Flowers Float Me Through This Play

The blossoming that is taking place deep within each of our hearts is beginning to spill out into the outer realms.

The blossoming that is taking place deep within each of our hearts is beginning to spill out into the outer realms.

We are riding these spring waves of energy, up and down and all around. I have to laugh at the way the universe challenges us to truly own who we are. I recently had a conversation with a friend, describing my state of peace with where I am,  despite my personality self knowing my current location is not the one where my heart dances freely. I felt more in tune with my path of a “be- er”, holding the frequency of love with the earth, than ever before.  From the world’s perspective, I do not “do” anything and that has had its share of challenges, both within myself and from outside.

So, the evening after this conversation, my soul created the opportunity for me to clarify and more fully embody this sense of peace about who and what I am. Oh, it is so amazing to me how swiftly we are graced with the opening to further solidify our truth. My former hubby/roommate came home from days away with the question not mentioned since the end of the year, “So, what exactly are your plans? What are you going to do? And what about our son who follows this being path?” His fears tumbled out about security and making progress in life and how much money do I have left and all the what ifs. I was able to be present, to hold a field of love that allowed the fears to be strewn upon, acknowledged and embraced. I was grateful for the opportunity to express my not knowing, my commitment to walking this path with no idea of the next step, my willingness to move or change the situation if it causes him too much discomfort, my surprise that I was still here, my gratitude for the ease of this arrangement and his generosity in allowing me this space.  I felt so unattached to where or how I live or what the next step might be. I expressed a desire for his comfort as well as mine, that we must each do as we are guided. I was grateful to feel the solidness in myself of having faced these fears, time and time again. I did find that my body needed a brisk walk in nature to move all the energy through and allow serenity to settle in once more.

The transformative energy of this year's snake spiraling up as we blossom.

The transformative energy of this year’s snake spiraling up as we blossom.

We congratulated one another for being able to have this conversation in a spirit of respect   and appreciation for the other. It is so important to express the feelings fully, to allow them movement and acknowledgment. It is freeing in itself and does not have to result in action. The expressing of the feelings is what is important. It allows space for the right action to arise in a field of love rather than being coerced by the feeling’s rushing energy. Often, no action results as the expression did the clearing needed to flow forward with life.

I have a sense of playing a part in a play, one that I am not passionate about. I simply show up and say my lines. It feels like a holding still point. Neutrality about everything. There is a peace in this as well as a flatness at times. In those moments, I sit and drink in the essence of flowers. I am a flower being as I have always felt them to be my language, the one that truly expresses my feelings.  I have a deep knowing and trust that the new world is landing in more fully each moment. I believe in this time of magic and miracles and delight as I witness it explode in my world like a burst of bloom with a wild randomness. In the in between times, I am set at neutral, idling along. I know my soul is engaged in her work with the earth and the galaxy, so this surface self drifts along in this play that is winding down. We have performed it so many times that the juice is long gone, the lessons long mastered. The play of my heart is in development, last minute editing and assigning of parts taking place. My heart knows mine is the role that I have desired to play all my many lifetimes. I know that I have the skills to play it masterfully.

A mirror of flowers to show me my true self.

A mirror of flowers to show me my true self.

Today, I sit here soaking up the brilliant yellows of the daffodils and the mockingbird’s song outside the open window. The doves are cooing, the sky is overcast and the earth feels blanketed in a soft mist. I feel like a seed in the moist earth, having burst the hard covering to send my tiny green shoot up to find the sun. I know I will break through, that I am reaching in each moment towards that light. I am at peace in my earthen home, knowing myself as the blossom at the other end of this shoot. All is in right order. All comes to fruition. My part is a grand one as we each step out to shine our true selves on the stage of this new world. Feel the peace in this and use this time to rest. Once this new play gets underway, the action will be quick. For today, I sink into this space of stillness and drift on its currents of love.

Living My Truth

Allowing the stream of life to flow through me without resistance, is so freeing!

Allowing the stream of life to flow through me without resistance, is so freeing!

I am engaging in an interesting experiment. I am presently sharing a house with my former hubby, now dear friend, as well as my sons. Most of the time I am alone. Former hubby spends weekends out of town with his girlfriend and her son, and has commitments on all but one night that he is here. My elder son alternates his time between here and his girlfriend’s place and my younger son makes occasional trips home from the Bay area when he needs respite from the urban life. (My daughter continues to add her love from her current home in New Zealand). We are all committed to living our truth and respecting one another’s space. We have long past cut all energetic cords of mother-child, husband-wife, sibling-sibling. Believe me, cord cutting is powerful and was felt strongly by all when we did it. We share love and honoring for one another and act as mirrors, reflecting the highest vision of one another. We have let go of the old stories of pain and suffering and come full circle to a place of supportive love. I am so proud of each of us for committing to our own growth and walking our way back to the love that has always been the light of our family unit. It has been a mighty work of alchemy.

As my sons are in and out, we are desiring to live here as if we were each alone. Enjoying the times where we come together, but staying true to the movement of our heart’s impulses. The house has its own energetic patterns from fifteen or so years of the raising of the family. There were some heavy patterns from the years where the marriage was a crucible of pain and separation. There were the imprints of truth not spoken, the confusion  of duplicity, rage flaring only to hide undercover in shame as well as patterns of control where I worked to keep all as I thought it should be. An amazing amount of my energy was caught up in trying to keep everyone happy…….of course, that meant attempting to control others to do as I thought best for their happiness. It was ironic that when I finally left the marriage, I had no idea what made me happy though I knew what did for the other four. Fortunately, we have all worked to allow those patterns to dissolve and change. There is a deep peace that permeates the place now and a sense of sanctuary that offers nourishment. I am so appreciative of my former spouse for maintaining this home for us all. It sat mostly empty for years but has come alive again in a new way.

We each have our own patterns and they change day by day, moment by moment, like the clouds.

We each have our own patterns and they change day by day, moment by moment, like the clouds.

