Dreamt of Entering the New World

Image from a unicorn book, the swirling vortex that takes us to our freedom.

Image from Michael Green’s Unicornis book, the swirling vortex that takes us to our freedom.

Oh, I love this recent eclipse energy! The night before last, I dreamt of being in a place that was full of mud and slime. My daughter was with me (she is currently in Indonesia), and we were cleaning up all this muck. It was intense work and I was reminding her that we had tools and it made it easier if we chose the right one for each type of refuse we were dealing with. When I awoke, I felt we were working in different hemispheres of the earth, transmuting the dross of humanity’s creation into the golden light of love. I was so grateful to be working with her, she is a mighty warrior of lovelight!

Last night’s dream was spectacular. I got up about 3 a.m. with the dream vivid in my mind. I went outside to be bathed in the moonlight and drink in the wonder that I felt. My elder son was still up and so I was able to share the giddiness I felt with him. Earlier in the evening, my sons and I had sat around a fire as the full moon began its rise in the east. We were so conscious of all that is in the process of collapsing and the gift the moon and eclipse offered all. A reset, a mini- death once again as so much was made clear and a new operating system was installed.

Our outdoor firepit blazing.

Our outdoor firepit blazing.

In my dream, I had been meeting with a group who represented all the kingdoms and races of many universes. We knew one another yet on the surface, we appeared separate. It was as if others viewed us as enemies and yet we knew we were only playing these roles. We had all been trained in the ability to beam our heartlights to such an extent that we could hold humanity in our lovelight. I had been speaking of that with my sons as we sat around the fire, watching the salamanders dancing in the flames and the coals burning bright on the earth. I knew my heart had the ability to burst into a conflagration of fiery elements. I could pulse its heat in waves to all hearts. I understood the phrase, warrior of the heart, on a deep level.

The cover illustration from Michael Green's book. All the kingdoms will be with us once again, including the unicorns!

The cover illustration from Michael Green’s book. All the kingdoms will be with us once again, including the unicorns!

We all knew that an event was on the horizon that would herald the entrance into the new earth. None of us knew the timing but we each held a key to it. We knew a signal would be felt in our hearts to let us know it was GO! We were to then beam our heartlights for all we were worth. In my dream, it happened. As the heartlights beamed bright, a huge sinkhole opened in the earth and in a blink of an eye, we slid into the inner earth and discovered paradise. Our Agarthan (inner earth) brothers and sisters greeted us and our Galactic families joined us. The beauty and sense of freedom were unparalleled. I was giddy with the perfection of the plan! Oh, my it was so simple, so brilliantly executed, so wondrous. It was like a magician pulling a tablecloth out from under the dishes set on the table. Our landscape was pulled out from under us like a rug and we were deposited ever so gently on a new firmament. The wonder of it is still flowing in my veins. We have been taught to look up to the skies but this took place down, into the earth! Expect the unexpected, oh yes.

Stamp of the brotherhood who preserved the Unicornis manuscript. I love this symbol!

Stamp of the brotherhood who preserved the Unicornis manuscript. I love this symbol!

We were all free to begin, like children in a playground. We were free to find our playmates and go off and create whatever filled our hearts with joy. Freedom is a heady elixir! Oh, I am left so glad. So grateful for divine timing, for dropping beliefs and moving into knowing, for my heart that can transmit liquidlovelight like golden rain. We are close. All the wonders are at hand. It makes me savor the morning dew, the hummingbird who came to drink from the flowers nearby, the squirrels busy burying their nuts, the white doves who do a fly by every morning and evening before settling on the wires at the corner of our lot. Their wings glisten in the light and they look like angels dancing in the sky. A deep peace permeates my being this morning. I know my part, I play it well and the success of this play is assured. This is a story that will be told down through the ages as our grandchildren marvel that we were here, members of the cast that performed to standing room only audiences, drawn from the multiverses. My hat is off to each and every one of you. Well done! Know this truth, live it and breath it and it shall be. The golden age of peace is at hand.

