Letting Go and Allowing the Flow

A remarkable eagle sculpture visited on my recent Colorado trip. I love how it is positioned  in flight. It is time to spread our huge wings and take flight!

A remarkable eagle sculpture visited on my recent Colorado trip. I love how it is positioned in flight. It is time to spread our huge wings and take flight!

I have been traveling…..on the inner and outer planes. It has been a solitary journey, discovering a space where I felt the privilege of being granted entrance. A space, void like in its emptiness, yet pulsing the energies of the ALL. The place before sound, before form. The ALL that is. I was shown a new role, asked, would I accept it. My immediate response, “Yes”, as I bowed to the greater knowing and will of my mighty I AM presence, Sophia and my Mother/Father God.

Even in the acceptance, the fullness of my decision came pouring in.  I felt the dropping away of all that I knew as familar, and hence, the grieving along with the expansion. As a visionary, to let go of one’s visions of the future that had been mine to hold…..unsettling. All dreams of the beloved in form, of the love pods of community, of the co-creating process, the harmonizing……vaporized like smoke. Adult children who held the visions with me, the template that our soul group came to lay down, running through my heart like a rushing stream,  to be carried away by its force.   A sense that this was a solitary assignment, one of being a part of the underpinning of the Golden Age rather than an observing participant. Oh, I had thought myself made for the joy and love flame. Yet I am being offered something that was beyond any idea of joy or sorrow, beyond emotions, beyond duality concepts, beyond any aspect of past or dreamt future. All that was clear was that it is only in letting ALL go, that the newness can flow into form. To hold any idea of it, is to block the flow. This was a startling revelation.

The clouds played with me on my road trip, so many hearts given and appreciated.

The clouds played with me on my road trip, so many hearts given and appreciated.

Emptied in each cell, all opened and bled dry. To sit in the emptiness and breathe. There remained only the pulse. My job, to allow the entrainment. To allow it to infill me, to allow its movement within the all of me. It has been over a week in this linear time, an age in soul growth time. My body, mimicking the birth process so completely, contractions on and off for days, nausea, the inability to tolerate anyone in my field as all of my attention focused on the successful birth of this new life. The need to be sheltered, protected from discordant energies, the need for beauty and peace, the nesting activity to prepare for the birth. Stating my needs clearly and having them honored, though not being attached if they were not. Knowing the birthing would happen and that all that was necessary would appear. Trusting, trusting with each breath.  The full moon amplifying this movement, bringing it to a crescendo. Thunder and lightening at the midnight hour, quick burst as the clouds released their load and my body birthed this pulse. Rivulets of sweat soaked my sheets as my breath came in a new way. I greeted this newness with all the tenderness of my mothering heart. Oh, you are here! Hosanna in the highest!

I have shifted an octave, stepped onto a new firmament and this morning, am able to feel the joy of it pulsing through my veins. I know nothing, I AM everything.

The misty mountains that offer their moisture to quench my thirst for beauty.

The misty mountains that offer their moisture to quench my thirst for beauty.

What I know from this space is that we are being called to let go. Let go of expectations that limit what we can experience, let go of all labels of self. Think of buying a new outfit and coming home to cut off the labels before wearing it. We must remove all the labels before we can wear our newness. Stand at the mirror before getting dressed this morning and become aware of what labels you are putting on. I am fat, I am a sharp dresser, I am a businessman, I am achy, I am an extrovert, I am intelligent, I am failing as a mother, I am depressed, I am tired, I am useless at dealing with money, I am weak in my upper arms, I am an addictive personality…….the list is endless. We have been conditioned to label ourselves from the time of our birth…..he is the shy one, she is just a pretty face, he is clumsy……on and on it goes. it is time to stand in the knowing: I AM that I AM. No qualifiers, no filters, no acceptance of others’ projections, no stories. Moving beyond the human story we have lived for lifetimes. Evolving into the divinity that we are.

The whales come to play on my drive.

The whales come to play on my drive.

My wings were given to me, taking my breath away as their color and form enfolded me. I was knocked off balance as I realized the stature required to carry them aloft. I AM committed to standing tall in this body, walking with the awareness of what flows from me, knowing myself as this blinding pink gold light. This beauty is only a fraction of who I AM, of who you are. We are beauty beyond our deepest imaginings. Dress yourself in that today. Allow the faeries to put on your robes, to bring your rods of power, to place the crown. Unfurl your wings and be dazzled by their brilliance. We are these mighty beings of light, come to light up this world with love. Our new roles are being given to us, the script the greatest love story ever told. I am so excited to play my part. It is time to own your majesty and allow it to reveal itself to you. Your part cannot  be played half as well by another. Commit to learning your lines and giving the performance of all of your lifetimes. The stage is being set, our collective “Yes!” is what allows the curtain to rise. It is show time.

I bow before your light as I own my own.

6 thoughts on “Letting Go and Allowing the Flow

    • Yes, the journey is never ending and has so many twists and turns! This last one was a dozy and I am full of gratitude this morning! So grateful to be able to get up off the couch, to have energy flowing freely through my body, to feel joy pulsing.
      streaming lovelight to you,
      Linda Marie

  1. awesome Linda…thank you…and I share with you the acknowledgement of your/my great beauty. I am feeling and seeing my mastery in the world; I too bow humbly before it as I do yours. There is no me without you. I feel the thunder; I see the beauty of change displayed over the earth, and in my relationship with all that is I feel a letting go, a trust, a big sigh as I am loved and held in this glorious show of the Beloved. And yet I had indeed put on my labels this morning…so I thank you for reminding me to take them off. Love love love you…. Eliza xxxx

    • oh, Eliza!!! You must know how that makes my heart sing! If we can move without labels, allowing our divinity to shine its light…….then we know ourselves as one another and the beauty……yours knocks my socks off! We will be staggering about, drunk with the beauty that surrounds us on all sides. I am beginning to see others’ in their divinity when I do my “heartwhispering”. Their I AM presence shows itself to me at times and leaves me sobbing in awe and wonder. Even in this, I know I am only breaching a layer as I could not handle more and stay in this 3D suit. I so love you and love us. Dressing in my robes of wonder today, greeting you, heart to heart.

    • Dear Carolyn,
      It is good to meet you. I will respond to your lovely email soon. It is the time of magic, when we truly begin to see one another. The delight! The awesome magic!
      May your day be full of your own magic,
      Much love
      Linda Marie

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