It takes presence to be true to one’s inner landscape and allow it expression. We are learning to allow each one our own rhythm by flowing in what is our truth of the moment. That means that if I want to cook, I do so for myself, at the moment the desire is there. I may ask if others desire to join me or not, depending upon my mood.  If I do not feel like doing dishes, I don’t, leaving them until I or another feels drawn to washing. Trusting that all balances as we only do what gives us joy in the moment, doing no thing out of duty but rather desire. We laugh at how ingrained is the pattern to put off an impulse that arises, thinking to get to it at another time that will work better. We are programmed to put off joy and creativity until the “work” is done. But time has a way of disappearing and I do not get out to the hot tub as I planned or the sun sank before the walk could take place. So we are living our experiment with presence, with following where our hearts lead. I just went into the kitchen, intending to leave my glass and plate in the sink with the other accumulated dishes till the morrow. Instead, I felt the movement to wash and clean the area. A minute before I did not know I would do that, but here I was washing dishes with joy. So much is timing, by allowing myself to flow with it, things get done with ease. Each moment gives rise to the next movement.

It has been a challenge to my nurturing, mothering nature to feel into where I am in old patterns of behavior or being true to my heart’s desire. I discovered that I do love moments of caring for others,  as nurturing is part of the flame I embody. I have also discovered delight in receiving as someone makes me food or folds my clothes or restocks the wood by the fireplace. It takes presence to discern the well from which my impulses are arising; the old co-dependency patterns, the giver/martyr pattern or from my inner joy. Choosing to be authentic in each moment means some things do not get done and that is as it is for now. We accept that. There is no assigning of tasks nor judgment of what each one chooses to do or not do.

Gently flowing, river of peace.

Gently flowing, river of peace.

This new way requires non-attachment. If I desire companionship to do an activity, I have to be ready to go alone if no other has that as their desire in the moment or seek a new companion.  If I want to talk and another does not, I have to trust the perfect time will arise. The old laying on of guilt to achieve my desires is past. We find as those moments of sharing appear, they have a sweetness to them. Without planning, it feels richer, quieter and more nourishing. We honor one another and are sensitive to close doors, talk on our phones away from others, call if anything is needed if we are at the store, all allowing breathing room. This was a part of our former family life but there is a newness to it as we come from a place of greater truth and authenticity.  In the old life, I would have left whatever I was doing, to do for another at any moment. My own needs abandoned to tend to another’s. No one asked that of me but it was the role I chose to play. Thank God, I abandoned that role and all roles. Now I honor my flow and my needs first and foremost, knowing that is a gift to all around me. Knowing that we are each following our own prompting, eliminates any need to wonder if someone is alright. All the gymnastics my mind used to go through in making assumptions about the meaning behind another’s behavior, are disappearing. There is such delicious freedom when we attend to our own happiness! We free all others from having to think or concern themselves with us and we are freed in the same way from concern for them. We trust each other to speak up when there is an issue, directly and clearly to whomever is involved. Trusting ourselves fully and trusting others to do the same, brings such clarity. We are maturing which is a cause for celebration. We are understanding what it is to be a healthy adult, fully responsible for the world that we inhabit. By taking ownership for the wake that we leave behind, we allow all access to the beauty at hand.  We are in the process of honing this inner freedom, understanding the need for clear boundaries, trusting each other to be true to self, knowing that what is in my highest good cannot conflict with your highest good. As you are me, and I you.  We are co-creating a world that I have dreamt of living in. And we are doing it right now!


The Art of the Pause

A soul collage card I made that expresses the opening to this well of peace.

A soul collage card I made that expresses the opening to this well of peace. Do you see the face that is looking deep inside? It appeared when i flipped the image over.

I am learning the art of the pause. In the old energies of duality, we reacted with either/or to situations. We labeled things; good/bad, wonderful/awful, like/dislike. I am learning to pause, to allow a range of new possibilities to arise. I have discovered a deep well of peace that I can drink from in any moment. I can go to this well and pull up all manner of responses that are expansions of the original energy. I am finding this change in myself  liberating. Instead of my old habit of reaching out when I faced with discomfort, I go inside. I go quiet and still. I allow the energy space. This allows movement. As it comes from within, there is a strengthening of my core, of my knowing. Each experience, leaves me stronger in my trust of self, my trust in my own divinity to light the way forward. I spent years seeking others’ advice on the who or what of me. There was a certain thrill in hearing about myself.  That pales to the knowing that floods me as my own mastery arises to meet any situation.

 I am learning to allow others this pause. To not jump in with my powerful creative self that immediately seizes upon ten ideas to shift the situation. Rather to offer a field of possibilities that emanates as love, as I listen with a quiet heart, giving time for each to find their own answers. This new me, listens and reflects love. I find this applies to knowing when to answer a phone call or respond to a message. My heart is informing me when it is better to wait before responding, allowing the person to move through their own process and discover their own knowing unaided. I want to witness others discovering their own truth rather than keep them returning to me for support. As I step more fully into embodying peace, I am called more frequently into this heart listening with others. I am letting go of holding someone’s hand to being more of a field of reflection of their own truth. I have found myself moving away when someone wants continuous feeding as they chose to stay in a place of discontent and complaining energies. (I know this territory as I lived in it until I grew tired of my own story). My discernment is showing me when it is important to be present as the person is ripe for a shift and asks only to be witnessed in it. This is the gift we offer to one another when we arrive at shift points, the gift of presence.  I am shown as well, when my energy is better used in stillness as I connect to the collective field rather than an individual. I can feel more clearly where the greatest good for myself and all lies.

This maidenhair fern found a home in a favorite pot. It is part of my well, nourishing my soul.

This maidenhair fern found a home in a favorite pot. It is part of my well, nourishing my soul.

