Friday the 13th Containing the Spectrum

Following an instinctt to bring order out of the chaos of the forest floor.

Following an instinct to bring order out of the chaos of the forest floor.

Intense energies are swirling about today: the dense, chaotic ones alongside the expansive, uplifting ones. Friday the 13th opens us to this spectrum that stretches our being to contain it all. Can we hold the elements of injustice and horrors occurring on the planet alongside the beauty of a hummingbird outside our window? Can we tone the deep base note of the whales alongside the high pitched squeal of the dolphins? Can we hold our shameful, dark places in an embrace of sweet love? Can I look at a need to interrupt another and hug the child who never felt heard? Can I listen to an exaggeration in a telling of a story and hold the child who felt unimportant and small? Can I hear critical words and honor the child who was not praised? This day calls us to hold all of ourselves in the arms of love. The opportunity is heightened and the support is there to integrate more of ourselves. To bring all aspects of ourselves into harmony and peace.

I have spent the past couple of days pulled deep within my center. A couple of friends who are very tuned into me have called today to ask where I have gone as they felt I was farther away than I had ever been. They were right. I cannot name the place yet I know I have been working on vast inner planes where we meet to construct the new. I am close to tears as my heart is like a live coal, burning in my chest. A flame that draws to it all that is ready to be consumed. Many of us are acting as blast furnaces (strange word that just came from a childhood memory of my father working in the blast furnace of the steel mill), our fields of lovelight pulling the dross, the chaotic, the unstable elements into their center to be transformed into liquidlovelight which can be used to form life anew. A heaviness comes upon the body as I am pulled into sleep or this half awake state. My body is running huge amounts of energy through it as evidenced by my frequent need for dense food, meat and root vegetables as well as gallons of water. I need a bathroom a dozen times a day as it all runs through me. My belly swells as my body adjusts to hold me in place.

Do you see how the light dances to outline the shoreline? What is solid? What is vibration? It is all melding in our vision.

Do you see how the light dances to outline the shoreline? What is solid? What is vibration? It is all melding in our vision.

We are traveling between worlds in so many ways. I had to drive my son’s car the other day as mine was in the garage. It is a manual and I could not think how to drive a manual. My body remembered but I could not figure out which pedal was the clutch and which the brake even as I was in the process of successfully driving it. We are moving from intellectual understanding to deep knowing. I am seeing flashes of light and color in my peripheral vision. The floor shifts below me as do the walls about me. What is solid? My vision pixalates at times and blurs to almost no sight at others. My ears hear new sounds and at other times, it is as if I am in a vacuum chamber of no sound. My son was showing me photos from his recent trip and I could feel myself within them, smelling the ocean, hearing the wind. Someone begins to describe an experience and as the words fall upon my ears, I am feeling the wholeness of it as if I had experienced it all myself.

Always the hearts on my walks.

Always the hearts on my walks.

Our hearts are capable of such understanding. We truly are entering unity consciousness where we can transfer thoughts and emotions by a glance, a touch. I put my hand on another’s heart and he said it flamed up in him as heat that felt as if I had rubbed Vick’s  mentholated vapor rub upon it. I can imagine greeting one another by holding our hands palm up while looking in one another’s eyes, transferring entire conversations in an instant. Our hearts’ truth being communicated with a depth and breadth that words fail to articulate.

As today’s chaotic nodes swirl about me, I can find no traction anywhere. My heart flames and calls me back to it. Breathing myself into my center a thousand times a day. Lying under a tree, feeling the breeze dance the leaves, tuning into a movie so that my mind is engaged on one level, leaving the rest of me free to dive deep. Short bursts of cleaning to clear my space, using sage to calm my emotional body with its settling smoke, quick hops in the cool saltwater pool to ease the heat flashes, dark chocolate to savor the sweetness of life, tears to release the old that is departing.

The light illuminating the structure from above and below. We are the form that it flows through.

The light illuminating the structure from above and below. We are the form that it flows through.

These are the days that I incarnated for. My mind cannot explain what is happening. There is only allowing the feelings to run through me. Offering my vehicle as a chalice to move the energy from heaven to earth, being a transducer, bringing it in to useable fuel for our world. Living in a space without comfort nor discomfort. Being the flame in my heart, claiming it as center and following its connection to Source as well as to Mother Gaia’s heart. The Friday the 13th energy, tightening the string till it seems it will snap. Allowing this without pulling back. Trusting that it is all a part of the process. Flowing with it as best I can, knowing that the instinct to grab hold of anything is a false security. Moving closer to the source within that burns so bright. Feeling grateful for it all. Feeling grateful to have made it this far and still have a body to play with. Feeling grateful for all the clearing that is taking place within and without.  Feeling grateful to all of your hearts for blazing so bright and bringing in your unique light. A veil is dissolving….I am grateful that I can feel what is about to be revealed. All is about to be enlarged in every way. And in every way, I hear the refrain, All is well. And all is so very, very well.




4 thoughts on “Friday the 13th Containing the Spectrum

  1. You have described my feeling well as I share everything you have written. You are a beautiful writer getting out your inner feeling while trusting all around your Beingness. Always, thank you for your words…… They are comforting in these times of swirling energies of Blessings and Joy

  2. stunned.
    Submitted by Meg Wethington on Fri, 09/13/2013 – 22:05
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    thank you
    Submitted by lovelylinda on Fri, 09/13/2013 – 22:40
    Dear Meg,
    Thank you for your succinct comment! Made me smile. 
    Blessings to you,

  3. Submitted by Rosa on Sat, 09/14/2013 – 03:46
    TY Beautiful Soul – for sharing this . . . . puts this whole week in a nutshell, but I couldn’t have said it so eloquently! 
    Sharing on other SN so that others may benefit from your efforts too . . . 
    Love, Light & Magical Blessings!
    Rosa xxx
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    Submitted by lovelylinda on Sat, 09/14/2013 – 05:49
    Dear Rosa,
    Thank you for your words and further sharing of my musings. It has been an intense week and will continue through the equinox. Woohoo, hold onto our hearts!
    Blessings of peace and love,

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