The Love Pod Gathers

A round table set in the woods by some kindred soul. Such is the magic to be discovered here.

A round table set in the woods by some kindred soul. Such is the magic to be discovered here.

Holding space as the caravan of vehicles and moving truck flows across the country. My elder son and his partner flew back to California to assist with the final packing. He was the last to go through his boxes of memories and to say his goodbyes. He is my sentimental child so it was bittersweet though he said more sweet than bitter on the closing out of the family home. Fortunately, we are always going to more, as my higher self frequently reminds me when I am called to let go. My son holds the vision of the new firmly in his heart and it is this shared family vision that has allowed all of us to let go of the old and take the leap into the new.

My grandson pushed a spot on this tree to "turn on" this fairy light for the fairies to dance under in the night.

My grandson pushed a spot on this tree to “turn on” this fairy light for the fairies to dance under in the night.

My heart is flowing across the country with them while my body is busy clearing space to receive them here in Vermont. I feel as if I will then breathe a deep sigh of relief that all has come to pass, aligning with the vision I have carried in my heart. We are in a time of witnessing our deepest dreams coming true. After so many lifetimes, full of pain and sorrow, it takes a conscious awareness to shake off the old and allow oneself to embrace the path of joy and lightness that is finally available. This involves a clearing out of the old patterns of protection and all the judgments that we held deep in order to feel safe. Our fears, anxieties and habits, formed in response to a hostile environment, come to the fore to be released. All is up for change. We are gifted the opportunity to empty ourselves in order to be filled with this new lovelight that is streaming in. Oh my! We can live as sovereign beings, free to express the love that we are.

The tears flow freely as I marvel that I am still in a body, still here to dance this truth of love with the earth. I am so grateful to be in a place of such raw beauty. Yesterday as we went to a local pond to swim, we encountered a family of loons calling their wild notes across the water. Something alerted one and set up a cacophony of sound and whirling wings as they seemed to dance in all directions. My grandson laughed and said it looked as though they had motors under them as they created wakes on the water.

IMG_7369Walking and getting momentarily lost in the woods with my grandson, we came upon these crab apples shining their red glow. They seemed to light a path for us as we forged a new trail out of the woods. Every day, there is newness. My daughter came in from her morning run to announce that the small plum tree in the side yard, held one perfect plum. A promise of bounty to come in future summers. There are maple trees with a branch or two that are beginning the change into their autumn colors. The nights are cooler and as we walk barefoot on the earth, you feel the changing season underway. It will be an autumn of beauty and splendor to savor. We are harvesting the summer bounty from all of our gardens, tomatoes are roasting in the oven as well as bubbling on the stove. Herbs are hanging from the rafters to dry and zucchinis have grown so big that they are now food for the neighbors’ pigs.  We cannot keep up with their production! Pumpkins are turning orange and growing in size. We will have plenty for jack o lanterns next month.

Rushing waterfall at our favorite swimming hole that we love to sit under.

Rushing waterfall at our favorite swimming hole that we love to sit under.

A time of harvest is at hand. We are all offered choices as to whether we accept the gifts on offer. Do we open our arms or hug them close to our chest? It is time to be brave and fling our arms wide and trust with all of our heart, that dreams do come true. I am living the truth of it in this now. My heart bursts with a song that the birds and trees carry aloft. We are co creating that harmonious note that lifts us all, along with this beautiful planet into our rightful place in the universe. We are home.

Getting Out of the Undertow

IMG_1985A new technique for getting out of an undertow has been discovered. We were taught that you should swim parallel to the shore and you would eventually pull yourself free from the force of the  undertow. Now it has been discovered that it is wiser to float, rest and wait in the undertow. In a couple of minutes, the undertow will depart and you are free to swim to shore.

I love this! It is so illustrative of so many of life’s lessons that have done more harm than good. We ingested these ideas from childhood, despite evidence that they do not work. If you try to swim out of the undertow, you may eventually do so but you will be exhausted. We have been taught to exhaust ourselves, allowing one and all to pull on our energy field. Yet by staying in place; relaxing, floating, we allow the energy itself to leave.

