The Age of Aquarius Dawns, Time to Open Your Treasure Chest

My morning table welcoming in the new age.

Being an Aquarian, it is doubly exciting to me, to welcome in this age. My age!! The time when I fully blossom into my truth, my mastery.  We begin a new cycle of time on the earth and in our universe. All takes a leap upward and forward. We are given the opportunity to leap into a version of ourselves that we have held deep in the recesses of our heart. It is our treasure, buried long ago. This Christmas season, it is the one gift we want to be sure to open!

As with all things magical, there is a magic key to unlock this treasure as well as magic words to recite. When you speak the words, you must believe them with all of your heart. You recall this from your childhood, knowing the power of belief to the outcome at hand. The key is your desire. Yes, so simple, isn’t it? You must desire this treasure with all of your heart. As you feel this flame arise in you, the key appears in your hand. You grasp it and hold it to your heart. You say the magic words with full feeling:

I AM a force of love in this world. I AM beauty unfolding. I AM goodness. I AM the sound of joy. I AM the heart of the child. I AM the dancing flame of love. I AM divine. I AM a beloved child of God’s heart.

One of the angels my kids and I made so many Christmases ago.

The words will come of their own accord. Tune in and allow them to be spoken by your voice. Use the magic formula of, I AM, to state each truth. It is encoded with power. As your words of power resonate in your chest, the door to your sacred heart swings open. Step over the threshold, and enter within. Now this is the time for silence, tuning your inner ear to the sounds of your own beating heart. Breathe deep and feel your heart flame come alight. Keep breathing, your breath a bellows, fanning the flame to greater heights. This lights the passageway to the treasure chest you buried so long ago. Follow the light.  If it dims, stop and breath deeply once again to brighten the light. As you move down the passageway, you will note, aspects of the old you, dropping by the wayside. Let them fall. You may even feel some being stripped from you by your angelic guides. Allow all to loosen as you make your way to the treasure. Trust! If you arrive naked, so much the better, stripped of all that you have known of who you are. They were ideas of the old age and have no place in the new.

You will come to  a large chamber filled with radiant light. You look for the source of that light and see the chest, glowing. Do not falter here, banish all doubts that arise. Remember, this is your heart space, your treasure chest placed here by you, for you, on this day of days. Go to it. Take the key placed over your heart, and use it to open the lock sealing your chest. At this point, I needed to take a few more deep breaths and swallow hard to fill myself with courage. Not to face darkness, that has been the old path that we have come from. No, to face the light. Yes, it takes immense courage to see our own beauty, to embrace our divinity. Here I stand, naked, shoulders back, head tall, feet firmly rooted in this earth……..

a golden box I treasure

Open the chest. Allow your eyes to adjust to the brilliance that streams forth. Open your cells to allow this brilliant light to enter in. Allow, simply allow the light to wash over you. I found myself awash in tears, streaming down with the light, washing me clean of the old ways, the old thoughts, the old burdens. Washed in the light of the new day. I am left knowing nothing, empty of self.

The chest is so full, gleaming with jewels of every color and hue. Now you see why you were stripped naked, for within lies garments of such rich textures and embellishments, waiting to be worn. Angel guides appear to dress you in your new clothing. Allow yourself this pleasure as you feel the silks and brocades slide over your shoulders. The fairies come in to make adjustments with the ribbons and gossamer threads. As you adjust to the feeling of your new clothing, you notice that it makes you feel divine! You feel like a princess or a prince……glass slippers and all. You take a few steps, twirl about to see the swirl of your skirt, the way the fabrics reflect the light and set it spinning. Gleaming gold catches your eye. You see a crown resting in the chest. Your angels take it out for you and place it upon your head. It is encrusted with jewels and you hear the story of how you earned each one. Your heart expands a hundredfold to hold all of this wonder.

Another of our angels

The slate has been wiped clean, you are reborn in the image that you choose. Today is the reset button for humanity. We are entering the Golden Age of Peace, long prophesied. We are given the privilege of co-creating it with our Mother/Father God. It begins in your heart and mine. In each moment, do we chose love or fear? It is that simple. Does this choice, this thought, this action,  uplift me and work for the good of all or does it diminish me or others? If we take the time to breathe in the now moment, we afford ourselves the pause to come from our newness, our Christed selves. Let us open to this profound gift of living our truth so that all may live theirs. We are the ones we have been waiting for. Our ancestors come again, through us, to right the wrongs and bring all back to the truth of love. May you allow this love to carry you into this Golden Age of Peace.

