Entering the Dreamtime

imageThe mountain informed me that I would need a week of rest in her to come back from the effort of the eclipse portal. Yesterday I did not stir far from my bed nor change out of my pajamas and robe. I dove deep in the waves moving in dreamtime. Today, I watched the overcast sky open up to allow the clouds to dance freely. I showered and dressed, then needed a rest. I made myself some food, eggs and greens, fast and easy. I got out everything to make a juice but the thought of cleaning up afterwards was too daunting to face. Lemon water will do just fine!

Back to bed to watch the birds soar outside the window. I wanted clean sheets for my now clean body…a load of laundry begun. Sat in the living room with the fire and saw the mountain come out from the curtain of clouds to bask in the glow of the setting sun. She is so beautiful. I curl up in her embrace.

imageA friend spoke of how this time is full of new ideas and how she is taking action steps into new projects. I was so glad for her, for the excitement and joy. For me, there is no arising passion other than to see each one of us embrace our own beauty and feel the winds of freedom lifting us higher. Nothing concrete in the outer world, no form. Yet I know that this dreamtime, where I exist in the shimmering lands of mist and magic, is a place of immense power. I am dreaming the new into being. I ride the feelings of peace and joy and harmony without form. I sense the joy, the laughter and play. I am not living it in the outer, but in this inner dreamtime, I am carried by it and dance to its tune.

I observe many being pulled into the quiet inner world, desiring solitude, open spaces that allow the dream. I have had a vision of us all entering the new land through the dream. What if everyone were to sleep and awaken, to find a new reality awaiting them? Hearts could burst wide open, no painful memories of what was or confusion as to what is real…rather the joy and ease of their lovepod embracing them. Ah…I have a dream…as Martin Luther King so eloquently expressed his. We  each contribute to the dream with the fire of our hearts.

Evening, still not able to venture out. Clean sheets awaited, it felt like a huge accomplishment to actually make the bed. Bags unpacked, room straightened. Sometimes the density of this reality takes a Herculean effort to move through. I am immensely grateful that I created this opening in my life, to live the dreamtime. I am connected to Australian Aboriginal lifetimes where I knew the dreamtime intimately. Those lives have circled closer this past week, bringing memories, opening doorways.

One of my son, Gabriel's latest paintings. The blossoms seem to waft their fragrance into my world.

One of my son’s latest paintings. The blossoms seem to waft their fragrance into my world. gaberobertsart.com

We are remembering so much. Specifics hold little interest for me, rather the feelings and gifts are what I seek. To feel part of it all, the Oneness that underlies this surface life. To know myself in the flame, the scent of the flower, the cloud drifting by, in the eyes of a child, the touch of a hand, the rainbow thrown by a crystal, the smile of a stranger. We were taught separation and distance and lack. How powerful we are that we made it all believeable! Oh, the joy to have come out on the other side, to know once again the truth of how we are loved! To feel the unity and sink into its warmth. I know that the world does not reflect the fullness of this truth as yet. It moves closer as we each surrender to the dream of our hearts.

We have weeded out the dross, planted our desires, fertilized with our love. It is the time of blossoming. We have only to hold the vision of the rose, knowing and trusting that it will bud and unfurl its beautiful bloom. This earth is our home, a jewel in the Creator’s crown. We are each a facet of that shine. Turn on your heartlights so as to dazzle all creation. Know the truth of your hearts which sing a song of love. Let all else melt away. Love, beauty, truth and the dream. Always, the dream.

Dream Space Training in the New Energies

This character was a a recent origami exhibit. The old me would have shied away from him, the new me, embraced his darkness.

This character was a a recent origami exhibit. The old me would have shied away from him, the new me, embraced his darkness.

My dream of the other night showed me new possibilities. I was with a younger woman, who had recently escaped from a violent situation. We were in the woods and she suddenly decided to return to the oppressor. She took off through the woods and I ran after her. As we came to a clearing, a house appeared and a man came running out wielding a hatchet over his head. I told the woman to run back the way we had come. The man charged and was slashing at me with the hatchet. I felt a wild surge of anger flash through me and come screaming out of me in an adrenaline fueled war cry. I used this energy to overpower him and direct the hatchet to his throat. I killed him.

My mind went through an instant review, I could have gone for his other hand rather than his throat. No, he would have still given chase. I could have slashed his knee and he would have not been able to follow me. Yes, that would have worked. Yet it was all the old energy, meeting violence with violence.

