Easter Eve Update

A baby shirt proclaiming truth.

A baby shirt proclaiming truth.

As I look at my posts, I see it has been two and a half months since I have written. What have I been doing? Hmmm….I have been steeping myself in my divinity. I have been so in the process that to write felt foreign. There have been such waves of creativity surging and swirling yet to capture any into form would narrow the outcome. I knew only to allow them, to play with the surges in my dreamtime, to create in my heartspace and let it all flow. No attachment, no seeking to hold on; rather reveling in the beauty and spaciousness offered. Trusting always to the timing, divine timing. The dreaming has taken all my energy. I have been blessed with a sweet cottage under the shelter of a towering oak as well as the hearts of dear friends, a refuge to dream in. My body safe and rooted so that my being could soar through these energies.

Viewing with our old eyes, it appears that all is in chaos. Fear, confusion, strife and pain seem highlighted. Extremes are present everywhere as our underbelly comes to the surface to be seen. To be loved. This is the time of true courage, this is the time we have waited for. When presented with all the dross, can we see within it, the desire to return to love? All wishes to become the All. We each desire to be all that we can be. Everything on this earth, desires the same, especially our Mother Earth! We breathe it in, filter it through our loving hearts and breathe it back out as radiant flames of liquidlovelight. Every particle, every jot of the illusion, breathed in through the magenta flame, the fiery furnace of love residing in each of our hearts and breathed out as a stream of that love light. Oh, what a privilege it is to have a body in order to be a transfiguring flame of love.

There are " I love yous" everywhere if you have eyes to see.

There are ” I love yous” everywhere if you have eyes to see.

On March first, I awoke with my cells singing a song of resurrection. They informed me that I had stood in the resurrection flames in order to be the pillar of peace and love that I am. This is what is on offer for all of humanity with the Easter energies. It is not tied to religion, rather it is a gift from each of our Christed selves, to walk once again in our divinity on this beautiful earth. Each footstep clears and permeates the earth with our golden Christed light.

It begins within, as we explore our inner being and allow all to be returned to the home of love. At this time, everyone is being gifted freedom, if they choose to take it. Whether that freedom comes in the form of a disease, a loved one passing, loss of a home, a job…..the list is as varied as our human nature….all serving our freedom. It may look like anything but freedom, yet it is offered from your Christed being to your humanness as a gateway, a portal to freedom. I am witness to turmoil in many around me and as I listen to the stories with my heart, my inner being is laughing in joy as it knows the truth. It knows the perfection of it all and that all of the struggle is given in order to bring our conditioned fears and beliefs back to love. I can no longer fool myself with the illusion. Every cell within knows the truth of love.

IMG_2790This peace is blessed. It allows me such freedom to be. To take in all around me and see it with new eyes. It is Spring here in California. Mother Nature is showing the way with her abundance….water rushing wildly down rivers and streams, mountains covered in glorious snowy cloaks of shimmering light, flowers sending forth wafts of the sweetest scents and birds singing the joy of the new. Love is in every spore released to the winds. The elementals are dancing in delight as more of the earth is freed from the shadowlands and returned to lovelands. We are moving into our creator abilities. My palms were infused on the first eclipse with an energy from times past that will create worlds anew. Each blast of light…..eclipse, equinox, eclipse and now Easter….bringing forth remembrance of who we are. We are gods come again to this earth.

All the clearing, all the healing, all the striving coming full circle. No more waiting, no more anxiety, no more wondering. I AM here, as are you. We are one. Each of us bringing forth our gifts to benefit the whole. By being, we are doing our job. We are the light of love. We weave tapestries of love light that shimmer and glow and vibrate at tones that bring tears. Threads of light are vibrating in patterns of harmony that will bring about the love pods that  I have dreamed of for so long. All will come to fruition. We are in charge of the timing as we each allow all to flow into us as the gift that it is. Resisting nothing. No need to understand it all, simply to walk our paths and allow our hearts to do their magic spinning of straw into gold. Any vestige of the old pain filled path, will arise for our consideration. It is our choice to transmute it or relive, recreate it. We are being offered freedom by ourselves for ourselves. Dare we love ourselves enough to know that we deserve the path of ease and grace? Can we lay down the old nobility of suffering pathways and embrace joy? It is time.

