April Anchors the Love

A lovely bit of artistry left on the riverbank for all to enjoy.

A lovely bit of artistry left on the riverbank for all to enjoy.

We came to this earth to anchor love and after lifetimes of hardship and struggle, we are immersed in the end times of the old and the birthing of the new. Amazing to have a body to express the love through in this NOW. We are remembering that we are love, that we are fluid and grace filled. We are creator beings for whom love is our natural state.

Are you discovering that you cannot remember from one moment to the next? More and more, we are living in the now, knowing it is the place of power. Past and future fade as the richness of the now feeds our soul. Breathing in and out, allowing the inner landscape to provide the place of peace and stillness. As the old departs, its clamors grow noisier and we are wise to tune to the channel within where all of our knowing resides.

Seeing the world through new eyes, the eyes of love.

Seeing the world through new eyes, the eyes of love. (artist unknown to me but thanking her/him for this image found in collaging material).

The waves of love continue to purge all that is not love. I am witnessing judgment come up for me to see. I am observing myself in this, seeing where I am lacking love that seeks to make myself better than another in order to feel secure. The big step for me is to soften it all, to allow myself forgiveness for judging, to bathe all in love, myself included. Allowing the flow, trusting it is all in motion, not identifying myself negatively  because I judged another yet growing in my observation of this behavior and allowing it to shift into love.

I am ready to be the love I AM. I am ready for newness where all communication is from the heart. I am ready for all of my thoughts to be read by all as they are only of love. I am desiring to live in the grace of love. I feel this yearning and desiring arising from the collective. The desire to embark fully in the journey home to our truth.

This pink dogwood tree in blossom literally stopped me in my tracks on a recent walk in nature. Pink love!

This pink dogwood tree in blossom literally stopped me in my tracks on a recent walk in nature. Pink love!

I feel so much movement this month, we have two eclipses, sun and moon as well as a grand cross in the sky. We have Easter and Passover and are gifted the opportunity to embrace Christ consciousness ourselves, discovering that the second coming is within each of our hearts. We are our own messiahs, we are the Christ returned. It is ours to claim.

We have been trained to look everywhere but within. Taught that another has the answers we seek. Taught to revere ones dressed in orange robes or wearing the garments of renunciation. (I once met a Tibetan monk on a sacred mountain in India who taught me to look beyond the surface as he showed a shadowy energy….deep bow to him for the lesson gifted me). Yet, the Christed ones are amongst us, dressed in everyday gear, in their twenties of fifties or mere infants with eyes blazing wisdom like a laser beam. Every person on this planet has come to be a part of this shift of the ages. Every person bears a gift. All can teach us, all can enlarge us. I wish to stand as transparent as glass, to allow my outer expression to fully reflect the truth of the love that I AM.


The flow of death and rebirth……gratitude to the artist for this image.

Our galactic and inner earth relatives are poised to make contact. Open to the unusual, the surreal becoming real. The elementals are wanting to dance with us. Lean against a tree and open to its wisdom, the breeze carries a message of love as do the flowers and every living being. All the kingdoms of the universe are wanting to dance together. Let us open and allow, like a flower opening its petals so as to be caressed by the sun. As we show up in our loveness,  permission is granted for every other being to join the dance. Seeing my unicorn shimmering and knowing the form will follow. Feeling the flitting wings of the faeries in the garden and humming with them, wearing bells about my wrist to play with them. All I knew as a child in my world of make believe, coming true.

Wonder is everywhere. I open to it today as I breathe lovelight in this now. Peace to all as we reveal our true beauty to one another. I see you and gasp in wonder. Ahhhhhhhh.

Love Continues to Expand My Understanding

IMG_6036On Valentine’s Day, I was giddy with love. I wore a flower in my hair, drove to a small gathering singing my heart out, dressed in shades of pink, I toned and danced to waves of love. I spent the evening alone with the fire and my heart, and felt so loved and appreciated for who I am. I knew myself as love and the flame was blazing high.

Yesterday,  I awoke feeling head pressure and heaviness in my body. I laughed at myself,  I could be viewed as bi-polar, so up and out and then a more inward down. I listened to a presentation about love that struck me with a good question. “If I knew I was infinitely loved, would I do this?” Interesting look at what we do as a way of compensating for not being loved. Then the idea of love and whether we are “ready for it” as if it were something to prepare for. If we could feel that connection to Source, to our higher self, would we turn away from it, would we put it on hold?