I am learning the importance of boundaries. I do not draw from the well for others when I am in the process of filling my own bucket. When I am full, the art of presence is available to others and flows from me with joy. When I am empty, giving comes with a cost that I no longer am willing to pay in any area of my life. I chose to sit in my messy bedroom until the energy flows with joy to do the cleaning. I rest when my body calls for sleep without regard to time of day. I am honoring the wisdom of my body, of my feelings, of my heart. We can each step into this by choosing to do only that which is necessary and supportive of our beings. The more I simplify my life, the easier it is. I live a very small life in many ways. This has been exactly what I have required in order to discover this well of peace. My days flow in solitude and stillness with occasional bursts of activity and communication. I move with the expansion/contraction waves in a fluid rhythm where once I pushed and pulled at life. I allow myself to experience the benefits of the current carrying me forward. I emanate a field of gratitude with each breath. I was born to this time and my heart sings its tune of joy. No more waiting, no more yearning, no more expectations. Meeting all that arises in my world, with a peaceful and open heart. Thus we create that world of peace and love. We are that powerful!




Filling Myself With Light

IMG_2496 I felt such a shift in the energies the past couple of days. I slept for most of one day, pulled under over and over again. I was a cat on the floor, following the sun shining in the back glass doors with my pillow and blanket. I was close to the warmth of the fire, getting up every now and again to throw on another log, fetch a glass of water, take a bathroom break,  and move my pillow up a bit so the sun was on my face. I knew that my job was to fill myself up with as much light as I could. I did venture outside to sit for a bit, wrapped in a warm sweater but the elements were too extreme for the way I was feeling. I was a tender babe, needing the utmost comfort. It felt like all I could do to maintain this routine throughout the day. Breathe in light, radiate it to the earth and out to the grid. Over and over. I was a battery being charged. I was birthing a sun in me.

The day before I had participated in a healing of a young woman who had suffered a great deal of abuse in some of the imaginative ways the divine feminine has been defiled. She carried an entity that needed to be released back to the light. That was interesting as the energy was so different from my former dealings with entities. I no longer held any negative judgment towards the entity, rather saw it as something that had become stuck in an old pattern and needed a loving hand to assist its movement forward. We acknowledged the role it had played for this woman, thanked it and sent it on its way with love. It moved with ease and gratitude back to its rightful home. My friend’s crystal bowls do amazing work in clearing so much from the body and energy fields. We added sound which aids in the movement. This woman was so full of light. She had endured much in her young life, and was ready to turn it all into a new story of love and strength. What amazing souls are on this planet! She came to do huge work and it was lovely to be able to acknowledge that for her and reassure her that the pain was now past. It will never be as hard, as dense again. We are creating a world that will be safe for women and children. It is coming by the choices we each make to flood all with love.

If we can create places of safety that this deer enjoys in the nature center where I walk, we can create a world that is safe for women and children. In fact, for all sentient beings!

I was shown how all that comes in my field now is for the collective. We truly are becoming one. I can listen dispassionately to tales at the denser end of the spectrum and hold it all in a space that allows the love to be reborn. I was lying on the floor, filling myself with light to send into all the places that this young woman had highlighted for me. She opened a river of experience that was ripe for transformation. I could feel this frequency clearly from her and was able to ride into that field of energy with my liquidlovelight. What a gift. It demands all of my attention and a focused intention to hold a container that allows love to weave its magic threads. It creates such a healing fabric, a soft pink blanket of peace. To wrap the perpetrators as well as the ones we would label victims in the old vocabulary. Now, we know that all are co-creators, choosing to experience dense energies in order to transform them. The ones who commit the acts of abuse are so in need of the power of love and on a soul level have volunteered to play out this darker role. I blessed them all for their service to the collective. As we clear our energy fields of all hatred, pain, anger, worry, frustration and so much more, we make these darker roles obsolete. When we no longer carry any of this violence and hatred in our fields, peace will flood the land.

IMG_2512The underpinnings of the old earth have been swept away as this great surge of love has anchored into and on the planet. What remains is held in place by our attention to it. It appears solid yet it is as ephemeral as smoke. As we wean ourselves from the lower vibrations and the matrix reality we have lived in, it will collapse. There is no fixing the old systems, as they provide no worthy foundation to build upon. We are tasked with creating the new by our dreaming, our intention and our focused attention on what we desire. Whatever we focus on, is what we choose to have grow. We are entering a time of great freedom and joy. With it comes great responsibility. Our thoughts are creative, each word spoken a vessel of energy. It is a time to chose and act wisely. Everything done in love, creates a field of love. We can wash our dishes in a state of love,  pay for what we need in a state of gratitude for the abundance in our lives, thank our mother for each drink of water and bite of food that her ground has grown.  Each thought of love, each word spoken in kindness, each action of compassion, creates our new earth. This is what we came to do and the time has truly arrived. There is no more waiting. Let us begin.


Love Fog

I have been moving in a love fog. That is the expression that has come to me these past days as I move ever so slowly in world of quiet joy. It seems that so much of me is occupied on other planes, leaving this expression of me to be all heart. I truly am seeing through the eyes of love, hearing with the ears of love, feeling with a heart of love, tasting with a palate of love, touching with the mother’s love. Love. It is a pink blanket keeping me warm at night, flowing about me in the day as the most exquisite cape of magenta love. I am bathed in love.

A moment of focusing the elements on my walk to acknowledge the four directions.

The planning mind, the part that used to wonder, the one that felt concern on any level……all gone. Busy elsewhere and I am left with the task of caring for this physical body, which feels like a full time job. Drinking enough, preparing and eating copious amounts of food, napping, peeing, and keeping the environment clear and peaceful. That takes all of my available energy. To even give voice to my desires for mankind, the earth…..takes full concentration and effort. The words no longer matter as I feel that I am my own prayer. Each step, each movement is a call to the angelic kingdom, to the elementals, to the fairies, to our inner earth family and our galactic family, to assist us in birthing this new earth. I manage my call to the Creator to entrain my heart to Hers/His, to allow me to  be love in action, in expression, in stillness. Yes, mostly stillness. I know now that I am a beacon, a frequency place holder, sending my ribbons of liquidlovelight, across the lands. There is no doing involved, other than maintaining this vessel. The being takes everything that I have.

