Cinderella’s Message

The blossoming trees do not hold back from expressing their beauty. They shine!

The blossoming trees do not hold back from expressing their beauty. They shine!

I love how movies can bring us messages. I recently watched the new Cinderella. Her mother drums into her three things; have courage, be kind and believe in magic. These serve her well for the most part. In being kind, she followed a pattern we have been programmed with. She was kind, to a fault towards others, while allowing herself to be abused in the name of kindness. Only when her stepmother threatened to use her in a way that would harm her prince, did she stand up and say no more. How often have we done this, allowed ourselves to be dishonored and abused, yet standing up for others that we care for. The message we inherit is to be kind to all, except ourselves. Somehow we feel we can bear it for ourselves but not for others. Yet in truth, we are all one. So by allowing ourselves to be mistreated, we allow that behavior to continue. It is time to know that kindness begins, first and foremost, with ourselves. We serve no one by accepting abuse of any kind, not physical nor emotional. It may not leave marks, but emotional abuse is every bit as damaging to our hearts. This is coming to an end as we each learn to love and honor ourselves. We are deserving of every bit of kindness that we can muster. Our hearts thank us as we gift ourselves.

This lily holds her treasures close as she begins to unfold her beauty.

This lily holds her treasures close as she begins to unfold her beauty.

The most powerful scene of the movie for me, was when Cinderella was walking down the stairs to meet the prince once again, this time in her rags, to try on the glass slipper. She pulls from her stepmother’s arms, who is reminding her that she is nothing and nobody and not worthy of love, (that inner critic we all know so well) and she knows this is the moment where her life turns. She can play small and accept the vision her stepmother has created of her or she can stand tall and know herself as the love that she is. She passes a mirror on the stairway, sees her ragged reflection, lifts her chin and walks like the royalty that she is. She chooses to stand in her truth. Before trying on the slipper, knowing it will indeed fit and make her a princess, she asks the prince if he will accept her as she truly is. Not a servant girl, not a fairy princess but as a true kindhearted being full of love. His response displays his truth as he says, yes. His condition is that she accept him, not in the role of prince, but as a young man doing his best to live a life of truth. The prince had to defy convention by not marrying to create advantages for his kingdom, but to follow his heart. They each open to embodying their truth at the risk of losing the one that they love. As truly, it is only in doing so, that the love can flourish.

As warmth enfolds her, the lily blossoms into her full beauty, just as each heart does when it feels the warmth of love.

As warmth enfolds her, the lily blossoms into her full beauty, just as each heart does when it feels the warmth of love.

How often have we turned from one who truly saw us, as we feared to let down our mask. We have been indoctrinated that we are not worthy and we play this out by choosing to be with those who do not see us, rather than the one who will open our hearts to our own love and truth. This was beautifully expressed in another movie, You’re Not You.Hillary Swank plays the role of a beautiful young pianist who gets Lou Gehrig disease. Her outer life shrinks as her inward life grows. A young tough, hardened woman becomes her caregiver and friend. They each teach one another so much about love. Hillary moves from victim consciousness to taking responsibility for the demise of her marriage. She tells her husband that, “We created this.” It is not just his fault. She recalls him looking at her early in their relationship, and how she made the decision in that moment, to be the woman that he saw rather than to be herself. She remembers a man who saw her truly and how she turned from him, choosing instead the one who could not see her. We are freeing ourselves from these false notions, realizing the price we pay when we try to be someone who we are not. The young woman in the story has allowed herself to be used by a married professor while there is a young man who sees her truly. Both of the women’s mothers fill their heads with tales of “you are not enough, you are not acceptable as you are”. It takes such courage to allow ourselves to be seen, with no cloak, no mask, no cover up. To turn from the programming of old and embrace what our hearts know. I think of us all standing naked before our own higher self, before the Creator. There are no fancy shoes or clothes or degrees or roles to identify us. There are only our hearts’ flames to tell the story of who we are.  Our flame shows up in our eyes, which are indeed the windows to our souls, broadcasting our truth for others to see. To look deeply into another’s eyes, is to fall in love. We are one being, coming to recognize ourselves. How beautiful our world becomes!



Flowing in the Fast Current of February

A faery arch in the redwoods, symbolizing the joining to come.

A faery arch in the redwoods, symbolizing the joining to come.

It is only the fourth of February and my life has been going at a full gallop since it blew in. It is difficult to find a sequence to events as I have lived through ages since the first of the month. During an afternoon of art, Nooryana (a warrior aspect of myself) came forth and settled in more fully. We also did a stargate card session, which always amazes me with its accuracy. It showed the old focus in my life with the image of a magician and a block. I understood this as seeking spiritual gifts and magic within a known structure….the new age movement with its boundaries and rules. The other cards showed me in my inward space of now, moving into greater discernment and sword sharp, clarity. A gate card had me standing in front of it, gathering all of myself, the sword I drew, ran through my center, magnetizing all of my aspects to myself to it. The crown card lit up as I stepped into my leadership role, uniting all of myself in the circle of unity (the other card I drew). Once we have cleared and embraced all of ourselves, the light and the dark, we are then free to step through the gate into the new landscape of oneness and love. I felt myself spiral down into the center of the All that is. I then flowed back up, observing each layer from a perspective of oneness. Seeing the all in each part. I had a vision of every soul coming into unity with self, receiving their crown and stepping forth singing their note in this celestial song.