Opening to love

Opening to love

I have been working with clearing energies standing between us and our divine counterpart reunions. A friend said, “I am not ready for a partner in my life.” I thought about that and realized that she was thinking of the old version of love. We have been conditioned to believe a lover is a responsibility, someone else to think of, another aspect added to the to-do list, especially for us women who have been in the caretaker roles for so long. We feel that we would have to accommodate this other, somehow. I then felt my skull, Leopold and his support. I do not think of him all the time. He comes in and out of my awareness, always there when I am in need of support, yet not demanding my constant attention. He is teaching me so much about love.

As sovereign beings, we are graduating into a freer love, a love that has no limits. Another friend of mine has recently experienced her beloved anchoring within. He came to her on the inner planes and showed patience and respect as she went through her fears about him showing up in her life. He supports her fully, supports her husband in his expansion…there is no sense of limitation. He is very respectful, asking if she would like more input in situations before offering it. She can tune in to him when she desires and tune him out also. What a gift! Another friend has discovered her beloved has taken the form of an albino whale. They work together on the waters of the earth and his support and love is profound. Interesting, the love coming in all these different guises but when it comes, every cell in your body knows it!  All helping us to expand our parameters and beliefs about what love can be, how it might look, how it can feel.

What I am understanding in this moment, is that the reunion is happening within first. We are opening to allow the counterparts’ lovelight to flow in and occupy our cells with us. There have been fires of purification (I have been sweating and radiating heat for days) that are burning off the dross, making room for the love to enter. We no longer have to clear the old, now it is about purifying. No need to know the what was or particulars of the emotions or memories. All is consumed by the fires ignited within, in response to our desire to open fully to love. Our counterparts are assisting us in this purification process as the time is coming for the anchoring of divine love by these couples, all about the earth.

I set sail with a walnut shell and a leaf from the ground and a pool of water in the hollow of a tree.

I set sail with a walnut shell and a leaf from the ground and a pool of water in the hollow of a tree.

Once we truly understand oneness and accept ourselves fully as the love that we are, we open the door to our counterparts taking physical form. No small task as how many truly are in love with themselves? I awake now and ask to see everything that enters my world, through the eyes of love. To see the gift in every moment, in every person that appears on my screen of life. The universe will continue to give you opportunities to strengthen this self love. This came home when I retrieved the mail. There were wedding invitations for all five members of our family……all were addressed to the person and included: “and guest”. All except mine. I laughed! Of course, I have been single for years but the thought came that I was seen as someone not thought of as being in a love relationship. The old me would have felt hurt, the new me delighted in the reminder that I am love. I smiled in the knowing that my beloved is coming to me, and I am my own beloved.

Perhaps, your beloved is already in physical form but for thousands upon thousands of us, our divine counterparts have remained with Source or the higher octaves in order to fully support us making it to this point. We are asked to embrace these waves of love hitting our fields, to fully accept the ups and downs. As the love flows in and the bliss arises, it flushes out any pockets of not love, remaining. Hence the dive in energy as that flows through and is embraced in gratitude on its way out. Another wave of bliss catches us, and then the dive……on and on it continues, with us riding the extremes until it begins to come to center and we find ourselves floating in stillness and peace. And love, greater than anything we have imagined or known in lifetimes. Wholeness awaits. Open your heart wide and allow the tsunami to take you, surrendering fully to where it will lead. Love is our teacher and she will guide us home.


Flames of Love Lighting Up the World

Nosegay of flowers that I am sending to each one of you.

Nosegay of flowers that I am sending to each one of you.

Oh my! I awoke to a lightness in my body and a dancing flame on my crown. I feel newly born, that a new epoch has been birthed on this earth of ours. Our Mother Earth’s heart is a dancing wave, so full of joy and love. Every portal, every chakra, every cell of this earth body is open to receive the waves of love sent from our sun, the sun behind the sun, the great central sun. Woohoo, Source energy penetrating my cells and yours. On this day of love, all that we are asked to do is OPEN to receive.

Can you feel that? There is no doing, no fixing, no trying. There is only allowing ourselves to open like a flower bursting into bloom. My heart is a fiery flame, I am amazed that I am not searing others with my touch! All the Divine Mothers have come in today, surrounding me in their love and opening me more fully to gather more of this liquidlovelight into my being. Ah, the Divine Father smiles his love through my being, bringing balance to all.

My card for my former hubby, dear friend.

My card for my former hubby, dear friend, expressing our support and care.

I am singing, dancing, laughing and loving. I gave my former hubby a card today that had him in tears. The love a palpable field between us, showing us its strength and beauty. This is truth, this is who we are. We are love.

