Summer Solstice Play

fullsizeoutput_11b0The Solstice was a wild ride. A friend came to play and celebrate the Solstice with me in this beautiful spot. We were preparing the day before and then full on into it on the Solstice. We gathered flowers that wished to be a part of the ceremony (many clamoring to be chosen) and headed to the beach. Felt into which one to chose…ended up at one with Christ in the name. One of the many clear rivers ran into the ocean there and so we had the waters streaming in from the land. We gathered rocks and driftwood and set about creating. As I placed each rock, I felt the swirling energies around me. The elementals of mist and water and air were working with us. I used rocks with sun colors of white, orange and gold. After that was laid, the dark rocks asked to be a part of it all. A line was laid that I understood later to represent the mystery, the dark matter, the deep unknown that is always present in life.

fullsizeoutput_11c7My friend, created a heart that held the divine masculine and feminine in its embrace. I love that we can trust ourselves so deeply to know what to do in each moment. It was playful and fun for us yet we had to stop and drink and eat at times in order to continue. That is the other side of  knowing more, you feel it all so intensely. I could feel the wheels turning as I laid the rocks, feel how it was creating shifts and movements in the All.

We knew we were to go to the unnamedredwoods later in the day to complete our ceremony. We came home to eat and rest first. We then headed out to the forest. We came to another gorgeous river and beach to walk and then made our way to the grove. It is advertised as the world’s most scenic stand of redwoods. You do feel as if you are in a cathedral with the soaring trees reaching above.  There is a hush that the thick layer of needles creates as it absorbs the sounds of your footfalls. We brought crystals from Mount Shasta and rocks from the beach that wanted to be transported. So many openings and crevices in the trees offered perfect places for these gems to rest.

fullsizeoutput_11c9Hearts were with us all day, heart rocks, heart shaped pieces of wood, heart openings in the trees. Everything was alive with the lovelight. As we made our way back to the car, the same thoughts popped in both our minds. We were to complete the circle and follow the route through the forest and out to the town below us. As it was the longest day of the year, we still had sunlight as we made our way out of the forest. We arrived at the ocean as the sun was preparing to set. We went and ate some fish tacos to celebrate a day well spent.

fullsizeoutput_11b6Once home, it was fully dark. We opened some champagne and celebrated the full circle of our day. It felt as if it had been a week since the morning, a full day in every sense.

It is now the third day since then, I have rested deeply, my energy completely spent. I saw how my body is permeable, open to the elements and energies flowing. It is one of my gifts, to allow the energies full reign within. The beauty flows in and out into our Mother Gaia. I am a chalice, filled and emptied over and over with the liquid love light that is my song.

I am so grateful to be in this place of beauty that fullsizeoutput_11bamy friend has so lovingly co-created with the elements. I am held in its embrace. The butterflies and birds swoop and soar, the bees are busy gathering pollen to carry back to the hives by the old barn here. The flowers raise their cups to the sun. Blueberries are beginning to find their blue hue, a hidden bunch of raspberries flashed their sweet redness, inviting me to partake of their deliciousness. All is in harmony. I realized that I know so deeply that all is well as I have come from that future. I have lived that new life that is beginning to burst its tendrils through the veil. There are wonders ahead. All that it requires is that we hold its song in our hearts and sing it with every breath. We are singing the new into being. How beautiful we all are! That was my Solstice intention, that all beings come to know their own beauty and have the freedom to shine it and sing it out to the world! Hallelujah.

IMG_1936Thank you to my friend, for the forest photos and this one of me in the mist. My phone felt the heat of the energy and shut down. It has come alive again after a day of rest. I am feeling that same aliveness begin again within myself. Off to the ocean to feel the wind and sea and let it invigorate me.


Staggering After the Solstice

A table I set with flowers for a dear one's celebration, reminding me that a banquet table is laid for each of us, with the Creator's love.

A table I set with flowers for a dear one’s celebration, reminding me that a banquet table is laid for each of us, with the Creator’s love.