This lily holding herself up, a chalice to be filled with the Christed light.

This lily holding herself up, a chalice to be filled with the Christed light.

We are enough and more than enough! We are love and beauty and goodness and delight. Own your divinity and it will play melodies within your heart. I sing love songs to myself throughout the day and this earth sings them back to me. My frequency has landed for the first time in the eons of lifetimes I have stood on this earth. I rejoice in this knowing as it is what I came to do in all my myriad incarnations. My body shook with sobs as this was made known to me. Look into the eyes of the babes being born now. They come in full remembrance of the love that is. We have secured a platform that they may stand upon. Their pure love light will be nurtured and sustained. Oh my, what a blessing for us all!

Embrace your Christed self this Easter, open the egg of your own beautiful being and savor the taste. You are so brilliant in your love light. I bow before each of your hearts as I embrace my own.


Do You Feel the JOY?

This tulip is singing the notes of joy!

This tulip is singing the notes of joy!

There is joy singing in my cells. Joy, dancing in my blood, joy reverberating in my heart.

All the while, my skin is itching in various places, my belly continues to bloat, I feel a heaviness and just plain uncomfortableness in this body. I am eating day and night…toast and cookies, chocolates and chips. A fridge full of greens and I crave anything but healthy foods. Though yesterday I made a green juice and it went down pretty well. Most days, the thought of cleaning the juicer makes me head for the chips in the cupboard. Ease is important! Nausea and head pressure lasted for days. Early evenings coma like sleeps and middle of the night wide awakes. Gas, oh my, the farting! It is like I have been blown up with gas inside.

And yet…..there is this joy moving! Joy. I know that none of these outer twinges and creaks are permanent. I am to have a newly regenerated body along with the rest of you. Radiant health is to be ours. Feeling the middle of the month, a veil will be lifted, that will make my dreams of a Christmas of magic and miracles, the new reality. Freedom for all, that is the sound wafting on the breeze that the slyphs are singing to me.  I have felt the possibility these past few years, held the dream. Now I am living the feeling of it. Believing before seeing as it is the believing that leads to the seeing of it here on this plane.

There is nothing new about the physical components except that this wave lasted longer and with more sustained intensity than I had previously experienced. Observing this brought on the joy buzz even more strongly. We are stronger, we can be a conduit, a chalice for greater amounts of liquidlovelight pouring through. I felt almost giddy with this knowing. This is the push that puts us over the edge, the tipping point where we slide into our new Christed selves with laughter and tears.

We have held the seeds within all along. Now is the time of bursting forth in all of our beauty.

We have held the seeds within all along. Now is the time of bursting forth in all of our beauty.

I was shown the date, December 15th, over and over like a flashing neon sign. I am not attaching to that. I have learned my lesson about adhering to dates in any fashion. I sense it is an individual inner process before the collective outer experience.  Instead, I am riding the wave of freedom by allowing myself to see beauty and love everywhere. I am allowing my deepest heart’s desire out to roam and romp on the playing fields of my imagination. I watched the movie, “Kate and Leopold” last night. I had watched it years before but this time I was struck by Meg Ryan’s character owning her deepest desires that she had not dared allowed out as a means of self protection from disappointment and pain. She owns her desires and takes the leap to live them. In the movie, she travels to the past to live part of her future……time is all interwoven, past, present, future. So many concepts that I missed years ago.

I am loving everything that comes my way. I had jury duty, and the thought flitted through…I hope I do not have to go. Immediately I replaced that thought with openness to what would be, a yes to serving or not serving, knowing that whatever is for my highest good, will appear. I did go, I was chosen as a member of the jury, it was estimated to be a two week trial. It lasted just over a day before the defendant changed his plea to guilty, and the case was settled before it had hardly begun. Thank goodness for all parties involved. It was a case of sexual molestation of minor girls by their step granddad. As a woman of almost sixty years of age, it is not an uncommon story among my peers. The change is that in our day, it was never talked about. Now it is out in the open, spoken of, and recognized for the harm that it causes. I was able to shine love on all involved with a dispassionate heart. I was able to love my teenage self and my grandfathers, who both grabbed my breasts at some time during my teens. I was able to send love to all those involved in this activity, perpetrators and victims alike.