May you all feel the love that you are, surrounding you. May you all see your own beauty. May you all know your own wisdom. May you fall in love with the incredibleness that you are. I have! I love you……heartlight streaming ribbons to all upon this earth and to our Mother’s heart today.

On my walk, I found a heart rock awaiting every few steps! I love our Mother Earth!

On my walk, I found a heart rock awaiting every few steps! I love our Mother Earth!

The Tsunami of Love Hitting Our Shores

Expand beyond the limits of linear form, say the palm trees.

Expand beyond the limits of linear form, say the palm trees.

I want to pass along this link to a meditation to open yourself to the tsunami of love that is presently hitting our energy fields. Linda Dillion, a channel for the Council of Love brings  through the Divine Mother’s gift of love: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGt8Lo2aacQ

This morning the air smells alive with winter’s arrival. The rain has kept up steadily for a second day now, the trees swaying in the cool breeze and my pink prayer flags flying with the slant of the drops. A fire flares and swoops in the hearth and my son has placed a warming cup of strong, delicious coffee at hand. I feel a bit of envy that he still has the ending ahead in a story that I read. In our family, we exchange books, passing on the good ones, eager to discuss and savor the highlights. I recall a boyfriend of my daughter’s joining us for dinner, during the hectic and harried high school years. He expressed astonishment that the conversation revolved around what we were all reading and the trading back and forth as well as the excitement we felt in sharing our treasures. We read out the compelling bits, luring one another into our temporary world in order to have a companion by our side to relish the journey with. He read for school assignments, a meagre duty bound consumption, that did not fit the rich smorgasbord that we supped at daily.

An image hung static on a wall, yet these stones contain worlds of lives once lived upon this earth. They call me to step out in expression of the All.

An image hung static on a wall, yet these stones contain worlds of lives once lived upon this earth. They call me to step out in expression of the All.

So, we sit in companionable silence, our books, the fire, the rain falling on the roof in a steady rhythm. I am feeling peace in this moment. I have gone through a dozen feelings in the space of this morning. I have noticed my head aching intermittently with blasts of intense pressure. I felt weak with tears and nausea which then turned to this moments’ contentment. I touch so many emotions in an hour, in five minutes that I cannot keep up with myself! (that is part of it, there is no “keeping up”). I lay in bed, certain that I would not get up today as I felt so flat, so disconnected, the world a gray shadow, holding no glimmer of light. The next moment, I find myself standing in the shower, amazed at the water cleansing my body. I stood in front of my closet, deciding to dress in lavender hues to greet the afternoon. My mood lifted by the cleanliness and color, I stand to do the above meditation, reeling as waves of nausea hit. I must lie down afterwards, tumbling about in my own field. Waves of love followed by despair forming a well in my being. Who am I?

Thank goodness I have so fully embraced my beingness as I might otherwise question what is going on. I long ago let go of any concern about losing my mind. Actually, I realize as I have heard others express this concern at different points on their path…..that has not ever been a concern of mine. A deep questioning of self, yes.  I may not understand what I am doing or being, yet I trust the process fully. A friend’s call brings forward an aspect of myself that yet sought my embrace. Deep sobs shook me as I opened my heart to welcome in my erratic emotional self. We have cleared so much and are now asked to deal with the resonance of our holographic shadows that seek wholeness through our embrace. She relayed to me how my ability to be fully present with myself, expressing a range of emotions, allowed her to go more deeply into her flame of stillness and peace. This aspect that had been criticized outwardly and inwardly by myself as not “spiritual” was embraced in love and gratitude for what it had brought. It was such a beautiful exchange as I had felt myself over the past 24 hours, reaching out an arm to her flame, to anchor me in that steady stillness as I went further into the unknown, seeking out the dark shadows that were calling for my embrace. My widely ranging emotions are an expression of working with all that comes forth seeking this mother’s love and embrace. I play across a wide spectrum whereas she holds a deeply anchored note in a narrower range. All a part of this symphony we are playing together. All shadows are now seeking the light so that all can be brought home within ourselves. We rejoiced at our co-creation and support of one another as we express our truth.

Can I live fully without locking onto a destination ahead?

Can I live fully without locking onto a destination ahead?

The task for each is to fully express our flame, the one we brought from home. We were conditioned to believe in an image of ourself that was crafted to fit in as a cog in the wheel of limitation. We sanded off our edges, tamped down our flames to stay within the confines given. We are now asked to step out from that image and express the full range of frequencies found within our one note. Indeed, our note contains the all! So in each moment, we are free to open to what flows authentically in that moment. It may be new, unfamiliar, nothing like who or what we thought ourselves to be. As we express this moment, it dissolves allowing the next to take form. Judgment disappears and we marvel at the fullness of the note, low and high, of equal playing pleasure. Amazing! We can only move, one moment to the next, yet the freedom in that movement is enormous! We can so fully feel what comes through us, as us, that all else dissolves. Yet a thread is always connected to the One, the Creator of all, giving us limitless freedom. We are free to love what we love, fully.

