Breathe in the New to Expel the Old

IMG_6538Are any of you still standing in these waves of energy? Intense has a new meaning this month. Yesterday I went to an old granite quarry that is now a park with a couple of friends. There was a rock there that had beckoned to one of the women in her dreams and she was delighted when she was led to it in the physical. Leopold, my lapis skull wanted to come along to enjoy the day. The sun was hot and after watching a lizard puff in and out on a rock, I found myself doing the same, feeling that I was melting into the stone. At one point, I found myself moving my arms skyward and chanting an ancient song. The voice that came through felt to be an earth deva that had witnessed man’s abuses. Hers was a long lament, asking to be witnessed by our trinity. One woman kept the rhythm with a stone as the notes sounded and the other grounded deep on the rock that called us there. My sense was that the sadness of the past needed to be witnessed by our love in order to be freed. It was an honor to allow it expression. Butterflies flitted about, beauty in motion, confirming the release.

Leo in his commanding position.

Leo in his commanding position.

Not much sleep last night as the energies kept rolling in. Sitting with an unease in my body to see what it needed from me. I was feeling the layer of muck and mire that Tuesday’s blood moon eclipse offers to release. My body was unsettled as to how it would be able to allow it to move through this system. In a chat with a friend, as I followed her suggestion to move back and see the larger picture, my body let out a deep sigh. Ah, yes, I can enlarge my field to the size of the planet and beyond if I need to. This eclipse is clearing all of the old that we are releasing. I am able for this, to do my part. This body is able. Waves of gratitude streaming to her as I feel this truth. The other piece that came in from my friend and confirmed by my body, is that we are to breathe in the new energies in order to expel the old. We have released so much and done our clearing work. In the past, we have released in order to create space for the new. This last bit is different in that it will dislodge as the new lovelight flows in. The in breath of love dispels in the outbreath, the old. Wonderful!

A vortex of reeds and flowers that was the highlight of this year's flower and art show in San Francisco.

A vortex of reeds and flowers that was the highlight of this year’s flower and art show in San Francisco.

I also was given my first glimpse past the eclipse cycle into the month of May. Oh, the joy! It feels like it holds our deepest desires made manifest. It feels so full of love and connections and beauty. Spring fully in bloom, trailing scented blossoms everywhere. I am drinking that lovelight in as my being feels comatose today. Allowing the scents and birdsong to wrap me in love as I move like a lumbering elephant through these moments. My spirit is dancing in May as I plough my way through April’s clearing gifts. Everything feels like jello, thick and viscous. Some instinct swings my trunk, clearing a path. I close my eyes and allow my heartlight to guide me as my being sleeps. I surrender and trust that this broad back and wide elephant feet are leading me to joys unimaginable.

Fanning the Flames of Our Hearts

Dancing in the flames, one of my son's sculptures.

Dancing in the flames, one of my son’s sculptures.

Early morning, the stars are brilliant against the frozen sky outside. I am snug by the firelight. Coals, still alive from the previous evening, quickly burst into flames anew. They are like our hearts,  appearing as gray ash but let them be stirred by a loving hand, and they respond with fiery warmth. Many a flame has died out as the conditioning of our society has kept us with our hearts under wraps. It is up to us to act on the knowing that the coal is alive in each one, waiting for that breath of love, to ignite it once again.

This we can do for one another as we walk this path of love. In my old, service model life, I would believe all was found in action. Now I am seeing how I can breath a loving intent to another through words, spoken or written or through thought and feeling. I have a friend who is going through a trying time with her myriad responsibilities. My old self would have offered to shoulder some of them for a day or more to give her a respite. My new self surrounds her in a pink blanket of love and asks the angels to assist with whatever is for her highest good. My body is keeping me very quiet through this deep fatigue that sets in at random moments. My energy is not yet sustainable in the outer world and I am called to honor that. This has been true for me for the past year or two it seems, lifting when I have been called to travel for my earthwork and then dropping back into hermit mode once completed.  Recognizing the power of being has been one of the many gifts of this time. Also, the awareness of the choices that are ever present to us all. It is so easy to make a choice and then live as if no other is now available to us. I recall my last year of work/marriage/children life and how I did not believe that I could make any change to lessen the pressure that I felt. I was in a tunnel and could not see any way out.

Collages are a fun way to see what our hearts are yearning for. Elephants and mountains are talking to me these past few days.

Collages are a fun way to see what our hearts are yearning for. Elephants and mountains are talking to me these past few days.

Being on the outside, we can offer one another a new perspective. Something may have been added to a life that now topples all that was already in place. I loved my garden of old with all of its old fashioned fragrant roses yet now I can barely keep a pot of flowers going. What once worked, is no longer sustainable.  It is about flowing with what is of greatest importance in this now moment. For me, it is honoring my body’s needs for rest and my soul’s need for unfettered time. My focus is ascension, reclaiming my mastery by walking my inner path with all that I am. It claims all of me. I have had to make choices to support my desire. I own little as I do not desire to spend the time to care for much outside of myself. I live simply so as to not have to work in the 9-5 world. It is so easy to get locked into a lifestyle and then spend all of our time supporting it, that we forget to regularly assess whether it still matches our desires.

A friend's collage of the awakening of the divine masculine, all flowing.

A friend’s collage of the awakening of the divine masculine, all flowing.

This new year is inviting us to flow, to hold to nothing, to be the chalice that allows the liquidlovelight to move from Source through us to our mother Earth and all of our brothers and sisters. We are invited into the now moment to access the gifts to be found there. Feel into what is your heart’s desires and see where energy is spent that does not support that desire. We are given the freedom to walk away from what no longer works. There does not have to be judgment in the act, something does not have to be “bad” for us to let it go. It was perfect at one time and now there is something else. We can let go with love and appreciation.

My sword/knife that was recently gifted to me by Mother Sekhmet has taught me this. I have been instructed to use her weekly or more often as I feel the call, to sever anything which I have begun to hold to. All emotions, feelings, thoughts are to flow, no hanging on to any of it. Simply allowing all in and breathing all out. Opening myself to say yes to all that shows up in my world, knowing my higher self has orchestrated it all for my benefit, and allowing it space to be fully felt and then released. The catch and release system of the soul!!

Clearly I have a desire to dance and swirl as these images sing to me.

Clearly I have a desire to dance and swirl as these images sing to me.

This morning, I am intending for my lovelight to surround every being here on this beautiful blue jewel of an earth, with a field of freedom. May all have the opportunity to choose what lights up their hearts. It is time. Our intentions and our walking our own truth, bring it into form for others. I am blowing gently on the coals of sleeping hearts, seeing them as the bright flame that they are. We are one people, one planet, one love. We are waking from a reality of duality into one of unity. Our hearts were designed to lead the way, we have only to fan the flames and allow them to burn bright.