I took the case being resolved quickly, as a reflection of how I am seeing things in the world change. Abuses and wrongs are coming to light in all areas of our society and world. The light of love is bringing change and resolution. The blinking of an eye…..I take that as truth. It can be that quick as we never know when that tipping point will have been reached. My gut tells me we are at the precipice and about to take a glorious ride, the ride of our lives.

We came for this. We are able for this. We trust in the light. We trust in the love. We are love. We are one. There is no going back. On the inner planes, the celebrations have already commenced. It is a done deal. Peace on Earth is a reality! Please believe with me until we see it. Live it in your heart as I am living it in mine. Let the chaos swirl about you, your job and mine, is to be the peace. To offer that hope, that joy, that smile, that hand to hold. Heart by heart, we are doing this. I so love us all.






Dozing and Dreaming and Enjoying

The light dancing on our swimming hole.

The light dancing on our swimming hole.

Time continues its fluid dance. Days arrive that pass in a fog as the dreamtime pulls me under. The Solstice and the days since have been marked with time in nature with goddess sisters. Creeks flowing their frigid waters over bare bodies, warming ourselves on the hot rocks of the shore, gifting ourselves with an expanded version of hot rock massage. Champagne toasts to mark the longest day, delicious food, morning walks in the woods. Time on Mount Shasta, toning and communing with a group of soul sisters at Ascension rock as gateways called and portals opened. Coming down to earth with hamburgers in town as we completed our day. Fiery sauna, mineral bath and cold creek plunge day to integrate the new codes in the body. Relaxing in portable lounge chairs brought by a friend, elevating camping to a new level of ease. Gathering sticks to build the morning fire, heating water for coffee and a warm face wash.

Drive to the coast, a weekend alone except for a dear dog companion. Deep rest as I pull inward, allowing the birdsong and inner harmonies to nurture me. Bowers of flowers to intoxicate me: lavender, jasmine, honeysuckle, sweet pea, roses…the queens of fragrance. Cutting an armful to arrange in vases about the house, my joy soars! Bushes laden with blueberries and blackberries, fresh eggs collected from the henhouse, kale and chard, cilantro and mint all offering their goodness to me. A box of books, Irish fairy tales and fantasies arrive from a dear friend. A kitchen stocked with baking supplies, my heart danced as I made blueberry muffins. I ate one steaming and slathered with butter, fresh mint tea at hand, drinking a toast to my friend and Mother Nature for their creations.


I love how the universe loves me. I love how much I love me, creating these wonderous experiences. I am so grateful for the friends and beauty about me. After three and a half months renting a room in Mount Shasta, I am once again traveling in my new, to me, car. We are getting used to one another and I am grateful for her low mileage, her solidness and beauty. My tent and I are now reacquainted and the weeks ahead invite me to enjoy more of nature’s beauty spots under her shelter.

My first day alone, I could hardly move. It was an effort to simply feed the dog. I spoke to my higher self with some consternation: “How am I going to camp for weeks and drive long distances if I feel this way?” Then I began to laugh as I realized how perfectly I care for myself! I was in a lovely spot with a soft bed made up with linen sheets, no less, I had nowhere to go and nothing to do. I sank in and allowed the dream to move me. I am a dreamer, weaving the threads of creation. Time alone is such a gift, I drink of it with pleasure. Boundaries expand, as I grant myself access to other realms. Knowing the space is mine, allows me to travel farther afield in the inner realms. It can be jarring to be brought back abruptly by another’s presence. A house, a room, a tent, a tree, a car…all of these have offered me that space at various times. There is the hermit part of me that delights in my own companionship. Yet, that is not the plan for this lifetime.

Wild lilies lighting up the green.

Wild lilies lighting up the green.