Back in my chair by the fire, universes of feelings traversed, gratitude abounding. Memories flow in of awakening throughout the night to hear the command: “Activation!” followed by electrical charges moving through my body. I then saw myself giving the command to others: “Activation!” while their forms slept. We are being activated by waves of love, how blessed are we.





Infusion of Beauty

First day's sunset on the ocean. liquidlovelight!

First day’s sunset on the ocean. liquidlovelight!


I am back from a wonderful trip that infused my cells and renewed my heart. My younger son and I drove north to visit a friend on the northern California coast. It was such a delight to travel together as he is the most companionable of companions. As an artist, he shares my sensitivity to beauty in all its forms. My friend lives in an old farmhouse that she and her husband resurrected, decades ago, from condemned status to a sanctuary that sustains them with its gardens and animals. There are a few sheep and chickens, a greenhouse, raised garden beds, bees, flowers,  berry producing vines and bushes, a wonderful dog, a fire pit, and easy access to the deep mysteries of the redwoods and a coastline of beaches and rivers to play in.

One reason for the trip was to take a basketful of crystals to be released into the ocean and rivers for healing of the effects of Fukushima. Friends and I had prayed and done ceremony with the crystals for a couple of months until we were given the signal that it was time for their release. I am grateful for the timing as it allowed us to shift from the idea of healing the waters to offering our love to the waters. It may turn out that the radiation is for our evolution, we do not know the larger implications of what is taking place. I have let go of healing anything or anyone and instead offer a field of love to all. I trust love to know what is best, surrendering to the Creator in all things.

My son tossing a crystal into the sea.

My son tossing a crystal into the sea.

Each day we tossed crystals from cliffs and shorelines, allowing them to do their magic. My friend’s husband, a hunter/fisherman, took some with him on his boat and sent them flying with love. My friend saw them standing upright in the waters, each connecting to the others, radiating out beams of light as they connected to the grid about our earth.

I was also in need of an infusion of beauty. We went to the redwood forests nearby to retrieve a crystal that my friend had been directed to place in a magnificent grandfather tree last July for one of the alignments. It was now time to return to her and her smile was broad when she found it still in the tree. This forest felt more ancient and wild than any of the other redwood forests that I have been to. A few minutes walk in and IMG_5667my heart was so filled with the trees’ presence that I sobbed and sobbed in gratitude for all that they have held for humanity. I knew that I had once stood amongst them,  my roots digging in the damp mossy ground and my branches flung upwards to the sky. The finest of nature’s cathedrals, inspired hushed tones as we walked in reverence and joy. The greens and browns soothed my soul as I leaned against the rough bark and drank deep of the humus bouquet in the air. The sun filtered through, illuminating various scenes as our necks craned upward following trees whose tops were lost to our sight. We were gifted mightily. The trees and elementals whispered their gratitude for our light flowing in and amongst them, an exchange of such mutual delight, a tone of harmony and love. Our trip was to hone this tone, to know it on a cellular level, so as to emanate it with each breath and step we take.

IMG_5745The ocean with its jutting rocks and craggy shores, leapt in joy and surprising warmth. I went barefoot for part of each day to soak the salt and fresh water, the rocks and dirt, leaves and needles, into my being. Icy rivers ran into dancing ocean waves, seagulls playing in the vortex created as they flowed into oneness. Sunsets streamed their colors, searing my heart anew each day while the full moon rose to offer its cool brilliance to the night sky. A handful of days, offering all of nature’s bounty to us in love. We opened to receive this gift through all of our senses, stepping into the newness of the amplified energies of this year.

We ate fresh food from the garden and fish and meat offered from the water and land. We drank water from Mount Shasta’s headwaters, energized with her pristine light. Everything was alive and speaking to us with such love. We felt encapsulated in a bubble of harmony, four passengers on the ship, New Earth, sailing merrily along.

Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta bathed us in love as we picnicked on her slopes as part of our journey south. The peace we felt rendered us mute as we lay against our rock backrest. The love is gaining substance, you can almost scoop it up like the handful of snow I tossed at my son on the mountain. It is permeating our beings, we can drink liquidlovelight, eat love, breathe in love, be caressed by love. It is showering down upon us with the sun’s every ray, splintering our fields into the rainbow light that we are.