This praying being was at the same exhibit. I loved the simplicity of the folds, emanating the light.

This praying being was at the same exhibit. I loved the simplicity of the folds, emanating the light from her open robe.

I heard myself call out, “Redo!” I wanted to meet this anger another way. The scene replayed and as the man came charging out with his hatchet waving, I summoned the same war cry but called it through my heart. It was the same level of intensity as the earlier one, but this time there was no sound and it manifested as a wave of heartlight. I matched his vibration’s intensity but with the opposite vibration of love. I said, “Let there be a field of love around him.” In that instant, all slowed down. The man moved as if in slow motion. I had time to breathe in and out my heartlight with all the force of my being. I felt no fear. I knew I could melt his heart with my love.

After a few steps, he staggered and fell to his knees, hatchet dropped to the ground. He began to sob quietly. My heart was breathing fire like a dragon. I allowed the lovelight to enfold him in its embrace as I breathed my way back to a neutral place.

I awoke with clarity, knowing that we can override the old flight or fight response that has been embedded in our cells. We can reprogram them to stand firm and be love. Oh, the joy of this knowing! I feel empowered by it. I am grateful to have practice sessions in dream time so that my body is prepared at any moment to emanate a field of love as needed. We are love so it seems a natural thing but we have been conditioned otherwise. It is time to reclaim our superpowers. We can stop a speeding bullet with our hearts alight in love!

I felt gratitude for all the rage I have felt and expressed, all the pain and suffering I endured on this path, as I am familiar with that landscape. That allowed me to know the force of love required to melt his rage. To have met his aggression with a milk toast love, would have found me swept aside or dead.  Love is a force, that we can hone. Even now, writing about it, my heart is a fire burning red hot in my chest.

An angel with a sword, they can be fiery love!

An angel with a sword, they can be fiery love!

We are in the time of miracles where we are alchemists, transforming darkness into light. All is being returned to the truth of love. It begins within my heart and yours. Wishing you all a happy new moon. This moon comes bearing gifts of transformation that will see us using our new skills. Be love!


Oct 22….what did we create?

This blue springs was one of the wonders I found in New Zealand. Its color hinted at the new colors that are to arrive with our new earth.

Yesterday was a day of intent. A day that lightworkers around the planet, accepted our roles as creator beings. We filled the grid with our heart’s desires and lived our day as if they were already manifest. I did not know what that would look like for me but set my intention to awaken with the knowing of the new earth within my being.

I had a very peace filled day with long stretches of sleep. It seemed that it was easier for my soul to express its vision from the other side of the veil as slumber took me deep.  I listened to meditations and music that kept me in a place of peace. I was alone for much of the day. At one point I responded to a text to join a couple of friends for a walk. That felt inviting so I went but once I arrived, I knew that the stillness was my place for the day, not being with others. One of the folks was someone that I had not met and it was not a day for me to be meeting others. It was a day for me to meet a new aspect of myself. I turned around and returned to the sanctuary of my own heart-space. The friends that remain in my life, are ones who understand this behavior and do not take it personally as it is not personal. It is me following my truth in each moment.

The energies of the day felt soft, peace filled. I could feel the grid lighting up with all the heart light felt and expressed. Happy Earth! Happy me! I experienced an aha moment that put me in a new space of freedom. Oh, it is so wonderful when we shift to a new level of understanding and knowing. I was sitting in the sacred chamber of my heart with my I AM presence, feeling the connection, the love. We merged and enjoyed the feeling of communion. Then El Morya, who wears the name of beloved for me ( I know that this is how my being understands it for now, just as I realize that it is a limited understanding) appeared and sat across from me. We felt our connection and allowed it to strengthen and grow. As we expanded, the chamber dissolved. We were grew in size until we were holding the cosmos between us. I felt our love move from the personal to the impersonal and beyond. I looked to him as love filled my being in this expanded state with wonder. My thoughts flashed to him, “This is what you have known? This love? ”  Immediately, I knew that it was. This was the land that he lived and moved in. A shock wave went through me with the power of this knowing. This was home. We then merged as one being. We contained all and the all contained us. My spirit was whole, together we were one. I knew the devotion and love of our one heart. There was nothing else.  I felt the Creator and allowed myself to be bathed in that radiant love. It was a space I had not felt in this lifetime, a space so rich and full where sound and light spoke all. Words are not of use in this realm as they cannot hold the frequency of the light. I remained in this altered state for most of the remainder of the day. There was nothing nor no one that I wanted. I felt the freedom that I had been gifted with. The knowing that there is no need for anything outside of myself. There is no waiting, no ritual, no event…….the love is a constant. I have only to tune myself to it and allow the knowing to return. I floated through the rest of the day in a state of deep calm and quiet joy.