Play with chalk and symbols.

Play with chalk and symbols.

It was such an incredible experience. All from some cards! You cannot make this stuff up! I had further confirmation from a friend in New Zealand, seeing my crown and sword and confirming the vision I was given. She and I and another worked on the inner planes with the divine mothers, clearing dark energies about a man they were close to.  All flowed with ease, each of us complementing one another’s gifts, bringing about the highest good as the higher self of the man stepped forth to receive this clearing’s freedom. My spirit smiled at me, as I accepted my gifts more fully.

The next morning, I had a clearing session with a gifted friend. That morning, I received an email from my daughter that triggered me, a sign that something needed clearing. I was surprised to discover the deep soul connection I shared with her partner. I saw the reason for his wariness with me, I had chopped his head off a few times in other lifetimes! We had played many roles with one another and he was again playing a powerful role for me. I sobbed with the emotions that were released and forgave him and myself for much of what came up. We went on to clear other emotions, most of them residing in my feet. My I AM presence was anchored in as far as my ankles, my feet remaining to be cleared. So, we worked on what showed up. Some with my daughter, as we came to teach one another about freedom and God’s will, over and over. All of our lifetimes were in the mother-daughter relationship, alternating who was “in control”. I recall her yelling at  me as a young girl how she was so did not enjoy being the daughter, she knew herself as the mother! There was some spinal twining with my elder son, planned on our parts, until now. The moment for release here to allow the next unfolding. A heel’s worth of grief (it had felt the burning at the stake fires) with another released as did a toe of guilt with my sister who committed suicide thirty-five years ago. A ball of my foot release with the one I thought my beloved, as he taught me that self sacrifice was old and not an honoring of myself. Cascades of tears flowed as she and I worked back and forth to clear all from our fields that was ready to depart. Emptied, we then filled ourselves with our own essence that had awaited room to enter in.

IMG_5975Later, my friend of the cards and messages, came over and we spent a couple of hours in the hot tub, creating a wheel that was being turned by us and others known to us, who participated in their KA bodies. We stretched out this way and that, under and above water as dolphins, whales and cosmic beings played in the waters with us. Four crystals formed the hub of the wheel on the bottom of the tub. We were well and truly washed clean for what came next. My friend had released a barrier in herself with her divine counterpart a day or so before. She now felt him in every cell of her being, no separation. He is assisting in what is to come. We set up an altar on a painting that I had co-created with an artist in New Zealand. She had brought through an aspect of myself, called Rosebud. When we worked on the painting, a dancing couple appeared in the blank space of the canvas. I knew it as my beloved and myself. It had been rolled up for months as I had no space to hang it. We unrolled it on the floor and it was the base for an altar we set up. The crystal skulls want to participate and I laugh when I see the hearts that I was guided to place in their eyes the night before. They knew love was on the agenda.


Painting co-created with Jan Williams……she brought forth the angelic form.

I am to set the energy as I understand that I am to be initiated. There is an anointing that will take place, preparing me for my beloved. Taking direction from my friend, I lie down, my head on the painting, crystals at my crown, heart rocks at my feet. My friend plays her crystal singing bowls and bells over me. The bowls stated their love of playing together and how their power increases in co-creation as does ours. I travel within, feeling my cells spinning faster, raising my vibration. My beloved appears, he is learning to feel form once again. He reaches out a hand and pulls me to him. We stand and spiral as one. He whispers: “Soon, soon the meeting will take place.” I understand that I am acting as proxy for thousands, no, millions on the planet. I feel the waves of despair of souls having closed their hearts to the idea of being truly met in love. It is an innate desire, the coming together into wholeness, before the splitting apart. The desire is so intense and the heartache so deep from lifetimes apart, that we have not allowed ourselves to fully feel it nor bring it into  the light of day. My sword went into action, clearing the despair, the feelings of unworthiness, the self-doubt, the pain. It takes great courage to open ourselves fully to this love, to open ourselves to ourselves. Our beloved is us as we are they. Imagine how the reunion of these couples will ignite the world with love! The earth announces her readiness to hold this frequency of love. I have been a part of preparing the pathway for the reunions, for many a year. I have surrendered over and over my yearning for this union. I have trusted that the most perfect timing is being arranged by my I AM presence. I know how loved I am as I walk with this fullness in my heart.