Watching from an Expanded View

As I flew across the sea, I felt the energies of many meeting me. I felt some draw back in apprehension that I was to come again. I saw clearly how I challenge folks to be in their truth as I stand more firmly in mine. I felt the invitation from others and indeed had received a note asking me to come anchor my light in the area. I was surprised to see someone very dear to recoil from my energy and then saw the why of it. His partner has been running an unconscious energy that has been using his light. He has been stuck, not able to move forward,  disempowered. This pattern is familiar to me as I played out this giving away of my power for years with my former husband. And even more recently, a quick tour of it once again during those few days in Kauai that I wrote of as a final unwinding of that coil for me.

It is through the heart that loves so deeply that the hook gets set. The souls who show up to play this role for us do so out of their love, as it is not an easy role.   First order of business was to meet with this person and others close to him to bring the pattern to conscious awareness. We had all been feeling it for some time but now it felt time to speak to what we saw taking place on an energetic level. I found myself getting emotional and knew I had to have no attachment as to the outcome. The message was given by all and received in grace. The person left to find his way through it.

Next day, I spent supporting and participating in a women’s healing group. It was powerful as we practiced consciously pulling our own energy back to ourselves and clearing our fields before and after each session.  As we used sound healing and sacred geometry to facilitate our session, it felt like a play date. We had crystals, drums, rattles, decks of cards as well as crystal and Tibetan bowls to play with. I had asked to be in a triangle formation

These pictures are reminding me to take the expanded view on life!

as had another. She lay on the massage table and I elected to lay under it on the floor. I found myself in a sarcophagus going through an initiation of death and resurrection. I knew that death was an illusion and found that I could lie there in peace. Interesting. I had been reading about this initiation that Jesus and his community of Essences underwent as part of their Egyptian training.

Sunday I drove 3 hours each way to attend an opera performance in which my niece was starring. It was the first time that I saw her perform professionally and wanted to support her. I knew it meant contact with those who rejected me after the divorce. Truly I have released most biological relations except those with my children, so this was not a situation where there was a deep bond of understanding. I realize that most of them do not know what to make of me. Yet my higher self guided me to show up and so I did. It was delightful to see my niece give her gift to the world. What great joy it is to be doing what you love and sharing it! I also had the unexpected delight of seeing my nephews with their fiances and seeing the twining of their hearts’ love. The new babies are excited at these unions that they can come in through. It was also interesting to see folks’ energy in a way I have never seen before. I can read the energy and see how the outer behavior differs or aligns. Interesting.

The time in my car is always good for me for meditation. As I was driving, I felt a shudder of grief move through me. It was followed by a wave of loneliness. I breathed and traced it to its source. I felt that the person that I have spoken of above, had decided to leave the earth plane. Grief like a laser through me. It shook me to my core. I asked for more

all perspective as to which view we see

information, could not touch his energy field. I saw that the loneliness was the sense that I would be left to carry out our part of the plan for the new earth, on my own. I sensed that I was to be at peace with this and feel it all from that place of neutrality. We have been taught that death is the end rather than another doorway taken. We view it as bad when it is something that is part of the cycle of this life. I am feeling more and more the truth of neutrality as what appears wonderful can be devastating and what appears to have been the darkest experience, often turns out to be the greatest blessing. So, I felt the lesson of the sarcophagus with me as I reached for peace and calm. Later, I did speak with this dear heart by phone and so had a physical reassurance that he was ok but knew that I was being given a lesson. In the oneness, we are all connected. It does not start and stop, it is always there. It prompted me to do a round of releasing of all ties and cording from my space. To claim my sovereignty and pull back any ties that I had in others’ fields. I saw the image of me floating on a cloud and I was reaching out to detach all these fish hooks tied to lines that were connected to folks on the earth as well as old belief systems. I heard that it is time, time to let go and surrender all. We are walking into  a new landscape and truly we can take nothing and carry no one. What we can do is shine our light, to be a beacon and guide for others. It is time to let those seeking,  come to us. We must ask in this world of freewill for it to be given.

A bittersweet time as my deepest connections are falling away as I journey to the connection with my I AM Presence. It is the cycle of nature for us to outgrow our skins, to hatch from the cocoon. We travel together for a time until some inner prompting carries us to a new landscape. I can no longer be the anchor for others in the same way. My cheerleading, pushing, pulling, prodding days are over. The days of being the “wall” that others throw their issues at, knowing that the love is there, are finished. The wall is crumbling down and with it, I let go of the fatigue of all those years of not being seen for the love that I AM, by others as well as myself.  I am called inward to the solitude as are so many lightworkers at this time. We are facing our fears, strengthening our resolve and settling into the peace that will be needed in the times ahead. Every cell affirms that I have the training for this time and I am ready. I know that as I release those dearest to me,that they have the training and mastery to walk their paths also. Truly there is rejoicing in that knowing!

