In the Stillness

Dreamy misty landscape that I drove through as I carried the eclipse energy up north.

Since the solar eclipse, I have been enveloped in a misty dream that I am floating through. I was somehow transported out of my normal (ok, I do not live a normal life, I know!) movement into something more aligned with the air element. Perhaps it is the ethers that have captured me. I saw that I was to drive north with the energies of  the solar eclipse on an out breath and then drive back down for the second eclipse at Mount Shasta on the in breath. I saw this two week window as a sacred passageway. It felt different than the seeding work that I have done for the past three years. I was now laying down tracks of liquid lovelight that were penertrating deep into the earth’s core. From there, they could be radiated out through the land.

I drove north through one of the most intense rainstorms I had ever experienced. It was difficult to see and it seemed strange to be flying down the highway at great speed, wipers madly beating back and forth, trusting that my dear Maxie (my car) would keep me safely on the road. It seemed a metaphor for this time between eclipses and the Venus transit. We are blindly moving down the road of our lives, not able to see much ahead, yet trusting that we are moving towards our destination.

The view out of the huge window of my motel room somewhere in Washington state. So peaceful to lie in bed and watch the rain dance on the water.

My destination is the new earth. I am ready to live in the land of my dreams and for the first time, all the signs seem to be aligning with my heart’s murmerings that whisper, we are here. I feel deep rolling waves in our mother. It has made me a bit unsteady on my feet at times as I feel the rocking and rolling. It seems that this two week window is activating inner earthquakes while there is a stillness present on the surface. This is taking place in all of us. Do you feel the waves as old belief structures come tumbling down? We are being given a choice, do we surf these waves and move with our mother or do we resist the upheaval and cling to what was. You cannot do both. It is truly time to ride the waves of emotions and situations and allow all to flow through you. I am feeling more grounded into the stillness each day even as I feel the rumblings under my feet.

Sweet fragrant wild roses greeted me at the ferry landing. I tucked this one in the end of my braid. Perfect placement to enjoy its fragrance.

We do not need to create a story about what is taking place nor hold onto the feelings that are erupting. Simply witness the movement and be grateful. Our mother is granting us ease and grace in this shift of the ages. We do not have to experience cataclysm and hardship. We can move into our hearts and allow them to open wide. We can let the pain and fear release now rather than waiting for an outer event to trigger it. We are so loved by our dear mother as well as all our starry family, that we are granted this time of internal upheaval in order to let go the shackles of our pedestrian lives. We are moving into our heart’s desires, into a time of joy and wonder that we have hardly dare dream of. Yet, this is the time to dream and dream big!

Watching the weather brewing at the ferry landing.

As I go into my heart and gently expand its perimeters, I feel how vast I truly am. We are such amazing beings of light and we are the ones to create this new world of delight. I am breathing deep into my core knowing that takes me deep into my mother’s core as well. The oneness is becoming palpable. Oh, how that makes my heart sing!

There is something about the cellular changes that are taking place, that require water! I drove through wall of rain, slept with a view of pond, took a ferry across the water, napped with water lapping near my feet, danced in the raindrops, drank gallons of Mount Shasta water that I fetched from the headwaters, and am now resting on this small island surrounded by water. My cells are rejoicing! The month of June has appeared watery to me for some time now. I have three events calling to me yet nothing has clarified as yet. I cannot see through the mist. I am curious as to what all this water means.

I love following paths into the wood!

For now, I continue in my dreamy state, feeling such appreciation for the flowers, the foliage in its many hues of green, the friendships and hearts aligned with mine. The tears come as I feel this peace pierce my heart and hold me in its stillness. I feel the waves crashing in hearts across the lands and I pray that all will see that it is in the shattering that we are set free. For as our hearts feel the waves of pain we have kept hidden for so

A tiny fairy bouquet that i made today. It brought me such joy!

long, and they shatter like glass, the shards fly far and wide. I was amazed to discover that was what I had been desiring all along. To be able to open my heart beyond any measure I thought possible. To follow those shards across the sky and know them all as me. I had feared that I would not know how to exist once all my pain was fully felt. What I discovered was how to truly live as love in the world. How to see all through the eyes of love. How to melt all back to love that comes to me. Sink deep into this stillness and feel your heart beating with mine. We are in this together. We are touching, heart to heart. We are bringing this love into the world. I am so grateful for your courage and mine, to open to the wonders of this love and birth a new world.