Summer of Love

Not sure of artist but giving gratitude for use of this image

Not sure of artist but giving gratitude for use of this image

That phrase keeps playing in my head and heart. My knowing is that this is to be the Summer of Love, come again. I wondered where the term came from and what it represented. Forty-eight years ago, young people gathered in San Francisco to express the love flame that had been birthed in the Sixties. From Wikipedia:

The event was announced by the Haight-Ashbury’s psychedelic newspaper, the San Francisco Oracle:

A new concept of celebrations beneath the human underground must emerge, become conscious, and be shared, so a revolution can be formed with a renaissance of compassion, awareness, and love, and the revelation of unity for all mankind.

imageThat flame was snuffed out by the powers that be through the divisiveness of the Vietnam War. The war was exact in its intent to divide a generation, creating two camps, soldiers and hippies. It sought to destroy the love that was blossoming in hearts across the land. Many of that generation have survived, though many were lost through the scarring that resulted from the horrors of that time. Our streets are filled with the homeless, former soldiers among the ranks, unable to integrate back into a society that used them for their own agenda. A quote from Grateful Dead guitarist, Bob Weir, expresses that the Summer of Love was about more than free love and drugs:

Haight Ashbury was a ghetto of bohemians who wanted to do anything—and we did but I don’t think it has happened since. Yes there was LSD. But Haight Ashbury was not about drugs. It was about exploration, finding new ways of expression, being aware of one’s existence. (from wikipedia)

The idea was held aloft by the Sixties generation, that there was a better way. They did not know the hows but knew it was worth seeking. Now that love flame is coming full circle as we seek unity and oneness once again.  We have matured and our discernment has grown so that we are able to recognize the ploys to divide that are out pictured through the governments and corporations. We are no longer as gullible, as easily led. People are standing up for freedom, coming together to demand clean air and water, safe food and shelter, for all people. We are feeling the responsibility to work with the earth and be stewards of this land once again.

imageThis shows up in emotional waves for me. Part of my soul, so fatigued, so tired of chasing the carrot of a better day, is hard pressed to lift the lamp of love. Yet this hope burns bright in my chest and my arm follows suit to raise the torch of love.  The summer of love plays its notes through my being. It is time. Time to let go of separation, of judgment of one another and self, to open our hearts wide and expose this love seed we all carry.

The world desires peace, desires a radiant future for their children and grandchildren. The world shimmers and shakes and doorways can open in a moment if we are brave enough to walk through them. We are the creators, awakening to our powers. We are the ones who have held that seed in our hearts. We buried it deep with our fears as it was too painful to live in full awareness of the love that was barely tasted. We choked on failed dreams, yet our tears continued to water the seed of love, we thought long dead. The seed remained awaiting its time. Awaiting this Now.

It is growing and beginning to unfurl its beauty in our hearts. I am claiming this love flame, I am shining the light of my attention and intention on it. I am nourishing it with the good soil of loving thoughts, watering it with self love, allowing the sunshine of gratitude to do its work. This love blossom has the ability to change the world as it is seen and felt in more and more hearts. As each of us nourishes this flame, it spreads like wildfire throughout the land. A mighty conflagration that has the possibility of creating a new earth. A new world, the one we have dreamt of forever. We are ready for this. It is ours to claim. It starts heart by heart. As we fan one another’s flames through love, we increase our own blossoming. Soon, all will know their own beauty and we will delight in experiencing that of our brothers and sisters.

The Summer of Love. I see the love pods forming, finding our resonant tribe, working and playing together so that all beings know that they are cherished and valued for their gifts. We are so tired of going it alone. Time to make music together as our hearts sing their notes of love. Time to put flowers in my hair!