Today I felt a visual……I have worked to clear all that keeps me limited to the small I.  As I have accepted and loved every experience, every shadow part of myself, I have revealed more of my wholeness. From there, I found the inner balance return of the masculine and feminine of my being. This allowed the sacred marriage that brought me the experience of merging with the “other” to know the truth of oneness. That brought yesterday’s experience of expansion into the knowing of myself as a facet in the diamond heart of the Creator.

The peace pole at Mount Shasta's peace garden, overlighted by Shasta herself.

Every step, one of greater freedom. I feel that a pole of peace has been planted in my heart that reaches to the core of my mother and the height of my father. I feel anchored, cradled in this peace. All the yearning, the seeking, the anxiety, agitation, the right/wrong, on target or not, ………have melted in this love. Naught can stand in its light. Love, four small letters that represent a sound, an explosion of light, an embrace, a bubbling well, an infilling, an out breath……I am grateful for the knowing that fills my heart tonight. I am a keeper of this flame, this rose hued flame of love. I tend it with the greatest of care. I set my intention to live as if the new earth were here and found that indeed it is so. I have come home.

As a final note: I was coming back from my walk/run this morning when the date, popped into my head. The 22nd of October. It felt significant. My birthdate is the 22nd as was my mother’s and father’s. I suddenly felt such love for them, for agreeing to be the ones to give me entrance into this life. Over a quarter a century ago, they chose to disown me rather than face some painful truths. I felt the blessing of this letting go, the freedom that it gave me despite the pain it was cloaked in.  I sensed that their souls knew what I was to do and they willingly played a tough role in order to free me to fully play mine. My gratitude flowed to their hearts and encircled them with love as I felt the enormity of their love for me. Here is the information on a birthdate of 22:

Number 22 is the Spiritual Master Builder and Teacher and has chosen to come back to the earth plane to help the human race.  To do this, he needs to take this energy and help build a better, firmer foundation for the human race in the Aquarian Age.  ( I was born under the sign of Aquarius ) 22 will help to establish the foundation for a new consciousness on the planet.

This is the God energy brought to the material plane and put into form, and this vibration holds with it a great deal of responsibility. The keywords are co-operation and harmony, wherever the vibration is found  —  the opportunity to co-operate with God’s plan on earth.

The square or cube is the symbol of 22.  It is the number that sees the larger picture, but one also who can work with the details necessary to complete that picture.  The vision of the completed project and the energy to see it through is not everyone’s vision, but it is the responsibility of the 22 to bring it through to fruition.  Posted by 

With my newfound freedom, I accept the attendant responsibility. Peace and love to all this night.




Playing in the Fields of New Creation

In a dream, I was given handfuls of fluffy cotton candy looking stuff to play with. I was laughing and throwing it about, forming it into various shapes and tucking it here and there. The unseen givers told me that they would be back, I was to simply play with it for now. It was the most magical feeling as I have dreamed for so long of creating through my heart and here was this tangible heart fluff to mold to my desires.

All who know me have heard me speaking of this for a couple of years or more. Knowing that creator abilities exist in my heart and palms. I can feel it! I had my very first experience of this a few days ago in Mount Shasta…..yes the place of magic! I was in the crystal bowl store with my friend who was adding a new one to her collection. There are hundreds of bowls in the store, gleaming in their brilliance, deep reds, blues, oranges and golds……truly every color radiating their light. My eye was drawn to a luminescent pink one, rose quartz and platinum. I asked if I could play with it. I sat on the floor and with a light tap of the wand, began to make it sing. Oh, what a song she sang! She is a bowl of gentle love, a love that can enter hearts and oh so softly, with a mother’s tenderness, open them. I knew that she and I could do some wonderful things together for others. Yet, I am not in an acquiring stage in life, I am desiring to be lighter in all aspects, possessions being one.

My friend, Jan's mandala of the heart that I was fortunate enough to sleep under.