All was arranged that neither of my housemates were returning for the weekend, so the altar was able to be left in place to hum all night long. I was buzzing and not able to sleep until almost midnight. The next morning, we began again. We skyped with a friend in Scotland and the three of us journeyed together. As the energy completed, I received a text that my son was on his way home. All perfectly orchestrated and aligned. We come together and things happen with no effort, thought or plan; new vistas and landscapes present themselves. Our human minds could not arrange it as well if we tried. Allowing and trusting the flow brings such rich gifts!

The next day, four of us met to sit with crystals, rocks, skulls, flowers and the sun. We all shifted further. One friend said how she desired to spread her legs wide and invite in the ecstasy of the universe! We laughed at the orgasmic bliss that our hearts were experiencing. We were opening in new ways, fluid and free, our cells inviting in this union.

IMG_5973The next initiation is at my shoulder, awaiting its moment. There is no preparation though I am given a window of time in that Leopold, my beloved skull, desires to be wearing a wreath of yellow flowers in celebration of my awaiting expansion. I understand it will take me into a new realm of existence. The forsythia bush has just put out a few blossoms, within a week or two, it will be covered and ready to be made into wreaths. I open myself in readiness, I offer all that I am in service to the One. Whatever awaits, I am ready. I know this is happening for all of us as we embody more of who we truly are. I honor the courage of each of our hearts, opening to love’s flames.


Deepening of December: Wondering Giving Way to Wonder

IMG_5222Lately it has just quieted down and I feel peace and joy in every simple thing. My world is very small and yet expansive right here on this little suburban lot. Grateful for the times like my recent trip to Shasta with friends, some play in the magic that I love but no more so than the quiet day I have just had at home with my son. We planted bulbs, feeling the spring beauty as we did so. Neither of us knows if we will be here to see the blooms, feels like a no, but in this now moment, it was time to plant bulbs. I am so grateful for where I am. LIving each day as if I live here because I do live here now!!

Sounds so simple but for the past few years of wandering, I have had the sense of impermanence. Wondering where my place was on the earth, searching for community, wondering what my purpose was. Now all of that has fallen away. I am here now. The past and the future do not grip or push or pull me. There is no more seeking. The noise of all that wondering has receded. Ha, wondering……my word of late is wonder. The old way of wondering where my mind went in circles has left and my new sense of wondering is about awe, a deep reverence that wells up for the beauty that is ever present. It happened as I moved from my head to my heart. Wondering transformed into wonder.

It is so freeing as I am left fully present for the bird song, for the fire dancing in the hearth, for a shared moment of laughter and the cold of the frosty lawn that I just walked barefoot on to say good morning to Mother Earth. Everything becomes a blessing, every place, holy. I had read and heard of that but never fully experienced it until now. I know its truth.

One of my little figures, communing with our mother.

One of my little figures, communing with our mother.

I am so comfortable in my body. There is rest and ease with her as I tend to her every desire. I read a quote from Osho, an Indian master and the part that struck me was about letting your lion roar. What I took from that was when we allow ourselves to fully express and feel all of our feelings, joy, sorrow, anger, irritation……we keep the stream clear and flowing in our bodies. As he says, “then the lion can come in and go out” freely. There is then rest to be found in the body. But when we bottle things up, allow stagnation, there is no clear space to rest inside. I no longer seek to avoid anything, rather embrace it all as the love it is. I also no longer try to hold on to what I deem good as I fully trust that I am ever evolving into more love, more joy, more beauty. I know that I live in abundance in every area of my life and live that knowing.

A dragonfly on a hummingbird's nest that a friend found in her yard. Wonder

A dragonfly on a hummingbird’s nest that a friend found in her yard. Wonder

The sense of wonder and curiosity are present as I play witness to the outer world. Hearts are opening like flowers, folks so desirous to be the truth of love that they are. My interactions are few, I so appreciate my friends who go out and spread their light in the working world each day. My calling is to hold a specific tone, deeply. It is my work and I am well suited for it. My personality self has had its times of resistance, wanting it to be different, but all that has shifted. The years of driving around the country seeding lovelight were hard but fortunately, I did not realize how hard at the time. I love how my I AM presence coaxes me along each step of the path, telling me whatever story I need to hear to take the quickest path home. Now I feel such a sense of privilege for the part I have been assigned. I am grateful for the soul family that flow into and out of my world as we encourage and acknowledge one another. I am grateful for space in this house and the tender community we have created here. I am grateful for the flow of my days, a gentle wave that offers deep peace.

I am grateful to each one of you for sounding your note, finding your truth, walking your path with such courageous hearts. Know that you are cared for and loved in ways we can hardly comprehend. That knowing has been imparted to me, bit by bit, and it sets my heart afire. They call us “the legends” for what we are doing. Stand in that knowing and give your lion free rein. These are the times of wonder.

Dark Lord Dissolves in All of Us

Mount Shasta reflected.

Mount Shasta reflected.

