The Wounded Hearts

Autumn and winter scapes overlapping with grace.

Yesterday, Nov. 19th, was the Pleiadian alignment, which brought a heart clearing on a new level to us all. You may have experienced grief and sadness flooding in and been surprised to see things you thought long resolved, coming once again for your attention. In the mysterious and amazing ways of spirit, I watched the movie, The Descendants, last night with my son. It is a story of a family in crisis. We observe the human story…… how often each family member is orbiting in their own world of pain and heartache. I saw how all of us have wounded hearts. Everyone on the planet, can point to some heartache, some mistreatment, some injustice. We are only beginning to enter a time of being truly seen as we are only beginning to be able to see ourselves. We are great beings of light, our souls shine so brightly that our human eyes would be blinded by the brilliance if we unzipped these body suits. Imagine our surprise to see that everyone is a being of light, all are love incarnate.

The inner path is always a solitary journey yet it opens into the field of oneness.

This film did a good job of showing a man whose whole world as he knew it, is turnedĀ upside down. He has to process the changes on his own as his wife is in a coma and cannot speak to her part in the drama of betrayal. This is so often the case as memories of abuse in childhood often come after a parent is deceased or the other party is not able to hear nor deal with the allegations as they arise. In the end, our hearts must come to their own resolution. We must take that pain and transform it through the power of our amazing hearts, into the truth of the love that it is. We are mighty transformers! This is the work before us now as we come to seeing all through the eyes of love rather than the lens of pain. When we can acknowledge the truth of love behind all actions, the woundedness of each one that continues the cycles of pain, we can truly take to heart our most important role, that of transformers. The cycle of pain and separation is at its end. We are witnessing this in our world. We have come for this very purpose, to bring all back to love.

Life offers us a view, which lens will we use? The lens of love or the lens of fear. Do we open our hearts or close them? That is the question in each moment.

When we view all others as ourselves, we are able to access our knowing of the tenderness of each one’s heart. Where we find the greatest anger acting out, we are able to see the deep wounding of that soul. Our hearts rush out in a mighty flood of love as we feel the resonance in ourselves of that same wounding. The stories may vary yet it is the one human story of suffering and separation. This is now ending as we birth a new planet, a new story surfaces of love and unity consciousness. Let us vow to see the wounded child in one another and to embrace that child in upmost tenderness and care. St Francis had it right with his prayer and it has never been more timely.

We are poised at the edge of our new world, the one that our hearts have known we came

In their dying, the leaves shine their brightest, giving a lesson to us all. We are dying to the illusions of separation and it is time to let our true colors shine forth!

to create. It is time to remove the shields we placed in front of our hearts, to take a deep breath and dare to shine our light out into each moment of our lives. To live large with love as our guiding light. To hold the banner high for the truth of love that we know as our birthright. To exercise our right to hold the horrors of humanity along with the light. To offer all of it a resting space within our hearts. To lead more than pedestrian lives of love flattened, boxed, contained and sold to us in the form of material goods or body image enhancers. We are here to experience ecstasy and bliss and peace and wonder. It is time to dream big, to feel into the recesses of our hearts, to live life loud, to dare to show our desire for deep connection with one another, to dare to expose our wounded hearts and in doing so, bring them to wholeness. My heart is bursting with love for each one of us. What beautiful hearts are gathered here to bring in a world of harmony, peace, abundance for all. laughter and joy. Feel this in your heart and let it shine. It is truly time to turn your heart light on!