Happy New Year! Moving into 2012 with JOY

I was called to welcome in the new year with myself, honoring the sacred passage to the energies that 2012 offers. I lit my candles and incense, donned my robes of mastery and wore my crown, acknowledging my royal roots. We are divine beings and I was shown that it is time to carry myself as such in the world. Indeed it is this acknowledgment, that opens the gateways to our inner wisdom and gifts. The timing is so beautiful as the frequencies of our planet are rising as we awaken into unity consciousness. As we each take up our rods and staffs, our symbols of mastery and power, we take our places as the stewards of the dawning Golden Age of Peace and Love. It is time to own our expansive natures as we continue to offer our services to one another, to our mother and to the Creator. We came to co-create heaven on earth and it shall be so. It has begun and it feels so delicious!

BE FREE written on a wooden board

I came across this on my walk in the park and its violet letters spoke of Saint Germain and his freedom flame of violet light.

I loved this graffiti, BE FREE, on a retaining wall I passed, as it is exactly the feeling I have as I walk into the landscape of 2012.  We can chose freedom in every aspect of our lives. We can chose to free ourselves from roles that no longer fit, from jobs that no longer feed our souls, from habits and beliefs that limit rather than expand our outlooks, from relationships that constrict rather than ennoble our growth. Every aspect of our lives is up for change and renewal. I have read that the energies of January are about destabilization. Uncertainty is a place that we are learning to accept and be comfortable with. We are learning to grow our heart- lights and find our security within. There will be movement in the outer world seeking to throw us off balance as the structures of the old paradigm come tumbling down. The old way of doing business is no longer supported as so many have cried out for freedom and peace. It is manifesting in the outer world as we become it in our inner worlds.

How do we do this? How do we become peace and discover the freedom to be our authentic selves? As I reflect on my path, one of the first things that stand out is the mirror exercise. Standing in front of a mirror and saying, “I love you”. It is so simple and yet so powerful. For me, simplicity is a draw. I do not have the patience for lengthy and drawn our processes. As you look into your eyes, you will begin to notice aspects of yourself that you have not met, looking back at you. Introduce yourself, say hello and begin to get acquainted. I love the surprise of seeing a new aspect of myself peering out at me!  You may find tears flowing, it may be uncomfortable to stare into your own eyes but you will find parts of yourself that are seeking love. You can stand there and love yourself fully. Nurture your beauty by saying all those things that you wish your mother had said to you as a child, all the things that you wish your lover would say, all those things that you have longed to hear.

I remember my first experience with a “healing session”. It was all new, this idea of energy work and some new friends offered me a healing. At the end of my time on the massage table with the three of them gathered around me, one of them channeled a message from Jesus saying, “This is my daughter in whom I am well pleased.” Wow, did that rock my world! The idea that Jesus was happy with me, that I had done some things right. Tears flowed freely at this sentiment being expressed. You are divine, speak the words to yourself that you long to hear. Another example was from an older Indian professor at an ashram for Indians where I was the lone foreigner. As I was granted admittance through a friend, I was allowed to take a 10 day meditation course. This professor, who spoke English, agreed to work with me. At the end of the final meditation where we went out into the cosmos (I had no conscious experience nor understanding of this at this time, simply trusted that was where we were going!) He said to me: “You are a force of love in this world.” This was perhaps the most beautiful thing anyone had ever said to me. I was not ready to own this at that time (4 years ago and about a year into my inner journey) but haveNote on sidewalk since come to know it as my truth.  Speak the words that make your heart alight with joy: I am beautiful, I am dear, I want to do good in the world, I am love, I am joy……on the list goes. Love yourself for this and so much more. The more I grow in my own light, the more I see the dearness of others’ hearts. We are such amazing beings; resilient, resolute, compassionate, loving, courageous, giving……and the list goes on. Claim these qualities. Look at this note that I passed lying on the sidewalk today. Don’t you just want to hug this person and tell them that all is well? How dear is the heart that admits it is scared. Who among us has not been in that place. He (it feels like a he to me) goes on to apologize. Wow, a master in the making right here!! We are always growing and stumbling and being brave and feeling scared. But we keep on keeping on as this person did. To be human is to experience the gamut of emotions, to feel them all and let them move through us. I sent my heart-light to this note writer and thanked him for his courage as I held him in the pink flame of love.

We are taught to play the tapes of “you are not good enough, you will not amount to anything, you don’t take care of yourself, you are not bright enough, you are clumsy, you are difficult, you are not trying hard enough…….yada yada yada. Delete those tapes once and for all. When you hear them, tell your mind STOP in no uncertain terms and replace them with new tapes of your own making. Create a mix that you would play to a dear child. You are a dear child in the Creator’s eyes. Gentleness and kindness for yourself, let these become your new year’s resolutions. This act of loving yourself, will create peace in your inner world and that allows peace on earth to become a reality. To live in a world of love, I have to become love. It starts with me. It starts with you.