The magic of Mount Shasta continued over the Thanksgiving holiday. After our feast, we pulled cards and I received, Wonder. That has been my word of late as I witness it unfold all about me. The next morning, we went to see a dear friend. For a couple of weeks, I had had the sense that my friend and I were to help her reclaim a part of her essence. It took the third member of our trinity to bring it about as well as the magic knife that I was gifted. As I used the knife to cut away an old energy that felt sticky and sludge like, I received a download of information. What was coming off of her, was also coming off of the planet herself and so many on her. It was a shell that held physical pain and limitation. Mother Sekhmet and her knife, shattered it. I knew suddenly that a part of my friend’s soul had been captured by a dark lord and hidden in another dimension. The knife was able to retrieve this for her. We are in the time of retrieving all of our soul aspects that have been hidden. We have to let go of the old programming to make room for more of our beauty and truth to land in. As the old energy released, it sought to attach to any of us there. We used the charcoal/platinum crystal bowl to clear our fields as well as the knife to cut away all falseness that any of us held. We cautioned our friend to treat herself as a newborn baby, with great gentleness as it would take a few days for this aspect to anchor in. This meant that she had to say no to some guests who were planning on coming as well as events she was to participate in. We are called to honor ourselves when we are deep in transformation, and not dilute it. In this way, we open a field that steps outside of time and allows gifts to be brought to the fore. We honor our I AM presence by being present with it as she/he descends more fully into our physical forms.

This felt like the interdimensional aspect of the knife cutting through.

This felt like the interdimensional aspect of the knife cutting through.

On the drive back home, I felt the dark lord. I knew that he and I had been battling for eons of time, playing our roles of light and dark. I saw how his energy had worked through many in my life, at times attempting to end my life. I looked at him in his fierce guise and invited him into my heart. I stated my intention out loud and my “elder sister ” of a friend, felt a “No” rise up in her. She then heard, “It is ok, she can handle this.” All of the mothers who had graced me with their frequencies of love, opened in my heart and drew him in. It was the most exquisite feeling, melting all the dark into the liquidlovelight. Oh my! Laughter and tears as I knew him for the white knight that he is. His brilliance lit my heart like a floodlight that burned layers deep. He presented to my mind’s eye, all the ghastly images that he had used in the past, to frighten me. We laughed together as I now knew them to be masks which he hid his light behind. I saw the reverberations of his removing his mask and letting go of that role. He is off a stature that is other dimensional, I felt archangel and yet, beyond that. Certainly, all of earth, felt his change. So much shadow was released into the light of the sun. The earth felt the lightening as did many on her. I could see his former energy released from those who had worn his mask for me. I saw the quaking as their beings felt the release and the subsequent void it created.

My friend's Tibetan temple guardian statue, named Wee-To. He is aligning the knife with his truth.

My friend’s Tibetan temple guardian statue, named Wee-To. He is aligning the knife with his truth.

I have spent the last few days, dancing with this being. Oh, the love we have for one another! I honor him for his strength and courage to play the dark role, leaving me to the easier one of light. To stand in the truth of the light we are, is a gift beyond measure. I have held a protective mother’s comforting arm about all who are feeling this shadow aspect depart. It can be very unsettling and scary. Knowing that all of nature abhors a vacuum and seeks to fill it, I set my intention, with the Mothers, to hold a shield in place until each soul can call in their own beauty and I AM presence to fill the void. I am privileged to play this role along with so many others on the planet as we act as midwives or birthers of the new frequencies. I am grateful for my sister beings who I work with, as we open ourselves in full trust of one another, to act our parts. I am grateful for my dark lord, white knight……beautiful being who now dances with my soul. The illusion is crumbling, we are on shaky ground as what we believed to be true, shatters to allow in the new light.

Remember that home is in our hearts, there is nothing in the outer world to support us. Surrender and let go, knowing that we are held always in the Creator’s arms. Our mothers are here, singing a lullaby. Allow yourself to be carried on the wings of their song to the ocean of your own truth. May all beings awaken to their own beauty, may all beings know peace. (my heart’s perpetual song.)

The elemental with his O mouth mirroring my wonder.

The elemental with his O mouth mirroring my wonder.

Over skype, I showed a soul sister in Scotland, the gifted knife. She saw the elemental face peeking out with his own sense of wonder. I love this new world that takes all of us, the elemental, angelic, galactic kingdoms; combining and co-creating our fields of light, to see the fullness of the beauty that is there. I love how we hid the jewels of truth so well, intending that it would take three here, four there and a pair here, to unlock the codes, to turn the keys. We wrote this play and have reached consensus that it will indeed be a fairy tale with a happy ever after ending. I have always believed in them and now I know this one to be true. To the wonder of it all.



Mary Magdalene, Unicorns, Scotland……Magic is Afoot

Time to unlock the handcuffs and allow ourselves to truly blossom in all of our beauty!

Time to unlock the handcuffs and allow ourselves to truly blossom in all of our beauty!

