Solstice on the Mount Shasta

Up close and personal.....taken from Panther Meadows

The Summer Solstice was a magical day coming as it did on the heels of much clearing. I had spent the weekend at an event with 13 wise women. We had co-created a beautiful tapestry of light that was infilled with the new energies. During the weekend, I experienced a dark night of clearing in my tent that was very intense. My head felt like it was being drilled with a jackhammer, waves of nausea rolled through as my emotional body went through a wringer. I emerged rather fragile the next morning, grateful to have come out the other side. The core separation from Source was up for healing, that sense of abandonment and exile from the Creator. A pain so huge that it threatened to overwhelm me. The following day, in a flood of tears it was released into a burst of laughter as I knew that it had all been an illusion. I was never separate nor alone. I am one with the Creator and all of life. Oh, the joy and relief of this knowing!

The well of the Mother on the mountain, we drank deep of this holy water.

The mountain called a friend and I to it on this special solstice day. We hiked into Sand Flats where I took a nap at the meadow with the mountain blazing its light down on us. We then made our way up to Panther Meadows where Saint Germain is said to hang out. We hiked across the snow fields to the womb of the mountain, the spring where the water originates. The Native Americans of the area call it the Mother and honor it in ceremony.

Panther Meadow magic!

We took out our crystals, cards, drawing materials and snacks and had a beautiful few hours communing with the crystalline energies that surrounded us. It was magical, snow and sun and the sound of the water burbling in the well and the snow melting in tiny rivelets of water. The air was vibrating with all the energies pouring in from the sun. I felt like a battery being charged by solar light. As the day was winding down, we hiked out and drove up as far as the road allowed on the mountain. There was a large gathering of folks, all glad to be on the mountain for this special day. I met a wonderful woman, another of the Mary’s. She actually carries the Monad of the Marys. In our sharing, we discovered that we had worked together two weeks before during the Venus transit. She was called to fast and pray for 7 days to hold the energy for what was taking place at Stewart Hot Springs. She did not know what it was, only that it was of great import and her light was needed. I cried when I heard this as she was holding the energies for Joseph and I as we anchored the new energies of love on that day. Oh, how mysterious is this universe of ours! How wonderfully interconnected we all are.

How grateful I am for each one who listens to his/her inner promptings and follows the direction given. She had been traveling and offering her services to the light for eight years, traveling in her van with her cat. It was such a delight to meet and share our hearts’ love. It was also such a validation for me of the work that Joseph and I did. Praise God! She gave me a photo that she had taken that day of the sun. There was a heart revealed with a flame coming out of it! I had been that flame and knew its heat.

On the way down the mountain, we stopped to watch the sun set. It was such a blessed day. We were so gifted with new energies of love and openness. I felt sated to my very core. I was so very grateful to crawl into my tent that night!

Solstice sunset