The Tsunami of Love Hitting Our Shores

Expand beyond the limits of linear form, say the palm trees.

Expand beyond the limits of linear form, say the palm trees.

I want to pass along this link to a meditation to open yourself to the tsunami of love that is presently hitting our energy fields. Linda Dillion, a channel for the Council of Love brings  through the Divine Mother’s gift of love:

This morning the air smells alive with winter’s arrival. The rain has kept up steadily for a second day now, the trees swaying in the cool breeze and my pink prayer flags flying with the slant of the drops. A fire flares and swoops in the hearth and my son has placed a warming cup of strong, delicious coffee at hand. I feel a bit of envy that he still has the ending ahead in a story that I read. In our family, we exchange books, passing on the good ones, eager to discuss and savor the highlights. I recall a boyfriend of my daughter’s joining us for dinner, during the hectic and harried high school years. He expressed astonishment that the conversation revolved around what we were all reading and the trading back and forth as well as the excitement we felt in sharing our treasures. We read out the compelling bits, luring one another into our temporary world in order to have a companion by our side to relish the journey with. He read for school assignments, a meagre duty bound consumption, that did not fit the rich smorgasbord that we supped at daily.

An image hung static on a wall, yet these stones contain worlds of lives once lived upon this earth. They call me to step out in expression of the All.

An image hung static on a wall, yet these stones contain worlds of lives once lived upon this earth. They call me to step out in expression of the All.

So, we sit in companionable silence, our books, the fire, the rain falling on the roof in a steady rhythm. I am feeling peace in this moment. I have gone through a dozen feelings in the space of this morning. I have noticed my head aching intermittently with blasts of intense pressure. I felt weak with tears and nausea which then turned to this moments’ contentment. I touch so many emotions in an hour, in five minutes that I cannot keep up with myself! (that is part of it, there is no “keeping up”). I lay in bed, certain that I would not get up today as I felt so flat, so disconnected, the world a gray shadow, holding no glimmer of light. The next moment, I find myself standing in the shower, amazed at the water cleansing my body. I stood in front of my closet, deciding to dress in lavender hues to greet the afternoon. My mood lifted by the cleanliness and color, I stand to do the above meditation, reeling as waves of nausea hit. I must lie down afterwards, tumbling about in my own field. Waves of love followed by despair forming a well in my being. Who am I?

Thank goodness I have so fully embraced my beingness as I might otherwise question what is going on. I long ago let go of any concern about losing my mind. Actually, I realize as I have heard others express this concern at different points on their path…..that has not ever been a concern of mine. A deep questioning of self, yes.  I may not understand what I am doing or being, yet I trust the process fully. A friend’s call brings forward an aspect of myself that yet sought my embrace. Deep sobs shook me as I opened my heart to welcome in my erratic emotional self. We have cleared so much and are now asked to deal with the resonance of our holographic shadows that seek wholeness through our embrace. She relayed to me how my ability to be fully present with myself, expressing a range of emotions, allowed her to go more deeply into her flame of stillness and peace. This aspect that had been criticized outwardly and inwardly by myself as not “spiritual” was embraced in love and gratitude for what it had brought. It was such a beautiful exchange as I had felt myself over the past 24 hours, reaching out an arm to her flame, to anchor me in that steady stillness as I went further into the unknown, seeking out the dark shadows that were calling for my embrace. My widely ranging emotions are an expression of working with all that comes forth seeking this mother’s love and embrace. I play across a wide spectrum whereas she holds a deeply anchored note in a narrower range. All a part of this symphony we are playing together. All shadows are now seeking the light so that all can be brought home within ourselves. We rejoiced at our co-creation and support of one another as we express our truth.

Can I live fully without locking onto a destination ahead?

Can I live fully without locking onto a destination ahead?

The task for each is to fully express our flame, the one we brought from home. We were conditioned to believe in an image of ourself that was crafted to fit in as a cog in the wheel of limitation. We sanded off our edges, tamped down our flames to stay within the confines given. We are now asked to step out from that image and express the full range of frequencies found within our one note. Indeed, our note contains the all! So in each moment, we are free to open to what flows authentically in that moment. It may be new, unfamiliar, nothing like who or what we thought ourselves to be. As we express this moment, it dissolves allowing the next to take form. Judgment disappears and we marvel at the fullness of the note, low and high, of equal playing pleasure. Amazing! We can only move, one moment to the next, yet the freedom in that movement is enormous! We can so fully feel what comes through us, as us, that all else dissolves. Yet a thread is always connected to the One, the Creator of all, giving us limitless freedom. We are free to love what we love, fully.

Back in my chair by the fire, universes of feelings traversed, gratitude abounding. Memories flow in of awakening throughout the night to hear the command: “Activation!” followed by electrical charges moving through my body. I then saw myself giving the command to others: “Activation!” while their forms slept. We are being activated by waves of love, how blessed are we.





6 thoughts on “The Tsunami of Love Hitting Our Shores

  1. Let the waves flow…. We are Loved! We are Love.
    It’s flowing in and around us.
    I am so appreciative of your Blog. And you Lovely Linda

    • Dear Bev,
      I am so appreciative of you sitting on the ocean shore, connecting the crystals and grids for us all.
      I honor and love you.

  2. Hello Dear Linda Marie…

    Thanks once again for your most appreciated words of encouragement of the perfection of the ever unfolding moment…You are such a gift…

    Blessings and love my friend…

    Bonnie Lou

    • Dear Bonnie,
      You are so welcome. Everything is softening as we are present with it. As you say, each unfolding moment.
      I am your mirror, reflecting your own beauty back to you to embrace.
      Blessings of joy!

    • Dear Sarah,
      It is hitting us all, softening the edges of our world.
      You are welcome and thank you for taking the time to read.
      blessings of joy,

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