My grandson's creation at the lake yesterday. We know when we are at the gateway of our own truth. The question is, will we take the step forward?

My grandson’s creation at the lake yesterday. We know when we are at the gateway of our own truth. The question is, will we take the step forward?

When someone can no longer siphon any energy from you with their pulling or pushing, you are free! They will depart of their own accord as they are not being fed by you any longer. We are programmed to sabotage ourselves by engaging in the push/pull behavior that keeps us in the undertow. Our higher self is always there, extending a hand towards freedom’s gate. Yet we listen the the voice of our ego or aspects of ourselves from earlier times, this lifetime or past ones, and allow ourselves to be dragged back down to the old shackled ways.

We do not believe we are worthy of being fully loved. We work to get up the courage to end a relationship with another or a job or a situation, and then we feel we must try again, offer our heart once again. The pattern repeats and we feel dragged down again. We knew it was toxic yet our beautiful full hearts want to try once again. And the result is the same…the feeling of disempowerment, of weight, of pain.

fullsizeoutput_2584This is when we need to take the time to float, to relax, to allow the integration of what we know inside to be truth to catch up with our physical being, our personality self. Take the pause! Allow the swirl to pass without engaging with it. Float and flood yourself with self love. Allow that to be your life raft. It will carry you to safety without exhaustion. There is an ease that will open up.

You will no longer be triggered by the person or situation. You feel neutral. You have allowed your own wisdom to take the helm, to float and open an empowered pathway of love.

A message that I have had consistently appear in my heart in the moments of yet another layer of letting go is: You are not going to less, you are always headed to more. 

I desire more, more freedom, more love, more harmony, more peace. So I let go and I leap.There is no debate, no internal dialogue necessary. I hear, I respond and life opens up in more beauty, more truth, more joy. That is freedom!

A Leaf’s Lesson

fullsizeoutput_1374I lie on the sofa with some lovely English craft magazines to feed this burgeoning creativity that is flowing through me. The soft, cool autumn air wafted over me as the brightly colored quilt warmed me. I watched a leaf twirl its way to the ground. The peace flowed over and into my heart and I thought…..this. Yes, this is everything.

My note, my song is for this peace to permeate every heart. For all to feel this ease and freedom. There are some so dear to my heart who are struggling mightily, as are so many in these times. My heart offers a space around them, a field of love light to be used as  needed. We cannot create this peace for another, we cannot change their path. We are called to trust them to their own I AM presence, to their own truth, to their own lessons, as difficult as they may appear. All are creating their own reality for their soul’s growth. We are called to honor the holiness and sanctity of each one’s path, as uncomfortable and difficult as that may seem when our hearts desire to dissolve their perceived pain.

fullsizeoutput_1377We can become the peace ourselves, as we face everything that comes into our worlds with an open heart. If I feel a contraction, a moving away from something, I can breathe into it and allow it space. If I find myself fearing anything coming towards me, I can sit with the fear and allow it room. The energies are so quick in these times, that feelings flow through, morph and dissolve in a blink.

We are becoming comfortable with others’ uncomfortableness. No need to fix, to prop up, to make right. We can sit with someone suffering and allow that suffering. We can share that space without suffering ourselves. We offer our heart light as a field of love that can hold all that is not love. We can sit shoulder to shoulder, and breathe with them. We can see their truth and let them know that we know that they will find their way through this trouble or situation. We do not know the hows, nor need to. We do not need to offer answers or solutions. We know only that all will be well. Opportunities will present themselves and change will come about if the person truly desires it.

fullsizeoutput_137eThe recognition that I have called forth everything in my life, for my benefit, my expansion as a being of light, sets me free. Changing the perceptual lens, changes how I engage with  life. I am amazed frequently with the intensity of the love that I have for myself. The way that the greater aspect of myself, gives me opportunity after opportunity to master a lesson, discover a knowing. I am in awe at all the beings and events that align to make this possible, time after time.