The Solstice packed a punch this year, no gathering with others as it felt challenging enough to stand upright alone. A few days have passed, and I am still reeling with bouts of exhaustion that leave me feeling as if I am a boxer, staggering to his corner stool, after a challenging round. I feel pummeled. Interactions take energy I do not have to spare. To eat or not to eat, has become an question as waves of nausea carry me off. Sometimes a piece of toast quiets the torrent, or does the opposite and intensifies it.  Extremes appeal; salt, sweet, crunchy, soft. I am getting ready to pack camping gear and the kitchen kit is in question. Will I cook for myself outdoors on this adventure? I keep sensing the last time with some foods therefore, savor it now.  Feeling myself drinking water and more water, maybe juices, smoothies. Hearing the sun can sustain these new light bodies. Wondering how soon that will be my reality.

I feel like I am sleepwalking through deep snow, encountering occasional melted patches where the sun has hit. I take advantage of these to complete tasks. Conversations are challenging, requiring too much energy. It feels like white noise in my head, comprehension lacking. Driving has been interesting as cars pull in my lane, as if I were not there. Am I visible? I feel like I am floating down the road, perhaps I really am invisible. What is real? What is imagined? It is all blending in a new soup.

The sky tonight, calling me to open roads and wider vistas.

The sky tonight, calling me to open roads and wider vistas.

I express my needs to my I AM presence and trust they will be met. I have to take the car to the garage, get my tooth taken care of, this computer needs attention as it flickers and wavers, trying to decide if it wants to get to work or not. Today the tooth and the car got taken care of in between stretches where I lay anchored to my bed. As soon as a window of energy appears, I move with it, knowing the crash will soon follow. At five p.m., I had to sleep, now at 10 p.m., I am awake. There is no sense in the clock anymore except to attend to errands that are attached to a dissolving reality. Our world is shifting… computer screen has been demonstrating it to me. Days of fuzzy, dancing screens, doubled, blurred lines, even a day of no screen at all showing up, and now my computer is operating as pretty as you please. Let this be reflected in my body!

There are days where I can’t seem to see very well, everything is cloudy. I find myself using my reading glasses to cook something or do the laundry as if I were blind. Other days, my vision is as sharp and focused as you please, no reading glasses required for any task. Two days ago, my belly was a bloated tight drum, uncomfortable as if an eight month old baby were tumbling about in it. Today it looks like I gave birth, slack and soft and reduced in bulk.

Illuminated by a shaft of sunlight, this leaf quivers with life. Allowing myself to be washed in the sunlight of love that is pouring in.

Illuminated by a shaft of sunlight, this leaf quivers with life. Allowing myself to be washed in the sunlight of love that is pouring in.

I have had moments of anxiety as I prepare for this new/old adventure of driving about with no plan, in my nineteen year old car. 252, 784 miles on her and she still wants to go. I had felt that she and I were to have new forms. Surely we would not be asked to move about in these old body suits? Today as I feel all this internal shifting, I note that there is a shifting. Things have changed but as yet, the outer appearances do not reflect this. Ok, so we go as we are, trusting that all will be well. My departure date has flashed on the screen of my mind. I look about me and wonder how I will meet it in this present comatose state. I have to pack and clear and clean. Will my body hold up? Do I have the stamina for life on the road again? How long will this trip last? Is it a trip? I have no destination, no home to return to……I am moving back into my nomad state after a year of being settled. Why did I sign up for this at this juncture of my life? I am fifty-eight years old, and feeling it tonight. I had let go of  most of my worldly possessions years ago, keeping the car and camping gear and am surprised to find myself having to do so once again. In this year of living in my former house, I have enjoyed having familiar treasures about me. The pleasure of using a mixing bowl I love, the joy of my son’s paintings brightening my room, the relief of this small fan blowing on me in bed. My body wonders if it will feel comfort. I keep hearing that I am not moving to less, but more. More on every level… heart trusts, my body is not so sure. I am trusting my own manifestation skills to come online. Knowing I do not want to, nor have, the resources to outfit a life in the old way. Curious how this bigger life is to come into being, knowing that it will as I have walked it in my dreamscapes.