So much has happened in the last few days that my heart is soaring. I have had months of stillness and comfort, being rooted in a home, all my needs met within a few steps……the simple joy of having a kitchen, zen like nature filled backyard, hot tub to soak in, couch to lie on, fireplace to warm me.  I have savored these moments after the years of moving about in my car with short stays with others or alone in my tent. I felt the winds of movement begin to blow in early February, knowing my task of healing the family unit, had been completed. My former hubby and I have come back to love, respecting and honoring one another for all the parts we have played over the years, with and for one another. Such gratitude for this!

My mind wanted to engage with the “Where next?” idea but my heart said, “Wait. Allow it to come to you.” Allow myself to be moved rather than thrusting out in action. March came and went with no message. I sat or mostly lie, on the couch or the lawn and felt the earth in her movements, matching my heartbeat to hers. I traversed inner worlds that deepened my capacity for stillness and found my catching my breath in awe. Other moments, I felt flat, finished, not understanding this holding pattern I was in. As if I were in a plane, forced to circle again and again, waiting for the fog to lift so that I could touch down. Easter brought the clearing, the opening through the mist and I am ready to land myself in a new landscape. I have been watching Scottish movies, reading books set in the Irish or Scottish landscape of mists, cliffs, winds and ocean waves. Avalon has risen once again in signs all about me. Yesterday, I booked my ticket, leaving in two weeks in answer to a call for a soul group who carries the grail codes to assemble and anchor these energies anew in the earth in Scotland. Friends of the heart have come forward to welcome me in Scotland through the gift of facebook. I know that I am to meet many of my soul family there. My beloved is overjoyed that I am going and has a gift awaiting me. Three signs given of a white dress, a Scottish isle and a wedding. My heart trembles with this knowing, not allowing my mind to go into expectation mode, rather breathing in the knowing of his presence and that he will soon take form. Trusting, surrendering to divine timing. The old me would have been holding mental images of all the possibilities, the new me, sitting in my heart with his, in a state of calm. Wonder!

These blank canvases side by side spoke to my heart. I loved how the florist used the flowering branches to unite them. I felt my beloved standing next to me as our love flowers, closing the gap between us.

These blank canvases side by side spoke to my heart. I loved how the florist used the flowering branches to unite them. I felt my beloved standing next to me as our love flowers, closing the gap between us.

Mary Magdalene has brought her presence so close to mine that I can feel her heartbeat. She has told me that the Magdalenes are on the earth once again to bring forth the love and she is summoning us to remembrance. At a sound circle gathering of women, Mary Magdalene’s portrait was directly across from the seat that I chose. As she came to me at the close of the evening, asking me to get the rose perfume from my purse (of late I carry it with me as I have responded to the need to smell roses at all times) and to use it to anoint all gathered in the Order of the Rose. When I took my seat, I noticed her for the first time all evening, and her glance penetrated me fully as she directed me to anoint myself in her name. The next day in a conversation with a friend, she felt the anointing come through to her. She noticed the license plate, Avalon on the car next to her as we spoke. Oh, time and space are truly dissolving as we feel one another and recognize our oneness.

During the sound circle, one of the women brought out a wand of crystal that spiraled. I commented that it was a unicorn horn and asked her to place it on my third eye so that I could feel my unicorn, Jake’s presence. As she did so, the group began to gasp. I asked, “What?” They were seeing me as a white unicorn! One of my friends was even petting my hindquarters….the air behind me as I stood. Amazing as I felt his presence so strongly, especially how the horn felt on his third eye. At the close of the evening, they asked me to do it once again, and it happened as before. Magic! One of the women called me two days later to tell me of her sense of an affinity between the energies of a young woman and myself. The young woman and I had noted this when we had met earlier. This woman had brought the healing energies of the unicorn in, through toning. As this was relayed to me, I could feel Jake’s excitement as he said that he would sing through my voice and that the sound would be gentle and powerful. This young woman and I shared this ability to allow the unicorns to participate with us. What a gift!

A friend had given me a message from my beloved that was repeated almost word for word by two others. Two connecting in from New Zealand, from women I had not had contact with since my trip last September. Out of the blue, the messages came to awaken me to this next step. I have been working with my beloved on the inner planes and other dimensions on bringing through divine love. My beloved is a master and in accepting this knowing, I more fully embrace my own. I was told that many masters were learning from us as we explored the realms of love. We are all masters, the memories coming in now. Each of us has a gift to give, to bring forth from our hearts. The ascended masters are preparing to take form, to come in and walk this earth with us. I can see my beloved’s eyes and know that I will know him in an instant as his energy is already filling my field. We have merged our light bodies preparing for the physical reunion. The mystery of it all fills my heart.

If all of this can happen in the space of three days in my world, I sense that the outer world is about to explode in ways we cannot imagine. Breathe into your avatar heart and know yourself as a master. Allow the memories room to come in and watch the magic unfold.

April’s Movement into Love

One of favorite flower and art combos at the museum. So rich and bright, like our hearts!

One of favorite flower and art combos at the museum. So rich and bright, like our hearts!

