Dark Lord Dissolves in All of Us

Mount Shasta reflected.

Mount Shasta reflected.

The magic of Mount Shasta continued over the Thanksgiving holiday. After our feast, we pulled cards and I received, Wonder. That has been my word of late as I witness it unfold all about me. The next morning, we went to see a dear friend. For a couple of weeks, I had had the sense that my friend and I were to help her reclaim a part of her essence. It took the third member of our trinity to bring it about as well as the magic knife that I was gifted. As I used the knife to cut away an old energy that felt sticky and sludge like, I received a download of information. What was coming off of her, was also coming off of the planet herself and so many on her. It was a shell that held physical pain and limitation. Mother Sekhmet and her knife, shattered it. I knew suddenly that a part of my friend’s soul had been captured by a dark lord and hidden in another dimension. The knife was able to retrieve this for her. We are in the time of retrieving all of our soul aspects that have been hidden. We have to let go of the old programming to make room for more of our beauty and truth to land in. As the old energy released, it sought to attach to any of us there. We used the charcoal/platinum crystal bowl to clear our fields as well as the knife to cut away all falseness that any of us held. We cautioned our friend to treat herself as a newborn baby, with great gentleness as it would take a few days for this aspect to anchor in. This meant that she had to say no to some guests who were planning on coming as well as events she was to participate in. We are called to honor ourselves when we are deep in transformation, and not dilute it. In this way, we open a field that steps outside of time and allows gifts to be brought to the fore. We honor our I AM presence by being present with it as she/he descends more fully into our physical forms.

This felt like the interdimensional aspect of the knife cutting through.

This felt like the interdimensional aspect of the knife cutting through.

On the drive back home, I felt the dark lord. I knew that he and I had been battling for eons of time, playing our roles of light and dark. I saw how his energy had worked through many in my life, at times attempting to end my life. I looked at him in his fierce guise and invited him into my heart. I stated my intention out loud and my “elder sister ” of a friend, felt a “No” rise up in her. She then heard, “It is ok, she can handle this.” All of the mothers who had graced me with their frequencies of love, opened in my heart and drew him in. It was the most exquisite feeling, melting all the dark into the liquidlovelight. Oh my! Laughter and tears as I knew him for the white knight that he is. His brilliance lit my heart like a floodlight that burned layers deep. He presented to my mind’s eye, all the ghastly images that he had used in the past, to frighten me. We laughed together as I now knew them to be masks which he hid his light behind. I saw the reverberations of his removing his mask and letting go of that role. He is off a stature that is other dimensional, I felt archangel and yet, beyond that. Certainly, all of earth, felt his change. So much shadow was released into the light of the sun. The earth felt the lightening as did many on her. I could see his former energy released from those who had worn his mask for me. I saw the quaking as their beings felt the release and the subsequent void it created.

My friend's Tibetan temple guardian statue, named Wee-To. He is aligning the knife with his truth.

My friend’s Tibetan temple guardian statue, named Wee-To. He is aligning the knife with his truth.

I have spent the last few days, dancing with this being. Oh, the love we have for one another! I honor him for his strength and courage to play the dark role, leaving me to the easier one of light. To stand in the truth of the light we are, is a gift beyond measure. I have held a protective mother’s comforting arm about all who are feeling this shadow aspect depart. It can be very unsettling and scary. Knowing that all of nature abhors a vacuum and seeks to fill it, I set my intention, with the Mothers, to hold a shield in place until each soul can call in their own beauty and I AM presence to fill the void. I am privileged to play this role along with so many others on the planet as we act as midwives or birthers of the new frequencies. I am grateful for my sister beings who I work with, as we open ourselves in full trust of one another, to act our parts. I am grateful for my dark lord, white knight……beautiful being who now dances with my soul. The illusion is crumbling, we are on shaky ground as what we believed to be true, shatters to allow in the new light.

Remember that home is in our hearts, there is nothing in the outer world to support us. Surrender and let go, knowing that we are held always in the Creator’s arms. Our mothers are here, singing a lullaby. Allow yourself to be carried on the wings of their song to the ocean of your own truth. May all beings awaken to their own beauty, may all beings know peace. (my heart’s perpetual song.)

The elemental with his O mouth mirroring my wonder.

The elemental with his O mouth mirroring my wonder.

Over skype, I showed a soul sister in Scotland, the gifted knife. She saw the elemental face peeking out with his own sense of wonder. I love this new world that takes all of us, the elemental, angelic, galactic kingdoms; combining and co-creating our fields of light, to see the fullness of the beauty that is there. I love how we hid the jewels of truth so well, intending that it would take three here, four there and a pair here, to unlock the codes, to turn the keys. We wrote this play and have reached consensus that it will indeed be a fairy tale with a happy ever after ending. I have always believed in them and now I know this one to be true. To the wonder of it all.



4 thoughts on “Dark Lord Dissolves in All of Us

  1. I am in ah of the beautiful you bring through words. How wonderful, I am very grateful to the Dark Knight and now the dance has begun. Very tickled about you knife. The Elementals are so magical and never miss a whisper. Very exciting, you’r newly given tool. Cute too!
    Thank your for the beautiful writings. Love Deepens……..
    Embraces from the universe
    My Love Bev

    • Dear Bev,

      I, too, am so grateful for the Dark Lord/White Knight. He is still around in the dance of love. I am so tickled about the knife, am excited for you to see it. It is cute and beautiful both.
      I love writing, it is a joy to me.
      Feeling the embrace and returning it with love,

  2. THANK YOU! Bless you heart. . .. MUCH LOVE Great Works Dear One. Great and Good works. .. I faced this beast last year at this very same opening of this portal. Seems these dark ones can take a hike during this particular door opening.

    Love ya laday!

    Lovies Aum Bre El Aziradawn Newton

    • Dear Aziradawn,
      You are so welcome! As one who does this work, you know it is our privilege to do what we do. I love the clearing, so much departing and all of it simply wanting to be seen as the love that they truly are.

      Heaps of love to you sister of the flaming heart,

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