as bi-polar, so up and out and then a more inward down. I listened to a presentation about love that struck me with a good question. “If I knew I was infinitely loved, would I do this?” Interesting look at what we do as a way of compensating for not being loved. Then the idea of love and whether we are “ready for it” as if it were something to prepare for. If we could feel that connection to Source, to our higher self, would we turn away from it, would we put it on hold?

Opening to love

Opening to love

I have been working with clearing energies standing between us and our divine counterpart reunions. A friend said, “I am not ready for a partner in my life.” I thought about that and realized that she was thinking of the old version of love. We have been conditioned to believe a lover is a responsibility, someone else to think of, another aspect added to the to-do list, especially for us women who have been in the caretaker roles for so long. We feel that we would have to accommodate this other, somehow. I then felt my skull, Leopold and his support. I do not think of him all the time. He comes in and out of my awareness, always there when I am in need of support, yet not demanding my constant attention. He is teaching me so much about love.

As sovereign beings, we are graduating into a freer love, a love that has no limits. Another friend of mine has recently experienced her beloved anchoring within. He came to her on the inner planes and showed patience and respect as she went through her fears about him showing up in her life. He supports her fully, supports her husband in his expansion…there is no sense of limitation. He is very respectful, asking if she would like more input in situations before offering it. She can tune in to him when she desires and tune him out also. What a gift! Another friend has discovered her beloved has taken the form of an albino whale. They work together on the waters of the earth and his support and love is profound. Interesting, the love coming in all these different guises but when it comes, every cell in your body knows it!  All helping us to expand our parameters and beliefs about what love can be, how it might look, how it can feel.

What I am understanding in this moment, is that the reunion is happening within first. We are opening to allow the counterparts’ lovelight to flow in and occupy our cells with us. There have been fires of purification (I have been sweating and radiating heat for days) that are burning off the dross, making room for the love to enter. We no longer have to clear the old, now it is about purifying. No need to know the what was or particulars of the emotions or memories. All is consumed by the fires ignited within, in response to our desire to open fully to love. Our counterparts are assisting us in this purification process as the time is coming for the anchoring of divine love by these couples, all about the earth.

I set sail with a walnut shell and a leaf from the ground and a pool of water in the hollow of a tree.

I set sail with a walnut shell and a leaf from the ground and a pool of water in the hollow of a tree.

Once we truly understand oneness and accept ourselves fully as the love that we are, we open the door to our counterparts taking physical form. No small task as how many truly are in love with themselves? I awake now and ask to see everything that enters my world, through the eyes of love. To see the gift in every moment, in every person that appears on my screen of life. The universe will continue to give you opportunities to strengthen this self love. This came home when I retrieved the mail. There were wedding invitations for all five members of our family……all were addressed to the person and included: “and guest”. All except mine. I laughed! Of course, I have been single for years but the thought came that I was seen as someone not thought of as being in a love relationship. The old me would have felt hurt, the new me delighted in the reminder that I am love. I smiled in the knowing that my beloved is coming to me, and I am my own beloved.

Perhaps, your beloved is already in physical form but for thousands upon thousands of us, our divine counterparts have remained with Source or the higher octaves in order to fully support us making it to this point. We are asked to embrace these waves of love hitting our fields, to fully accept the ups and downs. As the love flows in and the bliss arises, it flushes out any pockets of not love, remaining. Hence the dive in energy as that flows through and is embraced in gratitude on its way out. Another wave of bliss catches us, and then the dive……on and on it continues, with us riding the extremes until it begins to come to center and we find ourselves floating in stillness and peace. And love, greater than anything we have imagined or known in lifetimes. Wholeness awaits. Open your heart wide and allow the tsunami to take you, surrendering fully to where it will lead. Love is our teacher and she will guide us home.


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  1. Love is our teacher and will guide us home. I open to Love in the highest form. Your blog is such a blessing. Much appreciation for your Love and all the insights you are. Thank you!
    Much Love

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