Moving Through the Energy Waves

Today I awoke to feelings of sadness and heaviness. The waves of energy pouring through took me up and down and shook loose some more debris that had been loosened in yesterday’s expansive energies. I spent some time packing boxes, sorting through and deciding what to keep and what to release. A wave of sleep then hit me and took me deep into the underworld. I met some heartache that still had a tendril attached that came up for release. I felt the damn erected to stop the river of love that flows on all planes but this one. I saw the fear that created the dam and felt compassion well up in my heart. I could bless it all and know that  it is not mine to break down the dam, it is mine to continue to flow the love with no attachment to acknowledgment nor effect. I called a dear friend who had been feeling the waves yesterday and had called for support. I sang him back to himself and today he offered that support to me. I know that all is well yet it is lovely to have someone sing my song of joy back to me when I cannot sing it for myself. We are one and there is such beauty in our supporting natures.

plants in stages of growth

Nature spoke to me as she does more and more these days. I passed this clump of ferns and they explained that we are continuously growing new fronds as well as discarding the old that have lived out their usefulness. There is a natural pruning that takes place. It is all in harmony if we do not try to hang on to what is ready to depart nor attempt to hold back the new growth. The old becomes mulch for the new growth if allowed to follow its natural rhythms. I saw this to mean to follow my heart’s impulses, allow the flowering of new ideas and ways of being in the world. I am so ready for the new! 2012 is being tauted as the year of creativity, the year of the artisian. We are each artists painting the life that we desire. This year, we have gifted ourselves with new tools ( I LOVE new art supplies) and we can play like children, in the joy of the moment of creating rather than with an eye to outcome. Beauty will arise but it may look very different from what you had in mind. So playing with no agenda is the path to freedom. The unexpected will be more common than the expected….woohoo, now this is my kind of year coming up!!! I love surprises!

Here is a link to Lee Harris’ Energies of 2012 video that is so peaceful and lovely. It tunes you in to the energies that are ours to play in. 2012 Year of Power – Lee Harris