Nature’s Notes

This log made me think of the phrase: "Bloom where you are planted". These trees and plants took it to heart!

Still walking in the dreamtime. Spending lots of time in nature, absorbing and observing all that she has to say to me. Here are a few of the lessons from the past couple of days. This old tree trunk sitting on the shore birthed new life atop it. It laid down, its former beauty and purpose gone, yet it allowed the dirt that collected on its surface to birth new life. What a lesson for we middle agers. This trunk let go of the belief that its growth had to come from its top, it allowed it to spring from its side! It let go of old paradigms and ideas of how a tree should grow and began anew.

This shell was lovely in form but it was obscured by all the flotsam it dragged along. She has yet to let go and allow her beauty to be seen. How long do we continue to drag our past behind us, weighing us down. Old stories want to go round in my head…..they rejected you, that will hurt you again, you don’t know what you are doing…..I choose to cut them loose. I choose to walk freely in each moment, shining my light.

The perfection of hard boiled eggs in a simple dish. I am fed by the eggs as well as the beauty of the earthly colors and the form of the dish. I am grateful to the chickens!

The pink rhodendrums are letting me know that it is ok to shine so brightly, no matter where you find yourself. I walk through the greens of the forest and am startled by the intensity and brillance of these blooms. They seem as out of place as a bridesmaid’s dress on a hiker. Yet, they burst out without any trace of shyness to greet me.

This heron flew by and I asked him to hold on while I got my camera out. He obliged by standing still then arose and made two low short passes so as to be caught by my camera. He then resumed his perch on the rock in front of me and gave me a steady look. Yes, I get it! Everything in nature wants to cooperate with us. He enjoyed being appreciated and I enjoyed his beauty. He took off and soared so effortlessly, skimming

the water before making a grace filled landing. I remembered that grace was always in the offing for me to call upon in my life. I ask for God’s grace to fill my world as this heron filled my senses with delight.

My walk increased in enjoyment when I finally took off my shoes and socks and allowed myself to feel all that the sand and seaweed had to offer. I had tried to carefully tread, wanting to avoid the smelly black muck of the sea. I ended up getting a wet foot in an attempt to cross the rivelet of water streaming to the sea. In ditching the shoes, I was surprised by the warmth of the fresh water making its way to the sea, the transparency of the lime green seaweed as it wrapped around my foot, the soothing feel of the sand and the joy of splashing in the water. Nature says, come play with me! She knows that in doing so, we return to the innocence of children and love abounds.

The forest path leading to the beach was lined with ferns. I love the tightly closed fiddleheads that appear to close in upon themselves. Yet they unfurl, opening to the sun filtering in, to birth a new frond. I thought of fairies playing on them like violins, making music for the forest to dance to.

Someone once referred to me as a “spiritual bungee jumper”. This tree reminded me of that and how we are often asked to leap without any assurance of a safe landing. This is where we find ourselves as a society, our foundations are crumbling out from under us, we are hanging on by our roots as it were, and we look sure to fall. Let go, I say. Let’s let go that tension and take the leap into creating something brand new. Can’t you feel the relief!

The beauty of the fungus that grows on decaying matter. Our new earth can grow so much beauty as we allow the past to die. We take the lessons learned, turning our dark shadows into rich mulch with which to fertilize our heart’s desires. We can create vibrant new shades and forms. Oh, it makes my heart skip a beat as I feel all this taking place!

Time to close this sharing as the night is almost gone. I seem to be staying up half the night which leaves me in a sleepy, dreamy state in the day. It seems to be part of the plan to maintain this dream state between eclipses. I close with this large heart rock that I came upon. I ask my beloved for a sign each day of his love. Heart rocks are a common one and this one filled me up like a buttercup. Remember that song? Fill me up buttercup. I picked a bouquet with buttercups and do indeed feel filled up! I love you all.

Floating in the Mary Energies

This mural was in a bathroom in a local restaurant. So colorful and bright, I wanted to float with all the sea creatures.

Days fly by and I miss my writing. This is one of those immersion times where I am so “in” the journey that I barely crawl into bed (skipped brushing my teeth, that tired) and have no capacity to reflect on my life. It takes all of me to live it. Today is the first new moon of 2012 and sees us entering Aquarius. Freedom! My sign as yesterday was my 56th birthday and for this Aquarian gal, I am finally at home on this beautiful earth. The energies of freedom are anchoring in more fully which allows me deeper breaths. Ahhhh…..

