November is the Wonder Month

A lovely boardwalk along the shore, looks like I can walk into paradise!

I was surprised to find myself once again in my car to do earth work on the coast. A friend felt that the full moon was the time to connect  to an older woman who is a Kumara, meaning she is one of my family members. There are many Kumaras on the planet now, those of us who came eons ago from Venus with Sanat Kumara to help this beautiful planet. The timing felt right for us to come together. As I drove the windy miles up the coastline, I began to wonder what I was doing, why was I on this forsaken road going to a tiny town in the middle of nowhere?This alerted me that something big was afoot as the resistant energies were in full swing. As we gathered and shared a meal, my friend began to laugh and cry. She said that she saw a big wheel turning and heard the cog lock into place. At that moment, a flood of energy was released to the earth. It is truly a wonder how we work on so many planes in each moment. The unseens were saying, “You think that you are having dinner yet so much more is taking place with your gathering.”  We could feel the energy which was so rich with love for all. It was a mini homecoming, a precursor to the reunions that are to come as we all join with our families from the stars and inner earth. We laughed and sang and toned together with the light beings that came to take part in the celebration. We each carry codes which need to come together at specific times to unlock energies that we secreted away for safe keeping until the timing was right. I trust divine timing which is why I made this journey though my personality self would have rather remained in solitude.

A ribbon cloud that appeared on my drive as I was thinking of the ribbons of rainbow light that my car and I lay down.

The town where we met was filled with youth who I call the lost tribe. They wander in bands with their backpacks, dogs, guitars and dreadlocks. They have opted out of mainstream society and have created communities of their own as they wait for their true place to be known. They are like so many of us, wandering about as we await the turning of this cycle on earth. This area of northern California is known for its marijuana crops and this was the harvest weekend. This tribe of youth were there to help with the harvest and get their supplies to sell. The entire town reeked with the smell of pot. It is a strange underground operation that brings with it a wild west energy of gunslingers and bandits. Overall, the vibration felt uncomfortable and we dedicated some of our time together to bringing this tribe of young ones and this industry, to the light of love.

The beauty of the California coast.

All is moving into the planes of love. We are in the time of personal and planetary cleansing. The full moon is in scorpio which asks for all that is hidden, to come to the light of awareness. It is time to forgive ourselves for everything. All those regrets and sense of wrongdoing, can be washed in the bath of forgiveness. We acted from what we knew at the time. Now we can see more clearly, we can forgive ourselves and acknowledge that we did not know any better at that time. There is power in saying this to yourself, to another. “I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.” The ho’oponopono is simple and effective. It is time for all to come right. Whether we have opportunities in the physical to speak to another or on the inner planes, all is valid and powerful…it is our intent that makes the difference. There is nothing that can’t be forgiven, there is no act that takes us from our Mother/Father’s love.

Illustration from a book my Kumara sister showed me. I cried and tingled as the codes within it spoke to me.

Wonder if you are perfect, as you are, in this moment. There is nothing to heal, nothing to change, nothing to do. Your beingness is it! You breathing in and out your love, is what is adding to this new earth. It is that simple and that miraculous. You are not flawed! You are perfect! Let love infill you, breathe you, move you. Allow yourself to love you as you love your child, your grandchild, your pet. Love yourself with abandon. Let go! Be the love.  Allow your heart to shine as it is time, it is safe. It is now we take back this planet for ourselves, creating the world we desire our children and grandchildren to live in. Creating the world we desire to live in! I love this earth so and I love each of us. We are the tenderest of beings, with hearts ablaze in love. Shine your heartlight today for all to see.



Forgiveness of Self……

the magolia tree that I chose and helped plant years ago at my former home, revisited this spring to witness its beauty.

I just posted a blog indicating that I deleted the one from the day before. I have reconsidered and instead have edited it and decided to post what remained. The reason is that it was a knee jerk reaction in the old way. I was punishing myself as my mind was saying, ” How can you write about love when you just found yourself judging another? That if I observed a flaw in myself, then I am flawed all the way through. Old energy of self punishment. I am a complex character, holding great light as well as darker aspects. All of me is desiring to be only love. I ask for this each day, to be a living chalice of lovelight to be used by the Creator for the good of all. That is my heart’s intent. And as my call is answered with more love flooding in, the tides must wash out what no longer resonates. For this, my heart rejoices  but my personality self felt shame. I am allowing that to wash away on the tide of love that has once again flooded my being tonight. This is progress, in the old days I would have been laid low for a week from this experience. Thank you Creator for these quicker, lighter energies that move us to our truth.

Yesterday felt like the first day of Spring here in Northern California. The sun was shining, the air felt fresh rather than chilly and the earth emitted that delicious smell that portends new growth. I laid my blanket on the ground and took a nap. It was still a bit damp and cold yet my body soaked it in like a sponge. I so needed that elemental connection with my mother. This magnolia tree that I chose and planted years ago at my former family home was a delight to visit it as it opened its blossoms to the sky. What a color! The blossoms like hearts of love opening just as hearts are opening all over the world. What a time we live in! To witness this love explosion happening on the planet is a gift from our Creator.