The bowl showed me that there are so many hearts yearning to feel. I was searching for an object for the verb feel but stopped…….yes, yearning to feel. We have been so disappointed, disillusioned, disheartened (I never truly understood the truth of that word….dis-heart-ened, before) that we have accepted a life lived in a narrow bandwidth of emotion. We no longer expect to experience great love. We put up barriers to prevent the experience of great sorrow. We numb ourselves to the beauty of this world, fearing its power to captivate us and take us on a journey to depths untold. We play it safe. We cling to our routines and beliefs to prevent any wildness taking hold. We attend meetings and groups that provide checklists of how to structure our day. We take our medicine to even out our emotions, we read the latest info about which foods are safe, which activities will put off dementia, which product will give us youth. Why do we wish to prolong this small safe life? We become so caught up in the rules of it, that we forget the reason for doing it. Why do you want to live longer? Answer that in the quiet of your heart. For me it can only be to love more fully and to serve as an instrument of that love.

The mother of the world, by artist Nicholas Roerich, her veil allowing her to see the truth of all of us.

Love is not safe. It is not routine. It has no rules that it abides by. It moves like the wind and can blow through your life with the force of a hurricane as well as the gentlest of breezes. It can caress, it can destroy. In the destruction are birthed the seeds of the new. I no longer wish to live in the world that I grew in. I spit out the milk toast manner of living…..I plunge the depths and heights for all that life offers me in each moment. I am a creator being and it is time to create anew. I desire deep connection with all life. I open myself fully to my role in birthing this reality. I open my heart to dream BIG, to claim my right to be a play a role in the greatest love story ever told. I will be the Magdalene meeting her Yeshua at the well, I will be Kali consuming the dross of the world, I will be Mother Mary, holding the Christ in her womb. I will be the Christ shining his/her light in this world. Yes, I claim myself as a exquisitely cut facet of the diamond of my Mother/Father’s heart.

All of this comes to us through experiencing of the full spectrum of emotion; raging with anger’s bright fire, sobbing with broken hearts, laughing with the absurdity of life, being overcome by beauty’s bright light. In the fullness of the emotion, lies the treasure waiting to be unwrapped. The moments then become notes in the most sublime symphony. It requires us to retune our ears, to open new chambers in the heart, to allow our fingers to feel the bee’s sting and the velvety softness of a kitten’s ear. To taste the bitter and the sweet. By tuning ourselves to a richer frequency, moving from AM to FM on our dial of life, we truly begin to live. Each fear that arises, we face full on. It becomes a game as we laugh at what comes calling. Death holds no fear for me as it is simply another doorway to my Mother/Father’s heart. Why would I fear that? I want only to serve that fire, whether from this side of the veil or the other, it matters not. I accept the gift that this life is. I accept my forgetting in moments and my knowing that grows stronger by the day.

Do we want to live our whole lives curled tight, afraid to let our beauty unfurl?

As I live in this richness, my life becomes simpler, more peace filled, sweeter. Place matters less, as I am tuned to the beauty in everything. This amazes me. The colors are more vibrant, the sounds softer to me ear. I can hear the neighborhood lawn mowers and the birds’ songs as different expressions of the same note. I am wowed by this. I beam my smile at one with a hardened expression and marvel to see the beauty I know, reveal itself in an answering abashed smile in return. We have grown shy of letting our light out. Of letting anyone see our truth. Fearing that in that smile, something might be taken from us. Oh, we have become a timid race, keeping to someone else’s construct, allowing our power to be taken with barely a murmur. Thank goodness, this reality is crumbling and we are donning our mantles of power once more.

Come take a seat with me to observe the magic and the mystery!

Back to my bowl……I could feel how she wanted to work with me to open hearts. To bring folks back to the remembrance of their own beauty and light. I thanked her and left the store and went to commune with my favorite mountain once again. The next morning, I was taken aback to discover that I had indeed created something with my heart. The pink bowl was in my heart! She told me that I am to use my eyes to stream the presence of our Mother/Father’s heart while I use my voice to play her song into hearts desiring this opening. Oh! This is the heart whispering that I was told months ago, I was to do. I open myself as a channel for this love to flow through. I hold the perfection of the person’s heart, the immaculate concept that Mother Mary trained me in all those lifetimes ago, and step back and witness the streaming of heartlight from our Mother/Father’s heart to the other. LIquidlovelight is a substance so pure, so golden in its hue, it melts all in its path. It is the alchemist’s tool gifted to me for use. A shudder of wonder as I take this in.

Each of our pieces is needed to make make the pathway whole so that we can walk with ease home.