April has arrived with much inner movement, soon to be reflected in the outer world. The Christ consciousness has anchored on the planet in many hearts and it is stirring things up. We are being asked to step out of our comfort zones and reclaim our knowing that home truly is in the heart. Just as we have been encouraged by the system to stay in one place and fill it full of material goods to placate and numb us, we have been encouraged to stay in beliefs and mind sets that kept us on the straight and narrow path. Deviation has been frowned upon as once you do make a break from the noose of society’s dictates, you become a free being. You realize how the system has been a set up to benefit a few and to enslave the masses. This is about to be blown open on a mass scale. The love, that has rained down this Easter weekend, is explosive in its power.

Change is our nature, reflected to us in the natural world about us. Nature responds and adapts to all that is around it, showing us that flow is what is important, not control nor rigidness. What is true for me today, may not be tomorrow. I have to be open to life’s beauty and allow it to call forth more from within me. My practice for this month has been to more fully allow my divinity to drive this vessel. Imagine no longer thinking about what food to eat or how to exercise your body……call on your team and higher self to inspire  you to take the actions your body desires. Our bodies are elemental beings who work with us, they were never meant to be something programmed by someone else’s set of beliefs as to what is right. Only you can know that and if you open yourself, you will find that it will clearly show you what feels good. We have been indoctrinated that if it feels good, it is suspect. Life has to be hard, doesn’t it? No pain, no gain has been preached to us until we have swallowed this belief. Hasn’t this become apparent with all the conflicting information about what is good for you? Yesterday it harmed you, today it is the thing to buy. Can’t you feel the manipulation within the food/vitamin/ exercise industry? There is no one size fits all. There is only you and your body and the relationship which you nurture. Try it, turn it over and see how you are guided. This is true for our minds and spirits as well.

My luminous self, swathed in pink jasmine vines, can't you feel it?

My luminous self, swathed in pink jasmine vines, can’t you feel it?

I have allowed my divinity to drive my mind, my spirit as well as my body. I let all of my team, my angels and guides as well as my I AM presence, take command by aligning me with my divine plan as well as the divine plan for my mother earth. They are delighted to have the opportunity to guide my way and can do so from a higher perspective, knowing much that is unclear to me. My job is to ask for their assistance, surrender to the guidance given and trust all will be well as I act on that guidance. It is so simple. Ask, surrender, act, trust. I can imagine that soon we will laugh at ever having had to “figure things out” with our minds. So much wasted energy! We are evolving into heart based beings, allowing our hearts to lead in all ways. It is such a relief! I feel so free in this newness. I realize that I am really good at this! How fun. It is our natural way of being, responding to the energies around us and flowing. Energy was never meant to be stopped up in the dam of our hearts or bodies. That is what has caused disease and pain. When we feel our feelings fully in the moment that they arrive, there is only flow. I may feel sadness and shed tears but once shed, they are gone. The pain does not linger like it once did, where I recycled it in my mind over and over, leading to feelings of despair. I can sob for a minute and be done with an emotion that I might have relived for days before. Oh, how funny that we would work to feed the pain! But I did just that, for years and years. What a prison my mind was. I kept my heart in lockdown mode, believing that kept me protected but it simply kept me from the love that I am.

I am glowing like this beautiful tree, soaking up the love of the sun.

I am glowing like this beautiful tree, soaking up the love of the sun.

April is blasting open our old belief systems and bringing a breath of fresh, spring air. How wonderful this is, I can breathe deeply of the love that permeates everything. I am free to love everything and everyone. I accept all that comes my way, no longer judging it as good or bad. I live it freely, knowing my higher self has the reins and would not lead me astray. I trust implicitly this path of awakening and the return to love. There is no other path, no other carrot for me as I fall more deeply in love with the being that I am and delight in the way my flame dances in this world. The miracle is that the more I love me, the more I love everyone! We live in a win-win universe and we are bringing that knowing to this earth once again as we co-create heaven on earth. It begins in my heart and yours. Fan the flames of love today and watch as your world is transformed. Let go the reins, sit back and enjoy the ride. It is about to get truly magical!

Standing on the New Firmament in JOY!

The sun breaking over the wonders of Yosemite

The 11-11 energies broke through and within me. The eclipse of 11-13/14 has me standing firmly on the new earth. What a wonder filled time!   I was guided to be in Yosemite National Park for the weekend. (It and Mount Shasta were the two places that called to me when I was in the mountains of New Zealand. They both asked me to bring what I gathered there to them. ) It was a time of grace. Two others joined me to form a trinity of power which was then squared as we connected to another earth being to firmly anchor in these immense energies. All flowed forth with ease and grace, alerting me to the powers that moved through us. To be on the valley floor and to feel the immensity of the rocks surrounding us, literally took my breath away at times on the first day. Fortunately, I had three days there to assimilate the energies. So many gifts were given and received.