My river walk reminds me of the joy of flowing with no fixed point.

My river walk reminds me of the joy of flowing with no fixed point.

Deep breath. Sinking down into my heart, I feel an expansion, a sense of freedom wafting in with the breeze. Oh yes, the sylphs of the air are calling me north. A direction given with some “work” points along the way. This is not a road for the faint hearted. Ascension is real. The shift is here. We are moving. We are becoming aware of our oneness. Love is flowing and weaving across the planet. My liquidlovelight is called for and for now, it requires movement. This I can do. We are each called to our part. Grace is here to lend a hand. I am in need of her hand and take it gladly. Let’s go see what is up ahead.


Birthing the New

IMG_6851I am coming up for air from the dreamy, depths that have pulled me in. I traveled far and wide on swift currents that held me in their embrace. It has been a journey of weaving liquidlovelight in patterns that unfolded as I swam in the crystalline waters. The tone has been sounded for the new to commence. It begins within our own depths, as the swirling action gifted us by the solar winds, the planetary bodies and heavenly hosts, works to bring all our muddy aspects to the surface to be cleared. What a blessing! Each responsible for our own ocean of light. Once clear, we can ask to swim in the collective soup, allowing our light to permeate and penetrate the dense particles, loving them back into the lovelight that they are. When I am thus engaged, there is no part of me available for reflection as all is used in service to the light.

IMG_6854 On one of my daily walks by the river, a newly born fawn, stepped into my path. I could not see the mother for a time, as she was lying down, recovering from her ordeal as her little one tried out her legs. Her fur was sticky and curled from her mother’s tongue washing the afterbirth away. I instinctively knelt down, as you do for a child, and she came mewing to nuzzle against me. It was a blessed encounter. I pulled some foxtail weeds that had become stuck in her coat as she repeatedly fell in the grass. Her mom and I exchanged words of delight in this new life. The fawn followed me as I began to walk away, falling flat on all fours as her spindly legs faltered. I stayed with her for a time, finally walking into the grasses to get her off the path. She lay down as I marveled at how perfectly her coat was colored to blend in with her surroundings. Only her black nose spoke to where she was. I spoke to the mother in gratitude for her sharing of her little one with me knowing that I had been gifted with a sign of the new energies arrival in my life.

falling flat

falling flat

I looked up deer totem and took the parts that resonated for me.

A new innocence and freshness in about to be awakened. New adventures are just around the corner. Maybe the most effective way to summarize the lessons of these beliefs, is to say that only when we move through life in the spirit of love for all beings can we melt the barriers that separate us from others, from other life forms, and from the beautiful mystery which is our own magical and spiritual gift.” by Ina Woolcott

My thirty year life cycle of personal mothering has come to its end, my daughter flies off in a few days to begin new life on many levels. Mary Magdalene and the divine mothers came through to bless her and move with her. The lineage flows free. I am freed to expand into the universal aspect of myself that has awaited me. The timing is perfect as the firmament prepares to receive the new frequencies of liquidlovelight that are streaming in. This solstice is opening gateways and portals, long closed, as we take a giant leap in our evolutionary game.

IMG_6843I am being called once again to move with the slyphs of the air, to follow where they lead. My direction has been given, my trusty ally, dear Maxie (my nineteen year old car) has been given a tune up and the all clear by my mechanic. A few days of solitude will be given for me to center myself, gather and pack my camping gear and a bag of clothes and let go of any extras that I have accumulated in this year of settledness. The open road offers freedom as well as bringing to the surface some anxiety of the years spent in constant motion as I wove patterns of light across the USA and Canada. Those years were hard on my body, emotional as well as physical. I sense that this journey will be different, one of more ease and grace. I am so grateful for the knowing that has grown within, for the absolute trust I have in myself and the universe at large. I sense it is short term, this car traveling. A time to touch in and co-create with other members of my lovepod who are calling to me. The communities are preparing to be born. Our heart’s desires are about to come into fruition as the summer sun expands them into ripeness. Juiciness approaches. I have been stripped naked, allowing the light of our father sun to permeate my very core.