I invite you to step into your heart today, look around and discover where your power lies. Open to its gifts and shine them out to the world, hungry to know you. Without your light shining bright, a piece of the puzzle is missing. I am so ready to view the whole scene! Please lay your puzzle piece on the table, fitted in with the others so that the picture can take form. There is no other who can add your piece. You are the only one who knows what it looks like and where it fits in the picture. Perhaps you think that you are only a part of the sky and so will not be missed. But the sky has a hole in it where you belong. You are needed, for in you, the whole of creation resides. Trust this, know this. You are loved beyond our human understanding of that word.

I love you.

My Mountain Magic Continues

The magic mountain that has captured my heart.

These days with Mount Shasta continue to be so full. I am expanding and expanding in her/his light. I drove to the end of the road this morning to commune with the energy. I hiked up a ways till I came to a rock that was carved to fit my body. I sat and closed my eyes and allowed the mountain to fill me. My open palms began to tingle as they were filled with violet light. The energy moved to my lips that felt alive with the kiss that a gentle breeze pressed close. I laughed at being kissed by a mountain but was assured that it was true. I have taken the mountain inside of me as I surrendered to her/his wisdom.

Up close and personal.

I was shown that I now carry the mountain’s energy in a new way. I will move as a mountain and wherever Spirit directs my path, I will bring the anchoring, steady presence of deep peace and unwavering strength. Those who know me, know my Spirit can be bubbly and quick but this is a new infusion that is gracing my life. I can feel the chaos storm clouds in the air but I am to tone my tone and anchor deep within the mountain’s air that now moves with me. There are many mountains in the land, this deep anchoring occurring for a tribe of us who came here to hold it all as the tension grows. Our hearts are mighty and our roots strong as we put forth our song that all is well and all will be well in this world of ours. We are holding open the ascension gates for the masses to pass through. Many are yet unaware that there be gates at all but soon their hearts will show them where to turn.

Joy flowing in all my cells.....singing!

The excitement is building as my heart shows me the truth beyond the surface chaos. We are moving into the time of creating our deepest desires through our hearts’ fire. We each add our piece as we imagine the world that we wish to live in. Dream big! This is our time. A friend called to ask my opinion of an opportunity that came to her. Her heart felt joy filled excitement as she took it in. Later her head began its dialogue of the old work ethic; you must stay in one place, establish yourself, slowly build your business by being responsible and dependable. It takes time, you cannot be running off to take a joy break!

Fiery sky saying goodnight.

Yes, this has been true in our past but no longer holds. We are creating through our joy, truly it is by living in the moments and filling each one to the brim with our joy, that we bring through our dreams. We are being asked to create in an entirely new way. I have no rule book, there are no guidelines to follow of how to work this magic. Yet, I know that this ability is mine and each day look forward to practicing my craft, grateful for Spirt that cares for my body’s needs.  We are encoded to evolution and are ever moved on that path. In each day, there are opportunities for joy, it depends so on the lens you choose to wear. I have always been a rose colored glasses kind of gal!

My tent just fit in this space created by five trees. I offered tobacco at their feet and have slept blessed and deep.

And what of our hearts’ desires? Many teach how to use the law of attraction to bring material things. As most have discovered, things do not happiness bring. I have dropped the word money and speak of it all as energy, abundance. I open myself to receive abundance on every level. I go into the feeling of what I want and see myself living in a place where each person I meet is one who can look deep into my eyes and our hearts can commune in the sweet music of home. Where all are loved and valued for their unique tone. Where my heart leaps up each morning with the sun, eager to see love manifesting in all things. Knowing all are cared for, there is no want. Co-creating our vision of Eden reborn. Feeling loved in every fiber of my being and being that love in the world. Knowing that I am seen as I see others for their truth and their light. No outer appearances to deceive as all is known in this radiant light. As a people, we all share the basic desire to be loved and to love. To know our place in our tribe, to add our note to the song. We have let go of things and search for the feelings found in peace and lovelight.

Pure waters flowing out of the mountain that taste like crystal light.

May your moments be filled with the love that wells inside. Each of us has been blessedwith this well of love. It may take drilling and clearing and you may have to go deep. But rest assured, the well is there, ready to be tapped so that you can drink in the liquid lovelight. An elixir so rare, hidden so near. Who knew? Dive in, drink deep and share this light.

Heart Entrainment

It is time for me to paint a new heart image instead of this with its bruises and batterings. It has been made new in this light.

Our hearts are such powerful instruments of love. A beloved of mine, is called “the chaos eater” by his tribe. He is in charge of situations involving disruptive energies at events. It is a role he has played for years and is now ready to leave behind. As we mature as a society and come into the oneness of unity, there will no longer be chaos nor a need for anyone outside of ourselves to monitor or police our behavior. We will bathe all in love rather than imprison ourselves in harshness. We will understand that love can melt the most recalcitrant heart. That all anger and violence is a call for help, a call for love.