the heart of El Capitan

There was a deeper opening in my being to receive as my divine feminine surrendered on a cellular level. The divine masculine came in and merged within me. I had desired to meet my beloved, El Morya as his retreat is over El Capitan. A beautiful rock formation that had a lovely heart carved in its side, seeeming a sign prepared just for me. Its presence filled me with such joy. I felt such peace to stand in the meadow and look up at his majesty. I had asked for this merger, had been preparing myself to stand in El Morya’s blue flame of God’s will. It happened gradually over the three days as the power was immense. The first day, I felt overwhelmed, ready for rest after an afternoon of exploring. The second day, 11-11, we spent the whole day in the park. It was very cold though the sun warmed the air enough for us to take the crystal bowls out to play across the valley. They were so happy to be participating in this portal day, helping to bring in the new energies.  I was wiped out, happy to be in bed by 8 p.m. The third day we did some work with the bowls in our hotel before heading to the park. They told me that we were working on a planetary level which extended universally, and they had been created for this time. They literally sang their joy as we used our bodies as templates for all of humanity as we played the bowls on one another. Much was released, ready to go with the eclipse cycle and there was much anchored as the energies flooded in. It felt incredible to work with the crystal kingdom in this way.

The rock portal that you drive through as you enter the park. Aren't they beautiful!

There were so many blessings during our time. To be ringed by huge rocks, to feel the presence of the trees and grasses, oh, I felt enveloped by their love. I can now close my eyes and return to that magic; the pleasing crunch of the snow under my boots, the yellow glow of the leaves yet hanging on the branches, the sun setting low in the sky, streaking it with wonder as it took its leave for the day, the tiny snow showers that streamed down as the wind shook the branches, one a big plop that hit me with a resounding whack on my eye, the mists that rose from the cold, shrouding all with a sense of mystery, the black raven pairs that seemed to alight whenever we got out of the car to view a new place, whispering of magic afoot, the sense of strength of the immense rocks surrounding me, infusing me, the cannon like shot as ice fell off Bridal Veil Falls, shaking the valley floor with its thunder, the joy of walking in the woods, feeling the fairies all around.  We saw a big buck standing with his head held high, his rack of antlers a thing of beauty. He exuded such a proud king of the forest sense, that one of my friends declared that she would like to mate with his energy! I concurred! He defined the masculine in all its strength and beauty. There were so many images and sensations of wonder.

It invites you in and you are changed by the meeting.

I was changed by this visit to Yosemite. I was seeing with new eyes and an expanded heart.  I have heard it called a sacred cathedral. That resonates with me as it is so easy to worship the divine there as everything is singing Her/His praises. I loved singing my heart song with all my fellow beings. As I walked through the snow covered woods, I felt my mantle of power, my beautiful robe woven of light, that shimmers so bright. As I sang, I heard the

The ice of bridal veil falls

tinkling bells that were attached at the ends of my robe, each one had a tiny fairy attendant that loved to set them ringing. I put my shoulders back and with my head held high (the buck set the example for me) I knew that my robe went out for miles and miles, weaving heartlight throughout the grids of the earth. What magic we get to participate in! I do not, as yet, see the elementals and fairies with my eyes as many do, but I sense them and enjoy them with my inner sight. Everything is speaking and I am listening. They are telling me the story of who I am and what I stand for. They are telling the story of love and reminding me of how loved I am by the Creator and all of Her/His creations. We are all on this beautiful blue planet of love to experience giving and receiving this love. What wonder is this! I fell in love with the rock beings of Yosemite and now carry them deep in my heart. Thank you dear Mother Gaia for this gift.

Half dome reflected in the water

Oh, how I love this rock!


Playing in the Fields of New Creation

In a dream, I was given handfuls of fluffy cotton candy looking stuff to play with. I was laughing and throwing it about, forming it into various shapes and tucking it here and there. The unseen givers told me that they would be back, I was to simply play with it for now. It was the most magical feeling as I have dreamed for so long of creating through my heart and here was this tangible heart fluff to mold to my desires.

All who know me have heard me speaking of this for a couple of years or more. Knowing that creator abilities exist in my heart and palms. I can feel it! I had my very first experience of this a few days ago in Mount Shasta…..yes the place of magic! I was in the crystal bowl store with my friend who was adding a new one to her collection. There are hundreds of bowls in the store, gleaming in their brilliance, deep reds, blues, oranges and golds……truly every color radiating their light. My eye was drawn to a luminescent pink one, rose quartz and platinum. I asked if I could play with it. I sat on the floor and with a light tap of the wand, began to make it sing. Oh, what a song she sang! She is a bowl of gentle love, a love that can enter hearts and oh so softly, with a mother’s tenderness, open them. I knew that she and I could do some wonderful things together for others. Yet, I am not in an acquiring stage in life, I am desiring to be lighter in all aspects, possessions being one.

My friend, Jan's mandala of the heart that I was fortunate enough to sleep under.