Gratitude dances me as my heart’s fire propels me. All is well. It is time and I am ready to play my part. Thank you for playing yours. We are love.

Super Moon Sunday, Are You Still Standing?

A ring around the sun that appeared the day before the solstice. I love the rainbow ray that was reaching out to me and the pink orb of love.

A ring around the sun that appeared the day before the solstice. I love the rainbow ray that was reaching out to me and the pink orb of love.

This Solstice weekend has felt like being squeezed through a wringer washer of old. I have come out like a limp, damp rag on the floor. I have been surfing waves of energy, riding high in the realms of knowing that all is well, and tumbling into the troughs of despair and emptiness where walls surround. My physical body has been bloated, uncomfortable with waves of nausea passing through. It is as if I ate this super moon and I sit here rubbing it! Not as the laughing Buddha but more as a pregnant woman who is feeling the extra weight hampering her movements.

And yet……there is this excitement of the impending birth. A sparkling that flows through my veins along with the sluggishness. It makes sense to me that as duality is ending, we would be experiencing both ends of the spectrum. Our minds question how to navigate these choppy waters. What I am discovering is a greater capacity to fully feel both ends of the spectrum and all that lies in between while retaining an observer’s mind. The questioning of the what, why, hows in my life has died down. There has bloomed a deeper knowingness. The seeking has left my heart. I AM enough. I AM here. I AM showing up with an open heart. There is simply the surrender to the ride, up and down and all around.

Sunlight streaming in, transforming the old patterns of suffering of the cross into the new patterns of joy.

Sunlight streaming in, transforming the old patterns of suffering of the cross into the new patterns of joy.

I spoke with a friend last night and came away feeling so much surer, so clear. By telling one another our stories of the past week or so, (in which we have lived lifetimes!) we both came to a fuller understanding and knowing that all is well. I fell more deeply in love with Sophia, my I AM presence, for her orchestration of my life to align with my divine plan. I fell in love with Linda Marie, for her dearness, her willingness to open to love again and again. I so love me! We both had experienced a death that left us limp and empty. My body is moving slowly as I allow my divinity to flow in unimpeded. I accept that I AM divine. I AM love. My guidance has told me that it is time for me to receive love. To bring the balance of giving and receiving. My heavenly family knows of my gratitude, their message this week was: “Enough Linda. We know your grateful heart. Now, allow yourself to receive our gratitude for your work, for your contribution.” My personality self was surprised by this, had to breathe this in and find room for it. To open my cells and let their lovelight stream in. Yes, it is liquid goldlovelight that is an elixir that I did not know I craved. One drink, and I knew it was the nourishment that I needed. I am drinking gallons of lemon water as I allow this elixir of appreciation and honoring to flood my cells. It carries peace, of a peachy-pink hue that melts my body into the couch, the water, the ground.

This is contrasted by the moments of claustrophobia, when my skin feels too tight, body too small for the light that streams in. I bite my fingernails, flush hot and then cold, toss my hair off my neck, flail about restless as the contraction pulls me in. Comfortable? Not in the least! Oh, the wonder of these bodies, doing this work of internal change while still in operation mode. At times, it feels I have taken a bite of the magic apple that has put me in a semi-sleep state. Words disappear, objects go missing and then reappear in unusual  places, knowledge of how to use things evaporates. The other morning, I awoke to my cell phone ringing. I picked it up and could not for the life of me, remember what to do to answer it. My mind registered, “This is a communication device.” Strange wording and I sat there, trying to access the knowledge of how to use it. I knew that once I had known this. It was one of the many surreal experiences that are happening with greater frequency as we move between dimensions.

Trust. I trust the process. I surrender to it. What else is there? I thank God for nature as when I am jumping out of my skin, sitting with a flower, watching the leaves move with the wind, smelling the grass, allowing the water to caress me……these bring me into the moment. I can live there when all else is chaos and confusion.


