Embracing All of Me

sunset from my window

Nelson, New Zealand

Awoke to the sound of rain which had lulled me to sleep last night. I had a glorious, if short night as I gave in to the deliciousness of a good story, a hot cup of tea and a crunchy cookie which softened to the melting point as I dipped it. Bliss! The story was a about the 13 crystal skulls and took me into that land of mystery and order that informs our universe. I so love this universe! So much is unexplained and beyond our mind’s ability to comprehend. I find myself overcome with awe when I feel the majesty of the plan. And I do feel it, deeply in my heart. Finding that book to entertain me was one such example of something presenting itself to me at the right time. It reaffirmed my faith that it has ever been the plan for us to return to our Mother/Father’s embrace. That a thousand safeguards were put in place to assure our return. The Mayans predicted this end time of duality with remarkable accuracy. The crystal skulls were formed to carry the codes and frequencies that would assist us at the perfect time. Over and over, I am shown that I can fully surrender and trust divine timing in all things. I am grateful for all the myriad ways that I am cared for, again and again. We are so loved!!!

One of dozens of one lane bridges I crossed on my drive along the coast.

Last night I was chatting online with my son. He was telling me of his plans to rearrange the study in the family house to suit his new interest in video recording. I immediately jumped in with a dozen ideas of what to move, get rid of, bring in.

“We’ll (his brother and he) handle it Momma =),” says he.

“OK, my organizer self jumped right in there! heehee.”

“She’s a powerhouse!” says he.

“OK, pulling her out.”

I then began to laugh, typing lol and heehee, as I loved my dear organizer self.

I said, “She could organize the  universe!”

“I am sure she has.” says he.

“I think I was a planetary planner in another life. Haha, I get such a kick out of me!”

He agreed and we laughed and laughed. The dearness of me, the way I want to bring comfort and beauty to everything and everyone. This is a part of who I am and I could feel the truth that I have done this on a much larger scale, it is one of my many gifts.

The glacier emanating its icy blueness to the world.

It is such a delight to honor and recognize the gifts that I bring to this earth plane. More and more, I feel the sweetness of all of us and my heart explodes with the knowing of each one’s beauty and value. We each hold a unique set of talents, gifts that are ours and ours alone. It is time to cast off all fear of what others may think, of fitting into a box labeled “normal”, of following a presribed path set out by a society interested in control……it is time to follow our hearts and open our gifts for all the world to see.


I am expanding my version of me to allow my multidimensional self greater rein. We are not limited humans, we are powerful gods and goddesses from the stars that came here to assist our beautiful Mother Earth and our brothers and sisters to ascend into the love and oneness. Unity is not simply a concept, it is a consciousness, a state of being. The rain is singing it, the leaves are rustling with it, the waves dance it, the sunlight warms us with it, the earth sends the feeling up through our feet. I am feeling the power of love. There is nothing that can withstand its onslaught. It truly melts all resistance in its path. Gandhi knew this, Jesus and Mary Magdalene lived this,  as did others who held so firmly to the love in their hearts,  lighting the way for the rest of us to walk.

Water flowing with such grace, showing me the way to be.

Search for that way and follow it. No matter what comes into your world, an angry person, a “terrible” event, a physical illness, a betrayal, economic hardship……love it. Open your heart and beam love at it for all you are worth! It will change things. It will soften the edges until they can no longer hold and all is melted back to the reality of love that is all things. This world is an illusion, held together by our thoughts. The bedrock, the foundation upon which it is built is love. Only love. Seek this. Feel this. Embrace this. Emanate this.

It is so simple. Why are we here? What are we to do? We are here to be love. To shine the light from home upon this most beautiful of playing fields. Earth is the jewel of the universe. The blue water planet of such diversity of forms and beings. Time to pack up and head out to meet the ferry and my beautiful daughter. The rain has stopped for the moment. We may have a long soggy day or one of wind or sunshine or all three……it matters not. We will have an adventure in nature and move with her with our hearts alight with love.

There is only this moment……open your heart wide and love everything as it is. Let criticism and judgment fall away, embrace yourself, embrace your life and love as if your life depended upon it. It does!


Feeling with our Mother

Ice still visible on Lake Windermere

Yesterday we went off to spend some time at a hot springs. The drive through the mountains was beautiful. We took a back road, spotted a hawk sitting on a treetop as we passed, herd of elk and deer at their dinner hour in the fields, ravens about with their loud cry.  We stopped for lunch by a lake and had a wonderful view of an osprey nest on a platform built for that purpose.  Mom and Dad both visited and seemed to be tending something in the nest.

