We are Ready!

Me capturing the beauty of the river.

Things are moving so fast, it takes so much energy simply to be in the energies and then I want to write and reflect on the energies. Ready for bed but I want to try and capture some of this before it disappears into the next moment. I am in a new space. Betwixt and between worlds had become the norm for some time. But now I am in a space where interaction with the illusion is taxing to the point of not being possible. I went into a grocery store today and was overwhelmed walking past the aisle for detergents. Chemical smells are toxic to me. Our senses are so heightened that a tiny sprig of lavender, crushed under my pillow from the end of a long day on my braid, woke me in the night with its power. LIghts seem too bright, even the beautiful outdoors can be too much for me when I am in this stage. The feel of the breeze on my skin can be raw.

sunlight sparkling

A friend sent a phrase she had received for me in meditation, harvesting celestial diamonds. I love that phrase and it made me think of my beloved, El Morya, with the diamond in his turban. I was drawn once again to daydreaming of the possibility of him as my beloved. I then read a recent channeling from Saint Germain saying that the upcoming solstice would see many ascended masters and archangels, lady masters and light beings taking embodiment in order to reunite with their twin flame! My heart lept at this sign as I had never heard anyone else speak of this. I felt its truth for myself but did not really think of how many others are awaiting their twins from the stars. Oh, I so wish to see this happen for all of us. For everyone to have their divine counterpart to share the lovelight with. I always felt that it would be the step that would set this new earth into motion. It feels imminent.

This marking on the path intrigued me. The rungs of the ascension ladder we are climbing?

The fatigue factor is mounting amongst the wayshowers. We are tired to the bone. I am ready for a long honeymoon in the Great Central Sun or some other exotic locale, perhaps a swing by Venus to bathe in the lovelight there. This show cannot continue much longer. I am ready to push any button just to see something happen! At this stage, any sign of movement would come as a relief. The care of the physical vessel, the wonder where to lay it each day, the inability to even imagine the process of searching for a place to live no less then furnishing it,  is too mind boggling for me. Continuing to journey feels hard. I feel so done. I want to lie in a field and be one with the breeze, the grasses, the dirt, the sun. Let the elements play with me, return me to the elements that I came from.

The view of oleanders outside the window as seen from the couch where I have lain prone.

This cannot go on for another six months. I feel that the solstice will spark some outer change as I move through my dreamlike days. I feel that I will drift into the new, floating into that space with such ease. Greeting my beloved as if it is the most natural thing in the world to find him beside me. Letting go of all beliefs……be lie fs. There is a lie embedded in them. A limitation as there is in any form of expectation. They confine what is possible in each new moment. I have shed it all, and know nothing. I live my truth in the moment, aware that the next moment, it could differ greatly. I celebrate this! I am showing up with all of who I am in each moment with my heart open. I am accepting the shadow aspects that are still coming to visit and be loved. I have let go of thinking that they “should” be gone by now. Oh, here is Miss Victim come to call once again. “Hello darling, you did not receive your due last time? I am so glad that you have called again. Let me embrace you and thank you for serving me as you did. We were a good team for a time. Now we can hug and say goodbye.”

Ascending does not mean the end. Rather a beginning of more joy, more understanding, more reunions with loved ones and more wholeness to offer in service.  We are a continual work in progress as we turn every aspect of our being over to the will of God. As we surrender to divine timing. As we trust in the order of the universe. As we know ourselves as sparks in God’s heart. I am ready for my new home, to create it through my heart. Ready to live in it. Tomorrow I pack my dear Maxie (my car) and head up to Mount Shasta to camp and attend an event before the solstice. It will be good to sleep on my mother again. To be with the mountain and water and see what magic it all holds. Thank you all for shining your light so bright. It helps me to see at night!

Emotional Cleansing

I am in love with the mountains! Still takes my breath away to look up and see them standing there so majestically.

We are here. The shift of the ages is occurring and we are in the emotional cleansing stage. Fear is being rooted out on every level. In every moment, we are being given a choice, do I see this through the eyes of love or the eyes of fear? Our egos are out of control, acting out as they know that their days of holding the reins are numbered. Thankfully, Henri (my ego) took early retirement a couple of years back and Sophia (my I AM presence) has been in the driver’s seat. Henri still chimes in from the back seat on occasion but for the most part, he is quiet, enjoying the ride as he has found that he can trust Sophia to take the right road. Trust and surrender are the bywords of these times.

A lovely bench placed just at the point where I needed a breather on my walk.