Where to begin telling you about the past few days? My friend and I knew that we were to take a journey together and that it had to do with the Mary energies. She carries the Mary Magdalene energies of the sexual priestess, and I carry more of the Mother Mary energies of the nurturing mother. A side note: Mary Magdalene was not a whore as the patriarchal fathers wanted us to believe. She did train in the temples of Isis to learn the art of sacred sexuality which she used to help Jesus fufill his mission. Sacred sexuality is a gift from the Creator that can be used consciously to aid in attaining enlightenment. (read Tom Kenyon’s The Magdelene Manuscript). She attained Christ hood with Jesus as they were twin flames working together for mankind. Back to my story….together, the Marys have asked my friend and I to weave a tapestry. (I am so ready to get cloth and threads and create some of what I have been experiencing in a physical way). We decided to go to



the view a few feet in front of our tent

a national park to camp for a few days. We packed our book that we felt directed to read, Anna Grandmother of Jesus by Claire Heartsong as well as some fruits and vegies. There was no running water which thins out the crowd and we elected to camp further from the parking lot camping area to have more privacy and more nature. I loved the way it was set up. There were these beautiful trees set in a mowed area of grass with a picnic table at hand. You followed the mowed pathways through the grasses from tree to tree and chose your spot. We spent one night totally sheltered under the canopy of a huge tree. The tree was so loving, embracing us in its shade. We could hear the crashing waves



Our tent set up under the beautiful tree with the mowed grass and picnic table.

on rocks below as we watched the stars come to life out our front door. The next night we moved our tent to a new site, shown here where we were further out on the point. We could take a few steps and watch the waves crashing below and lie naked for a morning sunbath in the dewy grass. Bliss! I watched the sunrise each morning and we watched whales come up to greet us as we sang and drummed for them. I am so thankful to them for all the record keeping that they have done forever to assist us to this point in time where we can once again anchor the energies of unity consciousness on the planet for ourselves.

our welcome sunrise!

We truly communed with the elements as on our last night the rain and wind storm flattened the tent almost on top of us! It was a wild night as we sat up, trying to hold the tent sides in place as the rain found its way inside. Wet and wild and pretty sleepless. We were glad to see the stars begin to finally reappear as the rain ceased and the wind spent its fury. Dawn was a welcome sight! Our days were spent swimming in the sacred pools that spill down with the waterfalls to the ocean below. It felt otherworldly as we swam under the spray and floated in the lovely rock lined pools. We took turns reading aloud to one another as we journeyed deep into the Mary stories. Anna, who was the mother of both Mother Mary and Joseph of Arimathea

The bridge over the first pool and the waterfalls leading down to the pools and ocean below.

(who fathered Mary Magdalene) was the narrator of the tale. I had not heard her story before and found it fascinating. It has been an incredible time for us as we drifted between dimensions. We were being activated as we read, deep cellular memories were triggered and we felt many of the scenes in our bodies. It has been surreal, looking out at the ocean, dropping into the scene in the Essene communities, feeling their initiations, coming up to breathe and eat an avocado, feeling overcome with waves of sleep as we traveled on the inner planes. I have been overcome with emotion, tears quietly running down my cheeks as we journeyed with the players who came with Jesus to assist him in his mission. We were assisted by the elements of nature, allowing us to simply be held in her arms as we could feel that the time is at hand where we are being called to birth the Christ within our hearts. We were players in that time 2000

The view from the top of the bridge, looking down on the pools.

years ago and we have returned to play the scene in a new way. Jesus and his companions anchored the Christ light in the earth and the crystalline grid that surrounds the planet. It was done for this time, when the earth’s energies were light enough to begin her ascension process as well as our own. We are ascending back to the Creator as our Father/Mother God wants us home.

I am feeling so blessed tonight as I know that I am being guided to the awakening of the Christ flame in my heart. I feel so at one with the beauty of mother nature as she shows me oneness as flocks of brilliant white birds fly by in their seamless formations. They do their dance of changing leaders, each one knowing how to align in fluid beauty, like bright ribbons across the sky. I want to see all people on this planet free, free to know their own beauty, free to move in harmony with their fellows, free to dance with the wind and sky.

I leave you with this graffiti message I found in the cement block bathroom at the park. I thought that it was beautiful! If you desire to birth the Christ flame in your heart, loving yourself is key. All that you have been taught about being harsh with yourself in any way, any shame or blame or judgement, can melt in the flame of your own loving heart. Bring in the wood and fan those flames high, toss in all the words that play the old critical tapes in your head that you inherited from family, society, and culture. Love and honor your own beauty and the Christ light will blaze its love for all to see. I so love you!