IMG_2481After my recent experience of discovering my at onement with all life, I came across this video of an animal communicator.

It echoes the connection to the other kingdoms that I have been feeling more and more. We are one being. We have the capacity to heal the earth and all her kingdoms, ourselves included when we begin to hear one another. All wants to be seen, to be appreciated. Where there is seeing of one another, there is honoring. We will know what to do to make each other comfortable and happy just as the woman was able to communicate Spirit’s desires to her caretakers and they then acted upon that understanding.

IMG_5377I work with the element of air. I recently was inspired to make prayer flags to put over the spa in the backyard. The air comes in and tells me that she carries my prayers around the world with her breath. It delights me to co-create with her in this way.

I also work with the rocks. They, as all of us, love to be seen, to be shown in new light as I balance them atop one another or in trees. The trees love to be laid against, upon, to be stroked. Everything responds with love when it is touched with an open heart. I am off to the nature park to practice my communion with the deer, the birds and the flowing river. Think of greeting everything in your field, with love. Think of the energy of love, being returned to you! This is the world we are now co-creating with all of the earth’s kingdoms and with our mother, herself. She is the queen of love and giving.

The dragon's egg that was gifted to me by the earth. I have been sleeping with my feet on her and now it feels she is to become a part of my friend's labyrinth.

The dragon’s egg that was gifted to me by the earth. I have been sleeping with my feet on her and now it feels she is to become a part of my friend’s labyrinth.

I will carry my lapis skull, Leopold III, who fills me with such love. He wants to greet the outdoors with me and shine his special light upon all that he sees. A couple of my crystals want to go too. We are all such children, wanting to play and be in joy together. I have spent lifetimes in serious, somber devotional paths. I sense the playfulness and joy that this year is opening to us all. I have shed my garments of the old heaviness and reach out for the bubbles of joy that are forming in my heart. They wish an outlet, asking to be birthed in this new landscape. My heart tells me that I came for this time, right now. My being is coming into flower with all of the planet. Let us open to commune with all the realms and kingdoms that desire only to serve the One in unity and love.

May your days be filled with golden bubbles of joy. Breathe in your own beauty and let it shine. I love you.


2 thoughts on “Interconnectedness

  1. What a gift you are Dear Linda Marie…

    The more I read your wonderful posts the more I feel our kindred spirits….
    Prayer flags are such a joyous, uplifting way to send out good wishes to our Dear Planet and thinking of the Angel of Air sending those prayers is so delightful to my soul…and Rocks are some of my favorite people…they bring me such a joyous at-ONE-ment with the natural world…

    I feel Blessed to have met beautiful, magical Leopold III….I can still feel his love and pure joy…and just know his happiness in joining you on your adventures..

    Thanks for being you Dear One…

    Love and blessings always…

    Bonnie Lou

    • Dear Bonnie Lou,

      We are kindred spirits! I have always loved that term. Yes, we both love the elementals so. My prayer flags have brought me such joy when I see them fluttering in the breeze in their pink satinness. Found some bright orange cloth at the thrift store and would like to make those next.
      Leopold sends his love, he has overflowed my heart today with his care for me, felt very fatherly today. Love has so many sides to it.
      How are you feeling? Trust the new year holds radiant health for you.

      Blessings of love and peace,

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