What a week we are in the midst of! 11-11-11 is days away, some are calling it the most auspicious day ever on this planet of ours. I awoke early to move my car before the street cleaning crew came by. My son joined me for an early morning drive across the city to Crissy Field. It is so lovely to walk along the beach with a view of the city silhouetted behind me and the Golden Gate bridge looming up ahead. Glorious! I feel so blessed to be here, especially when I get myself up and out of the small, dark apartment and enjoy the natural environments that abound in this city. There are many if one has time and energy to look for them. I was greeted with so many smiles today! I am a smiler by nature and today it seemed that folks were more open than usual to returning my smile. I believe that it is a result of all the divine love pouring into our planet from the Great Central Sun and coming from our dear mother Earth herself. I am feeling it hugely as joy vibrates my being and tears of gratitude, wonder and love flow. I am awash in this light and love, the lovelight. Yes, we are being bathed in lovelight. A beautiful pink orange magenta light flowing down like the softest rain. Can you feel it? Open your mouth to catch a taste of the drops. They are the sweetest nectar.

I like the way the sun cast the shadow of the bridge on the hillside. What a beautiful structure, painted so boldly and throwing its cables across this bay. What a concept! Imagine being the one who saw the potential and had the know how to make it happen. I feel that we are being asked to do this now. Visualize the new potentials, hold the picture clearly and allow the pieces to come together to bring it into manifestation. We are to co-create this new earth of ours. Friday is a wonderful time to do this as we all join our hearts together to meditate for world peace, abundance for all, freedom and joy as each person recognizes their own beauty and their unique gifts. Whatever constitutes your idea of the world that you would like to live in……..hold that vision and send it out into the universe as a prayer, a meditation, a dance, a song, a tone, any way you feel drawn to. Google 11-11-11 events and find one that resonates with you. I will be joining my friend, Meredith at 11am for hers as well as my friend, Tiara’s at 8:11 pm (oh these are Pacific standard time so be sure to convert to your time zone).

We have done so much healing and releasing to come to this time of joining with our I AM Presence. I love that we no longer have to dig through our past or understand what our feelings are about. We can simply be the conduit to let them flow and let them go. Let go……on every level of your being. You may be releasing your old stuff from a painful childhood or from a past life or you may be transmuting it for the collective. It matters not. What is of importance when you are in the midst of emotional turmoil, is to take a breath, pull yourself back to that eagle’s eye view, and remember to let the emotion be fully felt and present. Sit with it, observe it, express it (not by yelling at someone rather through writing, pounding

bread dough, watching a sad movie to allow deep sobs of sadness to come up, be creative!). And then sit back and watch it move out of your space. Do not hold on to it

in your thoughts by allowing it to play in the hamster wheel of your brain. Toss it out the angels and the violet flame (you simply ask the violet flame angels to transmute it…I ask them to mulch it into light for mother earth (best composting around!! Composting old outworn thoughts!) Let go of the “shoulds” in your life and choose “likes” as in I like to shop for yummy food, I like to do my laundry at the laundromat where the attendant remembered my name from last winter when I was here in the city. (How we like to be known!) Since I like that, I like to remember the names of the folks at shops and cafes that I frequent. Makes our world nicer. It is all perspective….some of our shoulds are holdovers from old programming that says that you must spend time with certain folks because of blood ties rather than joy ties or you can solve a problem by running it through your brain a thousand times over and worrying over it. It is time to truly honor ourselves by choosing new pathways, new ways of thinking and being. Time to know, truly KNOW that we are enough. Our being here on the planet is enough. There is no doing that is necessary except that which brings you joy. Move towards that joy flame in all that you do and your life will be transformed. Open your heart to this Friday’s energy and know that our transformation is at hand. We are gods and it is time to claim this. I so love you all!!! I so love me and everything about me. We were the ones chosen to be here for the shift of the ages. Hold your heads high, square your shoulders and look in the mirror and smile! You are here, I am here! We are the strongest of the strong and we came to rise from duality into the light of unity consciousness as we remember that we are one.

This is a painting I did titled, Releasing. I laid down layer after layer of paint, a bit like my life story, layer after layer of events, people, emotions. I then took a scraper and began to scrap away all that no longer served me. I stopped when I had uncovered my truth….the radiance that I am. See that blue glitter shining through? The purple patches? All me. Some parts rough, some smooth. All me. I feel joy when I look at this and reach for my canvas and paints to create more of my beauty, more of my song. This life is a gift that I am savoring!