I did some sound healing with a friend yesterday as she moved through some of this emotional cleansing. The divine Mother came through me (I have to buy a recorder for these times) and brought such comfort and love. She pointed out that all the escape routes that our ego has told us are the path to safety, are now a trap. When we do not feel safe emotionally we may try the food route, soothing ourselves with sweets or breads or whatever has come to mean comfort. Perhaps our fears have said that alcohol and its numbing quality is the route to safety, making the world a bit less intense, seeing it through a haze. Maybe it is pot or cigarettes, reaching for a hit of nicotine or whatever is in marijuana to take the edge off of the feelings. Perhaps it is anger, throwing up a wall that attacks anyone or thing that dares enter in. Maybe it has been isolation, staying behind the walls of your home, forgoing contact with others. For some it is hoarding, holding on to things to bring the comfort. For others it is consuming any product that promises to stave off death and aging. Consuming to keep up with the Joneses is the conditioning we have all had…..if you have an IPhone, you are in with the in crowd and you are safe. Others find safety in maintaining a critical attitude towards anyone who looks or acts differently than themselves. Some use religion as their form of separation and as a prescription as to how to live so as to escape sin. We are creative beings and have created many escape routes. All of these routes are ways to cope with…….what exactly? What are we afraid of? Of feeling, of being present with what is coming up from our hearts. We are encouraged and taught to run from our feelings. Numb them, quiet them, drown them, stuff them, disown them. Yet, none of these coping mechanisms works. Why would we continue with them when they do not work?

Holding the camera out to capture me looking at me. Look in the mirror and love who looks back. Say, I love you over and over and you will be changed.

I was so surprised to discover that once I allowed myself to simply feel the emotion that was present, it changed. At the bottom of every emotion fully felt, peace will be found. This is truth!! We are not taught this as it is the path to our freedom. And if someone is interested in keeping you a slave, they are not going to point out your path to freedom. Instead, they will suggest all kinds of escape routes that lead to a dead end. That keeps you numb enough to continue to play their game. To continue to work to live rather than to truly live.

So, our fears are showing up in spades these days to be fully felt. They ask for acknowledgement and love, as does everything. You can thank them for how they served you in the past when they helped you survive in some way…..and then gently let them go. It is time. We are at a crossroads. We are all being given a choice. Do we hold onto our fears and live in the small box we have created for ourselves or do we dare, strip ourselves free and expand into the divine being that we are? If you are happy with your fears and coping mechanisms, then you will choose to stay. But if you believe that you deserve bliss and ecstasy as core emotions, then you will drop everything in order to move to this new land that is being offered.

See how the swiftly flowing waters melt the snow and ice, you have to let the love flow.....it melts all.

The divine Mother showed us how. She said that the only place of true safety is to be found in our hearts. Drop into the flames of your own heart and allow yourself to be bathed in its light and warmth. When an emotion comes up, you find yourself a bit unsettled and reaching for your usual fix, stop! Take a deep breath, drop into your heart space and feel. What is there? Feel the worry, feel the frustration, feel the I am not good enough, feel the anger, feel the sadness. Feel it all. Give it voice, moan, scream, yell, make deep guttural sounds. Let the emotion speak. Using your voice is a powerful healing tool. Sit with the feeling, without judging it as wrong or bad. Allow it to simply be. See yourself observing the emotion. What you will discover is that it will change. Nothing stays static. It will cry itself out, yell itself hoarse, eventually it will quiet. When it does, you will discover a river of peace that is always flowing through your heart, you may have never allowed yourself to come to its shores. But it is always there, waiting for you. This is the gold, this is what all the distractions and coping mechanisms can never provide. Seek this river. It is the path to your freedom.

A year after leaving my 25 year old marriage, I finally allowed myself to feel my grief fully. I was shocked to discover this river. I remember lying on my couch and being simply amazed after a storm of tears that seemed to have no end (could I cry for days??), to find myself sitting by this river of peace. I have forgotten it at times, fell into illusion again but it draws me back. Now I live on its banks, bathe in its waters, drink from its depths. It flows through me in ever widening pathways.

New age graffiti found on my walk by the river. Love it!

This is not the time to play small, to continue to live in the old way. We are being supported so fully by the Earth, our Sun, the Moon, the Angelics, our Galactic families to return to the wholeness of ourselves. We are multidimensional beings. We are gods and angels in human form. We are birthing the new human, blending our starry nature with our human one. Do not allow this opportunity to pass you by. Reach for your truth, put aside the coping mechanism of choice and go into the sanctity and safety of your heart. A new life of unimaginable joy awaits. I have glimpsed it and know that it is worth everything that you have to do to get there. As Archangel Michael told me a year or so ago, ” Everything that you desire is in front of you. Anything that you have experienced up to this point in your life, the greatest joy that you can recall, is but a shadow of what is to come. Do not look back!”

My heart is leading the way into this new light. It shines so bright. Be as the wise men of old and follow that star in the sky. It is leading you to the birth of your divine self. Let nothing stand in your way. Oh, what beauty you are!