I pulled this card of passion the other day. I know this dancing flame is in me and will surface when my body is ready.

The outer world is reflecting the dismantling of the old. Our inner worlds are being mirrored in more and more hearts as the love streaming in does its magic. My dream world is giving me glimpses and assurances that it has already happened, we are in the Golden Age of Peace. I find the ground beneath my feet is more solid, even if I am inclined to lie upon it rather than dance! I know that the dancing is to come as I embrace the doldrums and let myself be. All is part of the whole, the unease and the joy. I AM ABLE for this. As are you. This is why we came, to take all of this experience into our bellys, hold it and rub it with love and send it forth in a shower of light. Like Fourth of July fireworks going off, one by one, we are adding our light to this world. The variety and ingenuity is amazing. No wonder the heavens are smiling in delight!

Pink Blanket of Peace

My life lessons had stretched out in an endless series of arches to make my way  through.

My life lessons had stretched out in an endless series of arches to make my way through.

After a day of extreme restlessness and nausea, where I felt claustrophobic in my own skin, I have come out on the other side. It is interesting how our bodies are such wisdom keepers. I honor mine for all that she imparts to me. During the day of unease, I searched for a way to contract into some kind of comfort. I began to think, “Oh, it is time to rent a place of my own so that I can be alone during these times.”  I was feeling the challenge of birthing the new energies in the midst of sharing space with various frequencies about me. I recognized that as a contraction, a pulling in to a perceived place of safety. My higher wisdom advised me to breathe and allow the feelings to flow through me without attaching to a need to act about them. This is so counterintuitive to our conditioning. We have been trained that if we feel something, we must then do something. In truth, to express our feelings as they arise, is all that  is necessary. We do not have to act on them unless we are truly guided to. In these times of planetary clearing and cleansing, most feelings are arising to be fully felt. They are seeking some attention and are then happy to be lovingly released. We are being gifted with a thorough vacuuming of our inner space. All the rubbish that we stored in our hearts and souls, is now wanting to be cleared out. Our divinity awaits entrance, room must be made as we are these immense beings of light. Our human bodies are so small in comparison, it is an amazing feat that we are in the process of, flowing our divinity into our human forms. We are bringing heaven to earth through our beautiful bodies.

The river flowing with my heart.

The river flowing with my heart.

Yesterday, I awoke after the best night sleep I had had in years. I felt alive and healthy. I floated in the water, took a long walk by the river, went to the farmer’s market and was enlivened by all the fresh vegies and fruits calling to me, came back and napped deeply,  lay under a shade tree and played with the dancing shadows, back into the water, drank gallons of juice, beet, carrot, cilantro, strawberry and watermelon in many different combinations. My body felt so happy! It had loosened its edges, expanded to accommodate the increased light of my divine self. I felt wrapped in a pink blanket of love and peace. The earth herself seemed wrapped in this garment of peace. A hush resounded from her heart to mine.

This morning I am awash in this pink light of love. My guidance is to live this pink. To breathe pink peace, in and out. To dance it, to tone it, to exude it. I AM this pink lovelight. There is no trying, no more thought, no more seeking. The knowing arose that I am complete. There is nothing outside of myself that I need. All is contained within as I am the all.

IMG_3668I had felt the need to release more folks, as our frequencies no longer matched. There was some sadness in this despite having done it so many times before.  I recalled that this was the way when I initially took a leap forward, I would find myself by myself and with myself for a time as the energies integrated and anchored in my form. I knew it was all temporary, simply a fading from view for a time and then the reunion as we all find ourselves back in the arms of the One. Trusting the process and the wisdom of it all. Knowing I am flowing on a river of grace.

I was gifted with a vision of completion. The work in Scotland with the Rose line of love, was the last of my heavy lifting. The death process as I left that country, was the clearing that allowed this soft, expansive, divine aspect to enter in. I am made new in these energies of love. My body now needs only rest and space to renew itself. A new life is about to be born. I am standing on the cusp of it as the Solstice and full moon approach. The energies of both are pulling me forward, like a mother’s arms supporting me, as I begin those first attempts to relax, let go and float on my back in the waters of life.