Rocks and ocean behind=happy woman

I had a dream while away where an aspect of myself came and told me I had 6% and indicating that more of me was ready to flow in. What? Am I embodying only 6% of who I truly am? I pondered this until it came clear through a conversation with a friend. We so need one another to illuminate our truth! She asked if it referred to the 6% that remained to be cleared in my field. Yes, that was it, said my body, with huge nods of confirmation. As I used my Mother Sekhmet gifted sword of truth on us both, and felt the shattering of more that no longer serves, we heard that it was now 4% remaining. All is to be cleared before the end of this month as February represents flying into our freedom! Woohoo! It is not the numbers that matter, it is the note that can ring clear and true from our hearts. We are all tuning our instruments, anticipating the conductor’s lift of the baton. Oh, the music we are about to make! The angels are taking their seats in anticipation of the glory. We are master musicians, one and all. Find your seat, we are about to begin!

Triggered by An Emotional Storm

My son painted this as a gift for me. Embedded within is my path home. We assist one another in ways seen and unseen.

I have to laugh at the way tests come when we proclaim ourselves at peace. “Really?” asks our higher self, let’s try this out. Last night, our family went through an emotional storm. I was the target and I was triggered. I felt the flash of anger, the heartache of the mother, the heat of uncomfortableness of not knowing how to move, the sitting with the pain. In the aftermath, I allowed myself space to state my need to go to my room and have a good cry. What a release tears are. I was grateful for those of us who trusted our love enough, to stay present, to cook and eat a meal together in the aftermath of the storm. I honored another’s need to leave, to regroup in order to come to balance.

Whew. I am feeling a bit fragile and tender this morning. “An emotional hangover”, as my former partner stated. Knowing all is well, that at times there has to be the separation or break for a new way of coming together to be found. Honoring each of us for speaking our truth and listening to one another’s hearts. Gratitude for the way we are walking each other home.

Uncovering my flowers to see how they fared in the freezing temperatures, just as we are taking stock this morning of our hearts. How did they fare the storm of last night?

Uncovering my flowers to see how they fared in the freezing temperatures, just as we are taking stock this morning of our hearts. How did they fare after the storm of last night?

I am grateful for not collapsing in the old way, of not accepting another’s interpretation or judgment of my path over my own knowing, of feeling my truth and allowing it to come out raw and unfiltered. This is growth, to accept my truth while honoring another’s and allowing the distance between. To allow anger without feeling shame for expressing it, (Oh, that is a big one.) To witness the old momentary desire to run and choose to stay.  I realize that it has been a long time since I have been in such a storm. It was an opportunity to practice opening to embrace the experience with love rather than closing off and burying any part of it in my heart. I watched the child in me desire to lash out and knew the grace of taking her hand in support. There was a new dynamic as my former partner stood in support of me. That felt good and true. A sturdy bridge we have built between us in this space together.

I sit here looking at my mother’s heart that desires to see everyone “comfortable”, to place a soft blanket around each one. This has caused me trouble and heartache as I created dependencies that then have to be severed. I also see the mother flame that wields a sword of truth dispassionately, cleaving falseness aside, knowing the fallout will land about her. The mother bird who kicks the fledgling out of the nest, trusting it will spread its wings and fly…..holding her breath yet allowing the crash if it is to be. Always the love there, knowing it has many shades. Trusting myself to be the shade needed in the moment, regardless of the cost. Knowing full well, it can cost everything, yet to be out of integrity is too high a price. Peace at any cost is not peace. Love without truth, is but a shadow play.

New landscape to walk upon....Gabriel's art carrying the new codes and seeds of love.

New landscape to walk upon….Gabriel’s art carrying the new codes and seeds of love.

We are all coming into balance within our beings as our Mother Earth leads the way. The earthquakes and storms are as necessary as the gentle breezes and strong rays of sunlight. It is all good. There is an opening created by the upheaval that we can all move in. It is new ground, freshly excavated by exposing our hearts’ truths. It is fertile soil for new plantings of love’s blooms. New colors and scents to be had. I sit staring at the flames in the hearth on this frosty morning, knowing the power of love to melt all into truth and beauty. Trusting each of our souls to move onto this new ground in our own way and time. Trusting our I AM presences to light our paths. Honoring the holiness of each one.

Artwork for purchase at gaberobertsart.com/

Embracing Everything in Love

Came across this rattlesnake on my walk, appeared to be dead. Either way, I felt it to be a sign of this transformation process we are all in.