Tonight my friends return, there will be movement and thoughts traveling ahead. The ocean awaits, offering long walks. Yellowstone and the Tetons beckon as the energies seek an arcing route. My body is still moving slowly yet I trust she will pick up speed when required. I allow myself to flow in this dreamtime. The joy flame a heat under my breast. I view all as evidence of me loving me or as something seeking the love light which flows in a steady stream through me. We are so loved and cherished. I care for myself with tenderness. I am trusting you to care for you with this infinite sweetness. This is the path to freedom for us all. I love you.

Soft Waves of Joy

IMG_0131I awoke in the wee hours as dawn was lighting the sky. There was a layer of snow on the rooftops outside my second story window. It must have turned cold in the night. I drifted back to sleep. Yesterday I had made it out to get a library card, as I love accessing the library where I am. I stopped to buy food to make veggie burritos, went through the check out lane, then surprised myself by heading to the deli for a sandwich as an immediate need for food arose. I ate till the sense of fullness sated me and went down for a few hours nap. I often feel urgency in my need for food, rest, movement. I could actually feel greater aspects of myself, getting my body into bed, safely tucked in, so as to allow myself to be on time for council meetings and creative endeavors in other dimensional spaces. The fullness in the belly allowed the long sleep necessary, just as we did for our babies, before a nap. We are being looked after like infants, my higher self, the caring parent.

IMG_9749This morning I desired a chocolate croissant and a coffee. There were other things I desired to do in town… a haircut is needed, veggies for a soup…but I can only do one thing at a time at present. No multi-tasking for this woman and I used to be great at it. So, drove into town, got my warm chocolate croissant and coffee, stopped along the road to commune with the mountain in her misty robe, came back and sat in the sun, savoring every bite and drink as well as the smells and sights about me. Pine trees wafting their fragrance, tulips so perky and bright even after being covered for a day in a blanket of snow, watched a bluejay squawking……he lifted his wings in the air with every squawk. Quite a morning workout!

I am savoring this dreamtime. We are transforming into more and more of our true beings. It is quite a process, we will not pass this way again. I feel such tenderness for this being, Linda Marie. I watched a short video (Facebook brings many things into my world) made by the Dove soap company. They targeted a few big cities around the world, put up signs at the entrance to someplace that in the video only women entered. Above one entrance was the word, beautiful, above the other, average. They had hidden cameras to watch women as they chose which door to enter. Most entered the average door though in interviews many women spoke of how they wanted to know themselves as beautiful and feel it enough to enter the beautiful door. It was so powerful to watch as women struggled to access that thought of their own beauty. I was in tears. The conditioning has been so strong and relentless to feel less than, to feel small and powerless, to assign positive attributes to others but not self.

IMG_9690I am dreaming a world where all would enter the beautiful doorway, as we would each know on a cellular level, that we are beautiful. To know our blossoming, to feel the beauty arise in a continuous circuit within, to have it reflected in the eyes and words and actions of others about us.

Let us see the tender shoots of each one’s growth, open to the remembrance of our magnificence, catch the starlight shining forth from our eyes. It never was about the outer form. We each choose our form as the perfect expression for what we came here to do. These dear bodies serve us well. All the rules and ideas about what beauty and health is, are imposed upon us. It is time to look inside and read the writings of our own history in the cosmos. We are masters, come to play on and with this beautiful planet.

I spoke with my eldest son, who often feels the weight of the world. He was feeling joy. He said a smile kept arising on his face that threatened to lift him off his feet! My heart sang with his joy. In this moment, it wafts through me in a smile as I listen to a rendition of Alleluia and sew buttons onto my comforter cover. Simple pleasures that fill me with satisfaction. The idea had been there for weeks as the down comforter spilled out from its cover and now the moment of joy in the repair, was present.

IMG_0133As I move about in my slumber, I trust fully in this process. Knowing that my time of activity and passion will come again, in its perfect moment. Trusting the fertile nature of this time and that I will live to see and experience its fruition. Even in that, no attachment either way as I am grateful to live this now moment and offer what is mine to do. I am seeing more about me, embodying their gifts, letting go of what no longer serves. We are growing in leaps and bounds. What wonderful beings we are. Feeling your beauty and my own with a grateful heart. Alleluia.

Flames of Love Lighting Up the World

Nosegay of flowers that I am sending to each one of you.

Nosegay of flowers that I am sending to each one of you.