The pink allows us to come down from the cross of separation. The rose and thistle reunited as we come to know all as love.

The pink allows us to come down from the cross of separation. The rose and thistle reunited as we come to know all as love.

My heart is wide open with the wonder of it all. Who knew it was possible to move in the world with a heart on fire? Waves of leaping flames consume me, followed by a gentle blaze that I rest in. In breath and out breath……fanning the flames or calming them. All in perfect order. I am in the earth, in her fiery core, breathing with her. I pull the pink blanket of love about us and we let the flames rock us to and fro. There is only this. I am this pinkness, I am this peace, I am this love. Every pain and sorrow lived since the initial separation from Source, has been worth it. For this now, this knowing, this completion. My tone rings out in gratitude. I feel your hearts, singing with mine. We are home, once more cradled in our Mother’s/Father’s love.


We are Ready!

Me capturing the beauty of the river.

Things are moving so fast, it takes so much energy simply to be in the energies and then I want to write and reflect on the energies. Ready for bed but I want to try and capture some of this before it disappears into the next moment. I am in a new space. Betwixt and between worlds had become the norm for some time. But now I am in a space where interaction with the illusion is taxing to the point of not being possible. I went into a grocery store today and was overwhelmed walking past the aisle for detergents. Chemical smells are toxic to me. Our senses are so heightened that a tiny sprig of lavender, crushed under my pillow from the end of a long day on my braid, woke me in the night with its power. LIghts seem too bright, even the beautiful outdoors can be too much for me when I am in this stage. The feel of the breeze on my skin can be raw.

sunlight sparkling

A friend sent a phrase she had received for me in meditation, harvesting celestial diamonds. I love that phrase and it made me think of my beloved, El Morya, with the diamond in his turban. I was drawn once again to daydreaming of the possibility of him as my beloved. I then read a recent channeling from Saint Germain saying that the upcoming solstice would see many ascended masters and archangels, lady masters and light beings taking embodiment in order to reunite with their twin flame! My heart lept at this sign as I had never heard anyone else speak of this. I felt its truth for myself but did not really think of how many others are awaiting their twins from the stars. Oh, I so wish to see this happen for all of us. For everyone to have their divine counterpart to share the lovelight with. I always felt that it would be the step that would set this new earth into motion. It feels imminent.

This marking on the path intrigued me. The rungs of the ascension ladder we are climbing?

The fatigue factor is mounting amongst the wayshowers. We are tired to the bone. I am ready for a long honeymoon in the Great Central Sun or some other exotic locale, perhaps a swing by Venus to bathe in the lovelight there. This show cannot continue much longer. I am ready to push any button just to see something happen! At this stage, any sign of movement would come as a relief. The care of the physical vessel, the wonder where to lay it each day, the inability to even imagine the process of searching for a place to live no less then furnishing it,  is too mind boggling for me. Continuing to journey feels hard. I feel so done. I want to lie in a field and be one with the breeze, the grasses, the dirt, the sun. Let the elements play with me, return me to the elements that I came from.

The view of oleanders outside the window as seen from the couch where I have lain prone.

This cannot go on for another six months. I feel that the solstice will spark some outer change as I move through my dreamlike days. I feel that I will drift into the new, floating into that space with such ease. Greeting my beloved as if it is the most natural thing in the world to find him beside me. Letting go of all beliefs……be lie fs. There is a lie embedded in them. A limitation as there is in any form of expectation. They confine what is possible in each new moment. I have shed it all, and know nothing. I live my truth in the moment, aware that the next moment, it could differ greatly. I celebrate this! I am showing up with all of who I am in each moment with my heart open. I am accepting the shadow aspects that are still coming to visit and be loved. I have let go of thinking that they “should” be gone by now. Oh, here is Miss Victim come to call once again. “Hello darling, you did not receive your due last time? I am so glad that you have called again. Let me embrace you and thank you for serving me as you did. We were a good team for a time. Now we can hug and say goodbye.”

