Flowing in the Fast Current of February

A faery arch in the redwoods, symbolizing the joining to come.

A faery arch in the redwoods, symbolizing the joining to come.

It is only the fourth of February and my life has been going at a full gallop since it blew in. It is difficult to find a sequence to events as I have lived through ages since the first of the month. During an afternoon of art, Nooryana (a warrior aspect of myself) came forth and settled in more fully. We also did a stargate card session, which always amazes me with its accuracy. It showed the old focus in my life with the image of a magician and a block. I understood this as seeking spiritual gifts and magic within a known structure….the new age movement with its boundaries and rules. The other cards showed me in my inward space of now, moving into greater discernment and sword sharp, clarity. A gate card had me standing in front of it, gathering all of myself, the sword I drew, ran through my center, magnetizing all of my aspects to myself to it. The crown card lit up as I stepped into my leadership role, uniting all of myself in the circle of unity (the other card I drew). Once we have cleared and embraced all of ourselves, the light and the dark, we are then free to step through the gate into the new landscape of oneness and love. I felt myself spiral down into the center of the All that is. I then flowed back up, observing each layer from a perspective of oneness. Seeing the all in each part. I had a vision of every soul coming into unity with self, receiving their crown and stepping forth singing their note in this celestial song.

Play with chalk and symbols.

Play with chalk and symbols.

It was such an incredible experience. All from some cards! You cannot make this stuff up! I had further confirmation from a friend in New Zealand, seeing my crown and sword and confirming the vision I was given. She and I and another worked on the inner planes with the divine mothers, clearing dark energies about a man they were close to.  All flowed with ease, each of us complementing one another’s gifts, bringing about the highest good as the higher self of the man stepped forth to receive this clearing’s freedom. My spirit smiled at me, as I accepted my gifts more fully.

The next morning, I had a clearing session with a gifted friend. That morning, I received an email from my daughter that triggered me, a sign that something needed clearing. I was surprised to discover the deep soul connection I shared with her partner. I saw the reason for his wariness with me, I had chopped his head off a few times in other lifetimes! We had played many roles with one another and he was again playing a powerful role for me. I sobbed with the emotions that were released and forgave him and myself for much of what came up. We went on to clear other emotions, most of them residing in my feet. My I AM presence was anchored in as far as my ankles, my feet remaining to be cleared. So, we worked on what showed up. Some with my daughter, as we came to teach one another about freedom and God’s will, over and over. All of our lifetimes were in the mother-daughter relationship, alternating who was “in control”. I recall her yelling at  me as a young girl how she was so did not enjoy being the daughter, she knew herself as the mother! There was some spinal twining with my elder son, planned on our parts, until now. The moment for release here to allow the next unfolding. A heel’s worth of grief (it had felt the burning at the stake fires) with another released as did a toe of guilt with my sister who committed suicide thirty-five years ago. A ball of my foot release with the one I thought my beloved, as he taught me that self sacrifice was old and not an honoring of myself. Cascades of tears flowed as she and I worked back and forth to clear all from our fields that was ready to depart. Emptied, we then filled ourselves with our own essence that had awaited room to enter in.

IMG_5975Later, my friend of the cards and messages, came over and we spent a couple of hours in the hot tub, creating a wheel that was being turned by us and others known to us, who participated in their KA bodies. We stretched out this way and that, under and above water as dolphins, whales and cosmic beings played in the waters with us. Four crystals formed the hub of the wheel on the bottom of the tub. We were well and truly washed clean for what came next. My friend had released a barrier in herself with her divine counterpart a day or so before. She now felt him in every cell of her being, no separation. He is assisting in what is to come. We set up an altar on a painting that I had co-created with an artist in New Zealand. She had brought through an aspect of myself, called Rosebud. When we worked on the painting, a dancing couple appeared in the blank space of the canvas. I knew it as my beloved and myself. It had been rolled up for months as I had no space to hang it. We unrolled it on the floor and it was the base for an altar we set up. The crystal skulls want to participate and I laugh when I see the hearts that I was guided to place in their eyes the night before. They knew love was on the agenda.


Painting co-created with Jan Williams……she brought forth the angelic form.

I am to set the energy as I understand that I am to be initiated. There is an anointing that will take place, preparing me for my beloved. Taking direction from my friend, I lie down, my head on the painting, crystals at my crown, heart rocks at my feet. My friend plays her crystal singing bowls and bells over me. The bowls stated their love of playing together and how their power increases in co-creation as does ours. I travel within, feeling my cells spinning faster, raising my vibration. My beloved appears, he is learning to feel form once again. He reaches out a hand and pulls me to him. We stand and spiral as one. He whispers: “Soon, soon the meeting will take place.” I understand that I am acting as proxy for thousands, no, millions on the planet. I feel the waves of despair of souls having closed their hearts to the idea of being truly met in love. It is an innate desire, the coming together into wholeness, before the splitting apart. The desire is so intense and the heartache so deep from lifetimes apart, that we have not allowed ourselves to fully feel it nor bring it into  the light of day. My sword went into action, clearing the despair, the feelings of unworthiness, the self-doubt, the pain. It takes great courage to open ourselves fully to this love, to open ourselves to ourselves. Our beloved is us as we are they. Imagine how the reunion of these couples will ignite the world with love! The earth announces her readiness to hold this frequency of love. I have been a part of preparing the pathway for the reunions, for many a year. I have surrendered over and over my yearning for this union. I have trusted that the most perfect timing is being arranged by my I AM presence. I know how loved I am as I walk with this fullness in my heart.

