Traveling to Venus as an Ambassador

The peas flowering and growing with liquidlovelight.

The peas flowering and growing with liquidlovelight.

I was telling a friend that I was so ready for more magic. I am ready for a world where all have abundance in every area, where each has the freedom to sing their special note. I expanded it to traveling with ease to other countries and planets. I stated my desire to visit  Venus, the planet of love and beauty. She challenged me to visit now. I said but I want to do it consciously,  not in my sleep state. She said, “You can.” Oh, I had to drop the belief  that I could not do such a thing. She offered to help by meeting me at the Galactic observation deck. She and another friend would be there to greet me. Ok, I closed my eyes and thought of being there and I was. I looked out over the galaxy, found the Milky Way spiral and searched for Earth and then Venus.  I intended that I be on Venus and there I was! Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus came to greet me. They took my hands  and I marveled at my size, I was tall and thin like they were. I giggled saying, “I always felt that I was tall.” They laughed and led me to an auditorium where an audience awaited. I was to give a talk, I was an ambassador from Earth. I did not use words but rather sent out thought packets of information from my heart. They were interested in how humans deny themselves love. I sent from my heart the feelings of shame and guilt and criticism that many live under. I let them feel the weight that we are conditioned to carry as to our mistakes, our wrongdoings, our shortcomings……all projections that we own as ours.  I felt their bewilderment as to why we accept limiting ideas about ourselves. I received a sense of how they love and value themselves. I felt areas in me dissolving where there had remained lack of love. I was filled with such love that I began to cry with the joy of it.

I understood that they would now better be able to assist humanity. I was returned to Earth filled with this love. I saw myself pouring it out upon the planet and watched it seep into hearts and the earth, herself. I began to laugh as it poured as liquidlovelight, golden drops that watered the seeds of beauty in each one’s heart. I thought, “I am a watering can, pouring love upon the seeds so that the flowers will grow and blossom.” Of course! I love flowers so and each day envision each one opening to their own beauty, and to me it is in the form of a flower.

Orange poppies lighting up my life.

Orange poppies lighting up my life.

All of this took place within a space of about five minutes. Whew! I felt a momentary sense of loss being back here in my reality where I am busy painting a room, when some aspect of me is a planetary ambassador. I then knew that I could go back anytime I desired and that the love is a constant, always flowing to me and through me as I offer myself as a conduit. This human Linda is a small part of the being that I Am. We are all immense beings of light. What a game we have constructed here, choosing to forget our love heritage. That time is closing as we have chosen a new game, one of love and only love. As I pick up my paint brush once again, it is with a new sense of joy at creating beauty. The image of myself as a watering can of liquidlovelight keeps a smile playing on my face.

IMG_5747Open to more of yourself and have a peek at the beauty that you are. I see your beauty shining, know it and own it today.

November is the Wonder Month

A lovely boardwalk along the shore, looks like I can walk into paradise!

I was surprised to find myself once again in my car to do earth work on the coast. A friend felt that the full moon was the time to connect  to an older woman who is a Kumara, meaning she is one of my family members. There are many Kumaras on the planet now, those of us who came eons ago from Venus with Sanat Kumara to help this beautiful planet. The timing felt right for us to come together. As I drove the windy miles up the coastline, I began to wonder what I was doing, why was I on this forsaken road going to a tiny town in the middle of nowhere?This alerted me that something big was afoot as the resistant energies were in full swing. As we gathered and shared a meal, my friend began to laugh and cry. She said that she saw a big wheel turning and heard the cog lock into place. At that moment, a flood of energy was released to the earth. It is truly a wonder how we work on so many planes in each moment. The unseens were saying, “You think that you are having dinner yet so much more is taking place with your gathering.”  We could feel the energy which was so rich with love for all. It was a mini homecoming, a precursor to the reunions that are to come as we all join with our families from the stars and inner earth. We laughed and sang and toned together with the light beings that came to take part in the celebration. We each carry codes which need to come together at specific times to unlock energies that we secreted away for safe keeping until the timing was right. I trust divine timing which is why I made this journey though my personality self would have rather remained in solitude.

A ribbon cloud that appeared on my drive as I was thinking of the ribbons of rainbow light that my car and I lay down.

The town where we met was filled with youth who I call the lost tribe. They wander in bands with their backpacks, dogs, guitars and dreadlocks. They have opted out of mainstream society and have created communities of their own as they wait for their true place to be known. They are like so many of us, wandering about as we await the turning of this cycle on earth. This area of northern California is known for its marijuana crops and this was the harvest weekend. This tribe of youth were there to help with the harvest and get their supplies to sell. The entire town reeked with the smell of pot. It is a strange underground operation that brings with it a wild west energy of gunslingers and bandits. Overall, the vibration felt uncomfortable and we dedicated some of our time together to bringing this tribe of young ones and this industry, to the light of love.

The beauty of the California coast.

All is moving into the planes of love. We are in the time of personal and planetary cleansing. The full moon is in scorpio which asks for all that is hidden, to come to the light of awareness. It is time to forgive ourselves for everything. All those regrets and sense of wrongdoing, can be washed in the bath of forgiveness. We acted from what we knew at the time. Now we can see more clearly, we can forgive ourselves and acknowledge that we did not know any better at that time. There is power in saying this to yourself, to another. “I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.” The ho’oponopono is simple and effective. It is time for all to come right. Whether we have opportunities in the physical to speak to another or on the inner planes, all is valid and powerful…it is our intent that makes the difference. There is nothing that can’t be forgiven, there is no act that takes us from our Mother/Father’s love.

Illustration from a book my Kumara sister showed me. I cried and tingled as the codes within it spoke to me.

Wonder if you are perfect, as you are, in this moment. There is nothing to heal, nothing to change, nothing to do. Your beingness is it! You breathing in and out your love, is what is adding to this new earth. It is that simple and that miraculous. You are not flawed! You are perfect! Let love infill you, breathe you, move you. Allow yourself to love you as you love your child, your grandchild, your pet. Love yourself with abandon. Let go! Be the love.  Allow your heart to shine as it is time, it is safe. It is now we take back this planet for ourselves, creating the world we desire our children and grandchildren to live in. Creating the world we desire to live in! I love this earth so and I love each of us. We are the tenderest of beings, with hearts ablaze in love. Shine your heartlight today for all to see.