Solitude and Community

fullsizeoutput_144bI am sitting with a warm drink, looking out at the snow covered hill behind this condo. I feel so grateful for my solitude which has a new flavor these days. Are you sensing the greater connection that is happening? It is the knowing that those whom I love, are residing within the same field of lovelight as I am. There is no separation. I can savor being in my own energy field here and at the same time, feel the heart connection streaming and weaving between and amongst my dear ones. These threads of liquidlovelight are growing in their capacity to weave tapestries of immense beauty and form. Our imaginings are about to become physical as we bring heaven to earth.

Moss wreath from my daughter-in-love's hands.

Moss wreath from my daughter-in-love’s hands.

We are preparing to live in the love pods as we each step into our sovereignty. This will allow us to live in community in a way that nourishes and expands our lovelight. I sense that December is the deep cleaning phase of our emotional bodies as we release all that has been a part of our journey to this now moment. It is time to let go of sadness, of the traumas, of the pain, of any feelings of being unloved or rejected. Now we step into our mastery, knowing how loved and cherished we truly are. All is sourced from the One Source, within our hearts. We no longer need to look to another to validate or direct us. We open to our own internal GPS system and allow it to move us. We surrender in deep relief to the knowing that our higher self, our I AM presence has it all in hand. Everything that enters our world is there for our own growth and enhancement. Yes, even the parts that do not feel good in the moment. If we allow and trust it all, the gift will show itself.

Winterberries collected from their swampy homes in Vermont by my daughter-in-love. Now gracing my windowsill with their cheery red.

Winterberries collected from their swampy homes in Vermont by my daughter-in-love. Now gracing my windowsill with their cheery red.

Yesterday afternoon, I lie in bed as a pool of sunshine drew me in. I had opened the window to feel the cool breeze flow down the snowy hillside from the forest of trees above.  I snuggled deep in the duvet, as the sylphs flowing in that air, sent a wild stirring to my blood. Something huge is about to burst forth. December is the time of the waning light as we move to the Solstice. Candles and starlight feed us as we go deep within to find the flame of our own heart light. Many are feeling this drawing in, this time of reflection. We are gazing in the pool of our own being and choosing who we desire to be in this new landscape. We can drop the heavy burden of the past and flow freely into the present. What a gift! We can let go of the crown of thorns we have worn with such fortitude. It is time to hold our heads high to receive our crown of Christ light. Oh the joy!

Wreath making in  Vermont

Wreath making in

This wild stirring of my blood was enhanced on my recent trip to Vermont to see my sons and their loves. I felt the edges of the dream come alive in my being. The beautiful farmhouses and open landscape filled my heart. The gently rolling hills soothed some deep part of me as I met and listened to folks who are dug deep into the rhythms of the earth with its seasons of change. I could feel my love pod shimmering just out of sight. It draws closer as our hearts weave their lovelight. As each one reaches for more joy, more spaciousness, more is created for the All. As we honor our own needs and desires, we honor that in one another. We let go of duty and old programming that insists we adhere to the old ways of relationship. We move where our joy takes us and trust all will find their way. Clearing and walking our path of joy, offers a wider pathway for those following.

fullsizeoutput_142cMay our dreaming see all beings with enough food and shelter and the absolute knowing that they are loved and cherished. May we cherish one another as we warm ourselves at the fire of each one’s heart light.

Inner Fire

imageAfter days of brilliant sunshine, yesterday dawned with a pink glow on the mountain that was soon enveloped in a white mist that spread into a wool blanket over this place. Everything felt muffled and muted. A wintry feel that matched my inward desire. It was a day for staying in my robe and pjs, lying on the couch, staring into the flames of the fire, dissolving into the whiteness outside. I did go out at one point to walk barefoot on the grass in the yard, but otherwise, it was a tea and toast kind of day. Bodily comfort reigned as I walked between worlds. No desire to speak to anyone or deal with anything beyond heating up some water and food. A day for communing with my heart’s flame.

Today the white blanket persists but my energy is more communicative. A walk feels possible and some talks with friends. I have learned to honor my body’s rhythms, allowing the quiet days and the active ones. Riding the wave of energy as it presents itself.

imageMy dreams have been active in releasing old energies. Interesting situations arising, experiencing the pain or sorrow. Taking time to breathe it through as I awaken with emotions running. Calling in the violet flame angels to transmute it all. Thanking myself for releasing in dreamtime…an easier path than on this physical plane.

Spoke with one dear to my heart, he was experiencing extreme anger at the news of someone killed by police officers. The pain of all that is corrupt and harsh in this world, bore down on him. I honor the aspect we are each here to feel and express. I do not follow the news. I live in a bubble of beauty and peace. I have felt that rage move through me at various times, in the past. Perhaps I will feel it again. I have no knowing of how it all fits but I do feel how we are each called to play our part. For me, it is holding a vision of the new land, for some it is being the voice that cries out at injustice and others are the ones who work to right the wrongs. I bless each one for being true to their calling. There is no right or wrong way, there is only your way, what you are guided to, what I am guided to. All offering their piece that works together to create a more loving and harmonious world.

imageBright orange lilies breathe their joy to me. I am reading a fantasy novel of bears and princesses and adapting to new places and ways. All informs me. All touches me. This flame in my heart is burning bright with hope and anticipation of love flowing around this world as our hearts ignite in a conflagration. We are ready to live and love as one. My heart bows to your flame.