Are We Done Yet?

We can flow free like this river, cascading into a clear pool that reflects light.

We can flow free like this river, cascading into a clear pool that reflects light.

I am observing in myself and others, the enormity of the love we have for ourselves! The universe is working overtime to bring to our awareness everything that we have created thus far, that was not fully felt or processed in the moment. It is asking us if we are done yet. Do we need more of this pain or trauma to learn from or are we ready to move on?  We are being presented with our emotions once again in order to move through and beyond their prior weight in our emotional field. We are being offered freedom! The opportunity to view our lives through a new lens, to look at the past with a loving eye. We can rewrite the past and allow ourselves a brighter future. We can love who we were when we felt that pain and choose to let it all go. Or not. The choice is always ours. There is no one else who has to be involved when we know that we have created every aspect of our lives. Perhaps not consciously in this realm, but from our higher, broader self, we set it all in motion for the experience that we would gain.

We can choose to stay under the clouds of despair or seek the light in our hearts.

We can choose to stay under the clouds of despair or seek the light in our hearts.

Now we are choosing to evolve this planet and all of us on her. That means we all have to lighten up. Our unresolved pains are heavy and in order to lift off, we must cut them loose. We need to free ourselves of the weight and begin to feel the joy of a new perspective.

I have found myself laughing out loud when something shows up of late. I can almost hear myself asking this aspect of me,

“How about this? Does this hold any trigger still? And what about this? Does this hold any remnant that is unresolved ?” On and on it goes as we lighten our loads and our hearts.

That deep recesses of our hearts are being emptied of the old to make way for the the new love pouring in.

That deep recesses of our hearts are being emptied of the old to make way for the the new love pouring in.

All of this while our physical bodies are stretched to the max trying to assimilate all of this radiant liquid love light that is pouring into our vessels. Exhaustion is common as well as fogginess, an inability to think in the old linear way, body aches and pains, a myriad of strange symptoms that the medical profession struggles to put a name to. We are ascending, bringing our divinity into our bodies. It is quite a feat! Thank your body for all that it does even if you find yourself having to take two or three naps a day.

Many are finding their identities dissolving as old habits and expressions no longer serve the being we are becoming. There can be a pulling away, an inward focus as the new anchors in. I have found myself sitting up straighter, my posture improving as this new being is huge and demands more room in my body.

We are in the end times, the end of the old matrix controlled life. We are freeing ourselves to live a life of peace, harmony, freedom and love. We are co-creating a world of wonder and unity. Let us be mindful that these times call for gentleness, for all others and for ourselves. Everyone is doing their best. It is not an easy time but know that we all petitioned to be a participant on this planet to witness and contribute to this massive change.

Time to spread our wings and fly!

Time to spread our wings and fly!

Knowing this, we can appreciate and open ourselves to all that is arising. All is seeking to be felt, to be loved, to be accepted. We can determine to feel everything fully so as to free our hearts to have a greater capacity to love. We are meant to be in love with everything! Think how much our greater being loves us, to move all the pieces on the chess board that are required to bring forth the memory of one painful situation or another, into our lives in this now. It is mind boggling how it is all arranged. Whenever I think of it, I am flooded with appreciation for myself and the Creator. What wondrous times we live in!


Emotional Release Leaves Me Limp and Grateful


This guy showed up on the arm of my chair, to teach me how to view life from a new angle.

The past few days lined up in my world as an oracle/astrologer predicted. Oraclereport.comI like her take on the planets, giving them personalities in a way that feels very relatable to me. It has been a time of emotional purging as the planets lined up to assist us in our clearing.  I am grateful as I desire for my cells to be full of lovelight and that can only happen if they are not carrying anything else.

Betrayal….I have been shown how it has been a part of every significant love relationship that I have had in this life. This thread has been the warp and woof of my life. I created it for a reason. Now that I have done so much weaving, I can observe the pattern it has made and learn from it.  I have been immersed in its energy and pain as I felt it all like a white hot poker in my heart. It is amazing how the feelings can arise with such ferocity. It is not as if this were the first time I had allowed them release. My mind wants to jump in with that information but I will not play that game any longer. Yes, I have felt these feelings before. Yet here they are again so there is another layer to experience. As they came flooding out, I felt almost overcome with a searing rage and sorrow.


So many painting projects! Each color holding a world of memory for me to walk through.

I love how my dear, Sophia, my I AM presence, sets me up for growth. My younger son wanted to clear out the tool shed and configure it into a more useful space for his art framing. It had been accumulating stuff for over 20 years and was a mess. I decided to assist him in this, wanting him to have this space. This put me back into the old track of powering through to a goal. It took three days to empty everything, clean it and patch the holes in the walls where rodents had found entrance. It was hard physical work as well as emotional as old projects and objects where unearthed.

There was the set up: building containing the past, high degree of physical labor called for, days worth of a project, former partner absent yet directing from the phone while I labor in the field. All leading me to use my energy in my former way of cutting through with my will, pushing myself from task to task like an automaton. Amazing how I fell back into that way of moving that has become foreign in the past few years. Yet it was a perfect formula as physical exhaustion led to emotional fraying led to Cinderella complex surfacing with her victim mindset. Some part of me is aware of all of this and feels gratitude while the rest of me ends up yelling, crying and stomping about. A tear storm that sweeps me along as the heated emotions find release. It is interesting how the physical clearing out mirrors the inner clearing that we are doing. No wonder so many of us have felt the compulsion to clear our closets and spaces, opening up more interior landscapes.

IMG_4879My son and I went out to a movie and dinner last night to celebrate the new space within the shed and within my heart. This morning after getting up to view the stars, I fell back asleep and dreamt of the defining betrayal in my life. It was raw and harsh, pulling me out of sleep in order to take a breath. Now, after getting up for the day, I sit here with my coffee and slice of peanut buttered toast and feel peace. My heart feels light, emptied. I can take a deep breath and feel the golden light moving in and around. My body feels like I have been through a boxing match. I am moving slowly. I will be tender and caring and alert to what my body asks of me today.

I am sending gratitude to Sophia, to the planets and the sun for their assistance. I am grateful to my son for witnessing me and holding me in love. I am beaming love to all those who played out the betrayal for me so that I could arrive at this place of no longer betraying myself. Today I am diving in the truth of the love that I am and allowing it to caress me. The chair in the sun is calling me outside, perhaps that is as far as I will journey today as I savor this shore I have landed upon.