Once the need or desire for drama dies down, there is left this freedom, this simplicity. Life flows with ease and greater grace. Moments of intensity may still come yet we now face them with a calm heart. Fear is no longer a factor. This allows new levels of freedom. More and more, events are conspiring to assist humanity to let go of a belief in external things as a source of security. More and more, folks are realizing that security comes from Source, that inner light within the chambers of our hearts. The old scare tactics of old age, ill health, poverty, and dying are losing their power. We are coming to the knowing that we are never alone, that we are always supported as we act out our lives on this stage.

fullsizeoutput_1375A simple life full of daily pleasures is my desire. I allow myself to become the leaf that lets go of the branch to delight in the descent to the ground. Will I fear the fall or will I create a beautiful dance with the breeze, enjoying the movement in each moment? The choice is ours. I choose to surrender and let go and see where this wind will take me. Perhaps I will descend and land, only to be crushed under the tire of a truck driving down the road, perhaps I will be raked into a pile and find myself thrown back in the air by a child’s body landing nearby in play or perhaps I will softly drift into a pool of water and float on the surface.  There are so many endings and within each, new beginnings.  I trust all of it. I know that I am cared for, as are you. All beings, known and loved by the One, by Source, the Creator. I am in love with having a part in this play. I am grateful to all you courageous hearts that came here to act out your parts too. May we all know ourselves blessed.

Mount Shasta Calls Me Home

My first walk, with the lovely blue bridge and Shasta.

My first walk, with the lovely blue bridge and Shasta.

My second night here, lying in bed with a view of the mountain in her wintry white coat. Last night I was awake every hour, vivid dreams, intense head pressure, the nausea inducing kind. It is a sign of an activation for me, a rewire of the circuitry. Breathing through it, drinking gallons of this fresh mountain water. The air flows in the window, freshened by the creek running in the gully behind the house, infused with the pine trees’ scent that line the pathway to the creek as it spills into the lake. Bliss for me to walk out the back door into woods that lead to one of my favorite lakes, Lake Siskiyou. It is a great reflecting mirror for Mount Shasta and a wonderful place to swim come summer.

Mount Shasta has sent me on many code carrying errands over the years, from Sante Fe, New Mexico to Mount Hood in Washington to the mountains in the South Island of New Zealand and beyond. I have been taken into the inner lands of a Telos, the city under the mountain inhabited by our Agarthen family. I have stood on top of the mountain with Adama, the high priest of Telos to view an eclipse along with my brothers and sisters. Last night was a first as the mountain herself pulled me in and held me in her embrace. Sweetness and a deep sigh of relief. Ours is truly a love affair. I am so grateful that I once again responded to her call to receive this homecoming.

The redbuds were flames blooming along my drive north.

The redbuds were flames blooming along my drive north.

The heavy lifting of the past years is melting with so much else. All that brought us to this now is no more. We have entered a new landscape which requires a new response. March is ushering in change on a huge scale and we are ready! Our hearts lead and are skilled at following the threads that weave our new firmament. On my drive up to Shasta, a friend called to say that she saw me weaving earth and sky. I laughed at the beauty of my work. Yes, I am a weaver of liquidlovelight. I work with the elementals and elements to create. They are so eager to partner with us, to join in the weaving. My heartlight turns on, fueled by my intention and we begin our dance of co-creation. I understand little yet bow to my heart’s deeper wisdom and follow her lead.

We are being asked to let go of everything we love in each moment, (this echoed in my being as I hugged my family goodbye) in order to be open to receive with the next breath. We are called to presence in each breath, receive, let go. We have been taught to hold on, when the emotions are ones we enjoy and push away those that cause discomfort. We have grown. We now know that we can be open to all that comes into our world with a grateful heart, knowing that it is all orchestrated for us, by us. How amazing and awe inspiring this is!

Diamond light dancing on Lake Siskiyou.

Diamond light dancing on Lake Siskiyou.