One morning during a recent Venus transit event, I met this man directly after his encounter with an intense situation. A man was being verbally aggressive with his Chief, almost escalating to physical aggression. My dear one dealt with the situation with the old warrior adreneline based response. I could feel his heart pounding and the energy running through him. I placed my hand on his heart and looked into his eyes. Within a minute or so, he began to melt. LIterally, his whole body sagged as his breath came out in a sigh of release. He wondered at what I did to him. I told him that I entrained his heart with mine. I have been practicing it in my dream time and know that I can do it with thousands. I breathe out my love into another’s heart, filling it with a slow, steady beat that nourishes and restores calmness and peace. I fill each cell with the knowing of its truth as love. Truly, that is only a breath away for us all.

Peaceful scene that quiets my heart.

When we encounter difficult situations, pass by others in conflict, feel dense energies, we can practice our heart entrainment techniques. You do not have to say anything nor even touch another. Simply drop into your heart of love, breathe in that love and send it out to the other hearts you see. Send pictures if you like of a peaceful lake or a quiet stream or flower filled meadow. Perhaps see a puppy licking the person’s face. Any image that brings to you a feeling of peace and calm. You are transmitting a feeling. Our hearts are connected and we can feel one another more and more these days. Carry your heart into every area of your life. When you walk into a room and you feel tension, cleanse it with your heart flame. Carry your atmosphere around you always. Offer your heart flame to all as an aid when you feel discord of any kind. Melt it all away.

I look forward to the day that we no longer erect statues to the warrior of old energies.

We are letting go of the warrior of old and becoming warriors of the heart. We are learning that all fear comes from the lack of love. We are becoming lovers. We can love all of life free with our hearts. Whenever you see pain expressed such as a short tempered clerk at the grocery store, a mother speaking with anger to a child, people driving with aggression……breathe into your heart and know that you can send out a flame of such peace and love that it can be felt. Send it out with abandon. Do not hold back. Let your love fly!  Think of a society where there is no need for police or security. We become the security by holding one another in love. Where folks are no longer trained to carry guns but are trained to entrain hearts. To be heart whisperers. To listen to another’s story with an open and receptive heart. To reflect back to the other, their own beauty and light. For in truth, all aggression asks only to be loved. To be acknowledged. To be accepted. Once that is felt, the heart sighs in joy. The shadows are changed to light and all appears brighter. It takes effort to live in the shadowlands. All there are awaiting freedom. In this time, we are asked to free all of our own shadows as this in turn, frees others as well as our mother earth.

So many of us are diligent about recycling, buying organic and living a green life in support of our mother. It is beautiful to see. Yet if we walk around carrying our shadows, holding to resentments, being non-forgiving of others or more commonly, of self, we are polluting the earth. We are clogging her drains with shadows that keep her from flowing free. To love ourselves free is our most important work. To face every emotion that comes to us, squarely, in the now moment, dealing with it directly with love. To stay current with our feelings rather than tucking them away in the attics and basements of our hearts. The Venus transit and all the cosmic alignments of late have come to assist us to clean house. We are being asked to do a thorough spring cleaning of all that we have stored away out of fear of feeling it fully. Open your heart, sweep all the shadows and cobwebs of pain to the fore. Feel each memory in its full depth, thank it for serving you once, then release it to the earth. Our mother will take it and use it as mulch to grow more beauty and light. Ask her assistance. She is eager to see the weight in you lifted as it lifts her. We want to live lightly upon her. Our heavy unresolved emotions weigh more heavily than all the plastic bottles we throw away.

Water reminds us to let the feelings flow freely, through us to the earth. That way our energy runs clear and bright like this waterfall. i want to be this!

We talk about our carbon footprint. What about our emotional footprint? What trail are you leaving behind? Footprints of peace and love that others who follow in your steps can feel? Or footprints of heaviness and pain that others must clean up?. Ask for assistance from the angels and our mother earth. All are here to help you if you feel frozen by the prospect of this clearing. Begin, one memory at a time. Take them out of the closets and release them to be made new. Think of how many goodwill bags of stuff you can clear! Think of how light you will be with that weight gone! Once the river of love can flow freely through your heart, you will walk taller and with a lift in your step. Your being truly does become one of light, that is who we all truly are. We were never meant to carry around heavy bags of remorse, pain, anxiety, suffering. Our hearts were created to love all. To transmute all back to the light of day, to the truth of the only reality. The reality of love.