The new earth is being created as I type these words. My visions pull me there for peek previews of what is to come. My knowing grows with each glimpse of the beauty and the joy felt. We have lived so long with our hungry hearts, it is almost beyond belief that they are about to be fed true nourishment. Imagine deep contact with everyone about you. Imagine waking up to a clean slate, a full palate of colors with which to express yourself. Feel the joy of having your dearest hearts all about you to share meals and creation with. Imagine scooping up a little one running by and hearing her/his giggles and laughter. Imagine being rocked to sleep by the beloved, whose heart is a match to your own. Freedom is the overall sense, expansive and filled with pure delight. Love colors everything as it is all love.

Drinking in the lovelight from my nature walk by the river.

I am so grateful to be in a safe and quiet place where I can dream and drift to my heart’s content. I am grateful for this huge tree outside my bedroom window that has yet retained most of its brilliant yellow leaves. I lie here and watch them drift lazily to the ground, and I know myself as them. In late afternoon, if I time my nap just right, it is lit up by the sun’s descent with a brilliance that takes my breath away. Yesterday, as I sat reading in the late autumn sunshine that held enough heat to pull my shirt up to expose my belly roll and have a hat tipped over my eyes, a leaf gently landed on my lap with the softest of sighs. Ahhhhh, a blessing from my dear friend, the maple tree that we planted when we first moved into this house. I accepted the gift with joy and felt myself as the leaf in another dimension, twirling down to land so softly in my mother earth’s heart. Our father sun’s rays are so encoded with love these days that they make me swoon. We are being blasted with lovelight at every turn. Is it any wonder that I walk about in this love fog, this seemingly drunken state of peace and heart heat.

There is no desire pushing me as the knowing of what is almost upon us all, has me in a tupor. I close my eyes and breathe in the lovelight and feel it spread throughout my limbs. There is only this. All is well. Peace is assured. Love will be all we know. I rest in this knowing and radiate it out. All personal desires have dropped away from my field of consciousness in the knowing that I am cared for as the birds in their flights, the flowers in their meadows, the fish in the streams. I am moving in my body with full trust in the myriad ways that I am loved. Knowing that it will be evident in this reality for all to see in a blink of an eye.

Kuan Yin beams her compassionate heartlight to all on this earth. I light the candles to join her in this.

We are in a sacred time, moving to the 12-12-12 portal of light and the 12-21-12 solstice beyond. The Creator asks of us: “What do you want?” Move towards that with every fiber of your being. Let go of anything that is not love. Forgive all and everything. We are asked to drop our stories of who we have thought ourselves to be. I can become the story of love as I view my life through the lens of love. I know everything to have been my own creation to help me reach this moment of knowing myself as love. I bless it all. No past to hold me hostage, to filter my experience of the now. Let go, surrender to the flow of the now moment. Know yourself as enough, more than enough for this moment. That is all there is.

If you knew that within the next two to three week period, your life as  you know it would end, what would you do differently? Do that. Make the phone calls that your heart has been wanting to make, say the words that your highest expression knows as truth, smile at everyone and find your peace with yourself and all others. If they are not in embodiment, no matter. Hold them wrapped in a pink ovoid of light and beam your love to them. They will feel it wherever they are as we are all connected. There are some who have chosen to move from my world, not able to see my heartlight, those I bathe in this pink flame of love and know that their souls receive it. This frees me as I stand sovereign in my own space, filled with love, ribbons of heartlght streaming across the lands. I need no return expression of love from any other to beam my love. We have so misunderstood love, believing it to be a commodity that had a rate of exchange. It is so much more, it simply is. I AM LOVE. No one can change that or lessen that but me. The freedom in this knowing is a heady brew! For one who does not imbibe of alcohol, I am quite a drinker of the liquid love! And I do indeed get drunk on it at times when I open myself fully to my Mother/Father’s love. We are so loved. In every moment, in every way. Everything that comes into our world comes to take us higher in the world of love. Slow down, savor these few precious weeks. Notice everything! See the gift it is and express gratitude. If you cannot see the gift, trust that it is there and ask to be shown. Ask and we do receive. Ask for the world that you wish to live in and begin to live as if it were here. In doing so, we draw it ever closer. As my heart fills with peace, I create peace on earth. As your heart opens in love, love is possible for everyone.

This salmon with its eggs pouring out, gave her all. It matters not where she ended up, it matters that she gave her life to bring her eggs to this spot on the river. We not asked to be perfect, to reach a goal, rather to be love in everything we are.

We live in a win-win universe. All that you do for others, you do for self. All that you do for self, you do for others. We have gotten good at the first and are lagging in the second. If I had a wish for these next weeks, I would wish that each of you cared so tenderly for yourself. That you saw yourself as the Christ child about to be born. That you prepared your heart to receive you. The gift of you!! Cherish your heart as I do. Nurture yourself in any way you can. Indulge yourself with every little treat and joy you can give. Eat the best chocolate that you can buy, lather on a sweet smelling lotion, gift yourself with an afternoon in nature, do only what brings you joy. I can’t you say, I have responsibilities. And yes, you may have. But you can delete all that is not absolutely necessary. Be responsible to your own joy! Truly, you have but a handful of days to live in this old 3D way, savor them. Take the very best that this world has to offer and give it to yourself. Do not wait for another time when it might be more convenient. Seize this time as they are the holy days and will not come our way again. We are being celebrated in all the other realms for our courage, for our strength, for our determination to come into this dense reality and lift it up. Celebrate you!! Walk with your shoulders back knowing a crown is on your head, a robe fastened at your neck, stars circling your wrists and fairies lighting your path. Call in the highest expressions of yourself and sit in wonder at your beauty and light. I see you shining. Please deactivate the voice in your head that says that you are anything but wonderful. Allow only loving thoughts to come to you from you. Please. This is how we birth a new world, one heart at a time. Every dissonance voice you allow time in your head, is a strike for violence. Yes, those harsh words we speak to ourselves about how my belly is too fat, my mind too slow, my personality not pleasing enough……….all contribute to the violence in our world. Speak to yourself as to a lover, a child. Tenderly, with the softest of words and the greatest delight. I promise you, your world will shift in mighty ways and we will together, birth this new golden age of peace. It is the Christmas gifts of all gifts and it is in your hand and mine to make it so. I love you dearly.