17 thoughts on “Dreamt of Entering the New World

    • You are welcome, Rodaan! It is so lovely to step into knowing and feeling this love.
      Blessings of lovelight to you,

  1. Hello! Is your name Linda? I want to thank you so much for sharing your dream with us! A friend of mine (now I don’t remember who) shared it on their FB page and I will do the same. We have been working so long and hard and your dream vision gives me hope! We wake up tired in the mornings after all the clearing and preparing that we Lightworkers are doing in our dreamtime. One of my Soul Sisters and I also have dream memories of preparing huge homes for many of us to live in. It may be a metaphor, but we see many of us living together joyfully and given the choice of what we want to create. Total freedom! I too have felt we are very close to the Ascension and I love the imagery that you received in your vision. Thanks again!
    Love & Light,

    • Dear Diana,

      I love your dreams of preparing the huge homes, I have walked in mine and feel we will be sharing them with our soul families, many together forming our lovepods, our communities of light. Thank you for all of your work on all our behalf!
      The book Unicornis by Michael Green is a purportedly fiction book about him being given a manuscript from the 15th Century by a member of an order of monks/friars who recorded and held the truth about the unicorns. I bought a used copy on amazon for a few dollars and it was so worth it. That symbol lit me up, I know it from some lifetime. In the book it gives a prophecy about a unicorn horn being found at the shift of the ages and the knowledge returning. Interesting!

      Thank you for taking the time to write.
      Many blessings of lovelight,

      • Dear Linda: Thank you–I found the book on Amazon and it’s gorgeous. The Brotherhood symbol strikes me very deeply; and my Soul Sister who had the large home dreams. How wonderful!

        I wanted to show you this–it’s a travel mug that I made for a custom order for a “Linda”. I made a “mistake” and glazed it the wrong color for the order. So, I have it listed in my Etsy shop for sale. If you like it, I would love to gift it to you! If you would like it, please email me your shipping address here: cropcircleclay@woh.rr.com.

        Happy day!

  2. The image of going within Mother Earth – into the creation of a new world – via the concept of being within the womb resonates with what has been showing up in many forms for me recently… It has so often, as you mentioned the case of looking to the skies for our transition to take place… and yet it is here within us all along – go within, go within, go within, the loving voice whispers… be nurtured, be created, be born – The inward journey of Divine Love – the outward journey of Divine Light – and so it is…

    • Dear Lori.
      I love the going within and a friend helped me to expand the vision to that knowing that all is found within. I can hear that nurturing voice and follow its pull within and feel the joy!
      in breath and out breath, we are flowing.
      Blessings of lovelight,

    • Dear Helen,
      It is so fun that we are playing together. I love the name of your website. Dreamy, emotional energies about me today…..time for bed!
      Blessings of heartlight and peace,

    • Enjoyed viewing your art and reading your blog!! Thank you for being you. I go from the hot tub to a plunge in the salt water pool which is cold now as autumn moves in. Wakes me right up!
      Much love,

  3. I moved here to my new home on Sunday, most of my family were here to welcome me home again, physically where I left off 5 years ago when I left to ‘waft’ around to many places doing many things that were required for Earth.
    Here I have the best natural floorboards, the walls are an earth colour, I was feeling so grounded deeper again after many years.
    I heard before I wont be here for too long but in this moment I have no idea what that means for me and my family, I have unpacked and set treasures around the unit that I had packed away all those years.
    I told you before I heard this is the Gateway to the Uiverse, I have no idea either what is going to come of being here but I am just enjoying each moment and going with it all.
    Middle Earth indeed Linda, even the song on my radio is from Lord of the Rings, Middle Earth. :)
    Love you, thank you.

    • Dear Maggie,
      Congratulations on coming home! Who knows how long we will be in these spaces. I am surprised that I am still perched here in my former house with former hubby and son. Feels good though, sink into the appreciation, I too have my treasures from long ago about me and it is lovely. I am glad that you are grounded deeper, me too. I expect our new spaces anytime and yet live in joy in the space I am in. All is well. Gateway…woohoo. We shall all laugh one day at what we thought might be and how magically it all came about.

      Hurrah to Middle Earth and this journey!
      Blessings of love,

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