Conduit Not Container

IMG_2490Those words came through while I was in a conversation and have been echoing within, awaiting me to type them out. I witnessed some information I read, come in and light me up with a surge of energy and deep feelings. It melted beliefs that had been in place for decades in a moment. My mind then began to read more from this source, wondering if I was to meet this woman. I saw she was giving a talk in Mount Shasta, saw that I could make it to the event if it was important for me. I spent about an hour, reading more, listening to part of her radio show, speaking with a friend…..swirling in it. Just as suddenly as this wave hit me, it departed. I then knew that the woman had no further information for me.  What was of value, I had received. As the truth meter in my body lit up and I felt the sensations, it provided a mirror for me to see more of myself revealed. I could attach to the story therein and follow it further (distraction) or I could let go and allow the next moment to arise in its fullness.

I laughed at the whole experience which so clearly illustrated the concept: conduit not container. We are to let all flow through us, resisting nor holding to none of it. We have been conditioned to be containers, storing experiences, feelings, emotions and information. We have categorized them, stuck labels on them, shoved them in dark corners until we had no room left to be present with the now moment.

IMG_3134We know that this no longer works as we have spent the past few years digging through it all, in order to finally be free of it. We have learned to embrace our shadowy dark sides and bring all of it to love. We have opened to experiencing each moment without doing a search for a match within the memory banks in order to compare, contrast or label it.

My mind had reverted to the old patterning of wanting to create a container for the information that came in. It was scrabbling around in overdrive while my heart patiently waited for me to get with the new flow. When I did, I could only giggle. The information lit me up and I felt it. Old beliefs melted to be replaced by knowing. Done!

There was no more asked of me. If an action was needed, I would be inspired to take it. I saw that my heart expanded in its knowing and that any further pieces were to come from within me. This information had served its purpose by opening me to a greater understanding of a past life and who I am in this life. Gently, oh so gently, we are being guided to the truth of who we are. Our I Am presences are the wisest of mentors, holding our hands as we grow in our knowing.

We are starlight dancing on the water, no need for solid footing as we dance along.

We are starlight dancing on the water, no need for solid footing as we dance along.

In this new year. we are being gifted with energy surges like never before. We are asked to allow all of it to flow through. To be the conduit that offers no resistance, that allows the waterfall of liquidlovelight to cascade over us. We are continually washed clean as all flows, allowing the dance of interconnection as we weave in and out with one another and all beings.

Open, receive, let go……and the knowing grows. I love this dance.

2 thoughts on “Conduit Not Container

    • Dear Donna,
      I like that phrase, clear channel. It brings to mind a stream flowing freely, clear and bright.
      What a gift to allow what you receive, to flow free.
      Blessings of crystal clear love,

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