The bowl showed me that there are so many hearts yearning to feel. I was searching for an object for the verb feel but stopped…….yes, yearning to feel. We have been so disappointed, disillusioned, disheartened (I never truly understood the truth of that word….dis-heart-ened, before) that we have accepted a life lived in a narrow bandwidth of emotion. We no longer expect to experience great love. We put up barriers to prevent the experience of great sorrow. We numb ourselves to the beauty of this world, fearing its power to captivate us and take us on a journey to depths untold. We play it safe. We cling to our routines and beliefs to prevent any wildness taking hold. We attend meetings and groups that provide checklists of how to structure our day. We take our medicine to even out our emotions, we read the latest info about which foods are safe, which activities will put off dementia, which product will give us youth. Why do we wish to prolong this small safe life? We become so caught up in the rules of it, that we forget the reason for doing it. Why do you want to live longer? Answer that in the quiet of your heart. For me it can only be to love more fully and to serve as an instrument of that love.

The mother of the world, by artist Nicholas Roerich, her veil allowing her to see the truth of all of us.

Love is not safe. It is not routine. It has no rules that it abides by. It moves like the wind and can blow through your life with the force of a hurricane as well as the gentlest of breezes. It can caress, it can destroy. In the destruction are birthed the seeds of the new. I no longer wish to live in the world that I grew in. I spit out the milk toast manner of living…..I plunge the depths and heights for all that life offers me in each moment. I am a creator being and it is time to create anew. I desire deep connection with all life. I open myself fully to my role in birthing this reality. I open my heart to dream BIG, to claim my right to be a play a role in the greatest love story ever told. I will be the Magdalene meeting her Yeshua at the well, I will be Kali consuming the dross of the world, I will be Mother Mary, holding the Christ in her womb. I will be the Christ shining his/her light in this world. Yes, I claim myself as a exquisitely cut facet of the diamond of my Mother/Father’s heart.

All of this comes to us through experiencing of the full spectrum of emotion; raging with anger’s bright fire, sobbing with broken hearts, laughing with the absurdity of life, being overcome by beauty’s bright light. In the fullness of the emotion, lies the treasure waiting to be unwrapped. The moments then become notes in the most sublime symphony. It requires us to retune our ears, to open new chambers in the heart, to allow our fingers to feel the bee’s sting and the velvety softness of a kitten’s ear. To taste the bitter and the sweet. By tuning ourselves to a richer frequency, moving from AM to FM on our dial of life, we truly begin to live. Each fear that arises, we face full on. It becomes a game as we laugh at what comes calling. Death holds no fear for me as it is simply another doorway to my Mother/Father’s heart. Why would I fear that? I want only to serve that fire, whether from this side of the veil or the other, it matters not. I accept the gift that this life is. I accept my forgetting in moments and my knowing that grows stronger by the day.

Do we want to live our whole lives curled tight, afraid to let our beauty unfurl?

As I live in this richness, my life becomes simpler, more peace filled, sweeter. Place matters less, as I am tuned to the beauty in everything. This amazes me. The colors are more vibrant, the sounds softer to me ear. I can hear the neighborhood lawn mowers and the birds’ songs as different expressions of the same note. I am wowed by this. I beam my smile at one with a hardened expression and marvel to see the beauty I know, reveal itself in an answering abashed smile in return. We have grown shy of letting our light out. Of letting anyone see our truth. Fearing that in that smile, something might be taken from us. Oh, we have become a timid race, keeping to someone else’s construct, allowing our power to be taken with barely a murmur. Thank goodness, this reality is crumbling and we are donning our mantles of power once more.

Come take a seat with me to observe the magic and the mystery!

Back to my bowl……I could feel how she wanted to work with me to open hearts. To bring folks back to the remembrance of their own beauty and light. I thanked her and left the store and went to commune with my favorite mountain once again. The next morning, I was taken aback to discover that I had indeed created something with my heart. The pink bowl was in my heart! She told me that I am to use my eyes to stream the presence of our Mother/Father’s heart while I use my voice to play her song into hearts desiring this opening. Oh! This is the heart whispering that I was told months ago, I was to do. I open myself as a channel for this love to flow through. I hold the perfection of the person’s heart, the immaculate concept that Mother Mary trained me in all those lifetimes ago, and step back and witness the streaming of heartlight from our Mother/Father’s heart to the other. LIquidlovelight is a substance so pure, so golden in its hue, it melts all in its path. It is the alchemist’s tool gifted to me for use. A shudder of wonder as I take this in.

Each of our pieces is needed to make make the pathway whole so that we can walk with ease home.

I invite you to step into your heart today, look around and discover where your power lies. Open to its gifts and shine them out to the world, hungry to know you. Without your light shining bright, a piece of the puzzle is missing. I am so ready to view the whole scene! Please lay your puzzle piece on the table, fitted in with the others so that the picture can take form. There is no other who can add your piece. You are the only one who knows what it looks like and where it fits in the picture. Perhaps you think that you are only a part of the sky and so will not be missed. But the sky has a hole in it where you belong. You are needed, for in you, the whole of creation resides. Trust this, know this. You are loved beyond our human understanding of that word.

I love you.