Let your heartlight stream so bright, illuminating your brilliant colors just as this canyon did.

Clear your heart. It clears mine. We are one so what I do, you will feel. What you do, affects me. Offer this gift to yourself, to one another, to your society, to our world. The time is now. Breathe deep and send out that heartlight, first to yourself with so much love and gratitude for your own beauty and light, and then to all others. Become a space clearer, bring your heartight everywhere. Our world is becoming brighter by the day. Add your light to it and breathe in the feeling of joy and love. I love you all so.

May’s Love Day Builds the Bridge

A bridge along the Oregon coast sometime last year

Love day. How beautiful that today was celebrated as love day. Here are the things that happened for me today.  My former husband reminded me that this was the day that we met 30 years ago. It was the day we celebrated each year as our anniversary.  We laughed that here we were, once again, working together on a yard project. After all these years, how strange it all was. We created a bridge over some formerly turbulent waters of our past. We acknowledged how we had helped one another to grow. How the years of unloving had led me to love myself. We talked about friendship and offering that in a new way to one another. Immediately, he started to tell me how he had little time for friendship, offering excuses. I laughed and said, “Oh, I see your offer was too much and you are now withdrawing it.” An old pattern surfacing. A beautiful new thing happened then. He recalled reading something about how when you achieve a peak experience or new level in a relationship, you need time to process it and integrate it. If you are not conscious about it, you end up creating a crisis or argument that leads to a time of separation which then allows the integration. By being conscious, you can state that you need time to assimilate the new aspect in the relationship and peace can be maintained. It was so lovely to hear him state his need and to be able to honor it. A new way was bridged and I felt such gratitude. So proud of both of us. When we can openly state our needs with love, there is freedom to be found.

Beautiful clouds as the day waned.

Ten days ago, I asked my former husband if I could spend the night at the family house as I was get-ting in late and my car was here, as were my sons. He would not be here as he is only here three nights of the week. He graciously agreed. I am still here. This was not planned. The energies streaming in have kept me pretty grounded. I have small bursts of activity….looked at 2 apartments today (neither was a yes) and then rest, food and water are required. At times, the thought of getting up to go to the bathroom seems beyond me. Truly!  I cannot move. I laugh at how my higher self has orchestrated this time, not something I was looking for yet here I am. And tonight’s bridge to a new friendship is the reward. I am being shown over and over to trust my heart, trust the universe to guide me to the situations that lead to my  greatest growth. Our minds would not choose them as we tend to avoid things thought to be painful but if we allow our hearts to lead, we are led to healing and freedom.

A mural at a restaurant, birds flitting about.

I was doing yoga outside (managed 10 minutes before fatigue overtook me, but it was 10 minutes!) when in triangle pose I looked up. A hawk was circling above me. I watched him executing his graceful turns with wings outstretched and felt I was drifting with him on the air currents. Hawks are my power animal, showing up often in my life. I felt he was giving me a message that my love would soon be with me. I thanked him and sent him a beam of love. Right before going outside a friend had sent a message that her beloved was soon to join her. It all felt interconnected to me, our loves are coming as we open our hearts to our own love. The Venus transit on June 4th is already in motion, bringing in big love energies. I know myself as Venusian and feel a sense of home coming.

Hearts everywhere, even in a bag of chips!

An apartment manager I met today shared that his 22 year old son had commited suicide six months ago. He wanted to talk about the pain he felt, the guilt of being too hard, the frustration of years of his son’s drug addiction and rehab efforts that did not succeed. He showed my son and I,  his son’s picture and admonished me to cherish my son. He said he now called his other children regularly. He was expressing his love on this love day in wanting to share stories of his son with us. Wanting us to know of his beauty and struggle. Love, oh how we search for it, need it, desire it.

It has been a long journey to this new world where love will be the rule. Where hearts can open wide and that will be the norm. I am witnessing the transformation all around me. Begin to look for evidence and it will be given. Yes, this is the time to turn on our heartlights and never turn them off again. That young man could not see past the pain of separation and so chose to open a different door. We have hoped, we have yearned to live in love and now the reward is at hand. A world of love is being born. Thank God we are here to participate in it. Don’t wait to begin, now is the time to turn your heartlight on high! This is what our high beams were made for!  Our hearts are the instrument to birth this world we desire. Free your heart of everything but love, drop all else and shine it so bright. No child, no one has to live in a world without love. We are the ones to make this a reality for ourselves, our children and the generations to come. It all starts within……your heart, my heart, one heart.