The new moon stirred up the energies and it felt a bit unsettling as they swirled about. My eldest son texted me that he felt so emotional, weepy as if all boundaries between him and others had disappeared. He could feel each one’s heart and it was almost painful. He is a druid of old, a nature being with a deep connection to the earth. The energies move through him on a level most of us have not felt. I honored him for his pure heart of love and suggested he change his plans of the day to match his vibration. He was headed into San Francisco but needed to lie under his favorite oak tree in a park and be still. He chose the latter and we all benefited from that choice. When we care for ourselves, we care for all. When we allow the peace to enter in, we are being peace for the earth. This is such a fundamental lesson that we are not taught. We are all wired differently, all connected to the earth, the oceans, the sky in different ways. We are learning to honor the ways of our bodies and spirits. We are leaving behind the idea of “normal” and embracing the uniqueness as well as the oneness of all. In the past, we have cast out the mystics, the dreamers, the wanderers, who do not fit in one of society’s pegs. In the present time they are often our homeless wandering the streets. Now we are opening the door to them. I feel such a tenderness for all beings, for each one’s special gift. My daily prayer is for each person to know their own beauty and to share it openly with the world. A friend sent a poem with a line that lingered: “How strange now that I am walking my path, others see me as wasting my life.” He had stepped off the wheel of the working day world, letting go the house, the marriage, the job to enter into the mystery that has called his name. He is writing beautiful poetry and feeling new connections within. This is the blossoming of the soul that is happening all over this planet at warp speed. The heart is emerging as the pathfinder and no longer believes the limitations set by the mind and conditioned by society.

The love that is emerging on the planet is so much larger than any idea we have held. Recently I noticed how we are moving from our minds to our hearts. The old way was to allow our minds to have full rein, to attempt to control situations and people.The mind is what keeps the story churning, believing it can “make sense” of a situation if it only “thinks” enough. This is the lie.(How many hours did I spend trying to figure things out over the years!!)  It is only by turning to the wisdom of the heart, that truth can be known. I understand only too well that place of being stuck in the monkey mind and how difficult it is to surrender and let the story go. I was living there for so long.

The more we grow on this path of love, the clearer it becomes that what appears as suffering, has a higher purpose for the soul. I trust that this is the path that the soul has chosen to awaken further to their own truth. Suffering is often a catalyst for awakening, certainly it has been in my life. I am so grateful for every moment that it took before I turned to my heart and saw truth. I used to beat myself up for how long it did take but  have discovered that it takes as long as it takes for us to awaken. I had to forgive myself for all the years that I suffered and know that was what it took for my soul. (if you read the post on humility you will see that here I thought I had forgiven myself but there was another layer yet to go, shadows can be tricky characters) All that I perceived as coming from the outside to harm me, was a reflection of my not valuing my own worth and giving away my own power. 377923_150023841763777_100002684869050_174562_322300789_n-300x191.jpg

This photo was posted on facebook and I so love it! I do not know the person who took it but acknowledge your great photo skills! It expresses the liquid lovelight that I bathe in each day. Can you feel it?

We are truly entering into the new earth. The changes are apparent in our hearts. This is how it happens, not through some big revolution, though there will be changes in the outer structures of society, but it comes by way of the heart. Each person, letting go, loosening their ideas of right and wrong, good and bad. Returning love for anger, softness where there is hardness, peace rather than judgment. The hearts speaking rather than the mind. We are witnessing an inner revolution in the space of each one’s heart. Tune in to yours today. Love it dearly for the dearness that you are and remember to “turn on your heartlight” so that others can see it shine!



What a day of lessons for me. I have taken down my post from yesterday and ask for an open heart of any who read it before I deleted it. If you read it, you would have witnessed judgment loud and clear from me. My shadow came leaping out in my need to judge a friend who was going through a difficult time. I was so uncomfortable with what I perceived as her pain that I  judged her rather than allowing myself to be with her. I used her as my mirror, I was still holding judgment of myself for how long it took me to wake up. For how long I stayed in suffering mode at the end of my marriage and the time it took for me to recover myself. I violated her trust by writing a judgment of her on my blog. Big shadow stuff…..processing it, asking for forgiveness from her, forgiving myself.

I had no idea that was still there. I had to sit for a time to really process this and get some understanding of what this shadow aspect was about. Wow, powerful stuff. My it is hard to forgive ourselves and let it go. Here I am cruising along, feeling more love each day and then this. I know that as more love comes in, all that is not love must flow out. I have watched this happen to others, felt it for myself but this was somehow trickier for me to catch. Now here it is for me to learn from. Whew…..not fun but I am grateful for this. I do not have to attach to this but rather see it, feel it and let it go. I know the words and now have to breathe deep to live them.

Linda to self: “OK, dear little one who thought that you did it all wrong, come here. It is alright that you suffered as you did. It all helped you to come to this place of knowing your own heart light. To understand that you are love and lovable. You were courageous, you are dear. You gave love and did not know that you had to learn to love yourself first. You are learning that now. It is all ok. You are safe now and are in my heart of love. I love you.”

I feel such gratitude that this storm came, that it shook me so deeply and turned my heart upside down. I am asking to continue to be bathed in liquid lovelight and to let go of all that is not love in my heart. I am grateful to my dear friend’s heart, for forgiving me. I am grateful for the moment to moment opportunity to begin anew with God’s love. I am grateful for my I Am presence for speaking truth to my heart and showing me what this shadow asked of me. Love. All of us seek love. Every part of us seeks love, especially the parts we disown. I had hidden this part so well that I did not even know it was there until it was! I pray for all my shadows to come out of hiding and to enter into the light of my heart. I pray for this for me and for all of our hearts. I bow to the power of love.