I have been noticing miracles everywhere, a softening, a melting of hard edges. The miracles are found in our inner world. A friend shared how she felt her heart melting in her relationships. She had not known that she had erected a barrier, a space that she did not allow others to pass. Now that space was dissolving and her heart wept tears at the love she felt flowing through, melting all in its wake. A miracle! Another friend described her trust in herself growing, her inner knowing coming on strong. A miracle! I am finding the letting go easier as my absolute faith and trust in this evolutionary process is a deep hum in my chest. A tone of such love, such beauty and oneness. All miracles!

We are all showing up for the grand parade of eclipses and equinoxes and universal lovelight that is raining down upon us. Yes, we are ready for this change. We have asked for it, cried out for peace to flood our world. We have remembered that it begins within our own hearts, our own inner landscape. We know how to let go…let go of old hurts and sorrows, let go of past joys. Let it all go so as to experience the new. We have learned to be gentle with ourselves, to cherish and celebrate our humanness. We have let go of perfection, of striving after an ideal to embrace the beauty of our own beings.

I am at the mountain gate and strolling down Wonderland Blvd! Join me!

I am at the mountain gate and strolling down Wonderland Blvd! Join me!

It is time. We are here. I feel your heart next to mine. What strength and beauty! We are creating this new earth together, one heart, one people, one love. We cannot fail. Our future selves’ laughter and joy assure us it is already done. Now there is the walking through it, the living of it. Savor it all as our world transforms just as our hearts have. Take note of the wonders and watch them grow. Fed with gratitude, all blooms in delight. I love your bloom as well as my own. Beauty abounds!

Fragility and Desire for Family

imageAn overwhelming desire to gather my family and loved ones about me is running through me. I am wanting our love pods now! In my now, this little unit of three is breaking up when my heart is desiring to hold on, draw closer, to one another, to the earth. I surrender to the flow. The in breath and out breath. My mind can make no sense of it. Timing…I do trust the timing of it all. I sense my heightened heart’s desire of the past few days is a sign of the shift we are all moving through. Perhaps there is this going out, in order to come together in a new way.

Desire for a home to call my own rises up, to live a more integrated life, to be part of a community. My heart feels on fire with all of this. I do not know how to create any of it. I know it is a frequency, harmonics and magnetics that draw it all together. I sense that the intensity of my desire is what will bring me to the landscape I dream of. Time after time, I have observed myself going through these periods of intense desire. There is the dissolving of who I know myself to be and a shift to a new landscape. I trust the process. The movement takes me ever closer to that inner flashpoint that transcends time and space. In my daydreams, I often journey to my love pod, witnessing the new arrivals, settling folks in, playing with the babies, picking flowers and dancing in the moonlight.

My son and I baked a rich chocolate cake. It was a celebration of the delights of this earth.

My son and I baked a rich chocolate cake. It was a celebration of the delights of this earth.

Today there is the sunshine. The packing of gifts for a dear one to take to our daughter in the frozen far north. The packing of my bags for a move to Mount Shasta to witness spring, the shopping and packing of supplies for my son to head back to Colorado. An offer of a freshly ground and brewed cup of coffee, the mocking birds singing their bright song, the air calm after days of high winds… gratitude is a presence that brings tears.

There is no understanding, no linear projection to follow. This breath, this moment. Sunlight displaying the fingerprints on the glass of the back door, rainbows bouncing off the crystal that has brought me joy in countless windows I have looked out. I love this house that I helped to create. It is a wrench each time I leave it though there were times when it felt like a prison. Now, there is only tenderness and love.

We are often called to walk away from what limits us, in order to discover what lights our hearts. Then the freedom comes to return once more and know the gift that was given in the place of darkness and pain. I have come full circle in so many ways, sensing the completion of spirals that offer a jumping off point to new ones awaiting creation.

The small gestures that fill my heart. Beauty

The small gestures that fill my heart. Beauty

So much has softened in our world. A friend was sharing how in her drawing into herself, feeding only herself, letting go of care taking of others, a hard place inside, melted. She witnessed her beloved loving her, steady and true, despite her pulling her energy away. She knew herself loved for herself, not for her actions. Oh, what a gift this is when we recognize
the miracles as they take place.