Came across this rattlesnake on my walk, appeared to be dead. Either way, I felt it to be a sign of this transformation process we are all in.

I was sitting with a friend, getting emotional about this shift and everyone on the planet having enough as well as having the freedom to sing their song. The pain of what has been was present in my tears and my friend cried out, “Stop! You are contracting, look at your body.” She suggested that I reframe the emotions by expanding into them. A subtle but powerful shift. My whole body felt it as my chest lifted, shoulders moved back and my heart led the breath. Still feeling all the emotion of what has been but breathing the truth of love into it all by viewing it through that lens.

The glory in the dying so we can become new beings. Nature continues to point the way for me.

The glory in the dying so we can become new beings. Nature continues to point the way for me.

It is fine tuning time. We have our lines pretty well down, now we work with the other actors to put the polishing touches on them. We reframe, cutting lines that are worn and dated. Sitting with friends, speaking of family holiday gatherings, it came up about not wanting to be with someone due to a lower frequency another has carried. We remind one another that we have no idea who they are in this now moment. We open to an expanded possibility for another as we share how we have shifted and changed in this past year. We note how so many are opening to their inner world and discovering its delights. How things are moving at an ever increasing speed as we step into this golden age of peace. As well, giving ourselves permission to set boundaries where needed, to choose to create a new version of a holiday that does not follow any societal programming, and to choose to care for our own joy first and foremost, however that looks to others.

We vowed to practice embracing everything that comes into our world, with love. Whether it is the news of another passing, a sore knee, the weather changing, a friend canceling, the car battery dying, flowers arriving, a restful nap……all of it here to inform, enlighten, enlarge who we are. To breathe in the now moment with my chest expanding rather than contracting. To open my heart and turn on its fire to see the beauty in all that this life has to offer.

This all began with a wonderful movie. I so seldom go to a theatre but was so glad that I did. If you can, go and see the movie, About Time.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7A810duHvw It was a wonderful show about being fully present in the now moments and savoring all that each has to offer. It has time travel and magic and ordinary life so fully depicted I felt myself right back there, changing diapers and holding the hand of a toddler as a young wife and mother. It depicts a touching and deep father-son relationship as well as presenting a relative who has a limit brain functioning but is accepted and cherished in the family. We learn that you cannot save anyone from their choices but you can be a steady beacon of love for them to navigate by.

A bit of surprise magic as this coyote came trotting along the path in front of us.

A bit of surprise magic as this coyote came trotting along the path in front of us.

I am loving witnessing that we are becoming a people interested in love and peace and harmony. I believe this has always been our truth but now the energies anchoring in, truly support it. We   can inspire one another to do better and be better, all with love. We are experiencing an expanded version of love, just as when we install a new computer operating system, everything flows faster and easier (after the initial learning curve!) Love is expanding, exploding, enlarging, enlightening every cell in our bodies. We have entered the new land, we are in loveland. Takes my breath away!




Observing with a Sense of Wonder

A figure from a sculpting class I took years ago. He sits and observes with a sense of wonder.

A figure from a sculpting class I took years ago. He sits and observes with a sense of wonder.

I am so comfortable on the couch. My body, whose temperature dances high and low, is for the moment, content. Cool air streams in through the partially opened window next to the couch, a fire is blazing its warmth before me as rain falls in a gentle, steady stream outside. The overcast sky outside the windows is lit up as the last of this full moon blazes powerfully from behind. I feel wonder at this. Rain and light in the night, releasing the smell of earth which mingles with the wood fragrance burning bright.  I feel elemental…. in my element. Bliss. It has been such a lovely night of love. It is so incredible how it seems to expand with each new day, each moment. Three of us here, bellies full of a root vegie casserole, each sipping  a small glass of wine as soft conversation flows amongst us. Spaces of rich silence, interspersed with soft guitar notes played by my son. The love is palpable in the room, its contours engulf and support our hearts with strength and richness.

My son points out a newness to the evening as I am sharing a glass of wine. This is a new aspect of me that is delighting in this taste and the inner warmth it brings. So strange as I have never liked the taste of alcohol in any form, not even as a flavoring in baked goods. Yet, here I am enjoying it! Such interesiting times as I discover new aspects of myself that seem to be entering daily.