My fire on chilly nights reminding me to fan the flame of my heart so that it burns ever bright.

The Middle East and the Integration of the Divine Masculine

Nature offers us such an easy doorway to peace. Take it!

Three is my favorite number. When things come to my awareness three times, I know to pay attention. The present situation in the Middle East has come to me three times, my younger son asked me about it, my older son told me that is where his spirit is now 24/7 and I received a call for love for that area through an email. I shared this awareness with a friend yesterday on our walk. It is not her area as she works on an area from California to Nepal to New Zealand. I do not see countries or areas but rather blanket the earth as a whole in the softest pink blanket of love. So neither of us has our vision trained on this area. As we felt into it, we went our spirits over that land. We felt the despair as souls are trapped into the old paradigm of right and wrong, death and destruction, hatred and loss. To choose a side, is to keep the flame of war alive. We are called to hold all involved in this ancient conflict in love. We saw our love rain down as manna from heaven, offering each soul a container of love to exist in. Our galactic brothers and sisters are there in great numbers, their ships beaming love as are the archangels, angels and our inner earth brethern. We can use our free will to call legions of angels to the area to offer love and stability. We can send our love on a beam of light.

I have been conscious of allowing my divine feminine to flow with ease, held firmly and securely by the banks of my divine masculine. This has felt so freeing to me!

Our brothers and sisters in the Middle East are offering us each an opportunity to heal ourselves. The divine feminine has come once again to the fore on this planet. We have been integrating her as we turn to our intuition and feeling natures to guide us. She is showing us the need now to integrate the divine masculine within our beings. It has ruled this planet for eons and it is now time for true integration and balance of the masculine and feminine aspects of our natures. The feminine is asking us to embrace the wounded masculine that is hanging on to war and dominance and struggle. He is so tired. So ready to let go of this old way. The battle scarred warrior is asking to come home to the heart of oneness. How to do this? , he asks. He fears shame and sees no path of honor ahead. This is where each of us must open our feminine hearts of oneness and love and embrace our own masculine. We must demonstrate that there is no shame in laying down the sword. That the path of honor is walked within, that the true warrior is one of the heart, where all battles come to an end. All is held in the mother’s embrace of love.

It is time to now be Peace

We are standing on the cusp of the ascension of our planet and ourselves. The Middle East is our gateway. Choose wisely at this time as your choices affect our world. Each heart is the microcosm reflecting the macrocosm of this world we all love. We create peace on earth. We do this by understanding and embracing wholeness within. The divine feminine did not return to lord it over the masculine, to ask it to pay a price for its dominion in the past age. The time of the matriarchy and the patriarchy is at an end. Neither is to rule over the other. We have come to the time of integration, of wholeness, of oneness, of forgiveness. Feel this within your body. It matters not the gender you are wearing in this life, this balancing must be done by each of us, in order to create peace on earth. This Christmas season, peace is a reality we can choose. Peace on earth, goodwill towards men……. a refrain that can be trumpeted from the angels on high. Open your hearts to this as any thought against anyone, any judgment of another……all are stones thrown at ourselves. We are Palestine, we are Israel, we are the wounded warriors. We are so weary of the battle and so ready to come home. Welcome each warrior into your heart, soothe your own inner warriors and offer them respite and care. Blanket the Middle East with  your love, seeing no sides, feeding no divisions with your thoughts, holding all in your heartlight. We are big enough for this task. We are called to be the human angels we are. Peace on Earth can be here in 2012, we can live in a world of peace. it is up to you and to me. I choose peace and vow to let nothing move me from that peace. Whether a driver cutting me off in traffic, a person cutting ahead in a line, a friend casting you out, whatever has been your trigger or mine……let it all go. Remember that each situation comes to us asking us for love. Choose love, and in so doing, honor all aspects of yourself. I believe all hearts yearn for peace and love. It begins with my heart making that choice in each moment. Join me in this great work.

A New Day Dawns

Yesterday was an amazing convergence of energies. It was the cross quarter day, which is the midpoint between the two equinoxes, and therefore a day of power. As well it was the day of the presidential election in the USA. Here is what I wrote upon arising: A new age is dawning……I have been in tears since awakening this morning……the feeling of newness, of hope springing throughout the land, the desire for change, for love to be the rule of the land, it is all here. Open your hearts wide and receive it and beacon it. We are creating this world together. Vote while holding the vision of freedom for all, abundance and peace to fill this land and this world. God Bless America and this beautiful earth. We are bringing heaven to earth as we said we would. I love us all so.

A beach in New Zealand full of white rocks perfect for writing on. Folks from all over the world left messages of love and peace.

Today we are all standing in this world.  What a wonderful feeling to wake up in a land that has cast its vote for a new day. It felt like a planetary vote for freedom. May we all step up to the plate to co-create the golden age of peace long prophesied. It is a privilege to be here on this earth where love now reigns supreme. Hope seems to have arisen anew, wearing  clothes of the brightest hues. You can feel the collective sigh as we all stand a bit taller, set our shoulders back and claim our right to participate in bringing in this world of love and peace that we have dreamed of. There is a sense that now we can get on with it, get this ball rolling. We are rolling up our collective sleeves and feeling inside for our marching orders.
We each have a piece to contribute. We stood in line with the intense desire to be chosen to be here in a body on this planet at this shift of the ages. We were elated to be chosen before so many others, to have won a role in this grandest of plays. Here we are, having rehearsed so many times on the inner planes just how we would play our parts. Knowing deep inside the gift that we carry that resulted in our being chosen. Was it your voice? Your compassionate heart? Your love of the animal kingdom? Your knowing of how to commune with nature? Your sword of truth? Your understanding of the body? Your knowledge of the stars? Your gentle heart? Whatever the gift…. the stage is set, the curtain has been raised and there is a call for action!