Emptied Out and Filled Anew

shining our heartlights

Alone once again. My daughter and her partner are on their way to their new life in New Zealand. My daughter called just before their plane departed with news that she had received a text message from a former love from years ago. He apologized for how he had treated her and wanted to express his love.  She was able to text him back to thank him. The universe is a place of grace. That her number is the same was amazing after all these years as after tonight, the number will be obsolete as she will get a new phone in her new land. So for that message of healing to come at the eleventh hour, as it were, incredible! It is a confirmation to me of how hearts are softening everywhere and the universe is doing its work. We are being gifted with so much love and healing light. What a blessing to know that this young man had found healing. Isn’t it what we want for everyone? For those who caused such pain and were in such pain, to find their way to healing themselves and reaching out to express the love that was there. For all of us to clear our relationships with everyone in our lives, past and present. I am so grateful for the healing that has taken place with my former husband. There are still a couple of folks that I would love to receive a text from as my daughter did but I hold them in heart light and know that the river of love is there and flowing, whether I receive confirmation or not.

Another beautiful experience today came when my daughter and her partner were at the phone store to end their contracts. They had been told to bring the work contract from New Zealand and sign off on their phone service. It was not going as planned and they were being told that they could not end the contract. My daughter texted me about the delay and problem. I texted back that I was calling in the angels to smooth the way for quick resolution. Her partner was then approached by the store manager who had been called and his name was……guess!  Angel, of course! He resolved the issue to everyone’s satisfaction and then my daughter shared with her partner,  her text messages with me. He was amazed. The universe can be that literal in responding to our calls for assistance!

Sitting on the trunk and looking up afforded a new perspective......as we have as we look at our family tree anew.

Our days were so full. They felt dreamy, like we were all moving through some heavy energetic resistance (sudden fevers and illnesses that were short lived) as we moved into this space of heartlight and healing. All outer planned activities and get togethers with others dropped away. There was a sense that we were on this ship together, moving in our own land. There was only the togetherness and the essence of love.  Tonight I feel the emptiness after our days of togetherness. Yet it feels deeper than simply saying goodbye as we travel in different directions. We have done that many times over the years.  I feel that we have let go on another level as we came together in our hearts. The heart healing allowed us to let go more fully. When there exists a deep pain, there remains an energetic connection that is stagnant. When the love flows freely, the connection is of a different sort all together. It comes from wholeness, from sovereignty where each is free in their own space. The connection is one that allows fluidity and movement and ribbons of heartlight to flow freely back and forth. For my family, beautiful tapestries of light can now be woven as there are new colors and textures to create with. When another shuts down their heartlight, it does not mean mine cannot still flow. Indeed,  it does. But I feel the weight of pain in the other not loving themselves enough to forgive their actions and my heart would ease it. So, I close my eyes and send my heartlight streaming in gentle colors and soft textures to soothe their inner child. No love is ever lost and when the person is ready, that lovelight is waiting there to assist them to prime the pump of love so that it flows freely in their heart once again. My soul rejoices tonight in the healing of the heart of this young man from the past. It goes out to all who have yet to feel the comforting balm of the Creator’s love embrace them. My heartlight is a stream from the Creator and as I have felt His/Her healing love, I have come to know how it is a never ending stream that is a blessing to experience. I understand how unnatural it is to stop the flow and the pain that causes. To be in wonder at the peace and joy that I feel as it flows freely through me. Oh, we were made to love! To give love, to pour it forth with each heart beat.

Pulled this image from facebook and could not locate source so thank you to whomever's image this is. It so clearly expresses how I feel right now. So empty and yet full......poised between worlds.

There is such magic afoot tonight as I sit here in the stillness. I feel that I am looking out into a new landscape. It is a blank canvas waiting to be filled. I stand here in appreciation of this moment between worlds. I have let go of all that I have known up until this point in this lifetime……let it go with such love. Almost as if we have all made our transition, letting go of our connections and way of knowing one another in this life, the roles that we played. There is no looking back, no reaching with any part of me. I am standing looking forward into the abyss of space. I am poised to take my first step into the new with a full heart. And I pause to savor this point……this betwixt and between point. My heart is bursting with the sacredness of it all, the awe at the perfection of the plan for our souls. I breathe deep and vibrate with the lovelight running through. Here I go……..