Anxiety on the Rise

Beautiful bridge as I drove into Vancouver. Like two ships sailing the waters.

As our planet is being blessed with energies pouring in from our sun as well as other star systems and planetary bodies, the levels of anxiety are rising. We are being gifted with energies that speed up our vibrations, which will eventually allow us greater ease and movement in all of our bodies; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This is an amazing gift. But right now, it may feel like anything but!

LIke this photo, the mast head could be likened to our crown chakras where the light streams in . It then is filtered down through our bodies’ circuitry to enliven all of our cells. I am a transducer, along with many others, allowing the current to be stepped down through my body so as to be more accessible for the  masses. So on a high energy day like yesterday, I was in reclining mode as all my being was fully engaged in this process.

I love how the clouds move and change throughout the day. It is time to allow that fluidity into all aspects of our lives.

As the light floods in, the debris rises to the surface to be sloughed off. It is a cleansing process. This is where the anxiety kicks in. The ego self feels that it is about to lose its job and it is fighting to stay in control. Our higher selves are moving in to bring us to unity consciousness while the ego strives to maintain its separation. The ego cannot win as we are coded to evolve and move into oneness. You can help your ego out of its anxiety by having a conversation with it. I never understood the notion of eliminating the ego. It has served me well when it was in charge and I have expressed my gratitude. I then let Henry (yes that is my name for him) know that he had reached retirement age. I gave him the gold watch for a job well done and introduced him to Sophia, my higher self, who now runs the show. For the most part, Henry has been gracious in his retirement though occasionally he throws out some advice which I thank him for, reminding him that he is free to drift along now, not concerning himself with the workings of my days. He has grown to be fond of Sophia and admits that she is skilled in running my show.

There is a clearing that is taking place to allow room for the new aspects of ourselves to enter in. We are in the process of bringing our entire soul group into this body. We can invite in all the highest vibrational aspects from all of our many lives and make use of our myriad gifts garnered throughout time and space. How fun is that!!! The anxiety arises in the letting go. The fear that we are losing something instead of the joy of all that is to be gained. This is being outpictured through the loss of jobs, relationships, homes, security. The outer structures of society are crumbling, forcing us to go inside for some connection. This is all part of the plan to move us from an outer directed world to an inner directed one where we know our connection to Source.  All of our security is internal. We were taught to look outside to social security, an insurance policy, dollars in the bank, a corporation as the means of survival in this world. Now the pendulum has swung and we must face ourselves in a new way.

Two insects mating, i moved them outside and they did not register my interference at all. They were so fully in their moment that the outer disturbance held no import for them.

To let go, we must trust that there is something better coming our way. We let go of old angers and find the freedom as love flows. We let go of focusing on the ills of the world and discover the peace of the space around us. We let go of possessions and discover the lightness that brings. We let go of trying to control other people’s lives and discover that we have work to do in our own. We let go of seeking answers outside of ourselves and  discover the wisdom within. Everything that we seek, can be found within our own being.

So as the anxiety rises up in your being, greet it with a smile. Thank it for alerting you that things are different. That much is falling away, that much is crumbling. Rejoice in this news and surrender to the dismantling of the old way of living. Allow the new to flow through you and see where it takes you. Stay in the moments, feeling each emotion fully and then releasing once again. The in breath and out breath. We are being newly born. Treat yourself  with the upmost tenderness and care. We are birthing our divinity. What a sight we are!