The play of light on the green of a painting on my bedroom wall. Spirals of the emerald heart light was its message to me.

We can create the world of our dreams. It is time to dream big! To open our hearts to the knowing that it is now safe to stand without protection. We can remove the shields we placed in front of our hearts, we can let our light shine like never before, in all its beauty. We can create a world where all people have enough food, water, and shelter as well as a sense of belonging. A knowing that their gift is desired, no more than that, that it is needed, to create the beauty of the whole. Imagine each heart lighting up with that knowledge like a blaze that warms them from inside out. Oh, the pure wonder of the Creator’s love shining in our brothers’ and sisters’ hearts.
This is no longer about one country, one race of people, one religion…….we are one world and are claiming our place as planetary citizens as our planet is moving to claim her place as a galactic citizen. How amazing this is! I have asked to awaken to the reality of love in every moment. To see through the eyes of love, hear the sounds of love, taste the sweetness of love, touch with palms alight with love, perceive through a lens of love, be moved by the tones of love in each moment. The power of intention and attention is an unbeatable combo. I feel that I am living in the new earth as my stated intent becomes my reality. I use the focus of my attention to magnify all that I desire, thereby growing its presence in my world. When you walk out the door intending to encounter love everywhere in everything and everyone, you create that reality. If you encounter something that appears to other than love, you see the illusion for what it is and reflect back the truth of love. How simple it seems and yet it has taken us a journey through heartache and strife to come to this place. Now we can gently laugh and know the truth that all was love itself waiting to be born through us.

A sign at a hotsprings, reminding me of how we have been warned of dangers all about, causing us to believe we needed protection.

Recently a friend shared how he had been reprimanded at his job for a mistake. He said his old pathway would have been one of deep shame. That sense of shame would have triggered a desire to bury the pain in an addictive behavior. That would have contributed to even greater shame. Instead he chose to acknowledge his mistake. To accept full responsibility for it while shutting the door on shame. To trace the path of shame to a seven year old boy who chose to lie when caught in a transgression rather than come clean as he feared the enormity of the consequence from the adults in his world. He was able to feel compassion for this little one, to embrace him in his love and let him know that his adult self now stood there at the seven year old’s side. He was able to do this because of the love he now held for himself. His heart has been softened, melted by the rivers of love that our father sun has been gracing us with along with our heavenly brothers and sisters. As well as by the love that we are all beaming in each moment.

The soft hues of our new land.

We are holding the door open for one another to feel love, to accept it in their hearts. We have been tricked into believing that we had to judge others to be safe. The deepest scar resulted from believing ourselves guilty of countless transgressions and deserving of the harshest punishment of all. We sentenced ourselves to a life of abuse from an inner critic that kept us from knowing our greatness. That sentence has been lifted. The Creator has commuted all sentences and set each of us free. LIke prisoners newly released from jail, there is momentary confusion as we wonder how to live without chains. There is an uncomfortableness, a looking over one’s shoulder to see if someone is there about to clamp a handcuff on once again. No, the critic is dead. You can talk back to that voice and tell it its time is done. You are now a free citizen of planet earth and you came here to shine your brilliance for all that you are worth. It is time to allow yourself to open that hope chest that holds your deepest dreams and desires. We have kept it under lock and key for fear of our treasures being snatched from us, fear that our dreams would disappear in the harsh light of the day. A new day has dawned and its edges are soft and light in hue. Breathe that in. Allow yourself to know that it is now safe to play in the realms of what if? What if peace were possible? What if everyone could have enough? What if you are a brilliant writer? What if others long to hear your song?

Stars in a walkway to a planetarium....this is us, shining our light for all to see!

Today I open my hope chest wide and reach in to embrace my dreams. I know in my being, that each one will now come true. For each wish contains within it, the desire for it to be for the good of all as well as for my highest good. With that encodement, how can any of us fail? Feel the love, gift yourself with it in huge doses today in celebration. It contains no calories and is 100% good for you, eat up! Have a double scoop of your favorite flavors of love. With each bite you take, I am fed. As I lick my spoon, you are fed. Our Creator knew what She/He was about……this is the way of love. As we are fed, we feed all others. It can be no other way, we simply were lost in the illusion for a time and now we are coming home to the truth of who we are. We are love and we can do no other than love. May peace fill your heart with each helping of love you ingest. I love you.

Kindness Takes on a New Meaning

Water and sky.....what a world!

KIndness is a quality that most will agree is a good one. As with most values and beliefs that I have held, I find that we were fed a false or limited version of the truth. We like concepts like kindness as it has a warm and fuzzy feel. I like warm and fuzzy yet not at the expense of truth. I am discovering that it is the energy behind the concept that makes all the difference. Much of the time, surface kindness masks resentment. I know that was true for me in the past. I acted in ways to “be kind” yet in doing so, neglected my own needs. Over time, that led to resentment as my ego cried out for acknowledgment.  I sacrificed my own comfort levels to take the “higher road” of kindness. We were taught that this was the path of being a “good person”. Give more than receive. Always offer a helping hand. So many platitudes which hold value if seen in a new light whereby I make myself part of the equation.  I reject the notion of putting myself last. I have come to the the knowing that my needs are to be met first and foremost. Only when my cup is full, do I have something to offer to others.

It can be a mark of kindness to set a boundary with another. To claim our space. If I hold my space as sacred, I have the right and even the duty to myself, to maintain a boundary as to who I allow to enter in. I might meet someone in a public space and spend time together yet not feel that their energy is one that I would chose in my sacred space. I can set a boundary on how much time I can give in conversation, in interaction with another as my soul has claim on expanses of my time for stillness and contemplation. When I honor the needs of my soul, I can be fully present with others when I choose to engage.

Filing my cup with kindness by gifting myself a visit to this beautiful land to play with my beautiful daughter.