A recent painting by my youngest son. Dark and wild, it leads you in. gaberobertsart.com/‎

A recent painting by my youngest son. Dark and wild, it leads you in. gaberobertsart.com/

Yesterday a set of dragon wings unfurled. So wild as I could feel their leathery texture on my skin and it hurt quite a bit as they came out. My whole upper back felt like it was rippling with discomfort all day as the wings adjusted themselves to my body . Red-gold and skeletal, not gorgeous like my pink-gold angel wings, yet beautiful. A fiery essence that is still adjusting, the fire in the hearth has helped them to dry tonight. I do not know what they portend or how to use them. I just know that they are here and the purpose will be revealed in due time.

New day and new clarity. The dragon wings bring a deeper tone of love to me. It is not the butterflies and faery love, rather dragons and dwarves and dark caves underground. It is a fierce and true love, a wholeness that emits a full tone. We have been conditioned to back away from the undertones, fearing their power but in truth, we are ready for love to shine forth in her full glory. A love that accepts blowbacks of anger and hate as it allows the density to surface to be embraced in its arms. It stands firm in its adherence to truth. Love contains the full spectrum which is why so many of us are journeying deep into our own shadowlands to excavate and embrace all that we buried along this journey. To receive and anchor the new tones of love, we must transmute our own black coal into diamonds blazing bright. My dragon self is here to ensure that the job gets done. His deep red, adding to my pink hues, so that I can hold the spectrum true.

My first love, Laurie.  A self portrait with green eye.

My first love, Laurie. A self portrait with green eye.

As I am mirroring my inner process with the clearing of the house and sheds, I unearthed a self portrait done by my first love. He held so much of the beloved energy for me yet he was not to be the father of the children that I knew were to come. Indeed, he has never had children as all of his passion and energy has gone into his pursuit of beauty. As a poet and artist, there has been a fierceness required, a distillation of life.  I feel this shifting as the outer world begins to reflect the fuller tones of love. Art, beauty and truth, all striking the chord of love. A renaissance of beauty is at hand as we come into our maturity as creator gods.

I am deeply grateful and again find myself in a state of wonder as I observe all that moves through me, around and about me.  We are living in the magic times. All things are possible, all is made new.

Equinox Offers a New Operating System Based on Love

The equinox offers us a bridge between the old ways and the new. Let's cross over together!

The equinox offers us a bridge between the old ways and the new. Let’s cross over together!

I awoke at 5:55 a.m. Numbers are such a fun way to connect. I smiled as I looked up its meaning: Buckle your seatbelt, a major life change is upon youBe in a place of allowing and receive what is on the way to you. This is an exciting time. You have already done much of the inner work and have drawn this to you. You are ready and now the fruits of your labor will manifest in your physical world.

The rain dancing on the pool water entranced and refreshed me. Ha, we can refresh our own page and allow our lens to be cleared!

The rain dancing on the pool water entranced and refreshed me. Ha, we can refresh our own page and allow our lens to be cleared!


I am ready!! I have been awakening to that message for the past couple of months. As a collective, I feel we are ready for peace, for harmony, for joy to manifest for all. I am feeling into the possibilities that this day of balance brings to us. We had a beautiful rain here yesterday in my part of California, first of the season. It felt like a cleansing, a purifying in preparation for today’s energy to stream in. I reveled in the feeling of pulling on the warmth of a sweater and the way my feet felt in slippers on the wood floor. I baked cookies as the oven heat now made sense and stirred soup on the stove. There is a deliciousness to the change of season that excites me on so many levels. I felt energized and enlivened, ready to greet the new.

One aspect of this newness is how words are shrinking in importance and the energy of the heart is growing. I open an email and am flooded with a wave of the feeling behind the words. I write a blog and feel a wave of all who read it. Someone offers a judgment of me and I feel how they are judging themselves and asking for a flood of love in response. Our truth is flowing out in streams of radiant light. I was laughing to myself that soon we will greet each other with an upraised palm and beam messages to one another’s heart. As I felt this, I laughed as all the messages were variations on the theme: “I LOVE YOU”. What if all of our words truly can be reduced to this one sentiment? I love you! I love you! I love you! Offered to everyone and most of all offered to ourselves. I LOVE ME! We are all love, here to remind one another of our truth. We seek to be seen, to be acknowledged, to be heard, to be loved! In loving another, we see them, we witness their beauty and reflect it back to them.

