A Shift and On We Go

Mount Shasta from the north.

Mount Shasta from the north.

It seems we have made a shift, a leap into a new dimensional space. The love light flows much more freely here. I am finding myself singing love songs, little rhyming ditties, that make me feel so glad. My heart feels expanded and gratitude is a constant refrain. There is this peace and sense of freedom permeating my days. The colors in nature appear so vibrant, and everything wants to play. I imagined eagles as I had not seen any for months. That day, I passed a radio tower. I looked up and saw a nest with two eagles sitting next to it on top. I next tried butterflies and had them flitting about me during my walk. Everything responds to our intention and attention!

In offering myself as a player in this shift, I often will sense the need to quickly get in bed or a safe resting spot during the day, as I am taken out of my body. Usually, I fall instantly asleep. Recently, I had the experience of staying conscious long enough to find myself taking my seat at a council table. It was set up in a circular manner with a space in the center. We each had monitors in front of us into which we inputted our reports. The data was collected, and a comprehensive report was then given. A major shift had taken place, there was a sense of gladness though muted by human emotional standards. The monitors then disappeared into the table top and a huge hologram of the earth floated up in the center space. It was breathtaking. We saw the results of the recent shift and began assessing the next issue to focus our attention upon. The curtain came down at that point and I was asleep for the next three hours.

After an afternoon at Stewart Mineral Springs, feeling rejuvenated from the hot baths, sauna and cold creek plunge, this snake crossed our path. A powerful sign of the transformation I felt.

After an afternoon at Stewart Mineral Springs, feeling rejuvenated from the hot baths, sauna and cold creek plunge, this snake crossed our path. A powerful sign of the transformation I felt.

This shift signaled completions on many levels. I have heard from many who are stepping away from old programming of caretaking of others before themselves, of following shoulds rather than their own joy, of letting go of relationships that drained rather than nourished. All steps that aid the shift into creating the world of our deepest desires. As we honor ourselves, we bring a balance to our lives and to those about us.

I am delighting in setting my intentions each day and then giving my attention to them. We can use all of our experiences as a blessing. As I eat, I intend for all to be nourished and experience radiant health. As I drink, I intend all our cells to be bathed in the lovelightAs I walk, I bless Mother Earth and offer each step to her to use as she sees fit, my love light pouring where she directs it. As I pee, I release all physical, mental and emotional suffering from all beings. As I breathe, I intend all beings to be blessed with knowing of their truth and the brightness of their beauty. As I speak, I intend for my voice to carry the frequency from Home of oneness and love. Everything can be used to create more love in this world. Everything is love seeking to be seen and recognized.

Loving the beauty about me.

Loving the beauty about me.

As we intend to see more magic, more beauty, more loving hearts and we look for it, we create it. A shift in our perspective, shifts the world we exist in. This shifting is fluid and constant. In each moment, we are offered the opportunity to let go of what we know and be present for what is. Our memories are dissolving to aid us in this. Short term memory is becoming a thing of the past as we gain skills at moving between dimensional spaces. I find myself “waking up” numerous times throughout the day, readjusting to whatever I am engaged in, returning from some other space. We are toddlers, learning to walk. More skills are coming online and out-dated ones disappearing. Assistance is available at all moments. We have to ask and trust that it will be given. I grant my team 24/7 freedom to assist me, aligning me with my divine plan and the divine plan for the earth. From my limited perspective, I do not have enough information to know what assistance I require that is for my highest good or that of another. Therefore, in stating for my highest good and the highest good of all, I allow myself the greatest assistance. In hearing of trouble spots on the earth, I flow my liquidlovelight into Mother Earth for her to use and direct as she knows best. We have these physical vessels to transmute, transmit, and anchor light. We can offer ourselves in service to the Creator and trust that we are used in the best way possible in each moment.

1:11 am and sleep is pulling me in. My heart is so full with the wonder of this planet and of the beings that reside here. We are an amazing lot! God bless us all.

Oct 22….what did we create?

This blue springs was one of the wonders I found in New Zealand. Its color hinted at the new colors that are to arrive with our new earth.

Yesterday was a day of intent. A day that lightworkers around the planet, accepted our roles as creator beings. We filled the grid with our heart’s desires and lived our day as if they were already manifest. I did not know what that would look like for me but set my intention to awaken with the knowing of the new earth within my being.