Letting Go …….on a new level

Gotta love the turkeys! 7 little babies following mom. I haven’t seen babies like this before so it was a special treat. I wanted to be one of the chicks, following mama, trusting her to care for them. And dear mama turkey, trusting to her inner knowing of how to feed and shelter her brood. Makes me think of our mother earth and how she has feed and sheltered us. How I can trust her to move through these times as she follows her instincts. I am coming back to a state of appreciation and joy with this beautiful world of ours. Spending a few days in Sacramento, which is where I raised the kids. I have some dear friends here that I love to spend time with but the energy of this place has never felt supportive to me. I feel flat here. It has been interesting as I had a vision of a net pulling all remaining ties, sorrows, wounds from my time here with my wasband, up and away from me. Yes, finally all the ties letting go. So as I sort through the last of my belongings, obsessing over what to fill my trunk with once again, I see that I am being gifted with so much more than letting go of the material things remaining. I know that I am lighter in that department than most folks yet I feel the heaviness of things. It is as if I no longer understand the way we operate. I am being shown that it is much more than having less things that is taking place. We are being asked to let go of certainty of any kind. We have been getting those lessons for awhile now. Now we are being shown a new way to be in the world. There is no planning, no setting a goal and pushing towards it. No more push, no striving. We are being asked to show up with hearts full of joy and appreciation and watch as the universe lines up with that to gift us. The gifts can be so much more than we had imagined. I find it so interesting! And exciting, and a bit unnerving also! It takes some practice and it feels odd.

I had thought that I was moving to Orcas Island and saw 6 months in my mind. Now it feels that I am to go and meet someone, take part in an activation and then leave. I am feeling the cool mists and my body is already dreaming of being in that moist environment. So odd since I am a sunshine gal but the mists are definitely calling me. I know that I will feel more energized and awake there. Two people then called me to say that they got a message that I would not be staying there. Ok, a second and a third on that after me feeling that. I am hearing to release any attachment to “finding a home”. That seems to be the message. I am so wanting a home but am seeing that I cannot plan it. It is there for me but will happen in a new way, not by looking through Craig’s list or the newspaper. I have to show up and perhaps keep showing up in new places until I feel the resonance that sets my heart a fire. Have been doing just that for over two years but now it is new. Also, the energies are changing so quickly that what felt like a probability one day, can change the next. My true home is in my heart and in the times we are in, this will become more evident for all of us.

Earthquakes yesterday on the east coast, very mild ones here in California. I woke yesterday morning from a dream where I was in a disaster scenerio and I knew that I was to quell the fear and panic by teaching folks to go into their hearts. I was showing them that they could float on their backs in the cosmos. Arms outstretched, floating in space, stars lighting up the darkness but being held in the love of the Creator. Ummmmm, so peaceful and lovely. I knew that I could entrain their hearts to mine if I was centered in my own heart. I knew that I had prepared for this and this was my work. Afterwards, I felt nauseous, received a call to join a conference call as an earthquake had happened. A group of us came together to call forth galactic, angelic and inner earth forces to assist us to assist the earth. A great deal of energy was moving and then we felt it settle and quiet.

Today I awoke feeling light and joyful. Now as evening settles in, I am tingling all over my body and feeling the energies arise again. Feeling layers of fear move through me, not my own but planetary. Holding to my heart. Tom Kenyon sent out a new message today dealing with the challenging times that we are in. I love that the advice is to go into our hearts and feel appreciation. It is so simple. This is what will move us all through these times that appear so challenging. So many hearts are opening every day, we could run news shows that only featured folks describing how their hearts are softening and opening wide. This is the news that we need to be paying attention to!

This was a view as I headed out of San Francisco a few days ago. There are the signs signaling different directions, which lane should I get into? Where am I headed? I believe that these questions will become more evident as we are being asked to line up with more of our true essence. To let go of jobs, relationships, places that do not feed our soul. To get in the lane that feels joyful even though you have never taken that route before. To trust that your heart can lead and to accept that all the logic in the world cannot make the decision any longer. Ok, I am changing lanes once again as I line up with who I am in this moment. I am looking for the road that leads to mists and mosses and moisture. I am appreciating everything that surrounds this thought and not looking for the next. Rather sinking in deep to the appreciation of all that surrounds me in this moment. Crickets chirping, ceiling fan whirling, breeze gently coming onto the back of my head through the window. Ahhh, deep sigh.