Oh my! I awoke to a lightness in my body and a dancing flame on my crown. I feel newly born, that a new epoch has been birthed on this earth of ours. Our Mother Earth’s heart is a dancing wave, so full of joy and love. Every portal, every chakra, every cell of this earth body is open to receive the waves of love sent from our sun, the sun behind the sun, the great central sun. Woohoo, Source energy penetrating my cells and yours. On this day of love, all that we are asked to do is OPEN to receive.

Can you feel that? There is no doing, no fixing, no trying. There is only allowing ourselves to open like a flower bursting into bloom. My heart is a fiery flame, I am amazed that I am not searing others with my touch! All the Divine Mothers have come in today, surrounding me in their love and opening me more fully to gather more of this liquidlovelight into my being. Ah, the Divine Father smiles his love through my being, bringing balance to all.

My card for my former hubby, dear friend.

My card for my former hubby, dear friend, expressing our support and care.

I am singing, dancing, laughing and loving. I gave my former hubby a card today that had him in tears. The love a palpable field between us, showing us its strength and beauty. This is truth, this is who we are. We are love.

May you all feel the love that you are, surrounding you. May you all see your own beauty. May you all know your own wisdom. May you fall in love with the incredibleness that you are. I have! I love you……heartlight streaming ribbons to all upon this earth and to our Mother’s heart today.

On my walk, I found a heart rock awaiting every few steps! I love our Mother Earth!

On my walk, I found a heart rock awaiting every few steps! I love our Mother Earth!

New Sensations

I loved how this sculpture glowed from the inside out. Like our light bodies, emitting our heartlight.

I loved how this sculpture glowed from the inside out. Like our light bodies, emitting our heartlight.

Last night I awoke feeling something new. It felt like my solar plexus area was being pulled upwards, spiraling. Something  being taken out? At the same time, I felt that I was inside of the sun, that my body was the sun. Then various parts of my body felt this sucking, swirling vibration moving upwards and again, I expanded inside of an energy field which I simulltaneously was. Interesting! My mind wondered if my body was still on the bed as I opened my eyes to check. Yes, she was there.

I had been communing with my beloved before sleep, thinking of him taking form. I was shown that I may decide to exist as a field of energy, rather than a physical form. I felt this was in the 7th dimension that we existed as energy. I felt a great sense of freedom as I could choose to take form if I desired and traverse other dimensions. This view thrilled me! I believe that my love is opening me to an array of possibilities of how we will come together. For now it is me, in physical form, him in Spirit yet residing within my form. Hmmm….,there is so much that I do not know how to conceive of as yet. I feel my understandings are but glimmers of the whole that is to be discovered.

I feel that all of these new happenings in my body and my heart are a part of the ascension process and know it is a process, rather than it being a one moment event. I read something that resonated about ascension being like the change of season. You notice the buds on the tree, the smell of the earth warming up, the first flowers blossoming and the birds gathering twigs for their nests. Next thing you know, you look about you and see it has fully arrived. We are noticing the changes in our sleep patterns, our eating, our physical aches and pains. We are opening to a greater knowing, a stronger connection to the Creator and our own mighty I AM presence. We are feeling one another’s hearts like never before. We are connecting with soul family around the world and feeling our hearts weaving across the miles. We are seeing more acts of kindness as we know one another as ourselves.

Trumpeting daffodils proclaiming: We are love! We are beauty! We are light!

Trumpeting daffodils proclaiming: We are love! We are beauty! We are light!

This is part of the new: the flow, the speed, the action taken through the heart without the mind’s analytical input. It seems our minds are finding that they cannot get traction any longer. Things simply do not hold, we can no longer hold to old emotions of regret or anger or guilt. Events slip away and our hearts lead us every onward to the present moment.  We are experiencing it this week as our hearts are being squeezed open more fully and we can’t hold to old emotions of pain. I love how our Creator works, gently coaxing us to blossom, taking the coal of pain that we stuffed in our hearts and through this pressure, (and yes it can be very intense!) forming us into the diamonds that we truly are. Diamond hearts, doesn’t that seem magical? Alchemy at work in your heart and mine.