Ascending does not mean the end. Rather a beginning of more joy, more understanding, more reunions with loved ones and more wholeness to offer in service.  We are a continual work in progress as we turn every aspect of our being over to the will of God. As we surrender to divine timing. As we trust in the order of the universe. As we know ourselves as sparks in God’s heart. I am ready for my new home, to create it through my heart. Ready to live in it. Tomorrow I pack my dear Maxie (my car) and head up to Mount Shasta to camp and attend an event before the solstice. It will be good to sleep on my mother again. To be with the mountain and water and see what magic it all holds. Thank you all for shining your light so bright. It helps me to see at night!

Happy Solstice!

What does that mean? God is alien? I spotted this sign as I was walking back from the park today. I read it as, God is an alien. That made me chuckle as I took it to mean He/She is from outer space, from the stars just like the rest of us are. It is only now as I read it once again that I see it is saying that God is alien…..alien to whom? Webster’s dictionary says that it is something belonging or relating to another person, place or thing. Something foreign. I like the hearts that the person drew as well as the small halo above the I. I am affirming that God is not alien to me as I am a part of Her/Him. No one or thing is alien to us. Indeed, I had just had the experience of toning and chanting in the park as my friend channeled Spirit. We were weaving a tapestry with my sounds and his words to flow universal love energies across North America. God’s heart was very present as was Gaia’s as she shimmered and tingled up my legs to meet in my heart with my Mother/Father God’s energies. I laughed that we fit right in at Dolores Park which is filled with folks all pursuing their own version of delight. I was twirling and swaying with the sounds that moved through me, my friend was speaking and chanting in a deep loud voice as groups played about us. I love the freedom from the constraints of the ego. It is wonderful to not worry about how anyone views anything that I do. It does not matter any longer, only that I honor myself by following the promptings of my own I AM presence. 

 Later on my walk, I saw this beautiful camellia in bloom. I loved her pink passion expressing itself as swirling skirts spinning about her. I loved that she rose above the confines of the iron fence spikes. The rigidness of the old that we are all now rising above. I feel just like her, so happy to be dancing free. Who knew that once you let go of all that you knew, there would be such freedom?! I am astounded by it. It is as if I have discovered universes inside myself. Vast galaxies of space that I am free to dance in with colors not yet imagined.

Then I passed a car with this little flower on its dashboard, dancing about. I do not know how it was activated but it was merrily grooving along inside the car. I laughed out loud at its silliness and cuteness. So cheerful and colorful, dancing her beauty even though no one was there to see…..oh, except me! She was dancing for me. I love how when we begin to dance with life, life begins to dance for us! I had started the day by spinning 33 times around. I had watched some utube that someone had posted on facebook saying that it helped to spin your chakras. I figured it was worth a try as it appealed to my sense of play. I like my  spiritual growth experiences to be fun! I felt a bit nauseous by the end but quickly regained my equilibrium. I feel that was symbolic of how we are being tested to see if we can hold to our centers as chaos whirls about us. Deep breath and dropping into my heart brings me back to myself. 

The sun set early on this the longest night of the year and my body is ready for bed. I am still assimilating all the beautiful gifts of energy that have streamed in today. I feel a bit drunk on the lovelight. A friend was here and said that Hilarion ( the ascended master of healing and truth) wanted to speak. I recalled that Hilarion had spoken to me last year at Christmas time and he had decorated me as the tree of truth. He had hung ornaments all over me. I wondered if he was coming to decorate me once again. Indeed he said that my ornaments were lovely! He also congratulated us on our work today with Gaia and commented on our purple robes of regality. I am feeling quite comfortable in my robes tonight. I am owning my own mastery in a deeper way. I love that I get to sing and dance and tone my gifts to the earth. What a great role I chose for myself! Thank you for the roles you each play and the gifts that you bring. Each of us is so essential to co-creating this new earth of ours. Can you feel it? Begin by delighting in your own beauty, I am delighting in it!