A friend told me of witnessing two folks she knew to be rather dour and silent acting in a new way when with one another. One was an elderly woman and the other a middle aged man. Somehow, they were able to drop their masks before the other and reveal themselves. The elderly woman beamed her affection and the man became the gallant knight, assisting the lady in any way he could. Each was beaming a pure space of love to the other that allowed them to  transform into playful, happy, loving beings.  What if this was possible for all of us? We become habitual in our relationships, seeing one another through a lens that has become clouded over the years by unkindness, criticism, pain and judgment. We become merged with our roles, afraid to change costumes and walk away from roles that no longer fit. What if we were to drop that lens and choose a new crystal clear one? Not only with those close to us but with all people we encounter. How would it feel to view others without the fog of judgment? Can we view without the need to compare ourselves to what we see? Can we reject the “I am better or I am less than” view of one another? Dare we see and feel for the lovelight that we know to be present in all? Can we look with an ear to hearing the music of the other’s soul playing its love song to us? Are we courageous enough to view suffering and feel the other’s heart? Can we witness dark deeds and offer a prayer for the confusion present and love for the heart crying out to be cradled?

I believe we are ready for this! Our hearts were made for this. We know how to beam lovelight, it is what our hearts were created to do! Today, on this day of newness, as we are born into this new earth by virtue of our nine months gestation period from December 21, 2012, let us determine to use our senses as they were meant to be used. Let us opt for the new operating system that renders obsolete judgment, comparisons, duality in any form, self loathing, self deprecation.

My youngest son's lastest painting allows me to move into a new landscape and hear the trees speak their love for me/us.

My youngest son’s lastest painting allows me to move into a new landscape and hear the trees speak their love for me/us.

Let us fire up our hearts and step into a space of unity consciousness where LOVE and only love is what our heart hears and responds to. It is what we all seek and how wonderful that we are all equipped to give it lavishly to ourselves and one another. See through the eyes of love, hear the music of love, speak in tones of love, taste the fruit of love, feel and touch with hands of love. Let love guide you moment to moment. We can do this. We were created for this!  I love us so!



Tipping Point Reached……Deep Sigh of Relief

Today is  a day to sprawl out under a beautiful tree and sigh deeply with our mother earth.

Today is a day to sprawl out under a beautiful tree and sigh deeply with our mother earth.

I find myself sighing with relief today as I sense that we have indeed passed the tipping point of light and love on this planet of ours. Yesterday the energy coming through had a newness, a freshness to it that I felt in my bones. Not to mention heat rising, a need for gallons of water as well as more rest as my body released years held tension. It was the plan all along that freedom would return but it has hung in the balance more times than I wish to recall.  I knew we had passed a marker and could hear the cheering from our galactic and inner earth families as we did so.

I am savoring this moment. Breathing into it and allowing the joy to wash through me. I can send ribbons of heartlight out to all of our human family through my intention. These ribbons carry the news, the hope, the rope that says,” Hang on! Love is here in force.” We are standing on a new foundation that we have helped create. From this foundation, we will be able to co-create the new earth that our hearts have dreamt of. Our mother earth is ready for us, she is shaking the last of the old from her back, lending her assistance and love to each of us for a new life.

September 11th is almost upon us. A day to honor those who gave their lives so we could awaken to the truth of unity and love. A day to say no more to being pawns for an overseers’ agenda of war. We will no longer be duped by propaganda that seeks to separate and divide. Let us remember that we are one people and fill our hearts with peace and goodwill towards all men.  Let us vow to make this world safe for all women and children on this planet.


Empty ourselves of the old so that we may be filled with the new.

The fires of purification stand at the ready to release any remaining structures, beliefs, relationships that no longer resonate with this new being that I am and you are.  We have a little less than two weeks until the doorway of the equinox opens. When we step through, we will enter a new land. You cannot enter with baggage, all must be dropped at the gate. These next days offer the opportunity to get ready for our departure. What I know in my cells, is that nothing of value will be lost. No  matter what you are called to surrender, your old griefs, old wounds, attachments, habits……drop them. Forgive everyone, forgive yourself and move on. Step to the doorway naked as you have ever been. Yes, there are some wonderful things we have experienced in this reality. We can be grateful and anticpate creating anew. I am trusting, that there are more wonders awaiting me. Evolution is a forward, expanding process and so what awaits is further expansion of our hearts. . More of our gifts returning, more magical abilities to play with and master.  A greater capacity to love and receive love. Oh, the freedom……I can hear its tones enticing me onward.

Take a deep breath, pat yourself on the back for adding your lovelight to this victory. We came to bring heaven to earth. We no longer have to seek upwards for higher consciousness, it is time for us to recognize that it has always been inside us and to begin to embody it and ground it here on our mother. I can hear the laughter already, egging me onward. There is no one’s hand to hold as all are held by their own I AM presence. I look to myself, call in the fires of purification to burn 24/7 any remaining dross in my being. I desire to be empty in body, mind and spirit so as to be infilled with this new liquidlovelight that is pouring in.  Oh the joy!