Kindness then can appear as something else to another if they feel that their needs are not being met by me. I have come to know that if I am following the path of my highest good in any situation, then it cannot harm another. I may disappoint another, annoy another but that may be the kindest thing of all. We are taught that it is better to make everyone comfortable even if it comes at our own expense. Kindness is not always comfortable. I have to be willing to speak my truth and receive unpleasant reaction energy. That may be the true kindness that I can show another. It is not easy nor comfortable and it may take deep breathing at times. On the small scale, I am one who will tell you if you have something caught between your teeth or a zipper unzipped……on a larger scale I may point our that one is being manipulative in their use of energy and I do not appreciate it. Not comfortable to speak of yet it is this type of kindness that I am most grateful for when others have dared speak it to me.

We are all teachers for one another. If you come to me and ask for something that does not feel right for me to give (my old self would have given but felt uncomfortable or unhappy) you may react when I say no. Yet that no is a yes to myself and it alerts you to a place in you that may desire to be looked at. And the same is true for myself when another sets a limit on a way that I am interacting. I am seeing so clearly how we trigger one another and act in ways to release any lingering unconscious patterns that we may hold. That is an act of kindness. To speak truth without regard to the reaction that it elicits. I temper it with, this is my truth as I see it,  for each one’s truth is their own. Mine changes frequently as I evolve on this path. It is not easy to discern our highest truth at times as our old patterns pull us back into unconscious ways of relating and moving in this world. This is especially true with family members where there we have worn such deep grooves in our brains of old ways of relating. I was cast as the “good daughter” by my family of origin and when I outgrew the role, I outgrew my family as they could not accept me relinquishing the role. My younger sister called me in despair, saying, “Oh no, now they have made me the good daughter! Help!” These relations call us to be fully present and conscious in our reactions, acting authentically as we feel our truth rather than allowing the old role to play us unconsciously.

I am seeing that when someone’s actions trigger a reaction in me, they have gifted me as I am now alerted to an area that wants attention. If I feel judgmental, what part of me is needing love? If I feel angry, what part of me feels violated? I can look to myself for cause as well as resolution. Almost all of it comes down to lack of love. With this expanded viewpoint of anything that causes me to move from peace, I can see the kindness of those souls who are bringing me the opportunity to move more fully into peace. In truth, our enemies (isn’t that word strange? the concept feels so foreign) are our greatest teachers as they help us see where we still have work to do to be free. Inner peace is freedom like no other.

Soaring free as I care for myself allowing me to send my energies across the seas.

I love discovering these patterns with folks in my life. One dear to me on the soul level has been a wonderful teacher as he feels out all the paths of unconsciousness in me and comes in on those paths to alert me where I am still unconscious. I so appreciate this in him. He illuminates the pathway until I set a boundary and close that pathway.  He then seeks another until I am conscious in all aspects. This then truly frees him to be conscious as he no longer has that role to play. So my setting boundaries is an act of kindness to him and his seemingly unconscious behavior, is an act of kindness to me. I feel waves of gratitude these days for all the bearers of what appeared as hardship in my life. I send thank yous out to them for playing their roles in my life. It may have appeared as anything but kind yet all were acts of kindness on a soul level to help me awaken to my truth.

The concept of kindness expands as we do. I am ready to live in a world where kindness is expressed by all, for themselves, first and foremost. This will naturally lead to it being expressed to others. We will all be bathed in the waters of kindness. As we care for ourselves, we care for all others as we are all one. Oh, it is such a win-win universe that we live in! I am so grateful!






August 7th, the eve of the Lion’s Gate

The sunflowers against the blue and mustard of a kitchen I painted so many years ago makes my heart sing in joy.

A peace has opened up in me today. I am floating in these viscous energies that do not allow sudden movement. As if I am covered in gel or moving through a cloud. It feels like a blessing. We are being held so close to our mother’s bosom of love. Our hearts are softening, opening. Folks who have not cried in ages. are becoming fountains of tears. The hard layers of self protection are dissolving along with the masks that we wore to feel safe. Transparency is the new norm. Folks may still try to use pretty words to convey a deceitful intent but we are reading the energy behind the words and discovering the truth. Lying, manipulation, coercion are left lying by the wayside. We are moving into the heartland of our mother. We are feeling the oneness in a new way.

The ribbons streaming are how I feel and see the energies moving in my mind's eye.


The energies are swirling in a mad dance. Mini tornadoes are whirling all about. Staying centered is paramount or one can be tossed like a rag doll. We are being asked to find the still point. To come to our quiet core and rest there. To observe our life from that vantage point. Planning events is not working as it once did. People are realizing that they need to check in and see what they are feeling in the moment rather than push themselves to be social when their being is calling for quiet. They are disavowing a  presribed path. They are seeking the freedom of open spaces in their agendas rather than the packed schedules of old. We were taught that a full day planner meant a full life. We are seeing through this lie and discovering the joy of the blank page in our schedule. Busyness had become the badge of honor which we are now unpinning. We see how it limited us from discovering ourselves. How it was a clever ruse to keep us from looking within and discovering our truth and thereby, our power. Oh yes, it has all been an attempt to keep us from our power. There are a hundred ways that we have been kept in the dark about who we are. Our dear sun with its continual gifts of solar flares is changing that along with energies from our earth mother and our starry families. We are being gifted with new sight. We are seeing beyond the illusion and feeling the flames of freedom moving our way. We are moving into the present moment more and more.  We are allowing ourselves to move as we feel to move rather than to meet a preset agenda. We are discovering more fluid ways of interacting. We are learning to flow with the currents rather than battle our way upstream..

I am so encouraged by what I am witnessing in those around me. I am ready to step through the portal of tomorrow’s Lion’s Gate and move ever closer to home. Here is one take on what the Lion’s Gate is all about by Emmanuel Dagher at:  t

On August 8th, a powerful portal known as the Lion’s Gate will magnify our ability to manifest from the invisible into the physical/ material realms with much more ease & grace. The Lion’s Gate doorway is usually associated with great amounts of light or fire pouring into our paradigm, so grounding & just allowing ourselves to ‘be’ is key at this time.

