Feeling our Mother

I have posted this painting of mine before but as I look at it today it has new meaning. I am feeling this intense energy of our Mother. She is unwinding her coils of stuck energy, just as we have been.

I just checked and it has only been three days since I lasted posted. It feels so much longer. Much healing has occurred. As I completed the recent emotional journey, my body went into its journey. I have had a bad cold, me who has not had a cold in years. I have read reports that flu like symptoms would become prevalent as we reset our bodies’ workings. I had gone with my younger son to San Francisco for the day to see the annual flower show at the art gallery where arrangements are made to interpret a particular painting. It came on the heels of a mostly sleepless night. The drive took an extra hour due to fierce rains. The crowds were enormous despite being a weekday. After a couple of hours, we were fried and decided to head home. My body began to feel worse and worse. Fortunately my son decided to spend the night. There is such comfort in knowing that someone is there when we are ill, even if we do not call upon them, we feel their presence.  I almost woke him at one point as I was in such pain. My cells felt like they were on fire. It was very intense. By morning the head and chest joined in for a full blown cold. I was shown a picture of the energy stream we created as we drove there and back and mingled with the throngs. It was another confirmation that if you feel an impulse to do something…trust it. Logically it did not make sense to go that day…..the rain storm, the fatigue but on some other level, it was just right. It was important. Trust is the name of the game for me.

We saw these flowers in red, green and this vibrant yellow! Amazing

We are all doing so much clearing. I am clearing my energy field so as to be a better transmitter or conductor for the pure lovelight that is flowing into the planet. That way, I can hold and move more liquidlovelight…yes it is real stuff! No accident about that name coming to me. I am meant to allow it to flow with ease through my body. This recent emotional and physical cleanse, clears the channel so that it is in better working order. I can feel the earth as she is in the throes of her birthing pains. She has 7 billion of us on her, each carrying their weight of issues. When you are weighed down with fear and anger, (at others but mostly at yourself)  you are a weight that she would like to throw off. For all who have gone through childbirth, you might recall the way you felt when anyone touched you with their own needs or offered their idea of help. You were so deeply in the process of birthing……you wanted to throw them off!  When you love yourself, express joy and appreciation, you are like a feather on her. You can even go from

huge wall hanging of gold flattened bottle caps...loved the rippling waves of it. A tapestry of metal.

being neutral like a feather, to being a help if you act as a conductor of the love energies…..like bringing the ice chips at the right time, or supporting and rubbing the back. It is our job to tune in to what our mother needs. She cannot spare the energy to tell us, she needs us to simply do it and be it. That support. You can ask to align your heart chakra with hers and offer your beams of love to her. You know how powerful that can be, to have someone holding you in love. I recall a friend making her first video for a worldwide audience. She asked me to sit and beam love at her for the afternoon’s taping and that is what I did. It was a solid thing that she could draw upon as needed.

We are all responsible for clearing our fields. There is no energy left for healing another, trying to move another to a new level of seeing, nor continuing relationships where we are not seen or respected.  It never was our job though we were taught to use our power in that way. Our sole job at this time, is to shine our light  for all we are worth. That means, cleaning the lens so that the light can be seen more clearly. Clearing the emotional body of the old programming of I am not enough, all comparisons, all judgments of self and others. Letting go of duality in all its myriad forms. That is being conscious in every moment: “Does this thought elevate others or myself? Does this thought bring me joy? Does this thought or action ennoble myself or others?” We are creating our world together. We are creator beings. I read a wonderful article about this by Peggy Black and her angel team:  http://www.therainbowscribe.com/thegrandrebirth.htm She speaks of the power of our imagination when combined with our emotions. These are our creating gifts. My son summed it up after reading this as: imagination+emotion=our genius moments! I like that. She speaks of how worry is the distorted use of our imagination and gives some powerful exercises to turn this around.

Such creativity in interpreting the paintings. I loved the dark, fluid tree form!

There is a huge letting go…of relationships that no longer serve us, possessions that we do not use, activities that do not uplift us, any way of giving away our time or energy that does not feel good! Our emotions truly are our guides in this. I have a reoccurring theme in my dream space. I hear this message: As the chaos rises, so too must your inner core of peace and calm. You have been prepared for this. I can feel that there are more earth changes ahead and I am told to see it is necessary in the birthing and to hold to the larger vision of what is taking place. When you are in labor, you do not need anyone freaking out because you are exhibiting pain. You do not want someone saying, “Oh my, this is awful, you poor thing! This should not be happening.” That does not help. You want to be surrounded by folks who are calm, centered and offer soothing words of support like, “You are doing great!” Who hold the vision of the beautiful baby to come. Our mother is birthing herself anew and the world to

lovely scene of spring flowers

come is of a beauty that we cannot imagine. Already it takes my breath away and I can only feel its presence as it makes its way down the birth canal. Wow!!! Hold to that vision of beauty. When you hear of earth changes, know our mother knows what she is doing as do all beings who may transition from the changes.On a soul level, they have agreed to this. Offer prayers of support and love but do not stand there adding energy of fear or upset.  Birth that beauty in yourself. Do you truly see that as you birth the truth of your own beauty to yourself, you allow others to see your radiance and you gift our mother with so much.

Wild and wonderful!

My sons had an encounter with an older gentleman sitting outside the local store. He could have been mistaken for a vagrant as he had a weathered countenance and appearance. They sat and had a conversation with him and it turns out he was a retired professional football player. He said that he could see that they were of “we consciousness” rather than “me consciousness”. He shared that he was in town for the passing of his mother and what a heart opening and sacred event it was for him. As they went to leave, he said, “You are both so sparkly!” As we stand in our truth, we are seen by those who have eyes to see. Our light is shining as we birth our higher Christed selves into this form. This is a time of magic.

A bit of green in honor of St Paddy from the stairwell of the art museum.

Oh, speaking of magic, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! Truly take in the wonder of where we are and savor these holy moments as we go through this shift of the ages. It is all sacred. It is all divine. Including you! Take a moment to expand into the love that you are…….and feel the magic.