As Below, So Above

IMGP4576For days I had heard or read the expression, “As above, so below.” When something keeps popping in, I pay attention. We are witnessing this become more of our waking  reality as we clear ourselves and allow the new frequencies of love to pour through us. We are bringing heaven to earth as more of our divinity anchors within our form. Yesterday, this truth went further as a friend turned this expression around to: “As below, so above.” On the skype screen, both of our bodies went into their truth confirming nods and jerks. (Yes, we are a funny pair). We felt the many universes, that have representatives here, watching us take our first conscious steps as creator beings with our beautiful Mother Earth. What a planet! She made the decision to ascend and do the unheard of…..take all of her inhabitants through the ascension portal with her. The immensity of her love for us is difficult to grasp. I can only sense it in shivers of light running through my body. We, in turn, are gifted the opportunity to co-create with her, a world that has never been. Hence, the multitudes of beings surrounding our planet as they desire to witness how we all bring this about. They are taking notes so that they can replicate something similar in their universes. The opportunity which is in our lap, through the grace of our Mother Earth and our Mother/Father God, is gi-normous, as a friend says!

We are not in this alone. The sun, the moon, a multitude of planets, the great central sun,  and even a comet, have come bearing their gifts. From every side, we are being bathed in a steady stream of liquidlovelight. As with all gifts, we must be open to receive them. Just as many of us have felt the need to clear our homes of excess stuff, we need clear an interior space for the lovelight to flow in. The old energies have to be cleared out for the new to flow in. Jesus spoke of this in a parable about not putting new wine into old wineskins. He was speaking to the rulers of his time, saying the old rules no longer applied nor need be adhered to, as the new was present and demanded a new container. His teachings of love could not fit in the existing framework of the times.

Organic vegies lighting up our cells.

Organic vegies lighting up our cells.

The same is true for the times that we are in, as the new frequencies of love and unity consciousness, demand a new container. Our mental bodies must be cleared of the old programming that kept us enslaved. The matrix has been identified and it is up to each of us to unhook from its limiting belief system. The brave and courageous whistle blowers have torn asunder the veil that hid the truth, with more being exposed each passing day. Our physical bodies are speaking out, asking to be remade into the new wineskins. Notice the popularity of green juicing, fasting, and cleansing diets. We are following an inner prompting to prepare our body temples for the “new wine”. Physical illness and pains are on the rise as the old energies we stored in the past, come to the surface for release. Our emotional bodies are asking for cleansing as well. The love frequency comes in like a laser, targeting all that is not love within. We are witnessing an unleashing of anger, fear, guilt, shame as all is rising to be bathed in the cleansing waters of the liquidlovelight. It is time to love every thought and feeling we have had. To embrace our inner child and all the weird and wonderful ways that we sought to protect ourselves. We can let go of regret or shame as we thank who we were, for experiencing life with the tools we had at our disposal at the time. Now we have new tools and a new way has opened for us all.

 Our gratitude in the receiving, amplifies and expands the gifts. How blessed are we to be here at this momentous time. We are the actors who scored these roles, ones that we have waited lifetimes to play. We are in the greatest play that ever was. Let us speak our lines with courage and confidence, knowing ourselves as stars. The curtain is going up……..deep breath… we go!


Accepting Our Grandeur

Happy December! Today the sun was filled with such joy and sparkly energies. The day seemed to have many parts to it. I felt as if I am living out different aspects of myself throughout the day. It began this morning with a dream about El Morya. He is an ascended master who was the first channeling that I ever heard and the one who was dearest to my heart.  Mother Mary is my dearest feminine master. They are the two who I asked to serve as my father and mother in this life after my parents disowned me in my early thirties. My kids used to call El Morya, “Mama’s main man” when they were little. They were right. I am following a 7 week program of focusing on an ascended master each day and asking to go to their retreat at night to receive their gifts. El Morya was the one I was focusing on last night which was a joy for me. I recalled how I had channeled him recently and how he had shared that I was an aspect of him. Here is some information about him and the program:

El Morya works under the authority of the Blue Ray representing God’s Will to the Earth. He gives assistance to all governments and stands by any of us desirous of doing God’s Will as the planetary servers of the Divine Plan. In previous embodiments, he was one of the three wise men making way to the Christ Child, King Arthur during the time of Camelot, Sir Thomas More, Akbar the Great, founder of the Mogul Empire of India. With great determination, he teaches us how to concentrate, to have unwavering focus, and to build our strength of character as this is in absolute divine alignment to the Divine Plan and Mission of Earth. His sacred fire of the blue flames gifts us with the Power of Command and expression of Divine Truth through all forms of our expression and media. His retreat is in Darjeeling and his electronic pattern is the chalice.
I was thinking of my beloved and it occurred to me that I had never heard of El Morya  having a divine counterpart as most of the masters seem to. I wondered why. I awoke from my dream feeling that I was El Morya’s beloved. Immediately my ego mind said, “Oh, please! Who do you think you are? An ascended master? Really?” Yet my heart felt this warm glow and I felt El Morya’s smile. The day moved on and I forgot all about it. After dinner I was sitting and knitting ( a long forgotten skill I am reclaiming) when the memory popped back in. I breathed it in and allowed it room even as my ego had a go again with his disdain. Just then a dear friend called who I work with in other realms. (do you see how Spirit arranged this call to reinforce the idea as it popped in……I love the timing!) I shared my dream with him in gratitude that I could without being thought mad. He said, yes, I can see that. He reminded me that we are gaining our ascended master selves and we will walk once again as brothers with the ascended hosts. So it makes sense that my beloved would be from that realm. Whether it is El Morya or not is not the point. Rather it is that I am being asked to expand my vision of who I am. I will be partnered with a being who matches my frequency as we enter this new earth. I am sure that this being will carry aspects of El Morya, being my other half how could he not, as I carry aspects of El Morya. I saw how the dream was an opening to more of me. To let go of any limiting ideas of who I am or what I can do. Rather to accept that I am a mighty being of light as we all are on this planet. We are all coded to wake up and play our parts in alignment with divine timing. We are being asked to move into our largeness and accept our grandeur. This photo that I took in Muir Woods of these mighty redwood trees holds this lesson for me. They are among the giants of the tree kingdom and they do not apologize for their height and beauty, nor do they stand there thinking themselves an apple tree when indeed they are a redwood. All trees are beautiful and have certain characteristics that make them special as do all people. Yet one variety of tree does not try to be another. They do not worry about comparisons. They simply are who they were created to be. I am being asked to own my tallness and to spread my branches heavenward and my roots deep into my mother’s heart. Tonight I am owning who I am. I am turning from the voice that says, “Why do you believe that you have to have a larger than life kind of life? I am agreeing with my friend who said, “You came here to do just that!”  It is what I was born for and I am finally at the time where the energies are arriving to support it. And as I claim my beauty, the path is widened for others to claim theirs. It is time.