During these next few weeks, there’s a uniting of the two hemispheres of the brain which will open us up to even more paradigm shifting ‘aha’ moments & revelations that will support us in sowing the seeds to the next part of our journey. This is a really great time to align ourselves with things that bring us joy & to also get clear on what we want to create more of in our lives & in the world. This year’s Lion’s Gate is playing a large role in our collective awakening, & that in itself is cause for celebration. Time for another major upgrade.
Holding you all in liquid lovelight!

Heart Entrainment

It is time for me to paint a new heart image instead of this with its bruises and batterings. It has been made new in this light.

Our hearts are such powerful instruments of love. A beloved of mine, is called “the chaos eater” by his tribe. He is in charge of situations involving disruptive energies at events. It is a role he has played for years and is now ready to leave behind. As we mature as a society and come into the oneness of unity, there will no longer be chaos nor a need for anyone outside of ourselves to monitor or police our behavior. We will bathe all in love rather than imprison ourselves in harshness. We will understand that love can melt the most recalcitrant heart. That all anger and violence is a call for help, a call for love.

One morning during a recent Venus transit event, I met this man directly after his encounter with an intense situation. A man was being verbally aggressive with his Chief, almost escalating to physical aggression. My dear one dealt with the situation with the old warrior adreneline based response. I could feel his heart pounding and the energy running through him. I placed my hand on his heart and looked into his eyes. Within a minute or so, he began to melt. LIterally, his whole body sagged as his breath came out in a sigh of release. He wondered at what I did to him. I told him that I entrained his heart with mine. I have been practicing it in my dream time and know that I can do it with thousands. I breathe out my love into another’s heart, filling it with a slow, steady beat that nourishes and restores calmness and peace. I fill each cell with the knowing of its truth as love. Truly, that is only a breath away for us all.

Peaceful scene that quiets my heart.

When we encounter difficult situations, pass by others in conflict, feel dense energies, we can practice our heart entrainment techniques. You do not have to say anything nor even touch another. Simply drop into your heart of love, breathe in that love and send it out to the other hearts you see. Send pictures if you like of a peaceful lake or a quiet stream or flower filled meadow. Perhaps see a puppy licking the person’s face. Any image that brings to you a feeling of peace and calm. You are transmitting a feeling. Our hearts are connected and we can feel one another more and more these days. Carry your heart into every area of your life. When you walk into a room and you feel tension, cleanse it with your heart flame. Carry your atmosphere around you always. Offer your heart flame to all as an aid when you feel discord of any kind. Melt it all away.

I look forward to the day that we no longer erect statues to the warrior of old energies.

We are letting go of the warrior of old and becoming warriors of the heart. We are learning that all fear comes from the lack of love. We are becoming lovers. We can love all of life free with our hearts. Whenever you see pain expressed such as a short tempered clerk at the grocery store, a mother speaking with anger to a child, people driving with aggression……breathe into your heart and know that you can send out a flame of such peace and love that it can be felt. Send it out with abandon. Do not hold back. Let your love fly!  Think of a society where there is no need for police or security. We become the security by holding one another in love. Where folks are no longer trained to carry guns but are trained to entrain hearts. To be heart whisperers. To listen to another’s story with an open and receptive heart. To reflect back to the other, their own beauty and light. For in truth, all aggression asks only to be loved. To be acknowledged. To be accepted. Once that is felt, the heart sighs in joy. The shadows are changed to light and all appears brighter. It takes effort to live in the shadowlands. All there are awaiting freedom. In this time, we are asked to free all of our own shadows as this in turn, frees others as well as our mother earth.

So many of us are diligent about recycling, buying organic and living a green life in support of our mother. It is beautiful to see. Yet if we walk around carrying our shadows, holding to resentments, being non-forgiving of others or more commonly, of self, we are polluting the earth. We are clogging her drains with shadows that keep her from flowing free. To love ourselves free is our most important work. To face every emotion that comes to us, squarely, in the now moment, dealing with it directly with love. To stay current with our feelings rather than tucking them away in the attics and basements of our hearts. The Venus transit and all the cosmic alignments of late have come to assist us to clean house. We are being asked to do a thorough spring cleaning of all that we have stored away out of fear of feeling it fully. Open your heart, sweep all the shadows and cobwebs of pain to the fore. Feel each memory in its full depth, thank it for serving you once, then release it to the earth. Our mother will take it and use it as mulch to grow more beauty and light. Ask her assistance. She is eager to see the weight in you lifted as it lifts her. We want to live lightly upon her. Our heavy unresolved emotions weigh more heavily than all the plastic bottles we throw away.

Water reminds us to let the feelings flow freely, through us to the earth. That way our energy runs clear and bright like this waterfall. i want to be this!

We talk about our carbon footprint. What about our emotional footprint? What trail are you leaving behind? Footprints of peace and love that others who follow in your steps can feel? Or footprints of heaviness and pain that others must clean up?. Ask for assistance from the angels and our mother earth. All are here to help you if you feel frozen by the prospect of this clearing. Begin, one memory at a time. Take them out of the closets and release them to be made new. Think of how many goodwill bags of stuff you can clear! Think of how light you will be with that weight gone! Once the river of love can flow freely through your heart, you will walk taller and with a lift in your step. Your being truly does become one of light, that is who we all truly are. We were never meant to carry around heavy bags of remorse, pain, anxiety, suffering. Our hearts were created to love all. To transmute all back to the light of day, to the truth of the only reality. The reality of love.

Let your heartlight stream so bright, illuminating your brilliant colors just as this canyon did.

Clear your heart. It clears mine. We are one so what I do, you will feel. What you do, affects me. Offer this gift to yourself, to one another, to your society, to our world. The time is now. Breathe deep and send out that heartlight, first to yourself with so much love and gratitude for your own beauty and light, and then to all others. Become a space clearer, bring your heartight everywhere. Our world is becoming brighter by the day. Add your light to it and breathe in the feeling of joy and love. I love you all so.