I had a very peace filled day with long stretches of sleep. It seemed that it was easier for my soul to express its vision from the other side of the veil as slumber took me deep.  I listened to meditations and music that kept me in a place of peace. I was alone for much of the day. At one point I responded to a text to join a couple of friends for a walk. That felt inviting so I went but once I arrived, I knew that the stillness was my place for the day, not being with others. One of the folks was someone that I had not met and it was not a day for me to be meeting others. It was a day for me to meet a new aspect of myself. I turned around and returned to the sanctuary of my own heart-space. The friends that remain in my life, are ones who understand this behavior and do not take it personally as it is not personal. It is me following my truth in each moment.

The energies of the day felt soft, peace filled. I could feel the grid lighting up with all the heart light felt and expressed. Happy Earth! Happy me! I experienced an aha moment that put me in a new space of freedom. Oh, it is so wonderful when we shift to a new level of understanding and knowing. I was sitting in the sacred chamber of my heart with my I AM presence, feeling the connection, the love. We merged and enjoyed the feeling of communion. Then El Morya, who wears the name of beloved for me ( I know that this is how my being understands it for now, just as I realize that it is a limited understanding) appeared and sat across from me. We felt our connection and allowed it to strengthen and grow. As we expanded, the chamber dissolved. We were grew in size until we were holding the cosmos between us. I felt our love move from the personal to the impersonal and beyond. I looked to him as love filled my being in this expanded state with wonder. My thoughts flashed to him, “This is what you have known? This love? ”  Immediately, I knew that it was. This was the land that he lived and moved in. A shock wave went through me with the power of this knowing. This was home. We then merged as one being. We contained all and the all contained us. My spirit was whole, together we were one. I knew the devotion and love of our one heart. There was nothing else.  I felt the Creator and allowed myself to be bathed in that radiant love. It was a space I had not felt in this lifetime, a space so rich and full where sound and light spoke all. Words are not of use in this realm as they cannot hold the frequency of the light. I remained in this altered state for most of the remainder of the day. There was nothing nor no one that I wanted. I felt the freedom that I had been gifted with. The knowing that there is no need for anything outside of myself. There is no waiting, no ritual, no event…….the love is a constant. I have only to tune myself to it and allow the knowing to return. I floated through the rest of the day in a state of deep calm and quiet joy.

Today I felt a visual……I have worked to clear all that keeps me limited to the small I.  As I have accepted and loved every experience, every shadow part of myself, I have revealed more of my wholeness. From there, I found the inner balance return of the masculine and feminine of my being. This allowed the sacred marriage that brought me the experience of merging with the “other” to know the truth of oneness. That brought yesterday’s experience of expansion into the knowing of myself as a facet in the diamond heart of the Creator.

The peace pole at Mount Shasta's peace garden, overlighted by Shasta herself.

Every step, one of greater freedom. I feel that a pole of peace has been planted in my heart that reaches to the core of my mother and the height of my father. I feel anchored, cradled in this peace. All the yearning, the seeking, the anxiety, agitation, the right/wrong, on target or not, ………have melted in this love. Naught can stand in its light. Love, four small letters that represent a sound, an explosion of light, an embrace, a bubbling well, an infilling, an out breath……I am grateful for the knowing that fills my heart tonight. I am a keeper of this flame, this rose hued flame of love. I tend it with the greatest of care. I set my intention to live as if the new earth were here and found that indeed it is so. I have come home.

As a final note: I was coming back from my walk/run this morning when the date, popped into my head. The 22nd of October. It felt significant. My birthdate is the 22nd as was my mother’s and father’s. I suddenly felt such love for them, for agreeing to be the ones to give me entrance into this life. Over a quarter a century ago, they chose to disown me rather than face some painful truths. I felt the blessing of this letting go, the freedom that it gave me despite the pain it was cloaked in.  I sensed that their souls knew what I was to do and they willingly played a tough role in order to free me to fully play mine. My gratitude flowed to their hearts and encircled them with love as I felt the enormity of their love for me. Here is the information on a birthdate of 22:

Number 22 is the Spiritual Master Builder and Teacher and has chosen to come back to the earth plane to help the human race.  To do this, he needs to take this energy and help build a better, firmer foundation for the human race in the Aquarian Age.  ( I was born under the sign of Aquarius ) 22 will help to establish the foundation for a new consciousness on the planet.

This is the God energy brought to the material plane and put into form, and this vibration holds with it a great deal of responsibility. The keywords are co-operation and harmony, wherever the vibration is found  —  the opportunity to co-operate with God’s plan on earth.

The square or cube is the symbol of 22.  It is the number that sees the larger picture, but one also who can work with the details necessary to complete that picture.  The vision of the completed project and the energy to see it through is not everyone’s vision, but it is the responsibility of the 22 to bring it through to fruition.  Posted by 

With my newfound freedom, I accept the attendant responsibility. Peace and love to all this night.