Our lunch time entertainment

We watched as they took turns diving in the nearby pond for fish. What beautiful birds! I loved the way they dropped off the nest and then gracefully opened their wings wide and soared upward. High overhead, two eagles plied the airwaves, doing such an elegant dance that my heart rose up in my chest. It reminded me of that scene in the movie, Avatar, where the lovers are riding huge birds with such speed and delight. Yes, I want to do the eagle dance with my love!

I noticed that something was up with me as my friend and I  split a smoked meat reuben sandwich for lunch. For someone who does not eat much meat, as of late, I have eaten barbecued elk, (delicious!), wild game sausages, and a sirloin burger. My body loved every bite, needing the grounding it gave me. This is one reason I do not define myself by what I eat as my body changes in what she needs day to day. The hot springs had a view of the mountains and the warm waters quickly worked their magic. It was such an enervating effect that we did not stay in very long. We ended the day at a spot by another lake. It was the still time of day, just before the sun sets. All sounds could be heard before the source appeared. We heard this pair of geese long before they came gliding into view to make their soft landing upon the water. A train’s deep rumble hit our ears then quieted as it came into view making its way along the tracks on the other side of the lake. I felt a part of the scene, the mountain reflected in the still surface of the water, the trees standing sentinel on the shore, the rocks under my feet, the cry of the geese. What is my part, I asked of it all.

I have collected so many heart rocks over the years and given so many away. This one wants to stay with me for a time.

To absorb and reflect the beauty and love present. Oh, yes. I can do this. Gathering it all into my heart and sending it out on streams of liquid lovelight. This is part of the alchemical process as we drink in the beauty through our senses and then use our heartlight to magnify and transmit. Oh, what a wonder it all is. Breathe in the peace, breathe it out and use the elementals to amplify it. They love doing this!! Our Mother Earth loves it too. She gifted me with a lovely heart rock on the shore, just the right size to lie on my chest. It told me that it was a keeper, that I am to carry it with me for now. I love the solid feel of it on my chest as I write!

Waves of deep energy running through me during the night. The winds were high, blowing in the window and causing my door to open and shut. I could feel so much running deep down in our mother and me. Again the message to lie still and allow it movement. I did manage to get up for tea and toast and followed the call back to bed. My limbs felt so heavy and I was guided to lie still and let the energy run. Friends emailed about the earthquakes that had taken place deep in the earth in various places. I could feel it in my body. 2pm, I got out of bed to go to my final acupuncturist appointment with the master. He asked me what I wanted his help with now that my body was doing well. That brought up tears. He asked if it was fear of not being able to contain the energy coming in. No, I have faced that fear in the past and truly know that I can expand to accommodate it. No, it was that we are milliseconds away from holding the fullness of our light. Deep breath……everything in me is singing, “The time is now, this is it!!” This makes my heart overflow as it has been such a long journey for us all. With the excitement there is also this deep river running through me of peace, calm, quiet. Two almost opposing emotions all contained herein. He understood and began his magic of connecting needles and points on my body. He told me to watch my mind and see what it had to teach me about being balanced with my spirit and body. I was amazed to see that I love to create fractals of energy in my mind…..it is busy, moving into ever deepening spirals. This time my body took this mind energy and ran it in waves down through me. I could feel it reach my fingertips and toes and then the Earth energy came up to meet it. I flowed it to her, she absorbed it. She demonstrated co-creation with her as together we can create fractals on her, in her instead of me getting caught in mindloops. OH! So this is how I stay balanced. I love this feeling! The master said to lie and savor this feeling as it was me at my best. Balanced, peaceful, whole.

I love this life. I am so grateful to this man who has helped me to be in my body in a new way and keep my mind and spirit  balanced and at peace. (I saw a Tibetan life where we were siblings playing together in the mountains. I know that soon he will be called to spread his wisdom far and wide and my heart is glad.) We are all so connected. Everyone and everything that shows up in our life has something to tell us, gift us, help us. The eagles showed me the dance of love, soaring apart and then together. The hot mineral water relaxed my being, my heart stone calmed, the mountains spoke of enduring strength. I am well prepared for what lies ahead. I am sated. Hear me oh universe, I am grateful!

Please flow love and violet flame about our Mother Earth this night. Hold her in your hearts as she does her work and ask for ease and grace to be with her.