As these new sensations of peace and joy and oneness increase, we open more fully to knowing this as our nature.  We truly are gifted at this. We are coded for love! We can share rich experiences with one another through a conversation and it is as if I were there with you. We can entrain one another’s hearts to hold peace. As synchronicities increase and their attendant joy, we create a momentum of joy that takes us all higher. I can feel that spiraling momentum at work, gathering hearts around the world, creating a pathway of light through the darkness for others to follow. I awake each day like a child, ready to discover a new facet of this magical universe. Joy returned! Hallelujah!

Hearts Opening

A more active day as I moved from the downstairs area to the upstairs of the house I am renting. I enjoyed cleaning, mopping the floors, washing windows. I have not owned a home in a long time and I found that I truly enjoyed the activity today. The owner is giving me a good rate as I help with the cleaning between renters. I did not have to wash windows but wanted the view to be crystal clear. The upstairs is the main house and has a different energy. Tonight I luxuriated in a hot bath (the water heater had been on the fritz for a couple of days so it was doubly enjoyed) and then lay on my bed with the french doors open to the deck. The sky was overcast in a deep blue cover with an underskirt of the softest cream resting on the horizon. I felt so blessed by its beauty. The cool air on my overheated skin, the stillness, the colors……I felt as if I were drinking it. Great waves of appreciation went from me to all of it. I feel so blessed to have this assignment at this time on the planet of being in nature and enjoying her beauty fully. What a cushy deal! I am so grateful it is my job! In the hot bath, I had felt this love energy moving through from my heart to my hands and I cried out in my desire to hold everyone in my love, to gift each person with this deep rest that I am experiencing. To allow all to feel this communion with the Divine. To let the love that is permeating the ethers, the water, the rocks, the sky……to let that love fill each one’s heart to overflowing. I am savoring every moment of this time and sending that enjoyment and love into the earth. When we are in our joy, we open the pathway for others to step into theirs. We are not taught this, rather we are fed guilt if we are having too much fun. We have been taught to taint our joy with the thoughts of the suffering of others. Yet how does that help anyone? So much of what we have been taught has been backwards. I stand radiant in my joy, and in doing so, it is anchored on the planet.

I had a couple of phone calls tonight from dear hearts close to mine, expressing tears of frustration due to the fatigue they are feeling and the overwhelm of life’s challenges. We are programmed to believe that we must be productive and when the body demands rest, our minds berate us for not going to that event or getting more accomplished in the work day. We believe that there is something wrong with us as others seem to be doing alright. The comparison game is odious, another lie to keep us in line. Recognizing that this is old programming coming up to be released, can be a relief! There are intense energies flowing into our physical bodies at this time as we are being rewired. Deep rest, whenever you can get it, is necessary to integrate them. It is time to allow yourself to listen to your bodies and to let your minds drift. Let go seems to be the mantra this month. Letting things figure themselves out, caring for what needs to be done but dropping all that is not essential. I reminded one of my dearest, that the old was up for release as so much more of her was waiting to come in. How lovely to welcome in more of our true selves who love us so! The little me’s of I am not good enough, I have not accomplished enough and all the rest, are going so that our more expanded and conscious selves can take up residence. And our new selves adore us! They get the mighty beings that we are.

I had a lovely peek at what is coming today as hearts are awakening. The handyman came to work on the hot water heater again. He had been a couple of times in the past week as it kept going out and at one point, even the water turned off. We ended up having an incredible conversation. He comes from a Christian background but he was so open to the new energies. He knew that he wanted to expand beyond any doctrine and move past the separation of a belief system. He has been meditating in the mornings and been receiving visions and insights that he was not sure if he could trust. I was able to affirm for him what he was feeling, that he was right on. He felt that he had healing in his hands and had a deep desire to heal children. I held his hands and a channeled message came through for him, confirming his healing abilities. It was so lovely, the communion we felt. We hugged and told one another that we loved each other. This is the new way. We are being gifted with views into one another’s hearts and the beauty is beyond words.

This painting is one that gives me great joy. It is by my friend, Lea Bard. These pink flowers seem to dance with joy and I want to sit and look at them in the pretty wallpapered room she created.