All was arranged that neither of my housemates were returning for the weekend, so the altar was able to be left in place to hum all night long. I was buzzing and not able to sleep until almost midnight. The next morning, we began again. We skyped with a friend in Scotland and the three of us journeyed together. As the energy completed, I received a text that my son was on his way home. All perfectly orchestrated and aligned. We come together and things happen with no effort, thought or plan; new vistas and landscapes present themselves. Our human minds could not arrange it as well if we tried. Allowing and trusting the flow brings such rich gifts!

The next day, four of us met to sit with crystals, rocks, skulls, flowers and the sun. We all shifted further. One friend said how she desired to spread her legs wide and invite in the ecstasy of the universe! We laughed at the orgasmic bliss that our hearts were experiencing. We were opening in new ways, fluid and free, our cells inviting in this union.

IMG_5973The next initiation is at my shoulder, awaiting its moment. There is no preparation though I am given a window of time in that Leopold, my beloved skull, desires to be wearing a wreath of yellow flowers in celebration of my awaiting expansion. I understand it will take me into a new realm of existence. The forsythia bush has just put out a few blossoms, within a week or two, it will be covered and ready to be made into wreaths. I open myself in readiness, I offer all that I am in service to the One. Whatever awaits, I am ready. I know this is happening for all of us as we embody more of who we truly are. I honor the courage of each of our hearts, opening to love’s flames.


Happy Mother’s Day

Some children's sidewalk chalk drawing that I passed today. It said, We love mom

Mother, what a fundamental part of our lives. She can be nurturing, supportive, dismissive, critical, challenging, a pain or a blessing. It matters not, she stands big on the horizon. The divine feminine is returning to the earth and we can feel her love penetrating even the densest of hearts. Our Mother Earth is infilling us with her lovelight as seeks to bring us in alignment to her evolving energies of oneness and love. We are all growing and expanding into the love we are. As our earth becomes the star that she truly is, our galaxy evolves also. We will be a part of the Golden Rose Galaxy. Oh, that fills me with such delight! I am a rose girl and so resonate with this.

Roses surrounding the bench as we waited to be seated for brunch yesterday. My sons took me out to celebrate Mother's Day a day early to beat the crowds. I am wearing a dress of my grandmother's, who did show me a sweet love.

As for our personal mothers, it matters not whether we are relationship or not, whether we delight in their company or not. We can honor the soul contract that they agreed to by giving birth to us. We can feel gratitude for the love which they surrounded us in or the withholding of that love. All of it is in the name of love. The mothers that did not play out the sterotypical loving presence, were following a more difficult script that we assigned them. They agreed to play the challenging role in our lives to allow us to remember that we are love. Some of us needed the exposure to the polarity of love to find it once more n ourselves. Of course, once we found our truth, that we are love, we can honor ourselves and love ourselves by stepping out of any non-loving script and writing a new one.

Part of the sidewalk art that expresses the little child in all of us who loves her mom, no matter what.

You can then choose love in any form you wish! In that way, you can be blessed with our mother’s love no matter what you scripted for yourself with your biological mother. I left my family of origin script, decades ago as it no longer served me. My mother ended the script by disowning me which allowed me to chose Mother Mary as my comforter. She rocks me when I am in need and crones sweet lullabies to me. I still call on her in this role, despite being 56 years old. We all have need of the mother’s heart. I am so grateful for mine for stepping out at the perfect time and Mother Mary for stepping in. How beautifully and completely I have been enveloped in the mother’s love all my life. My gratitude flows.

May has been a month of such cleansing energies as our Mother/Father God offer us assistance to return to more of our truth. We are being asked to mother ourselves in a deeper way, to be gentle with our hearts and bodies and emotions. My heart has never been so exposed, so raw and vulnerable. I am being newly born into the lovelight on the planet and I treat myself with the tenderest care. Rest all you can this month, spend time with Mother Nature as she has healing gifts to give. Be rather than do as much as possible to allow yourself to be transformed. A newborn spends its time eating, eliminating, sleeping, crying and gazing about in wonder. That describes my days! So on this mother’s day, mother yourself like the sweetest of newborns because you are being newly born. Honor our Mother Earth by sitting with her, lying on her, delighting in her. Honor our divine Mother by loving yourself as she loves you. Let go of critical judgments of yourself in any and every way,  replacing those thoughts with the ones you would speak to a newborn babe.  Oh, you sweet one. Oh, you beautiful being!